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  1. BBCode mode is still sorta around. The button disappeared in the newest version of the board software, but if you manually type it anyway, it will parse. If you enter: [b][u]Super List[/u][/b] [list] [*]Oh, an item [*]Wow, another item! [*][i]Italic item[/i] [*][url="https://google.com"]google link[/url] [/list] It should display appropriately when you post or press the preview button: Super List Oh, an item Wow, another item! Italic item google link (Though, it doesn't remember your source BBCode if you come back for an edit.)
  2. There's something about the rewards in this scenario are displayed and awarded which are a little bugged. After completing any of the five Valeros scenarios on Legendary, the endgame window will show you that you have been granted one of the reward cards. It should look something like this: Unlike other rewards or treasure cards, you probably will not receive a copy in your Stash or Unclaimed loot. It only exists invisibly on your profile. The rewarded card will be on your account, even if it cannot be seen in the collection. However, all the Valeros cards have a unique Owner trait. If Valeros ever banishes a card during a scenario and has to repair his deck post-game, he will always have those Owner cards available to him. For whatever reason, the way the Adventure appears to work is: - 250 Gold when completing any scenario on normal - Unique Valeros card added to account after completing the scenario on legendary - 5000 gold after completing all scenarios on legendary Probably the easiest way to gain the Valeros cards after you have earned them on Legendary is to play a scenario with the Village House location (like Valeros: An Eye for an Eye). Let Valeros burn through the location solo while trying to avoid acquiring new cards. As he closes the location, Banish an Item, Ally, Weapon, or Armor and forfeit the scenario. It'll prompt the deck repair screen, and Valeros should be able to access the reward cards from his Adventure Deck (assuming your stash is empty). You can always contact support@obsidian.net and they'll hook you up. But if you ever need to reacquire one of the Valeros cards, the above Banish trick should work.
  3. You may want to forward the issue to support@obsidian.net . There have been issues in the past correctly granting the reward cards after completing the Valeros Scenario on Legendary, and they should be able to help you out.
  4. Usually the beta branches have kept pace with public releases, but the Steam and GOG betas are currently stuck at 4.1.2. The only way to get 5.0 right now is to switch back to the standard release branch. If anyone has not already done so, it's probably time to get off the beta train.
  5. Double-check that you're logged into the Google Play store or iOS Game Center with the same account you used earlier. Pathfinder uses those accounts to lookup your DLC purchases online and do a few other things like synchronize saves across devices. It isn't terribly uncommon to get signed out inadvertently during a software upgrade or when setting up a new device. If that doesn't seem to do the trick, drop support@obsidian.net an email with your PFID (an ID found at the bottom of Pathfinder's Options -> Settings) and they should be able to sort out the problem.
  6. Via Versus Evil, the port is handled by Red Cerberus, who further subcontracted the development to the team at Grip Digital. I'm assuming they're the reason why there's a gripreferencebuild branch of Deadfire listed on SteamDB for console testing.
  7. Saving the best for last! Thanks again to the team for creating and supporting a fantastic game!
  8. The Deadfire launch tweet went out at 10 AM PDT on 08 May 2018. If that announcement can be used as the basis of launch, approximately everything west of China and Thailand should experience the anniversary sometime on May 8th.
  9. Yup. Looks like we spoke too soon on the long term logins. The cookies seem to expire after 7 days now. Oh well.
  10. We got word the other day to expect a patch sometime next week. No specifics, but the assumption is significant TB stuff and the final challenge. This thread is where most of the update chat seems to be happening.
  11. This is the latest answer we have on the console ports. Yes 2019, but nothing more specific.
  12. FYI, the forum update means we can finally just copy/paste twitter links! Huzzah!
  13. Fig Announces Positive Investor Returns for the Second Straight Year The relevant snip about Deadfire:
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