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  1. As a former SWO, I can attest to those being to the two most devastating weapons in the Navy's arsenal. Anyway, I can totally envision the corporate guards questioning the judgment of randomly changing up the uniforms. Especially those poor guys that work for Rizzo's: Rizzo Guard 1: You see the new uniforms? Guard 2: Geez. Pink and white. WTF, are we expected to blend into a pile of taffy or something? Guard 1: All the other corporations went and switched to cool camo. I guess this is what Rizzo's came up with. Guard 2: So you know those big vats of Purpleberry we patrol? Guard 1: What about 'em? Guard 2: One slip, no-one will ever see you wearing that! Probably wouldn't even notice you missing until some suit in Halcyon complains about ceramic fragments in their hooch. Guard 1: "Woah, Woah, Woah, that's Dark!"
  2. There's no visible countdown, but the following images will be on rotation until July 23rd at 9 am... which is the scheduled start of the Xbox Games Showcase.
  3. Imminent-ish. Microsoft's Xbox showcase is still three days away. The only clue that the site redesign seems willing to give up is that some of the new web assets now have the prefix "inx". Any guesses? Inquisition? Ion Exchange? INXS (with a silent s)? edit: or.... it could simply be "Indiana Expansion" like Infinitron pointed out....
  4. The optics of a $1 Trillion company letting one of its studios fundraise is totally not worth the negative press and community fallout. If Pillars 3 made business sense, and the player base was there, Obsidian is basically free to just make the game whenever with Microsoft's support.
  5. Well, it seems they're shooting for a Q2 2020 preview. Though, yeah, targeting a "Spring" release may be a little unclear to those the southern hemisphere.
  6. Early Access starts Spring 2020, with the full game to follow in 2021. There's been no additional news yet, other than a note for interested players to join Xbox Insider if they haven't already done so.
  7. The "plans" last summer basically amounted to "we won't actively prevent the community from trying things, but building a mod framework just isn't something we have the time or resources for, sorry." They've largely kept to that promise. The game assets aren't encrypted, and users are able to tinker within the limits UE4 allows. However, the latest word, per the discord-sphere is: TOW2? Maybe. TOW1/DLC? Probz not.
  8. It might have gotten hidden in the folds of Obsidian's 2019 holiday tweet, but anyone have any guesses concerning the OSI logo on the canid's collar?
  9. As Hannibal mentioned, iOS linking is done with your Apple ID (specifically, the Game Center login), not any per-device method. Just go to Settings --> Game Center, and check that your new iPad is logged into Game Center with the same Apple ID as the old iPad. Relaunch pathfinder, and you should be be all set. Any further account problems can be sorted out with an email to support@obsidian.net.
  10. While DLC has been expected by fans, official confirmation that it was in the works was just dropped quite casually.
  11. You probably got awarded one or more Treasure Chests. There are a few flaky weekly challenges, and whenever the advertised reward doesn't line up with what is received, it is usually giving out Treasure Chests. Feel free to drop them a line at support@obsidian.net . They should take care of you and hook you up with some gold for your troubles.
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