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  1. I think that out of all the things we should be concerned about, this goes pretty far down on the list. Are you not aware that this is not a new thing? Do you think they're all gonna hop on a plane and fly to South Africa next?
  2. @BruceVC Personally, I think deep down we just want to be more like the French. It's hard for us to admit because they like wine instead of beer, but someday we'll get there. In the meantime we'll just have the sweeping anarchy and vandalism.
  3. You have to read history to learn from it, Gorth. Who's gonna do that?
  4. Just Louisville? This is going better than I expected.
  5. Podcast recommendation for people who listen to such things: The Lincoln Project - Agents of Chaos: Russian Election Interference in 2016 and Now (58 minutes)
  6. At the risk of making another argument that's going to get flagged as reductionist... Surgeons should be able to operate on people. Pilots should be able to fly airplanes. Presidents of the United States should be able to govern. The whole thing where we choose Presidents over who we'd most like to have a beer with is a little surreal.
  7. You are still trying to have it both ways. Popular...with the electoral college...in the states that "matter". You've made your point, but you're still using "popularity" very differently than I would. Right, but back to one of the points I was trying to make earlier, the world in which the candidate who wins is qualified and the world in the candidate who wins is "popular" should be the same world. In other words, it sure would be nice if we decided to value competence.
  8. The thing you need to understand about people in the United States is that we love our guns. Almost as much as we love the gun-porn fantasies that we've convinced ourselves we're going to get to participate in someday. Laws and policies that "make sense" or "protect people" aren't nearly as important to us as the laws that allow us to mentally photoshop our faces onto Bruce Willis' body while watching the latest action movie.
  9. Yep. Agree with everything you said here.
  10. lol the one cop who was charged is guilty of accidentally endangering other innocent people while actually killing a different innocent person
  11. Yeah, only if we keep doing it the way that we have been: 50% participation in presidential elections and sub-30% participation in mid-term elections. Many of those voters deciding who they are supporting on Election Day (i.e. "low information voters") Took the words right out of my mouth. The new political perspective is called "take **** seriously" and it looks like informed voters actively participating in democracy. ADDED BY EDIT: Serious question for you: do you honestly think that if we waved a magic wand and replaced the democratic party with the libertarian party, but left everything else the same (voter participation and engagement, etc) that anything would be different? I don't believe the root of the problem is necessarily either of the political parties. I believe the issue is that the feedback mechanism is broken.
  12. Smh Again with the false equivalence. Red on the left is digging the country out of Reagan and Bush 1. Red on the left is the first term of Bush 2. Any discussion of Obama's numbers *have to be filtered through the lens of the Great Recession and GOP obstructionism* So in the last 40 years, we've had 10 presidential terms. In 6 of them, republicans have been in office and run federal deficits. In 4 of them democrats have been in office. In two of those we had budget surpluses and in the other two economic recovery after one of the worst financial periods in american history. "Both sides!!!" he cries. So if you want to debate economic theory, we can do that (I'm guessing you're Team Hayek). But let's not spend any more time trying to pretend that this isn't largely a republican issue.
  13. Man, if only there was some mechanism by which we the people could do something about this. Sure sounds like a serious problem that sober people need to figure out how to address.
  14. Is it possible? Sure. Is it likely? I doubt it. Look, I'll use an example: do both sides get caught taking money they shouldn't? Yep. But when it's the democrats, it's one guy with 100,000 in his freezer. When it's the republicans, it's like a 1/3 of them with vacation homes paid for by lobbyists. I don't say this because I just love the democratic party so much (because I really don't), but not being able to distinguish between who is who and what is what is playing politics with blindfold on. Have your considered that your false equivalence actually helps to make the problem that concerns you worse?
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