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  1. as a perpetual waelite, I found that extremely annoying in PoE1 - some wael-only options were marked as "honest". Sometimes I think the writers just forgot what they were doing.
  2. i think it was kilay just messing around, because they were also trying to add dispositions to pallegina's paladin class. either way, xoti's disposition at last check is not actively checked by the game, so I don't think we can take any gaun dispositions (if they do exist) as canon.
  3. that's a fair observation. i think in that sense giftbearers are probably the best representation of her "church" per se, which does seem to be a bit more [shady, benevolent]+ which is an odd combination. it does raise the issue of what happens when there are multiple churches/aspects/observations, though... you'd think gaun should have different dispositions that eothas because of that. (though in terms of in-game mechanics, xoti doesn't have any dispositions.)
  4. no way ondra is benevolent, she keeps lies if it benefits her and she literally committed a crime against humanity. i'd say she's more calculating and serious: +[rational, shady], -[honest, clever]. i mean, when in any dialogue with her does she crack a joke or enjoy one of yours? as for galawain, not being actively benevolent is not the same thing as hating benevolence. the guy thinks survival of the fittest is the best way to improve everyone, and in poe1 he's part of the faction that wants you to give the souls to the benefit of the kith (also an option in SSS). he's also not cruel, in the sense that nature isn't cruel, it's just uncaring. i'd also say he's not that clever or fun-loving. i'd say +[aggressive, passionate] and -[diplomatic, stoic]
  5. wow, i never realized they kept upgrading themselves. i always ended up with watcher upgrades that were a mix of inspirations, instead of one that just kept getting stronger. even if it's per-rest, i had so much time at the end that having a foolproof brilliant buff as backup would've been nice.
  6. It's a shame, I wonder what's up? What did you go with for priest/rogue? Still Skaen? Or maybe not because now rogue gives you lots of invisibility options? (I'm assuming this build is also brilliant cloak-dependent.) Is Smoke Veil decent or is the duration too short compared to just picking up Shadowing Beyond? I have to imagine that given that brilliant+bdd based strategies keep you at approximately 1 health for entire fights that Streetfighter would be an incredible pick, even with scordeo's buff in tow. edit - dang, was gonna try to DM @jesawyer to get some attention on your run, but his privacy settings are locked down a bit. (i was going to tweet, but an earlier tweet-response I got from @jesawyer about the ultimate got deleted, so I think they're trying to avoid saying much publicly about the ultimate runs.)
  7. i didn't watch that part until just now, though i did end up doing that for the sigils in auranic. my practice run ended up clearing with tons of time to spare (14 days). meticulous notes with every consumable and path plotted out and fight strategies that are pretty RNG-proof. hopefully in a couple weeks i'll also be getting validated. the only thing i'm particularly worried about is bad RNG with scordeo's (fortunately I have lots of coping strategies, it'll just add some time) or a game-breaking soft lock that happened once to my practice character against the ukaizo dragon. also - holy hell with 4 megabosses down, the ukaizo dragon is super tanky, mostly because of stupidly high AR.
  8. lol, yeah i had a bit of tunnel vision. literally like 30 minutes ago, I was like "wait I got several scrolls of maelstrom from FS". a few high level scrolls + holy fire wiped most everything out and then i could just keep concelhaut mule kicked until they died. i forgot that most of bekarna's observatory targets a much lower level and everyone has pretty low defenses and health compared to some other areas even with upscaling.
  9. just wanted to confirm some other things said earlier - I previously had speculated that if I were to try again, I would maybe go for Woedica because their spiritual weapon (monk fists + raw lash) is better than skaen's (club/stiletto + pierce lash). But I think to confirm what Decadency alluded to, I honestly can't imagine doing a brilliant-based run that doesn't have a huge source of invisibility like skaen does (or blood mage) thanks to Arcane Dampener and Arcane Cleansing. Nemnok wasn't bad - just had to bait it all out with a few spiritual allies. But Concelhaut is giving me a surprising amount of trouble for my practice character because Concelhaut appears to be on a timer instead of having authentic spell casts, which means casting Dampener or Cleansing even after they've already cast a few. I just had a practice character die because they got Skyward Kicked and were lying on the ground and during the like 1.5s of lying down and then additional standing up time, Concelhaut started and then completed an Arcane Cleansing I didn't know they had left. (Invisibility also helps against dodging Form of the Helpless Beast, which I needed to do a couple times with Nemnok and in Forgotten Sanctum. Not as critical though because with all my buffs Helpless Beasts's tusks are a decent weapon [my practice character literally knocked off like 50% of the final oracle's health just with tusks], and I ended up picking up Monastic Unarmed Training as backup just for these cases where I un-shapeshift and no longer have spiritual weapon.) That being said, it's just a matter of time still. My practice character is doing way better on time than I anticipated - at Concelhaut with 17 days left, with only Auranic and Ukaizo remaining. My real character is catching up and approaching Act IV. Sometimes I fantasize about being able to play Deadfire for pure fun again.
  10. yes, robes of the weyc is stupidly exploitable. unless you're doing a rest-constrained run, it's not even a big deal to just rest every few empowers.
  11. I don't generally use mods, but I have unintentionally done SHIFT+hotkey enough times to try to buffer an ability that I could almost kill for a mod like this.
  12. congrats decadency! also, eff me, that KĊhatekana Expanse has a FORCED REST during the scripted encounter. WHY OH WHY did they ever have this "feature"??? edit - good thing i wasn't actually reliant on captain's banquet. sad to lose hylea's bounty... so i guess no +4 skills for me, just the +2 from luminous adra.
  13. how long has it been since you submitted it? how long did it take for decadency? i have to imagine they are actually watching the entire videos (maybe on higher speed). must be a tedious job for someone at obsidian HQ.
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