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  1. You can check out the Grounded Feature Board to get an idea of where the game is going. There's no official "the game is X percent done" figure, but there are still two major biomes to go, and a lot of missing plot to start tying it all together.
  2. They're already on it. Check out the Grounded Feature Board for what the team is looking at in future updates.
  3. Not a bad question at all. If you purchase Grounded during early access, you get the "full" version when it is released sometime in 2021.
  4. It's a stylized Aedyran similar to the Oathbinder Sword, but the Avowed hand appears to be bringing some "Joy" to the party. In a roundabout way, relying on spells for basic emotions seems pretty on-point for #TeamWoedica.
  5. Honestly, as a BYU speech, the link above probably has much more in common with the New Vegas: Honest Hearts DLC than anything Pillars.
  6. Hey, if you ever stop by the Official Grounded Discord, the team just opened up suggestion voting. Submit some of your ideas in #suggestions, and if it gets enough votes, it will sent to the developers for consideration in a future update.
  7. Player size seems pretty consistent with being 1/100th "normal." One of the early promo images (also in the downloadable fankit), seems to imply the character is about 14mm tall (9/16 inch). Though, in-game, it seems like you may be a millimeter or two taller based on your size compared to world items. But yeah. A little higher than half an inch seems to be your height.
  8. It's Potato Chef!!! What else is there to know? Nothing to see here. Pay no attention to His Starchy Highness. You already asked too many questions.
  9. It's pretty common to see News and Announcements posts locked. Grounded Discussions and Bug Reporting are both pretty active, and the bug forums are pretty routinely answered by the team. Nov 19th is also less than two weeks ago. Unless there's some critical patch, the target has been for monthly-ish updates. If you'e got a specific concern, you can use this page to reach them, or hop in the official Discord and chat with the Community Managers.
  10. I believe you may be talking about Pathfinder: Kingmaker, by Owlcat Games. Pathfinder Adventures by Obsidian Entertainment is a digital version of the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game.
  11. Check out the list of things the developers have planned for grounded. Insect pets are certainly something they're thinking about.
  12. With a recent Grounded blog post, there are now two examples of short coded messages. Let's see how many we can find! Archer's Cookie - Center of cookie, counter-clockwise, morse code .... . .-.. .--. / -- . HELP ME Letter from the Developers [link] - Perforation lines, top-to-bottom, morse code ... --- -- . - .... .. -. --. / .... .- ... / --. --- -. . / - . .-. .-. .. -... .-.. -.-- / .-- .-. --- -. --. SOMETHING HAS GONE TERRIBLY WRONG
  13. Yeah, I totally agree with Aarik. The official Grounded Discord is still a pretty active place these days, and there are plenty of players looking for groups. Come on in and say hi! http://discord.gg/GroundedTheGame
  14. There are two ways to link your mobile and Steam accounts, one involves using the Asmodee as a middle-man, the other is a merge that permanently joins both accounts. Full details can be found here:
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