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  1. https://www.shacknews.com/article/116332/obsidian-entertainment-is-bringing-grounded-to-pax-east-2020
  2. Bernie has no incentive to pick Yang as VP and seems to be rather hostile to the concept of UBI (preferring a $15/hr minimum wage and a Federal jobs guarantee). But I'd take it in a heartbeat.
  3. Nothing official yet. A couple of streamers were broadcasting tweets from precinct captains last night, but it's tough to gauge scale (assuming that results were accurate). Campaign says we only need to be in the top 5 to have a ticket.
  4. Yeah, I have no idea then. Don't get me wrong; I enjoyed the game quite a bit. I just felt like the tone of the ending went one direction and then the tone of the end-game slides immediately went in the opposite direction. Makes sense if you're trying tack on some gratification for players who are never going to get the sequel you just finished teasing them with. Thanks for posting the quote and links!
  5. It felt like they wrote a game that they were leaving open for sequels, then got bought out and had to tie things off (knowing they would never work with that publisher again), but didn't have the greenlight to go back for major revisions.
  6. Nothing stopping you, but it's pretty much unnecessary. Even with just a little bit of tinkering then are pretty hardcore
  7. The big two that I've noticed so far: Getting stuck in the past Making peace the past in order to move on Any others you've noticed?
  8. Are you alt-tabbing out of the game at all? That will sometimes cause audio issues in games. Restarting the game should resolve it.
  9. Dots are upgrade slots (used are filled, unused are empty). Diamonds indicates that it's a pristine item. A tutorial screen will appear the first time you find a pristine item and you have to press and hold a key down to clear it. A similar mechanic exists for all the aspects of the game that the developers felt were important enough to call a "time out" for. As for info, I'd recommend starting with the menu labelled "Codex". Each time you unlock a new aspect of the game mechanics, it will become highlighted until you go in and clear it, though you can read it in it's entirety from the beginning of the game.
  10. I guess I'm not understanding why it's an either/or. In my last playthrough, I looted the base version of the weapon that I wanted, modded it, and used tinker to keep it at parity until I looted the +15 version of the same weapon later. I modded that one, sold the old one, and tinkered the "new" weapon to level 35. Repeat for my secondary weapon and all my companion weapons, with the exception that I only tinkered those to level 30. To be fair, I was almost literally throwing bits away to take it from level 30 to level 35, but I didn't have anything else to use them on....which is kinda the point.
  11. I get the "theoretically makes you think twice about installing rare mods" part.I'm not sure I understand the "it does incentivize swapping weapons more often" part. The system exists specifically for people who *don't* want to swap their weapons more often; i.e. "I'm tinkering with this because I like this weapon and I want to keep it relevant". As for the mods part, you really just have to hope that you'll find two of them and/or be prepared to drop some serious bits to buy them when you see two of them in shops. As for cost, on my last playthrough, I ended the game literally broke...but I had also tinkered my primary weapon to 35, my secondary weapon to 30, all of my companions primary weapons to 30, and everyone's (except my PC's) starting clothing/armor to 17-25. It's a money sink. It sinks money. It doesn't have to be all of your money (like it was for my build), but again, in an RPG the player should expect to find trade offs.
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