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  1. The (!) and green glow only indicates cards acquired in the last scenario. It's just an easy way to identify new boons to help decide which of those cards are worth keeping in your decks.
  2. Why does it have to be an isometric game? Can't we just assume they're working on a sequel to Pathfinder Adventures?
  3. Welcome.... back? If you have further issues, this thread is the official repository of gripes. The upgrade has some mixed reviews, but on the whole, most seem happy with the facelift.
  4. And assuming the dialogue was made in OEI Tools (unconfirmed, I guess, but tremendously likely), it's got an option to run aggregate reports on all the skill checks in the game. In-house tools help the writers keep the checks balanced, or at least shaped in such a way that there are no runaway favorites or useless skills. Even after the recent news dump, we've still only seen a few slim slices of gameplay in select scenarios.
  5. Considering how hyped Justin Bell was that a tiny snippet of his The Outer Worlds theme was snuck into the Nintendo Switch trailer, I think it is pretty likely there is plenty more orchestral and ambient music yet to be revealed.
  6. I wouldn't expect to see any news about steam keys until around this time next year. If you preorder the PC version through https://outerworlds.obsidian.net, your options are: Official Private Division Store (Epic key) Epic Game Store (Epic account) Gamestop (Epic key) Windows Store (Microsoft account)
  7. Yeah. Login credentials expire soon enough that you still need to login twice a week... on every device you visit the forums with. 2FA sadly doesn't buy you any extra time between forced logins, it just adds an extra layer of hassle when you check the forums on your mobile device and PC. Still waiting on the return of the good ol' days when the Obsidian forums only asked users to re-login once every few months.
  8. Yeah. Fig is a pretty solid example of not investing any more than you can stand to completely lose. I wonder what this will do for further Fig-backed games where it is assumed the "long tail" will make up for underperforming sales at release.
  9. It's probably not "suddenly", it's just that the previous forum software was old enough that it didn't really have any COPPA implementations. We've now been beamed into the far future of 2012 and forum software that tries to identify users under the age of 13 that may not legally be able to sign up.
  10. GameInformer - New Gameplay Today – The Outer Worlds
  11. Double-check that you are connected to Game Center on your iOS device. The usual hangup is when your account gets logged out after a software update, or was never really set up in the first place. On your iOS device: Settings --> Game Center If you're already logged in, you can try logging out and then sign back in with your Apple ID. On iOS, your Pathfinder profile depends on which Game Center account is actively in use. If that still doesn't work, support@obsidian.net can guide you through the process or establish the link manually.
  12. I can’t say for sure without the dxdiag log, but if you have Citrix installed on your computer, the error you described has all the usual signs. If you use Citrix, or recently upgraded it, try uninstalling Citrix to see if Deadfire works correctly. If you still require Citrix for work/school reasons, search the Windows Store, and install the version of Citrix found there. The version on the Windows Store omits a certain video driver that causes crashes like you are experiencing.
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