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  1. So far as I can tell, perks don't have skill or stat requirements. Taking some time to learn how skills work may be worth it though, as I don't think I've ever seen a skill system that operates this way (and there is a very slight learning curve to overcome). My $0.02
  2. The vampire cult that was using prostitutes and the homeless to spread a deadly plague in the second largest US city? The woman who developed MPD as a result of sexual abuse at the hands of her father?
  3. They gave Gravity (2013) seven Oscars, so Ad Astra will get at least that many
  4. So...I'm actually replaying Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines in preparation for TOW. That was the last time Tim and Leonard worked together, right?
  5. Publisher's decision. Fun fact about the industry: the developer makes the game for the publisher and then the publisher does whatever they want with it. Obvious loopholes being studios that are both dev and publisher or crowd-funded games.
  6. Unless there's a radical departure from how it's been done in the past, the console port is Team Paradox, not Team Obsidian.
  7. I have to imagine that the aquisition came with a new title that they needed to begin working on immediately.
  8. Scrum doesn't use the term deliverables. That's from a waterfall project style because deliverables are pre defined. Equivalent agile term is "feature"
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