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  1. For late game, wizards get a soulbound rapier in SSS. teh big thing is that it does stacking raw damage DoT, and it gives some extra mobility as well. Might also be worth looking at.
  2. on a devoted, i would go for hunting bow. hunting bow hits like a truck compared to warbow, but hunting bow's weakness is lack of PEN, which devoted fixes, and there are a couple nice hunting bows; i recommend creating a dwarf if you want to use aamiina's legacy, otherwise max out metaphysics for essence interrupter.
  3. the ukaizo fight is a bullet sponge fight if you clear all the megabosses, so getting +4 pl for that would be still quite nice. i'm assumign this also works for wall of draining? a wizard that can get perpetually +4 PL *and* the party member back would be pretty good for whatever remaining fights you have.
  4. this is actually my bad, i confused luminous adra potion with the potion of ascension, the latter of which has no duration but doesn't last past combat.
  5. neat setup. i always overfixate on being able to MC a trickster for glass cannon setups, so seeing one that abuses the high-level power spamming is neat. also i love the use of monastic unarmed training - a quirky passive that makes for some unique takes and i like seeing people find uses for it. one question though, under permabuffs you have: is there a trick to getting this outside of combat and persisting it? sorry if you mentioned how already and i missed it.
  6. imo, yeah. especially frost or fire. huge chunks of DLC where enemies are just straight up immune to frost. huge part of the main quest and base game where enemies are immune to fire or even absorb fire as health. imo corrode is the "safest" to go all-in on but there are still a handful of corrode-immune or high-corrode AR enemies.
  7. all i can say is that something *has* to have been changing, condition-wise - stats or PL or some such. I know there can be some oddities with trying to queue up an empowered ability when you already have an ability in the process of being used*, but otherwise i don't know what else would cause such a change. * oh boy this might be another thing like that grimoire borrowed spells that i mostly dismissed as an annoyance but might be cheese potential.
  8. i just gave this a test and alas, crits do not keep any persistent PEN bonus - they just constantly track your current effective ability PEN and the target's defensive AR and forget any effect that's not currently active - they don't even remember that you empowered them for purposes of PEN (but they do remember you empowered for purposes of PL-based damage bonuses [not the +15% empowered damage passive though]). So crits on DoTs are *only* useful for multiplicative duration increase. In a way, this makes sense within Deadfire-rules, because DoTs also do not wake up sleeping enemies from
  9. i've never ever paid much attention to dread howl before because that hit to graze was so juicy, so it's good to hear that it is much better than i expected; namely - large aoe, long duration, and per encounter. will have to give it a try next time.
  10. Hm, this is worth re-testing. I did some playing around with Pernicious Cloud back in the day (huge corrode aoe makes it easy to hit a lot of enemies and players and get lots of results), don't remember how that played out, and then checked my guide, and based on the wording I put I don't actually remember what I intended to mean about how DoT + PEN works or if i just had some oversight. I suspect the boosted PEN lasts the entire time, and dynamic adjustments to your PEN while the DoT is going will adjust the base that the crit is based off.
  11. yeah this right here is key. i played a debonaire and really enjoyed it but if you're not going to try to ambush enemies with charm (which is great fun and is where debonaire shines at wrecking enemy kith encounters), the accuracy penalty is really going to work against your desired playstyle. different named DoTs will stack. (some DoTs will stack with themselves, but they are less common) toxic/gouging/nannasin/deep wounds will all stack. i think the things that many people will find underwhelming about poisons on a higher difficulty is that a lot of easy to
  12. would it still cause a crash if they end up being pulled into a ship boarding fight randomly? or do you mean permakilling them?
  13. in case it hasn't come up in everyone's cheese finding, if you steal a spell of a class you are a part of (not just wizard, as mentioned upthread), after some save/load or some other kind of cycle, it gets removed from your action bar and enters your normal ability selection. i thought i had magically resolved my permanent spells thing without needing unity console or cheats, but it just turned out all the druid spells i had stolen migrated into my ability bar. maybe that means i can respec them out?
  14. it's a shame you can't have maia's pet, because it's pretty much the best ranger pet in the game because they're immune to engagement. hence they could literally tank dorudugan if you so wanted. (maia is also arguably the best ranger class in the game as well, sigh)
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