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  1. i think you might have to give up wael a bit if you want to take advantage of the hit->crit effect of debonaire. though looking at the bonus spells, no one really has a great set of bonus spells for taking advatnage of that. cleansing flame and scrolls might be the best way to do it. though as a slight suggestion - skaen might be a good mechanical choice. Escape (plus fast runner) and Shadowing Beyond give you really great options for de-aggroing enemies while saving rogue skill points (or at least guile). because the most busted thing the debonaire can do is sneak close to an enemy party, charm one of them, and then run/de-aggro the fight and let the charmed guy get wasted while burning enemy resources (and even maybe take one out). rinse and repeat. made the temple of woedica fight (really brutal on potd) extremely easy. edit: i had a different debonaire multiclass one, and i honestly found arterial strike on the rogue to be a useful thing to hit->crit, at least as a finisher. frequently you're left with a single kith mob who's still charmed, i just get my party members away, do the arterial strike, and now i have an extremely long duration mobility debuff and they just try to chase me down and die.
  2. i'm happy to chat deadfire and i've never recorded for a video before and that might be fun. don't feel the need to include me though, i think your analysis can stand on its own
  3. it's 2024, you don't need to push sexy female NPCs. by which i mean if you spend any time in the BG3 subreddit, it's people thirsting for all the different NPCs, across the sexuality rainbow (including bear-shape-shifted Halsin). I half suspect that a significant portion of the BG3 player base is just there for Baldur's Gate 3: the Dating Sim, not BG3 the tactical crpg. (For example, discourse about Astarion is frequently extremely toxic and contentious (no spoilers, but it's related to his past and possible resolutions in the context of how people frame the romance).) by contrast, both poe1 and deadfire are almost asexual.
  4. while i agree that animated weapons are more generally useful, i wouldn't take the other comments to mean that dragons aren't worth using, or that picking dragons is bad. i've said it before on these forums, but the dragon summon is so tanky, that it can literally facetank the megabosses for you. this is not an exaggeration. against dorudugan, hauane o whe, and belranga, the dragon will literally just be my tank and only when belranga starts getting really fast do i have to worry about uptime. (for this reason, do not pick up dragons on a beckoner; shortening the duration and nerfing the heatlh removes the main benefit of a dragon summon). like boeroer suggests, the size is an asset: against dorudugan i can avoid dorudugan's vacuum attack by just standing behind my dragon - the dragon is wide enough that it body-blocks me from getting sucked into range of dorudugan. (auranic is a whole other kind of fight so the specific nature of the summon isn't so important.) Plus, as a SC you can always get both animated weapons and dragons if you want. though honestly, however versatile animated weapons are, a dragon still does fine in most situations - spamming tail sweep as soon as the dragon appears will single-handedly end many trash mobs. at this point we're trying to differentiate between S-tier and A++-tier - they're both still really good.
  5. yeah, that's just a question i can't answer. i just can't reconcile how i think about the tactician with a general fighter rank. sorry
  6. to your latter point, that's exactly the reasoning I'm trying to avoid. A tactician doesn't make a fighter a game-breaking or overloaded class, because the typical fighter is nothing like a tactician. put another way, the category A and category B distinction is a false one. Tactician is so warping, that one chooses within the leveling tree before choosing the leveling tree. When I pick a tactician, it's almost accidental that I end up with a fighter, I'm picking specifically the tactician and it just so happens I end up with a fighter's skill tree. I have to adjust my earlier statement. While Skaen is really good, in retrospect what actually made is game-breaking in particular was multiclassing with, once again, Tactician, which let you recur Shadowing Beyond and BDD and SoT infinitely (also withdraw early on before shadowing beyond or in some other situations). Shadowing Beyond is still pretty good with the strand of favor cheese that eventually got discovered, but yeah it's really the tactician that enables skaen to be extremely good. Restoring resources with interrupt is extremely good and on its own is pretty overtuned. But the payoff for tactician brilliant is so good that it would warp a party into enabling it... which on the one hand is kind of the intent of the class design, but on the other hand is the problem of the class design, that the pay-off is so amazing that it's worth managing the rest of your party to enable it. that being said, even if you do nothing else, tacticians in a party are S-tier in any boss fight situation. it's basically trivial to flank a boss and then not be flanked yourself (though you may need to get a source of perception resistence for bosses that have persistent distraction), and then of course you have basically infinite interrupts to go along with your briliant.
  7. it is essentially an arbitrary judgment call, but the idea is that the subclass is so transformative, that it needs to be handled as a special case. having tactician pull up the fighter into overloaded (if that's the basis) isn't representative of the "typical" fighter experience. it's basically a... sort of statistical artifact where tactician breaks the game so thoroughly it drags up the "average" fighter score, but the typical-non-tactician will have a much different experience. there's also a flip side where a particular subclass is just awful, but it shouldn't be used to discuss the class because you can just avoid the subclass. off the top of my head: tactician (busted) blood mage (obscenely good) mage slayer, corpse eater (extremely lame, notably worse than typical barbarian experience) skaen (notably better than typical priest experience) forbidden fist (wildly different from a monk, even if it might fit into the same tier) maybe it can be argued skaen isn't better enough, that it's mostly just better at a particular niche (solo-ing the game in a defensive manner), but i def stand by the first three bullet points. especially tactician. a tactician is just so unlike a fighter and enables so much cheese that it deserves a cordon sanitaire when discussing the fighter.
  8. coming late to the discussion (that's what i get for being out of the country for a couple weeks), but have you considered pulling out just a certain subset of subclasses and treating them as full-fledged classes in this tier list? most subclasses aren't transformative, but some truly are. for example, i don't think fighter is overloaded, but tactician is game breaking, to the point that i actually do not touch it in any of my runs outside of the ultimate. similarly, there's chatter about priest being broken, but i honstly don't think priest deserves to be above "overloaded" unless we're specifically talking skaen, which is the only priest subclass that was used in any ultimate run that a priest popped up in.
  9. the wiki seems deficient. there's supplemental books to both poe1 and poe2 that were part of backer content, maybe you can find pdfs, that can lend more insight into the lore. there's also additional lore dumps in-game. most notably, in FS, one of the "redacted" books you find talks about the orlan empire a tantlizingly brief bit (something like "they built an empire on compassion and for that they were punished")
  10. do you happen to have a screenshot from when you tried? it's possible it might be coded wrong and doesn't have a 0 innate power level.
  11. i dunno what "ACT" stands for here. but i think the two big problems is that 1) it would be too chaotic, and 2) a lot of the more interesting tactical plays really only work as an artifice of turn-based mode. as an example of the 2): you can shove enemies off cliffs because they're just patiently waiting for their turn. in RTwP they would be running towards you, the window of time to do a fatal shove is like a fraction of a second. another example (with a direct analogue to deadfire): blowing up barrels or creating surfaces near/on enemies. in deadfire, there are actually those essence batteries and barrels stuff that you can try to blow up, but they are mostly practically impossible to use in the intended manner. you have to basically tank an enemy right next to one of them, in such a way where your tanker is out of range but the enemy is not, because otherwise you have like 1 second to blow up the battery/barrel before the enemy gets out of range. in BG3, if an enemy is standing next to an explosive hazard, that enemy will politely wait for their turn while you explode it. as for the chaos in 1), as it stands a lot of people already struggle with RTwP. my honest take on this is that it's a skill issue - people aren't pausing nearly as aggressively as they "should." but ultimately the gamer is right because the gamer is the customer. if you add a bunch of environmental interactions and effects, you start to demand an awful lot from the player.
  12. i think if you resolve Storms of Poko Kohara, you can resolve Terms of Trae later w/out having explicitly gotten it yet since it's tied up with the resolution of the adra crystal.
  13. i continue to find it frankly baffling that some folks can actually play the game fair (even for just the earlier parts of the game) when solo. neat build
  14. this. i've definitely had some builds that were objectively good but just mind-numbingly boring to play because they were so uninteractive. i had no problem abandoning them. the biggest one was a barbarian+fury that was geared up with PLs and every fight would just go frenzy -> all relentless storm -> all returning storm and then just dump out any the other spells. there just wasn't much to it at all, not even much movement, and there wasn't much enemies could specifically do to require decision-making on my part other than being lightning immune. one of my early builds i posted around was the streetfighter+priest of wael combo ("umezawa" build i called it) and that stands out in contrast to the above of not only being a good build but also a blast to play because of how interactive it was.
  15. well, the question can't be answered by directly comparing abilities and tiers between games, the question really has to be answered by how the classes actually perform within the context of their games. relative to poe1, i don't think druids had anything remotely like tier 9 spells in terms of overall impact in poe1, which makes them better in poe2. same thing with their heals - in poe1 their heals had problems with not stacking with each other or with vaguely similar abilities (barbarian regen and even fighter recovery iirc), whereas in deadfire they stack with everything if they're not just robust inspirations, which makes them much better as healers in deadfire. maybe it's different? i definitely ended up installing the BPM (bugfixes only) as a fix, and it's listed as one of the things that it fixes. it could be that the priest of berath spell always worked correctly.
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