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  1. I consider Fig's business practices to be unethical. Going forward, I will be sticking to Kickstarter for backing games.
  2. The investors take on all the risk but have many limits on returns, including limits on what they receive returns on (no returns on console sales, etc.) and limits on how long they receive returns. Investors get no sales information, and Fig can sell their publishing rights and end returns at any time, even if the return is less than 100%. I consider it a scam, but at very least Fig is a very bad investment in general, even if a few games may see good returns.
  3. Hopefully they will have 3rd person for future games, then, if they can't add it to this one. I don't buy games that are first-person only. Now that they are owned by Microsoft, they should have plenty of funding for future games.
  4. I feel that way, too! I decided to wait until everything is out to play (and then I will get all the bug fixes and free content as well). Usually, I like to play games right away, but with the way Obsidian releases content, I think it is best for me to wait.
  5. I am most looking forward to importing my pc and seeing the returning companions again. I like games where the same pc spans multiple games. I am also looking forward to the following: Playing through the main story and quests Companion quests, interacting with companions, and relationships Quest choices/consequences Seeing the improved visuals and spells VO
  6. I am glad that the game is single-player only. At least in recent games multiplayer tends to take priority over single player when the two are combined, and the single-player experience is hurt because of it (for a number of reasons, such as combat and other systems being designed around multiplayer, rewards being exclusive to it or requiring excessive grind to get them in single player, or even quests/story content being gated behind it). For these reasons I prefer single player games to remain single player only.
  7. I am happy to see there will be full VO. I think it adds a lot to the game, especially for the companions and other main npcs.
  8. I agree! I much prefer postgame dlc. I don't like having to go back and redo things in order to play the dlc. During the Fig campaign, they said they were going to look at postgame dlc (https://www.twitch.tv/videos/124414169 @ 7:40:00). However, that was a while ago, so you might want to wait until they confirm if that is still the case or not before getting it.
  9. As far as the stream it was near the end of the Fig campaign, maybe even on the last day (although I can't find any video of that to check). As far as #1 I already know I am going to like the game. I liked the first one and will like the second one. I would also like any story DLC as long as it took place after the end of the main story. I didn't think about portraits or items when I was thinking about dlc, but I probably wouldn't use those (except in any story DLC or Pillars 3). I am going to play at or close to launch and even if I like a game, I usually only play it once. So, whatever is in the game at that time is what I will be playing, and I don't like having to go back and redo stuff.
  10. Yes, they said this during one of the Fig streams, which is why I got the DLC. Hopefully, they didn't change their plans...
  11. Here is a typo ("on" should be "one"):
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