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  1. New Website, New Metadata! TOW2 is Arkansas stRef:filePath="AR_Announce_Trailer_Final_16-9.mp4" Avowed is Alabama stRef:filePath="Alabama_Teaser_Animatic_XboxDigitalVersion_OnlineMaster_ESRB_HD_1080p29_H264_Stereo_-16LKFS.mp4"
  2. TOW 2 is Arkansas! The new website features a short TOW2 video clip chopped up from: stRef:filePath="AR_Announce_Trailer_Final_16-9.mp4" Avowed is Alabama.
  3. I don't think there's been any definite info to find so far. Aside from the teaser trailer, there are only like 3 TOW2-related pieces of media to examine, and both have been fairly scrubbed of interesting metadata.
  4. Depending on how you want to parse the semantics, Halcyon doesn't have to be the only corporate colony, just the only (known) one on the edge of the frontier. Maybe there's another corporate colony even further out. Or a colony slightly closer to Earth. Or a non-corp colony somewhere else on the frontier. Or some wildcat colony that the corporations built in secret. Still plenty of ways to spin a sequel while not retconning TOW1.
  5. I'm pretty sure you aren't talking about Pathfinder Adventures... or even anything related to the original post. Pathfinder: Kingmaker, was not made by Obsidian.
  6. Taming has probably been one of the most requested features since the early access launched. Check out the Grounded Feature Board for some of the upcoming ideas. Pet Aphids and using pheromones to control ants seem to be some of the first "taming" features in the hopper.
  7. I can't say I know for sure why multiplayer didn't happen for the digital game, but I'm going to suspect that player communication and resource management didn't quite work in a way they were happy with. Half of the tabletop experience is scrounging for blessings or arguing how best to approach some impossible check. At a minimum, the app would need integrated voice chat, and a lot of how cards and characters are handled would need to be redesigned to support "player X only controls characters Y and Z" stuff. The digital version does a great job as a nerdy single-player RPG solitaire, b
  8. If you want, support@obsidian.net should be able to fully wipe your profile if you give them you PFID (found in "Settings"). Otherwise, you can manually delete all your characters and parties, and sell off everything in the stash. The only things you can't manage as a player are your gold and any unlocked treasure cards.
  9. Back loooong ago, there were some plans for both local and networked multiplayer in the game. There was a "Pass and Play" hot-seat mode, were you took your turn and handed off the tablet to the next player. And up until the game was released on Steam, the main menu featured a greyed-out "Multiplayer" button: RIP Quest Mode Ultimately, both ideas quietly disappeared around when the game was released on PC. I don't recall any rumors how well any prototype network play worked (if at all) before the Multiplayer button was finally removed, but the team joked about increasing the butto
  10. I'm still pretty sure you're talking about Pathfinder: Kingmaker. That's, uh, an entirely different game compared to Pathfinder Adventures. Maybe you'd have better luck in the Owlcat forums?
  11. You can check out the Grounded Feature Board to get an idea of where the game is going. There's no official "the game is X percent done" figure, but there are still two major biomes to go, and a lot of missing plot to start tying it all together.
  12. They're already on it. Check out the Grounded Feature Board for what the team is looking at in future updates.
  13. Not a bad question at all. If you purchase Grounded during early access, you get the "full" version when it is released sometime in 2021.
  14. It's a stylized Aedyran similar to the Oathbinder Sword, but the Avowed hand appears to be bringing some "Joy" to the party. In a roundabout way, relying on spells for basic emotions seems pretty on-point for #TeamWoedica.
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