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  1. it's lower on my priority list of passives, but nothing is more annoying to me than my buffers trying to cast their initial round of buffs and having an important one get interrupted by an enemy rogue doing an unnoticed shot with one of their blinding attacks. it especially stinks earlier on where i am more likely to be using a buff spell that i only get once/encounter. though whiteleaf is an extremely easy source of start-of-combat concentration as well.
  2. i forgot to mention in the original post (updated now) that as a watcher you need to get the "mien of death's herald" set of abilities, which grant you up to a tier 3 perception inspiration. while probably every min-maxer (including myself) would normally recommend getting brilliant, for general utility having intuitive for cases where enemies have just an unfair high defense against you really helps (mostly matters for end-game). it's in beast of winter DLC, off the frozen elf statue. It is absolutely a game-changer for the build (it was actually the starting point because afte
  3. do you have helm of the white void? it gets you a completely stackable, almost 100% effective +10 flat accuracy bonus. do you have ben fidel's invocation? that'll give you a flat -10 all defense debuff against foes. the hearth orlan really helps with its high max perception and hit to crit passive.
  4. 1. I mostly found myself extremely constrained in ability points, so compromises were made in places. Thick Thick was a victim of this, because you did miss that the Animist gets Plague of Insects for free :), which was a point in the Animist's favor. 2. Honestly I have no idea, I forgot about items like this. 2 (3?). grumble grumble! yes, on top of this, it's only one of two chants at tier one that actually targets enemies, and of the two, this one seemed like it had much more general utility because of its steady self-heal and the raw damage is very relevant help ear
  5. I should've made that more clear, all those were 100% for like mega/boss encounters, where I don't want to necessarily be up close, but I want to disrupt the enemy doing something critically important. These days I *always* have every single person in my party take xbow or arbalest at level 16 or 20 so I have freedom to equip my characters with extra interrupts that can be done basically at will; for this character in particular since most of the proficiencies are taken care of early I picked up both just for maximum flexibility. The warbow is there because I though St Omaku's Mercy was a nice
  6. After my keeper build, I was fascinated with the druid (a class that I have really underplayed) and tried to brainstorm some fun setups with it. It took some testing to make sure everything worked as I anticipated, but I'm happy with the results, which is a debuffing druid/chanter with some party utility that is so good at disrupting enemy plans in a zany way. How zany? Well, this build has yielded the first and only time I've ever been in a situation where it has been an optimal decision in a high-level fight to cast an empowered Tanglefoot (and yes, it wrecked the enemies!). Basi
  7. i think it's doable, but you'd miss out on what i think the absolute best meta for an sc monk is ajumaat + whispers of the wind. i would not call that even "pseudo" tanking, though, because there is still a delay between each jump and uptime and stun duration can vary, which can be a massive opening for enemies to overrun your party if you don't have any other tanks. you can also end up in odd places depending on your final jump (and not enough wounds to start up again possibly), which can leave your party SoL if you don't have an actual tank. max res forbidden fist is indeed a likely bet
  8. scripting blade turning runs into an AI issue that someone else found a short while back - the AI decides on the next action as soon as the current action is completed, regardless of recovery, so even short cooldowns might in practice result in poor uptime because the AI script (at least by default) has no way to examine the current existence of blade turning and its duration, relative to recovery. in practice i found it really hard to find an AI script that got me decent uptime while still allowing me to do other actions, especially once reality (with interrupts and things like disorienting/b
  9. i tried this a while ago on mirke and was a little underwhelmed by it. maybe my setup wasn't great. but even with duality of mortal presence, blade turning wouldn't last very long, so you still don't get to do too much. spamming blade turning almost every other action while still taking further damage from range or non-melee melee-ranged attacks wasn't a very exciting way to play. as a brief emergency tanking tool (e.g. 3+ enemies and in danger), or as a cheese with salvation of time, it was pretty good though.
  10. i would personally stay away from shadowdancer. in case you aren't aware, mirke automatically gets the streetfighter subclass, so while mirke would kick butt for DPS, you might not like the incentives to be reckless on a tank. for a tank build, i would go for brawler. fighter will help you with the higher deflection quite a bit, though the payoff isn't as nice as a riposte rogue.
  11. does xbox support mods? because someone created a mod that hides a lot of unnecessary details in the tooltip window
  12. all the specialized armor boosting spells are worth a check because they give you so much versus the +2 you get from a generic constitution inspiration (or +1 from something like paladin aura). pierce damage is so common that woodskin and form of the delemgan (which gives you +6) are very frequently worth using, but bulwark, weather the storm, and the chanter invocation are also all worth using as well. at +6 even cloth wearers might be able to shrug off pierce damage. my current party features a fire godlike with magnera's chain (not even legendary). between form of the delemgan a
  13. i prefer plate early, but extremely early you don't have much of a choice (port maje and shortly after), only brigandine is available to buy. all armors have weaknesses, yes, but pierce weakness is particularly glaring IMO early on for tanks because most every early ranged weapon is piercing or part piercing (and of those that are part piercing, the other part is generally slashing, which plate is not weak to either) and they tend to be the biggest combat threats early on. YMMV based on your experiences in turn-based though, perhaps melee is a bigger deal for your tanks.
  14. there is! but... it's vailian and requires giant adra pillars unlike a boat, which can be lost at sea, it is much harder for a fort/settlement to just randomly go missing. depending on your actions in-game, the RDC might notice that the watcher went to sayuka, and then later left sayuka and mysteriously all comms and such ended with sayuka. it's kind of hard to avoid the conclusion there. similarly, it's established that Maia is an RDC spy/agent who writes notes about you and your adventures (though obviously this explanation doesn't work if maia is not recruited).
  15. also another thing is - i don't know when the alst time you playd potd rtwp was, but kind of what elohnin was saying is that 1-8ish is the hardest part of the game honestly. even on RTWP it can be extremely brutal because the encounter scaling/balancing early on is brutal and you don't have plenty of options. these days i have a pretty systematic way of doing lots of combat-free questing in port maje and nekataka to get up to level 8 or so with cash and items before engaging in some of the more combat-heavy quests.
  16. as a thought experiment, typically melee weapons range from 6-8 PEN mundane. at PotD they get +2 by default. 7 armor might as well be 0 for all the protection it's going to give your tanks (not quite, because of overpenetration). exceptional medium or mundane heavy may give you a small -25% damage mitigation or so, but if you can really get above the curve you can typically get the bulk of your damage to -50 to -75%, which will do wonders for your survivability, especially if those attacks also graze. edit - to add, based on what kaylon is saying, and your experience (esp TB), and
  17. yeah, 7 is not going to protect your tanks. typically i have to steal better gear (at that level you can find some exceptional medium armor which almost fills the same hole, sometimes even better since its weaknesses and recovery penatly aren't as bad as mundane heavy) or blow all my money at e.g. mahiri to get fine heavy armor. but even mundane brigandine (available in port maje) isn't great because its weakness is pierce, which IME means my tanks get shot down real fast from the almost-unfair ranged rogues at the early stages of the game.
  18. this is a minor detail/possible brainstorming point, but what kind of armor do you have your tanks on? it's hard getting a clear picture of your gear. one problem with PotD scaling and item balancing is that heavy armor is relatively uncommon, and you start getting mundane heavy armor when you have already started getting magical light and medium armor. this is a problem because on PotD the +2 PEN enemies get for free means that heavy armor itemization is effectively no real improvement over medium armor in terms of damage mitigation. you need to go out of your way to get fine and excepti
  19. notably, around march or so of this year the steam game page had an updated message welcoming new and returning gamers. though josh did say taht even if the game did break even, the fact that it limped over the finish line was pretty demoralizing to everyone who put in so much time and excitement into it, which is contributing to a bit of burnout and not (yet) doing a poe3.
  20. my pet theory is that the insistence on using fig crippled deadfire's word of mouth, which is the main mechanism that smaller-studio games have of marketing.
  21. https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/pc/227477-pillars-of-eternity-ii-deadfire/faqs/76599/chanter (courtesy of myself and Elric Galad) "Chanter chants are a bit like some other abilities that do benefit from power level scaling, but they do so using a single-class progression. Also unlike other PL scaling, chants gain +2 accuracy per PL instead of +1. An oddity is that chants aren't internally keyworded as "chanter", despite being a chanter-specific set of abilities! The main place this has an impact is with the bellower subclass, because the +PL bonus from the bellower is just to chanter-k
  22. to add to boeroer's stuff, i'm a big bellower fan but i would go right out and say that for most purposes you want a beckoner or troubadour for summons. bellower is good for summons where you expect them to be durable and you want them to stick around while also getting linger. if you want to do more damage, a beckoner with 6-8 animated weapons is what you want. but if you want your summons to facetank for you, you should go with a bellower. for a beckoner the malus on summon health is so severe (-75% i believe) and the duration hit so strong (-28% or so; 25s down to 18s base) that even t
  23. is deadfire on console essentially abandoned by vs evil? i haven't heard much about patching from vs evil. which is a shame, becuase on PC it's pretty much as stable as can be for games of this genre IMO.
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