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  1. Unless there's a radical departure from how it's been done in the past, the console port is Team Paradox, not Team Obsidian.
  2. I have to imagine that the aquisition came with a new title that they needed to begin working on immediately.
  3. Scrum doesn't use the term deliverables. That's from a waterfall project style because deliverables are pre defined. Equivalent agile term is "feature"
  4. Off-kilter game has an off-kilter demo and Infinitron is offended. News at 11.
  5. Meh. Looks like I'll buy it twice; PS4 at launch and on Steam when it's available. nbd
  6. Or, conversely, one "correct" build that may or may not include your favorite race or class
  7. Simulated violence against humans = *yawn* Simulated violence against animals = *clutches pearls*
  8. Clicked on my profile name in the upper left Logged out Closed the game Restarted the game Logged back in Issue resolved
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