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  1. as i mentioned chain lightning will not bounce back to enemies you've already hit. So if there are three enemies: A, B, C and you target A, chain lightning will bounce to B and then to C and then be unable to find another target it hasn't already hit, and give up. some abilities will bounce repeatedly. If you cast firebug, then what will happen is: you target A, firebug will bounce to B, and then to C, and then bounce again randomly to A or B and then again, and then again, etc until all bounces are exhausted. So the number of bounces you see on the tooltip for Chain Lightning is not what you'll see in practice, unless there are lots of enemies. Some abilities bounce to enemies they've already hit, some don't, there's no real pattern, and there's no way to really know without just manually testing.
  2. if you're playing assassin, i might actually suggest might instead of perception (or skip both and just do dexterity). Sneak attack doesn't boost druid DoT damage, and the assassinate bonus will make up for deficiencies in accuracy, just make sure you hit enemies from stealth and only use smoke veil or potions of invisibility (don't use shadowing beyond in combination with spells, it's very flaky, see here: https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/pc/227477-pillars-of-eternity-ii-deadfire/faqs/76599/invisibility-vs-stealth or the assassin section here: https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/pc/227477-pillars-of-eternity-ii-deadfire/faqs/76599/rogue) but intellect is definitely highest priority. i've actually been thinking of doing a similar build myself, and personally i think i'd move away from the lance or the spine despite the overall druid benefits. there are some other stat sticks to use that might be more in sync with a rogue's martial capabilities, like griffin's blade (enchanted to offer +10% spell damage) or azure blade (ancient's mushroom summons will help keep the accuracy bonus procced, and the interrupt chance works with spells: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/126748-list-of-weapons-whose-properties-are-not-limited-to-themselves-ii/) though if you do stick with druid's reliable quarterstaff or pike weapons, they might make for good backstab candidates
  3. it's very possible that the PL adjustment is applied directly to the roll. This happens with martial abilities most obviously (the ones that say "full attack" or "primary attack"), if you empower them there's no evidence of a damage boost in the combat log calculations but you'll definitely be rolling numbers well outside what should be possible. i haven't tested scrolls extensively, but ISTR that they should be getting all the correct PL bonuses and it might be that they just get the damage adjustments directly to their rolls. it's cumulative with inversions, which is similar (but not as strong as) to combining multiplicatively. So the last bounce will be really weak. (This hurts the druid's Firebug a lot, which has a -25% malus, so after just a few bounces you're doing piddling damage.) IIRC, all bounce effects in Deadfire continue to bounce even if one bounce misses. This is different from PoE1 where a miss would stop all bouncing (very annoying). However, abilities in Deadfire vary on whether or not they are allowed to re-affect an enemy they already hit. Chain Lightning will not bounce back to an enemy it already hit, so very often you'll get way fewer hits than you expect. (By contrast, the aforementioned Firebug will happily bounce back to foes it already hit, which helps make up for its massive malus.) If I had to hazard a guess, I would say most bounce effects re-affect an enemy, Chain Lightning is just among a handful of exceptions, probably for balance reasons (I would guess Cleansing Flame also doesn't re-affect enemies).
  4. no kidding. dorudugan has just collapsed from being a tough puzzle to crack for any given party, to being the easiest megaboss, that literally any setup can take on (with enough time). no needing to worry about resource management or generation, or stacking on defenses or accuracy bonuses, or timing knock ups, dodging fireballs, etc
  5. "many lives" is a chant that automatically plays, bypassing normal action economy and recovery. so you'll be creating skeletons even if you're busy weapon switching (albeit weak skeletons).
  6. To me, it's very very hard to compare the games. They're basically separated by decades. BG1 & 2 are great games, but even the enhanced editions really show their age. BG1's writing is pretty torturous (a lot of faux-middle-ages dialogue), and you'll do tons of aimless wandering through identical-looking and vast, empty wilderness (i basically keep a walkthrough open so i know where to go on any map for the interesting stuff). BG2 has much better writing and better area design, but the system is just creakingly dated compared to more modern CRPGs. to the actual meat of the question, you should just go for Deadfire for now. Then if you're still hankering for more party-based iso-style CRPGs, I would do Wrath of the Righteous or Kingmaker. And if you're still trying to scratch the itch, then go for Baldur's Gate 1 & 2. like xzar_monty said, even if you play a lot of these games to death, there's only a handful of them with no time horizon for more, so you'll probably eventually find your way to Baldur's Gate 1 or 2 in the end. though personally I would skip straight to 3 unless you really want the isometric experience.
  7. wow awesome. this might be the easiest dorudugan tech yet. you don't even need blackjacket for this, am i right? because unlike the recovery reduction stuff, you don't care whether or not your blackjacket (or whomever) ever gets a turn again, you're just dedicating whomever has this weapon to just perma-extending the recovery of the enemy, even if they're forever stuck trying to recover from weapon switching.
  8. i don't understand these. what do you mean "riposte"? and what do you mean "engagement bonus will stop enemies at range?"
  9. omg that sounds zany. would be insanely micromanagement heavy, but for those up for the task... i actually had a build in poe1 bc there was a unique item that reduced weapon switch times, but combined with poe1's quick switch you actually had less than 0s weapon switch recovery time, which meant it reduced whatever recovery you had active. even though it was a lot of micromanagement, i definitely did do that to have a caster who could basically empty their spellbook at the start of a fight. glad to see that it turns out that the idea is alive and well today
  10. i think they just mean when you recover you can switch to the squid weapon slot and your recovery will go faster because you now have an active +20% action speed bonus. what's the outworn buckler trick?
  11. yeah, on paper just looking at spells conjurer looks kinda lame, but they still keep a bunch of good spells (slicken, combusting wounds, and walls) and the +1 PL from familiar goes a long way to smoothing out the higher recovery time on the non-conjuration spells. i probably put it tied up there with enchantment for second place wizard subclass in terms of what I like to use (evocation is GOAT-ed i think).
  12. those are really great suggestions! In particulary, I didn't know that about Squid's Grasp. No micromanagement is too small! I was switching to the medium shield weapon slot in between attacks just for the slight health gen and defense boost. and yeah, it's funny what having 0s weapon switch can do. For me, for other characters, it's a stretch to even pick up Arms Bearer for a third weapon slot, but with my blackjacket I found myself wanting more than 4, just because of how effortlessly you can switch around to take advantage of the smallest boosts. (I wanted to do Bronlar's as well but that went to a companion. Similar thing with the cudgel and also (not mentioned here) SSS axe - those also went to a different party member though would've been great here)
  13. constentin covered it but just wanted to add that clear out does at least give you two chances for your weapon to hit on your main target. you only get one shot at landing a poison, but you can at least double up your chances of actually hitting hte weapon attack (which is required for the poison). because of the hoops you have to go through to use poisons, poisons are best used if you target the lowest defense (i kept both a fortitude and a will poison in my quick slots), and you target enemies that you aren't currently targeting (for the damage) and/or prioritize an important debuff (storm toxin or stone joint... theoretically fungal bile could be useful, but there are easier ways to knock off 1 AR). simply trying to land a poison for the damage in other situations is going to be a waste of poison and action economy.
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