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  1. Regardless, people are watching this and "FOMO" is influencing a gravitational pull on their thinking. Whether the "pump" is intentional or not, it's difficult to argue that it isn't happening. A fool and their money are soon parted.
  2. I think the tired joke is, “it works in practice, but does it work in theory?”
  3. Not even close to true. The argument might be less ridiculous if you said they took it to the casino or blew it all on scratchers. GME is a pump and dump for idiots with Robin Hood accounts. But either way you’re arguing that people need regulation to stop them from doing stupid things with their money
  4. Assuming for a moment that I accept the premise of your argument, you do realize that the necessary implication is that individuals can’t be trusted to make their own investment decisions, right? ”Wasn’t my fault I followed the wall street bets bros off a cliff”
  5. LOL Did you just argue that policy makers are responsible for the GME financial meme du jour?! Next you’ll tell me that up is down and black is white
  6. Probably well established upon those who have completed Econ 101/102 "About 19 hours" is relative I guess. Sorry to hear you're having a bad day This is true. Just like The Communist Manifesto, there are nuggets within that sound like they should be obvious to all. The problem is that things that sound great on paper don't always work when actual people are involved. You options are 1) wait for the rest of humanity to change into what you expect them to be or 2) try to find what actually works, understanding the people will probably always be flawed.
  7. Well that depends on how elastic demand is, which may be impacted by the relative availability of alternative goods or services, not to mention buyer preferences and...oh heck, this economics thing sure is complicated. Thank goodness economists go to school for years and years so that *somebody* actually understands this stuff. Hypothesis 1: The Austrian school is vastly superior in every way, but there's a conspiracy that spans generations, national boundaries, and political parties to repress it because...reasons, I guess. Hypothesis 2: The Austrian school sounds great on paper,
  8. Good news is that you have no cause to fear inconsistency from me; I'm mostly in favor of both LOL, good one!
  9. I suppose if the Lincoln Project hadn't called it weeks ago, I'd probably find this surprising. Now let's see if they nailed the part of him selling it as a subscription service.
  10. Guess I'll have to wait to see one of those arguments being made so that I can wrap my head around it. Trying to picture someone arguing that a defendant shouldn't have to pay punitive damages because it might result in a lawyer getting money, but it's hard to imagine.
  11. The part where we start hearing about the need for tort reform again?
  12. The number I heard was $1.3B. I believe there's a similar suit on the way for the future governor of Minnesota and current CEO of MyPillow
  13. Loaded question aside, it depends on what the good or service is and why the price control is being proposed. Did you have something specific in mind?
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