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  1. TOW on Switch is still TBA. Potentially end of 2019 or early 2020, but there has been no announcement of a firm release date for the Switch version.
  2. Not really. The stash is shared space across all parties. Storage outside the party inventory doesn't really exist in the tabletop rules of the game, and was mostly added to help you trade between parties or swap characters around. Since there is no per-party stash, your only real option to clean it out is to sell those cards off.
  3. Frankly, I'm not even sure what's going on with this discussion anymore. But on a positive note, we're only a few weeks away from the forums actually discussing The Outer Worlds. It will be a nice break from meta-gaming storefronts or taking sides in a proxy battle between billion-dollar corporations.
  4. Welcome to our new Social Media overlord! And may her reign be full of glorious memes.
  5. Agreed. It does the job, and has a pretty comprehensive roadmap for the future. While it may not be as feature-complete as other storefronts, I still haven't encountered the "truckload of cons" that has been claimed. Much of the hate seems based on how the storefront worked well over a year ago, or a handful of rumors that the launcher is secretly spyware for one reason or another. Nintendo's eShop also doesn't have a shopping cart, consumer reviews, hassle-free returns, or community forums, yet it barely gets any of the grief that EGS does.
  6. Can we get a tl;dr? Considering the huge pile of money Microsoft is investing into their first-party portfolio, I'm not sure what's forming the basis of any "Microsoft just doesn't care" hypothesis. They've already acknowledged that this round of the console war didn't favor the Xbox, and are devoting a ton of resources into the next generation of gaming systems.
  7. @OMGJesuis Things may have shifted around a little since the original post, but it is still possible. Follow the original post to open the .dll in dnSpy, then Game --> Equipment, then "Edit Class". Comment out lines 747-750 with // so it looks like: //if (slot == EquipmentSlot.Head) //{ // return !component || component.CharacterRace != Race.Godlike; //} Then at line 569, change the first AppearancePiece to Game.GameData.AppearancePiece and compile. Save the module, and wear fancy hats.
  8. I guess what you're referring to is updating Pathfinder's Steam presence for the coming changes to the steam client?
  9. I've also heard a lot of chatter on reddit about FNV runs in anticipation for TOW. For whatever reason, a lot of players are making a connection between the two games that the developers have implied isn't really there. If anything, TOW seems to be channeling FO1/FO2 satire than the SRS BZNS (but excellent plot) found in New Vegas. I guess the good news is that there is plenty of great games keep anyone occupied in the meantime. Personally, I'm running a little behind on things, so I've got plenty of Fire Emblem or Control to tide me over.
  10. Welp. Like clockwork. Pretty much exactly five days since the last time I posted in the thready and I'm logged out once more. I don't know if it is any different for 2FA, but normal user/pass logins need to be repeated every 5 days regardless of how frequently one visits the forums.
  11. Instead of troubleshooting the correct way to to format a character name, just use the oei_hovered instance ID. Position the cursor over the character you want to modify (no need to click on them), then: AttributeScore oei_hovered dexterity 20 (or whatever)
  12. The Outer Worlds will be available on: Xbox PS4 Nintendo Switch Microsoft Store (PC) Epic Game Store (PC)
  13. Looks like my login session is still expiring after ~5 days, even though I've been stopping by at least daily. Anyone else having a similar issue?
  14. Good news! If you have Windows 10, you can just buy The Outer Worlds through the the Microsoft Store app which is probably already on your PC.
  15. It happens often enough. Heck, G2A even offers optional "insurance" for when that totally 100% legitimate key you're buying doesn't work, or mysteriously gets revoked in the future. From what I recall, the financial end of a chargeback is automated once the bank initiates, but key revocation still falls on the developer/publisher. There's some intervention required to match bogus sales to the associated keys (in some cases it may not even be possible). Those who use sites like this are taking a bet that the key is authentic, and if it's not, that maybe the publisher doesn't have the resources to follow up on fraudulent sales.
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