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  1. I'm fine with "crafting" as long as it's more or less what we had in deadfire. Being a full time Smith or an armorer makes no sense in a videogame where you are neither, but an adventurer. Romances are cringe and have no place in a proper RPG, unless they are super subtle. Or well done, which won't happen unless they waste a considerable amount of time and resources on romances, which is a waste in that caste.
  2. Is this the official walls of text thread?
  3. Maybe we will get ranger pets. I don't think we ever had necromancers in eora, it was mostly fampyrs who "controlled" the undead. Perhaps you wish for animancers?
  4. Not sure if they can justify that in a first person game, on the other hand we will probably have a 3d paper doll in the inventory screen, and possibly an "idle 3rd person cam" like in outer worlds
  5. Witcher 3's problem was levels, they were mostly just meaningless numbers, and you ended up in dumb situations where you fought bandits with sticks who were 20 levels above you. A levelless system where you could directly "spend" experience points to upgrade your abilities and skills would have benefited the game greatly
  6. No? "- you’ll be able to have companions (different than Outer Worlds)" Probably just means that you are going to have only one companion at a time, or at least that they are going to be different mechanically, if there's two again.
  7. Naber hocam

    1. Quillon


      iyidir sen nassın? codexteki orma sen misin?

  8. FOV slider, or worst case edit the .ini?
  9. Somehow I doubt we are getting this in avowed: So what do you guys predict or wish it's going to be? A classless system like the Pillars TTRPG josh was working on, in his spare time? A class or two for each general archetype? Or all the classes and dual classing system from Deadfire? (Which is unlikely)
  10. Uhmm the story themes won't automatically change the depth (or whatever you are referring to here, definitely wont change its mechanics) the game could have a story which is material and grounded in reality (politics, colonialism, more focus on factions etc) and still be deep
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