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  1. Note that most other similar effect I can think of is ApplyOverTime and is therefore not as good as this due to the typical numbers involved. The bleeding modal for axes is basically the same thing as the boar dot though (down to the same %age, but a much longer duration at the cost of +50% recovery)
  2. (Apologies if people already knew this, but at least my own guide and the wikis are wrong on this) I was just trying to square some oddities I found with some effects while doing a guide update, and pretty much every major source has been wrong about the spiritshift boar DoT since the beginning. I think it started with MaxQuest's aggregated spiritshift info from the backer beta (not his fault, it was speculation based on some shortly observed data; it may have even been accurate then but it was changed and no one bothered to look closely again). Most everyone (including myself) repeats or
  3. i would say as a starting point like: 10 might / 13 con / 17 dex / 10 per / 18 int / 9 res and adjust depending on what maximums you can get from your race, and what bonus you get from a background. intellect is king stat for casters, and dex is a king dps stat (and also protects you from interrupts by reducing cast times). blood mage/solo will care about survivability a bit more, so putting in a bit more into constitution than i would typically do for a ranged caster - plus health is an actual casting resource for a blood mage, so i wouldn't hesitate to add more if i had spare point
  4. Absolutely try what boeroer suggests before declaring it a bug. if that doesn’t work, it might be similar to a marux amanth soul bound bug. But try boeroer’s suggestion first before I tell you how to deal with that one.
  5. you can get the icepicks from him (what you need to progress) without recruiting him. you can even kill him as part of the dialogue, if you want.
  6. BM/priest of skaen will give you tons of utility. tactician will give you brilliant, but bloodmage doesn't need brillant as much per se because they can regen spells anyway, and priest of skaen will give you combo potential with wall of draining and BDD (possibly also salvation of time though you do need brilliant to make that work, but there are other sources of brilliant than just tactician). from a solo survival perspective, you also get shadowing beyond to escape fights so you can pick off an enemy or two, invis your way out of hte fight to reset, and try again. imo the real
  7. you should probably acquaint yourself to how power level scaling works. but at only tier 4 spells and no other +PL bonuses or further intellect bonuses i would expect aloth to be unable to get a 2 round combusting wounds.
  8. silly question but... are you actually putting your sorcerer in a position where they can actually avoid being hit by something? if you just sit back all the time wher enemies can't get to them, then they're never going to have attacks miss on them. it's not just deflection either. any attack roll that misses will count towards it, such as aoe attacks and such.
  9. chanter summons (especially weapons) are very good, it's one big cornerstone of what makes chanters A+ class for high-end high-difficulty challenges (e.g. megabosses). but like boeroer says, if you haven't tried DLC, you should, because base game doesn't scale up to level 20 challenge very well. if anything, you might be surprised a bit if you rely on this too much because some enemies in DLC will actually cast dismissal and abolish your weapons in one smash IIRC.
  10. note to any interested - i updated the build a tiny bit with some tweaks based on end-game play. basically this build is constrained by action economy a lot, because everything you want to cast is slow and you have so much you want to drop. so i recommend ditching ring of focused flame in late game for kauru's prize (you'll be using less and less fire-keyworded stuff due to action economy and cinder bombs will still be getting +10 from helm), and possibly ditching magnificent escape cape in exchange for shroud of the phantasm and a source of mind inspiration (party member buff - cipher, p
  11. do you have PL scaling? my quick math suggests you'd need a total of +7 PL to get pushed over the threshold with 20 intellect. if you can buff intellect anyway (infuse with vital essence?) you can get away with less +PL (a a reminder, for each ability tier that you've unlocked that is higher than the one the spell is on gives you +1 PL. so having access to tier 7 spells is +5 PL right there.)
  12. hey while doing some AI scripting I noticed some issues in vanilla: the AI doesn't recognize kalakoth's minor blights or arkemyr's enchanted armory as "summoned weapons" which leads to some scripting troubles. is this something that can easily be fixed by a missing keyword or something?
  13. the splintered reef one you might be thinking of a campsite on the black isles. i think you only get one from the kraken (all of the upgrade mat loot drops from bosses got nerfed). you also get one from FS - either from the mysterious dragon skeleton or somewhere else.
  14. wow, good find. i guess it just shows how low on the totem pole this ability was that it went unnoticed at large until now. do you know if this applies to things that aren't abilities? like scrolls, poisons, or bombs? does it show up in the tooltip?
  15. i was only selecting "persistent" effects, not stuff you have to actively cast and maintain. but yes, much higher should be possible with salvation of time + escape. +all defense effects will also improve your deflection and because it's not a "deflection bonus" it stacks with a deflection bonus. so escape + circle of protection/symbol of eothas/refreshing defense/moonwell/beast's claw will get you even higher
  16. the odds are very very low for low amounts of money, and you don't really get a chance to get 50+ k until relatively late. also, IME people are terrible with evaluating random events in games
  17. hm, you would need to make sure to exceed the terribly unfavorable rounding cutoff here. with some PL scaling and high intellect the damage dots just *barely* get over the cutoff to get to two rounds duration. you would have to somehow get 20-40 damage attacks in within two rounds, which seems challenging (though all the hazard and persistent effects would tick twice each round iirc). this is where the action economy issues of turn-based hurt alot. it only really works in RTwP because some actions are extremely fast (dual wielded full attacks - you could squeeze in two of those in the "ti
  18. so there's a few things. 1. combusting wounds is an applyovertime effect IIRC. that means that what it does is actually wrong compared to the tooltip. basically it does 2 damage per tick, including an additional 2 damage upon initial application. (all applyovertime effects understate their damage because of this initial application being excluded from the tooltip) 2. combusting wounds stacks, so that you can get multiple ticks. the only limit is essentially the number of times you can manage to stack it within a given duration. 3. the way stacking DoTs appear to work is that it'
  19. just to add, even for non-casters helm of the white void can be very good and is worth a check for anyone's setup. rogue abilities should generously benefit from it, for example. mule kick (but not knockdown) and charge on fighter also benefit. while i haven't tested this one in particular, even barbarian should benefit once they have spirit frenzy. however OBS programmed the item, it's just generously in the player's favor and so long as the ability in question has a mind/body affliction at any point, the entire thing gets a +10 accuracy bonus.
  20. what's your system? graphics settings? is there anything in particular happening that corresponds to those fps dips? some spell effects are generated so inefficiently (possibly requiring a disk I/O read or something) that they will always cause fps hits for me: mirror image is the biggest culprit here for me. there's also a subtle memory leak - if you reload the game in the middle of combat (e.g. if events take a wrong turn), some things don't get properly flushed out of memory in the game engine, so the more you do this, the lower your overall frame rate, ESPECIALLY in
  21. check your steam settings and make sure it's configured, and you can double-check what it's bound to. like boeroer says, on windows you can just print-screen and then open paint or something and paste (ctrl-v) to dump a screenshot that way. this shouldn't require any settings tweaks.
  22. this is a silly response but: it's there, but only if you actually go back to port maje. it's not there in the early game where the defiant is on the beach. it's possible there might be a bug, but IIRC i always see my boat there.
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