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  1. huh? did you previously change something? the chants should scale with PL. i feel like it was even you who pointed this out to me
  2. one other thing - did this happen after hitting a certain level? i'm just curious when this started happening, if there's some sort of key trigger that can help narrow down the problem.
  3. that's such a bizarre bug! what an odd thing to break. in case you want to diagnose it further, i would also suggest using sparkcrackers to lure enemies past the trap (not just onto it), maybe something different happens with AI. do you have like some particularly high stealth skill? i guess i'm particularly interested because my ultimate run definitely relied on this behavior for triggering some fights, and if it's possible for the AI to break like this then I feel like spooked that my ultimate run could've hit a huge hiccup without knowing about the possibility.
  4. do you have any special gear that could mess with this? i literally don't know what could be causing this - traps+damage should absolutely be starting combat.
  5. ??? yeah that's weird. are you just in one area? or everywhere? what enemies? what traps? any screenshots?
  6. yeah, this has been an eternal problem with d&d-style games. relatedly, it always feels like levels 5-12ish (almost universally regardless of system) "feels" the best, and it's probably because you hit the point where you aren't so low level that you're just overwhelmed by RNG and d20 [and you're not so high level that balance starts getting thrown out the window]. i haven't paid too much attention to d&d post-4th edition, but it always struck me as nonsensical that all the versions leading up to it, most level 1 characters have just enough health to basically be wiped out by one
  7. you know, i wonder if it's worth an @Elric Galad-type to look at the conjurer pet and implement it kind of like the "pelt of many kinds" rebalancing effect where a random familiar is automatically spawned at the start of fight as a pet. i don't know how to fix the transmuter special though - that transformation is pretty bad, even if it didn't cancel your spellcasting ability.
  8. I use a familiar if I plan on casting, and I use a summon if I plan on weapon summoning and brawling. It’s a little bit of a micro/overhead but it works out pretty well for my purposes
  9. just popping in again to say that this build is exceeding my expectations with regard to megabosses. anything that isn't interrupt-immune is basically a done deal from the start (and even dorudugan ended up going down pretty easily). just for fun i recorded the hauani o whe fight to show how the build works at peak effectiveness. i didn't need to do any prep work for hauani (unlike dorudugan), in fact i made some dumb mistakes (e.g. i still had some AI script settings leftover from the dorudugan fight by accident, forgot about salvation of time positioning for quite a while). once the bui
  10. tangential update on this build: i'm cleaning up the megabosses now, and I unintentionally discovered the second or third-easiest method for clearing dorudugan (the first-easiest is definitely scordeo's + bleeding axe modal, there are some BDD-related shenanigans that may or may not be easier depending on how you define "easy"). this build has so much accuracy thanks to the maxed perception and helm of the white void (and extra hit->crit), that with some modest buffing and debuffing, you have an extremely high hit rate with Embrace the Earth Talon on Dorudugan. You need body blo
  11. for inspiration purposes, there's already an in-game analogue for this, via galawain's challenge. unstoppable - can't be interrupted, can't be affected by afflictions bullish - knock back and interrupt on hit i wonder if just having both on you as part of citzal's would be ok?
  12. this is an issue with all the mage subclasses. you really have to lean hard into their particular subclass - if you do so, then you're basically a wizard with +2 PL and a free perk. if you don't, you're going to feel extremely limited because of all the missing spells and the extra recovery. personally, conjurer is one of the main wizard specializations i would pick up anyway (evoker is probably the other one): the conjure familiar bonus spell is really great - guaranteed +1 generic PL on top of miscellaneous other bonuses [so even with the spells you have at +10% recovery, you can cast t
  13. i kind of expect this to be true, which is why in general i limit myself to only one custom companion (just so i can flex my creative muscles a bit each time without overpowering game balance). the obs-made companions are not super-optimized, even for ones that have particularly strong unique aspects (e.g. tekehu druid or maia ranger subclass). they are also in some ways suboptimal (xoti, vatnir, pallegina don't get reputation scaling. i will forever hold that serafen as a cipher is terrible.) it is possible to put together a custom party that is min-maxed worse than what OBS made, but ev
  14. lol, for me either on mobile or not-mobile the three dots menu only has "report" and "share", except on relatively recent posts. i guess this means now i have to put a disclaimer at the top of any future guides that it's not going to be the definitive place to find it. good thing i already moved some of my guides to gamefaqs.
  15. maybe i'm missing something, but what makes cloak of death so uber that it is an easy pick over citzal's for a melee-focused wizard? when i use citzal's, minoletta's piercing sigil (plus everything else) is very good, but i do also occasionally self-empower if i also want to add cloak of death on top of everything else. don't get me wrong, cloak of death is nice, but it doesn't seem that super uber to me.
  16. how long has it been since your last potd playthrough? if it was before the difficulty buff, you might be in for a rude surprise... personally i think you need more aoe dps or some utility support.
  17. i think it'll be OK, but nothing particularly special. on rtwp, because of how interrupts work, once I get going in a big fight, I basically shut down the enemy from doing anything for the rest of the fight. if i empower venombloom or wicked briars in a non-interrupt immune fight and have energized up, the fight is already pretty much done at that point. (and forget about it if you have least unstable coil) on turn-based, i strongly suspect that you'll end up being an OK aoe damage dealer, but you won't be very able to prevent enemies from getting their actions each turn since instea
  18. lol, i just recently ran into this and panicked pretty serverely because it was a pretty long fight. fortunately switching grimoires again restores all the missing the spells. i'm skeptical on the idea of buffing citzal's. i think in a vacuum (e.g. if you just plopped it onto a cipher or chanter ability tree maybe) citzal's is on the underpowered side for a tier nine spell, but it works pretty well as part of a wizard package (minoletta's piercing sigil, ironskin, arcane reflection [being in punching range makes it more likely casters toss spells directly at you], self-empower t
  19. you know, if any thing, the effect is subtle and uncontrollable enough that upgrading it is kind of a trap. i actually liked to use finality's claim on occasion, especially against hauane o whe (it has a chance to reflect hauane's acid attacks). but adding a double-edged sword kind of makes it a bit less "safe" to use. oh well
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