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  1. You are thinking too simple, gotta be creative to make dual classes to work. In fact paladins are better as ranged dps rather than melee because they don't have any cleave or melee Aoe. But they do have pretty decent single target damage, which is ideal for an arquebus user
  2. PotD and berath challenge are a must, maybe expert too and galawain challenge when maje Island becomes easy
  3. Solo Isn't really the 'proper' way meant to be played, at least from a narrative perspective. Sure, devs should provide the mechanical means for the players to do a solo run, but they don't really need to go out of their way to make sure it makes sense storywise as well. You never talked to the companions or did you just accept them and leave them to rot in caed nua?
  4. Sorry, you can't have all the toys, some should remain unreachable so they can stay fresh and orignial for when you inevitably discover them. Makes no sense to introduce new races to a sequel too, since It basically means your watcher couldn't have belonged to that race in the previous game. For custom adventurers, maybe, but then again why not just give the unique race to a companion or a sidekick as they've been doing already
  5. It wasn't really an argument, because that suggestion was so ridiculous there's no discussion to be had. You could always stop playing videogames If basic gameplay is tedious for you. Doubt devs are going to sacrifice world building and believeability for the convenience of a few players who have poor memory. Your best bet would be to make your own 'awesome merchant' mod with every item in the game and upload it to steam workshop
  6. off-topic but your name is displayed as "Ormag�den" (with a question mark/broken unicode codepoint) and it actually breaks my forum notifications (it doesn't render at all). way to troll the board with your user name ümlaüts are 2 hard I guess
  7. Except Jaheira (In fact most bg characters) and romance subplots were cringy. Funny that you mention a game with terrible itemization after talking about deadfire's. Most d:os 2 'encounters' are just initially invisible enemies popping up to ambush you. Difficulty in deadfire has been fine since the rebalance patches from last summer, have you tried not playing on story mode, PotD, various challenges, megabosses and even solo? Encounter design overall is fine too, even great in DLCs, especially in SSS and forgotten sanctum. Deadfire also does pay attention to small details. Following your example, eotens have double vision cones in stealh mode and various wisps and elementals have weirdly shaped ones Your only valid criticism is about the OST, yes they should hire a proper composer for the OST and let Justin Bell do rest of the general audio design.
  8. Yes, It's a horrible idea If an Item is good enough to purchase, It's probably good enough to remember
  9. I mean yeah, you'd probably want to keep concel or nemnok for the banter but with actually useful bonuses
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