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  1. The best kind of background for these characters is a goody-two-shoes one where you just happened to have lapses of judgment in scenarios leading to advantages in Deadfire. My Watcher had had too much snowcap when he pushed someone into the blood pool. *nods*
  2. The problem with ToT is that I find the dialogue to be too frequent for none of it to be VOd. Also what you said about DMs, even if they don't do different voices they can still do different tones and inflections. This can convey happiness, impatience, and so on and so forth.
  3. I like books, but I don't play a video game for a book experience. Video and audio are tools at the developers' disposal to immerse me in their story. Use them.
  4. Tower of Time is worse than Kingmaker and Deadfire for language errors. It's not abysmal, but still. I think that author was just referring to how we don't realize that everyone is struggling with something. We only see our own inner turmoil, so we only think our own lives are "exceptionally difficult". It may be a language error, but I say it's for illustrative purposes. Related.
  5. I gave it a try after reading your post. It has its good and bad sides, and while overall a nice game I wouldn't compare it to Pillars - in terms of design, not quality. It's a dungeon crawler, not much of a RPG. It's been hours since I tried to care about the plot because the devs couldn't afford voicing almost anything, so I skip through dialogue. It seems proofreading was another thing that had to be cut, because the language errors are too many. Speaking of dialogue and errors, when I was still paying attention to it, the characters sometimes talked a little too much like the animated stat
  6. I did a thing! It's funny because it's Waukeen's Promenade combined with Queen's Berth. Oh, also, it does things. Check the mod page description, and then you can check in-game what each merchant sells, or check here. I added the file if you don't want to register at Nexus. I am open for suggestions as to things merchants should or shouldn't sell. Here's how it looks right now. Hunter (reagents) Osa (food ingredients, alcohol) Rebero (gems, jewelry, wardstones) Cobbler (various shady stuff, unguents and potions) Wanika (scrolls and tools)
  7. I see your mod is addressing Magran's Blessing. Someone requested that my mod do this too, but I don't know how to actually get that buff. Do you, or anyone else? (the buff - not the shield)
  8. Oh wow, you just solved it. All I had to do was change the numbers for those items. I generously went with 20k, which gave me some interesting loading times for her inventory, but now she has 999 of everything. Just gonna fiddle with the numbers now
  9. I want to create a mod that makes it so that every restockable item is guaranteed to be restocked every day, and in large quantities. For example, Cuitztli can sell Primal Wind. If she doesn't, I gotta revisit or just sit there advancing the game time until she does. And when she does, she might not have as many as I want to buy, so I need to keep doing it. So I thought it'd be as easy as finding the right thing to override, but I can't seem to find it. I searched for Primal_Wind and found a bunch of entries in items.gamedatabundle. Most of them seemed to pertain to enchantment materials
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