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  1. It occurred to me that while passionate <--> stoic makes the most sense for those two in particular, overall the system might be more satisfying with passionate <--> rational and clever <--> stoic.
  2. Yeah no, leave it like that I think. I hope there's no priest/paladin order that favors both of them. By the way, is it possible to go into negative disposition score? For example, Benevolent 3 // Cruel -3. That way, you can kick the occasional puppy without needing to build an orphanage right after, because you're a famed orphanage builder and your occasional puppy kicks are pre-emptively excused. Ok, got a bit carried away, but the point is hopefully not needing to "save up opportunities at benevolence" before you commit your cruel act, if you want to avoid the cruel disposition.
  3. I'm not sure about rational vs. clever, but the others make sense. This will make paladins much more enjoyable to play, not needing to avoid the bad dispositions like the plague.
  4. The ooze has 8 burn armor. When you see it in game, it will probably say it has 14 armor. This is because 14 armor answers MOST questions about what its armor is. Then it also lists the exceptions, in this case being that it has 8 armor against burn/corrode/shock. Edit: So to be super clear, 8 burn armor, not 22. 130% means the damage type your attack will use is so strong against the enemy that it will overpenetrate and do 30% bonus damage. This happens when you have twice the penetration of your target's armor. I... don't remember what the colors mean.
  5. Can't swear on it, but I think it's party assisted. That would mean it's enough if everyone has 4 points. Each would have 4 themselves, and the others would have 16 combined, which is worth +6 through Party Assist. Unless you metagame heavily and/or play No Rest with constant Luminous Adra Potion buffs, you're not going to pass nearly every skill check anyway. You don't have to think of this stealth check as something you're supposed to pass. You can think of it as, here's an opportunity for a stealth oriented party to shine.
  6. I'm pretty sure there are group-wide athletics checks that work the same. And I agree with xzar_monty; these mechanics make sense. It's not a "choose your champion" scenario, it's "everyone gotta do this".
  7. Factions don't get mad at you for attacking their ships, whether you board or broadside. I guess it's something privateering, maritime law blah blah. I don't know, but they don't get mad. They do get mad if you intimidate their ships, however.
  8. No. Expect single digits. But if you want to play the outlast game, it's great. There's no avoiding it, there's no removing it. If the target isn't immune to fire (or heals from fire), it's a death sentence.
  9. It's a single player game, and the right way to play it is the way one most enjoys playing it. Mods enable the game to be played in more ways. Therefore, mods are good. You need not ask ^^
  10. Only if they've done quite a bit of homework first, and also in that process not discovered Noqn's mod. First, they would have to notice they got the bonuses. They would also need to have enough game knowledge to understand that these are powerful and rare buffs, and that nothing except rest will remove them. Else they will probably go, oh, it probably had a hidden duration, or it got dispelled. I don't think there's been a single first time player who has had enough game insight to get bothered by this, unless they read this thread first, before the point of Noqn posting the mod. Even so, No Rest is not a playstyle for first timers. First timers don't have game mastery, they will have narrow victories where some party members got knocked out, and they're gonna be happy with that. They're certainly not going to reload for the twentieth time to win without injuries, and they're not going to bend over backwards to always fix injuries with Luminous Adra Potions. Plus, they probably used per rest stuff for that narrow victory. First timers in all likelihood don't even know this is happening, and if they knew, they wouldn't particularly care.
  11. I think you're misinterpreting that. The Engwithans didn't make a new Wheel, they modified the existing one to allow the gods to feed off it. Eothas intends to break the only Wheel there is. This is both my impression and what to me seems the general consensus. Do you actually have a quote to the effect of Woedica saying the Engwithans created a new, separate Wheel?
  12. A psion has become a core party member for me, in the form of an inquisitor (cipher/paladin). As she reaches higher levels, she has pretty much two jobs: Pain Block and Ancestor's Memory. If she has focus for anything else, it's not a hard fight to begin with. They're buffs, so her accuracy doesn't matter. Therefore, she is indeed sporting stat sticks. I use Keeper of the Flame to provide an accuracy aura, and Shining Bulwark for an armor aura. There's also The Changeling's Mantle, for a random quasi-aura. If no one else is using Lethandria's Devotion, that would be my shield of choice (with Sheltering Light) over the Shining Bulwark.
  13. Companions are more fleshed out than sidekicks. Sidekicks are something between a companion and a random hireling. They don't have as much interaction, but they still have some. Random inn hirelings have no personality, beyond default stance and voice theme, other than what you ascribe them in your head.
  14. I mean, it's up to each individual player in the end, but I find it's against the spirit of the mod to do things like that. It should be used to prevent rests that are forced upon you, not turn "eat and rest" or "pray and rest" into "eat/pray and rest without actually resting". At the far end of this spectrum, the mod might as well allow us to have every food buff at once
  15. My favorite way is the club modal. It reduces will by 25 for 10 seconds, and unlike many other ways of lowering will, it does not require you to beat their will save to begin with. If you have a cipher, two great spells are Psychovampiric Shield and Borrowed Instinct. PS is -10 resolve, which not only is reduced will but also increased debuff duration (and hey, reduced deflection so it's easier to land the club modal). Borrowed Instinct gives the cipher a big chunk of accuracy, and you can use it on any little ****noob target you can find. You can use it on a sigil or a damn barrel then you'll have +20 accuracy for trying to land PS or for trying to use BI on the target you actually want to mess up, because hey, BI is -8 int for the target which is, you guessed it, reduced will... On top of this, ciphers have a passive available to them (late, but available) that grants them +10 accuracy for will attacks. Power level 6: The Empty Soul. A case could be made for Tenuous Grasp, but I much prefer PS, and they don't combine all that well (I'm guessing because most enemies don't have 15 resolve for you to take away). The main problem with TG is that it applies two t1 afflictions, so resistance is very effective against it. But, resistance to resolve afflictions does nothing against PS. There's also https://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/The_Willbreaker for... breaking opponents' will, as you might have guessed.
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