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  1. well, that's the way it always is with any incremental change. it's not going to overpoweringly be obvious, but it will matter over the long term. same with with a random +1 PL here and there, or a +1 stat here and there, each individual won't be blindingly obvious, but will incrementally make fights easier, until you have enough of them and *then* it becomes obvious. on POTD though you might notice 1 PL a lot more, because -1 PL might be *just* enough to make you miss full penetration and get a -25% damage penalty, or worse, go from -50% penalty (sucks but you can try to knuckle t
  2. in practice, i think this is more of an issue for wael (where you either waste its buff or suboptimally target enemiesjust to get a sort of mediocre buff). the +15 all defenses is good enough that i don't mind giving up a few juicy enemy targets to protect my party a bit.
  3. i think on balance you should probably go 2h. there are some good 2h weapons that will benefit bloodmage casting (e.g. chromoprismatic staff or shea's war staff). a barbarian also really wants morningstar, because the weapon modal will lower fortitude defenses by a lot, and combined with brute force means loooots of hits and crits; lower fort will also boost some of your magic casting as well. the only downside is the longer recovery versus dual wielding, which is sort of an anti-synergy for a caster who wants to be very reactive and responsive with spells. but i think the benefits
  4. i'm actually not very wild about magran's symbol, because fire damage is oh so prevalent already in the priest's repertoire and fire immunity and absorption is relatively common in deadfire. blinding is also an extremely easy affliction to provide, including within the priest's own spell list. i actually think magran is best for multiclassing since they get so many free damage spells synergizing it with a martial class that can provide buffs for that (ranger, fighter, monk, even barbarian) seems real good, in particular because the top-end tier 8 or tier 9 spells aren't anythign special c
  5. even as a fighter main with goodies from priest works. salvation of time plus unbending will make you temporarily immortal, as will barring death's door. i also underline champion's boon again (maybe people undervalue it): +3 engagement means much faster mob stance (getting -25% recovery time bonus is not out of the question), you get tougher (resolute inspiration for extra deflection, which is already a good defense for a fighter; periodic concentration), and helpful for PotD/Veteran you get Tenacious (+2 PEN) which fighter normally doesn't have access to. litany for the body is super us
  6. not sure i quite understand the confusion about fighter/priest (it is probably one of my more frequently used priest multiclass), but here are just a small set of pointers: disciplined barrage/tactical barrage/disiplined strikes all also affects non-weapon attack rolls. +5 accuracy (from perception), plus graze->hit chance helps offensive spellcasting a lot. so does the upgrade, where you either get hit->crit chance, or +5 int and +1 PL. adventurer/conqueror stance's accuracy bonuses also applies to spells (won't stack with devotions). casters also get some benefit from the d
  7. Does your gut push you to go for a specific build? If you roll a dice with each side assigned to a particular mainchar build, do you kind of, ever-so-slightly want it to come out with a specific result? If so, I would just go for that and not worry about getting the "ideal" build the first time around and instead focus on getting through the game with something that you're partial to and sounds fun. I have the same anxiety about not getting the right choice when I do a game (really maddening every time I pick up a new RPG), and I just have to remember to embrace the fact that I'm not goin
  8. this is all well and good but is not actually a part of the Deadfire narrative, so for all intents and purposes is head-canon. deadfire's narrative would be so much more cohesive with poe if they even just had one like minor quest in the early crit path where you DID try to say something about the fakeness of the gods (even just to a companion) and what you're talking about happened. instead, it feels really disjointed from poe1. there are some callbacks about the god artificiality (like two of three of the BoW branches) which makes it all the more baffling that it's a non-factor for
  9. keeping in mind boeroer's apt point [which would also explain why you can't just go around shouting to everyone that the gods aren't real in deadfire], it is definitely the case that at least in deadfire there's a lot of talk about how flawed the natural process was (hollowborn, etc.) and so the engwithans wanted to fix the natural process and also improve humanity in the process (of course they basically genocided so many peoples in the process of stripping away all other competing belief systems and creating the gods in the first place so...). eothas being eothas also takes this to mean that
  10. Many of the gods in Deadfire are quite explicitly clear that this was their (the Engwithans') goal. Woedica (in the burned book) and Eothas especially.
  11. but engwithans wanted to improve natural process, not just incarnate them. shouldn't berath and the wheel make sure soul entropy never happens?
  12. yeah i don't know how you got to that state, but that seems pretty bugged. IIRC, this is what's supposed to happen the first time you meet aeldys, after dealing with benweth. this sounds like what happens when you finish all the pre-act iv faction quests and they're waiting for you to do the critical path, not your first aeldys meeting. i don't have any good advice for you because it looks like things are so tangled up it might be hard to fix with a few console commands.
  13. lol, funnily even with blade cascade and no recovery dexterity still speeds up the action time to land the hit, so it still matters just as much as before, except now probably there are some extreme rounding breakpoints (i don't know how much precision deadfire keeps track off beyond 1/10's fraction).
  14. i actually consider this a feature, not a cheese. it makes real-time combat a lot more satisfyingly tactical (and makes me feel like an RTS e-sports player with the benefit of pausing to execute such precise actions). it would be extremely bad if enemy AI could abuse it as bad as you could, sure, but i get a nice blast of endorphins every time i manage to dodge an Engwithan Digsite boar's "gore" attack that would have one-hit-knocked-out a level 3 hireling just by stepping out of the way.
  15. to add on to what others said, i've used streetfighter builds that generally are constantly distracted or blinded and so have a perception around what you have (or worse), but the massive speed boost more than makes up for it. back a while ago i ran some simulations and found that dexterity adds about 3% net damage per point, and perception 2% per point (similar with might), so in the long run, even with low accuracy, the trade-off works in dexterity's favor. (and later on, exceptional, superb, etc. enchantments give you higher chance to hit and most enemies' defenses dont' have si
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