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  1. I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of voices suddenly cried gellarde and ekera at the same time.
  2. This isn't quite what you asked for, but if you're looking to play a "time is on my side" setup... I used to be playing mass tank parties that outlasted opponents forever if need be, while permanent DoT's killed them off. The damage dealer was paladin (Brand Enemy) / rogue (Gouging Strike). Brand Enemy cannot miss, and Gouging Strike is easy to land with arquebus modal. Once the DoT's are up, switch to a defensive weapon set and put on your best "u mad?" trollface while your opponents futilely try to kill your tanky-healy setup before they bleed out. Specifically, the party would be something like, five paladins (shieldbearers), two multid to chanter (troubadour), one to fighter (unbroken), one to rogue (can't remember kit anymore) and one to cipher (vanilla cipher before psion existed, then psion). Three passive healing auras (Exalted Endurance, Ancient Memory, Pale Light), and tons of Lay on Hands with built-in cheat death.
  3. Iron Man: Some form of Barbarian/Monk? Barbarian for leaps (fake flight), monk for punches.
  4. I mean spam stopping the merges with a ranged instant AoE interrupt Also, no focus problems there.
  5. Yes, there can. Also, I think this might be my favorite megaboss. The psion unique ability finally got to shine for me, and boy did it shine here.
  6. Pretty much as soon as you get to Port Maje, with whatever gold you have, if memory serves. Especially if you use the gold blessing.
  7. I nearly always play mass shieldbearers and I don't recall that I couldn't solve this without going aggressive, but it may be playstyle differences that cause me to always be able to pass with skill/rep checks. Usually, if I want to kill someone (like Cotta) but picking a fight through dialogue results in aggressive disposition, I just manually attack them without talking first. Which, obviously, is not aggressive behavior.
  8. Y'all just going to let Boeroer get away with rounding pi to 3.144? How does 3.1416 round to 3.144, hmm? I can no longer see his beard as being mythic.
  9. Nemnok is a comedy villain and should not be thought of as a serious power figure in the Deadfire. He could certainly have an ending slide, but it would have to be in the spirit of entertaining megalomania, not killing people or whatever (which besieging Neketaka rather implies). Left to his own devices, Nemnok at long last learned to both read and spell his own name. The Drowned Barrows echoed with his manic laughter for weeks.
  10. Uhh... this has never "worked" for me, and it's my understanding that all you can get are the two buffs you mentioned (given the right choices in PoE1). I just loaded a few post-Hasongo saves in playthroughs where I chose the Benevolent Soul background and no watcher has any Hylea's Boon. Got her food of course, but no buff in Hasongo.
  11. Oh, I thought 0.5 rounds meant it would expire at a certain point during the round (after everyone within a certain threshold of initiative had acted). 30 int sounds right if it rounds.
  12. As someone who plays troubadour every single time, I should know these mechanics for sure, but AFAIK the troubadour linger bonus is not affected by int (in RTWP anyway). So that means you have to amplify the base linger bonus by a whole round, which should require fifty int. If I haven't been fooling myself since release it takes 20 int to keep 2 phrases up in RTWP and it'd take 60 to keep up 3. In other words, you might be happy you can get the same jobs done in TB with 10 less int, even if 50 int is out of reach anyway ^^
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