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  1. i prefer plate early, but extremely early you don't have much of a choice (port maje and shortly after), only brigandine is available to buy. all armors have weaknesses, yes, but pierce weakness is particularly glaring IMO early on for tanks because most every early ranged weapon is piercing or part piercing (and of those that are part piercing, the other part is generally slashing, which plate is not weak to either) and they tend to be the biggest combat threats early on. YMMV based on your experiences in turn-based though, perhaps melee is a bigger deal for your tanks.
  2. there is! but... it's vailian and requires giant adra pillars unlike a boat, which can be lost at sea, it is much harder for a fort/settlement to just randomly go missing. depending on your actions in-game, the RDC might notice that the watcher went to sayuka, and then later left sayuka and mysteriously all comms and such ended with sayuka. it's kind of hard to avoid the conclusion there. similarly, it's established that Maia is an RDC spy/agent who writes notes about you and your adventures (though obviously this explanation doesn't work if maia is not recruited).
  3. also another thing is - i don't know when the alst time you playd potd rtwp was, but kind of what elohnin was saying is that 1-8ish is the hardest part of the game honestly. even on RTWP it can be extremely brutal because the encounter scaling/balancing early on is brutal and you don't have plenty of options. these days i have a pretty systematic way of doing lots of combat-free questing in port maje and nekataka to get up to level 8 or so with cash and items before engaging in some of the more combat-heavy quests.
  4. as a thought experiment, typically melee weapons range from 6-8 PEN mundane. at PotD they get +2 by default. 7 armor might as well be 0 for all the protection it's going to give your tanks (not quite, because of overpenetration). exceptional medium or mundane heavy may give you a small -25% damage mitigation or so, but if you can really get above the curve you can typically get the bulk of your damage to -50 to -75%, which will do wonders for your survivability, especially if those attacks also graze. edit - to add, based on what kaylon is saying, and your experience (esp TB), and
  5. yeah, 7 is not going to protect your tanks. typically i have to steal better gear (at that level you can find some exceptional medium armor which almost fills the same hole, sometimes even better since its weaknesses and recovery penatly aren't as bad as mundane heavy) or blow all my money at e.g. mahiri to get fine heavy armor. but even mundane brigandine (available in port maje) isn't great because its weakness is pierce, which IME means my tanks get shot down real fast from the almost-unfair ranged rogues at the early stages of the game.
  6. this is a minor detail/possible brainstorming point, but what kind of armor do you have your tanks on? it's hard getting a clear picture of your gear. one problem with PotD scaling and item balancing is that heavy armor is relatively uncommon, and you start getting mundane heavy armor when you have already started getting magical light and medium armor. this is a problem because on PotD the +2 PEN enemies get for free means that heavy armor itemization is effectively no real improvement over medium armor in terms of damage mitigation. you need to go out of your way to get fine and excepti
  7. notably, around march or so of this year the steam game page had an updated message welcoming new and returning gamers. though josh did say taht even if the game did break even, the fact that it limped over the finish line was pretty demoralizing to everyone who put in so much time and excitement into it, which is contributing to a bit of burnout and not (yet) doing a poe3.
  8. my pet theory is that the insistence on using fig crippled deadfire's word of mouth, which is the main mechanism that smaller-studio games have of marketing.
  9. https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/pc/227477-pillars-of-eternity-ii-deadfire/faqs/76599/chanter (courtesy of myself and Elric Galad) "Chanter chants are a bit like some other abilities that do benefit from power level scaling, but they do so using a single-class progression. Also unlike other PL scaling, chants gain +2 accuracy per PL instead of +1. An oddity is that chants aren't internally keyworded as "chanter", despite being a chanter-specific set of abilities! The main place this has an impact is with the bellower subclass, because the +PL bonus from the bellower is just to chanter-k
  10. to add to boeroer's stuff, i'm a big bellower fan but i would go right out and say that for most purposes you want a beckoner or troubadour for summons. bellower is good for summons where you expect them to be durable and you want them to stick around while also getting linger. if you want to do more damage, a beckoner with 6-8 animated weapons is what you want. but if you want your summons to facetank for you, you should go with a bellower. for a beckoner the malus on summon health is so severe (-75% i believe) and the duration hit so strong (-28% or so; 25s down to 18s base) that even t
  11. is deadfire on console essentially abandoned by vs evil? i haven't heard much about patching from vs evil. which is a shame, becuase on PC it's pretty much as stable as can be for games of this genre IMO.
  12. I am actually working on a build that might partially be up you alley. I'm not posting it yet because I haven't finished a playthrough with it, so I don't quite know how it'll play out in the end-game, but you might consider a chanter to pick up the "their companion" invocation that grants energized. you can single-class it or combine with a party or multiclass that gives you further accuracy or crit bonuses. you also want ring of focused flame and helm of the white void. the trick here is that many of the bombs tick periodically as a persistent aoe (not a hazard or a DoT), which m
  13. The sigils don't deactivate when she dies. They will happily rip you to shreds if you leave all five up and kill auranic first. Can't de-aggro them either, at least nothing I tried worked, they have infinite range (in that area). Auranic has a death prevention shield that only goes away after she uses Endless Assault, which reveals all five sigils (even if all five sigils are gone). She only uses this attack once at Near Death. not true. if you hit her with instakill before she has had a chance to use endless assault, it will do nothing (except trigger other instakill-conti
  14. graze is enough. waski is right about the sigils. in fact, even if you land an instakill spell, you will get any effects from the instakill spell but auranic just will not die. this is very weird if you use chanter's boil the flesh invocation, because you will get healing and action speed buff as if you instakilled auranic, but she will still be standing.
  15. i did this fairly recently with aloth. it worked pretty well. i gave aloth heavy armor, had an AI script that automatically cast spirit shield at start of fight, and cast deleterious alacrity of motion if he didn't have a dex inspiration already. i also would cast a reflection spell and bulwark depending on the fight. i would cast various illusion magic as necessary (repulsive visage and mirror image; in some fights a wizard's double). he was pretty tough to kill in most fights. remember that vigorous/refreshing defense stacks with pure +deflection active bonuses for extra hardiness. wall of d
  16. i think based on the video you shared in the other thread, the dexterity is irrelevant. i was worried that you wouldnt' be able to disrupt dorudugan because i had assumed the knock up ended at the current turn, not at the beginning of the party member's next turn. it might still be an issue for hauane, but if you are good about landing disintegrate then it might not matter either. edit - i briefly forgot that in turn-based mode the graze range is 0-50, so you have a much easier time of trying to land disintegrate than in rtwp.
  17. interesting - so i assumed that mule kick would act a lot like a prone in turn-based mode, which is simply an initiative delay. the video shows that the "knock up" effect lasts the entire round, so dorudugan stays down. i have a hard time figuring out what else is going on, so i don't know if the monk skyward kick is critical to stunlocking dorudugan. the big thing is that you need a generous amount of accuracy to hit dorudugan with mule kick; even with turn-based mode's more generous graze range, dorudugan has sky high fortitude defense. i think what's happening is that both mule kick an
  18. Aha, so this is where all that research energy has been going into! Fun theme (I was not active much on the forums for PoE 1 so did not see this before). As for megabosses, what I really did was just skim your build and see if you had a chanter and/or a cipher. You have both, so I think you are absolutely set. I've done megabosses a lot. Not on turn-based, but I believe the overall principle will be the same: you can handle any challenge so long as you're willing to get and use the following skills (either on your way up or respeccing just for megabosses): chanter - one dozen
  19. not exactly, though it does require more work than heavy armor. spell PEN doesn't get as high as weapon PEN. Some arbitrary buffing might be good enough. It's just that even with maxed out deflection, armor can still matter.
  20. most damage spells don't hit deflection. high AR would basically let you shrug most of that off.
  21. i don't have strong opinions on the different builds, but I just wanted to highlight a couple things - - one extra armor can seem insignificant, but it can also be the most important thing in the world. it all depends. you're not going to see much benefit on a cloth-y, but for a heavy armor tank especially on upscaling potd (where PEN/AR is an arms race with you behind), +1 can mean a full 50% damage reduction over not having that +1 (this is the case where you go from -50% PEN to -75% PEN); remember that negative effects aren't additive (edit: as boeroer says). these days when i'm build
  22. in a vacuum that is actually probably ideal instead of a hatchet in my quick and dirty math. in practice, a hatchet can also debuff enemy accuracy -10 with its modal, and all you need to do is at least graze with it. so a hatchet gives you a 13-pt swing in relative defense against an enemy versus the 5 you get from a gladiator sword. i believe the only other effects that can emulate this is a wand modal (-10), devotions for the faithful (-10), or despondent blows (-15). so... it depends on other factors. gladiator sword is not a great end-game weapon, but hatchets aren't exact
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