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  1. Have they said yet if Avowed will have multiplayer or not? I much prefer having just single player. However, many of the large companies are obsessed with multiplayer, so it wouldn't surprise me if it had co-op.
  2. Too late! You never know. They could include both. I am going to be an optimist on this.
  3. I saw this article today: Avowed Likely Playable In First & Third-Person Like The Elder Scrolls Games. Hopefully it will be!
  4. That would work for me. I played both Skyrim and Fallout in 3rd person.
  5. There are a fair number of upcoming AAA 3rd person games if you include action games/action rpgs as well: Dragon Age 4, Horizon Forbidden West, Final Fantasy 7 Remake, Project Athia, Assassin's Creed, just to name a few. It also seems likely Fable would be 3rd person (because the previous games were), but I guess we will see. I am assuming Bethesda will continue having both 1st and 3rd person in upcoming games.
  6. Some games, including Skyrim, which Avowed is being compared to, have the option of using either 1st or 3rd person. Grounded, Obsidian's most recent game, has that option as well. Obsidian may or may not include this feature in Avowed. However, it is a possible direction they could decide to go in.
  7. Different people experience things differently. 1st person might be immersive to you, but to me it is not immersive at all.
  8. From what I've seen so far I didn't get the idea that Avowed would be an MMO. There's not much info out yet, though. Also, for me there is no immersion in 1st person, so that depends on the person.
  9. I haven't played Grounded, but I looked it up, and it has the option to play in 3rd person or 1st person even though it was made by a very small team. Fallout New Vegas can be played in 3rd person as well!
  10. Agree! It would be very disappointing if it turns out that Obsidian is now only making 1st person games.
  11. Did Fallout 4 have this issue as well? This is not something I focused on when playing the game, so I don't remember for either, really. I also play a number of AA games, so having a few visual bugs is not the end of the world for me. I would rather have the third person option, even if it has a few bugs, so that I can play!
  12. Obsidian is owned by Microsoft now, so hopefully they will have the resources to include 3rd person as an option.
  13. Some games such as Skyrim have both. If it does have both, I don't want to not get the game because I thought it didn't have 3rd person. And I love chocolate-covered strawberries.
  14. Yes, in 3rd person I can create a character. The character might act how I would want to act or might act completely differently, depending on the character.
  15. I have problems visualizing the character in first person as being myself, and so I feel completely disconnected from the character and the game to the point that it isn't worth playing. The only time I can do first person is VR where I have enough visual input to think of the character as myself. Otherwise, I have to see the character I am playing to enjoy the game.
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