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Found 14 results

  1. I've been playing Don't Starve a lot, and one idea that should be taken from that game is the idea of a fridge that slows food spoilage. It could even use bug parts dropped by the Ladybird, or the Ladybird Larvae, finally giving them a purpose.
  2. I am a player of Grounded and I am very interested in this food system update, but I found that there are many fly in the ointment: 1. I think we can add some food modeling mods, which will make the food more attractive 2. I hope to increase the table, or the action of eating, so that the player can be more immersed in the game experience. 3. Since the overall game is designed in the context of children's summer camps and outdoor activities, I hope to increase the emphasis on the food system.
  3. A strange bug happened for no reason when i go with ship it consumes all my food While taking all my money by the daily wages so what can i do ?
  4. So love the game so far. But im abit of a crazy person that loves the ide of eating sleeping ect in games. I was happy to see it was a thing in OW but was sad to see it locked behind its hardest difficulty. And the harsh nature about not being able to save or rest anywhere but you're ship made the game abit to dull and boring having to run back to my ship all the time. Is there anyway to enable the "survival" part of the game in the other difficulty modes? Sorry if my english is abit on the bad side.
  5. Hi I like the game but it would be even better if these survival restrictions (like food drink sleep) could be available for lower difficulties as well. Survival has got nothing to do with difficulty, imo there's no reason to lock it behind the highest difficulty. - Spacehamster
  6. Hi! Would anybody be interested in trying out some of the Deafire recepies for food in real life and post the "real" recipe (maybe with a photo)? Since I have to cook every day and sometimes really struggle to come up with new ideas (that are not too fancy) I thought Deadfire's stuff like "Mariner's Porridge", "Crusted Swordfish" etc. might be fun to try. I don't want to be too finicky. For example it will be really hard to get real Swordfish and other stuff you don't want to buy - like Wale Meat and so on. And of course kith meat is off the table (pun intended). I think the first thing I'd want to try are Glazed Chops... What do you think?
  7. I have been extensively testing the Combat Radial Menu (Right Trigger) in regards to using "Quick Items" to consume food items to buff your character prior to entering battles and came to the conclusion that it does not work the majority of the time (worked only roughly 10%-25% of time during my testing). I made a video where it only worked for Eder exactly 25% of the time (worked on poultry, but failed on meat, beer, and milk): https://twitter.com/Blackdeath_mage/status/904753602484473857 Note: Workaround (as shown near the end of the video)= using food items from the Character Inventory (Left Trigger) works 100% of the time. I hope the Devs fix this ASAP on PS4 since this is a pretty severe glitch due to the frequent nature in which it occurs.
  8. Greetings, fellow Watchers! I found these and thought you might enjoy these as much as I do, so without further ado.... Let's cook Rauatai Pie! Let's cook Vailian Seafingers!! If you have a video or pics, feel free to post them here. Let's cook meals from one of our favorite games together!
  9. Loaded salad with romaine, radicchio, endive, carrots, red onions, cucumbers, bacon, peppered turkey breast, and provolone. Sadly, I had no capers on hand (I have failed as a human being). Also, I need to get a better salad bowl.
  10. Description: Under the "Food" menu in Crafting, right-clicking on an ingredient AFTER right-clicking on any other item will show the latter's item description and a missing graphic. Steps to Reproduce the Issue: 1. Open Stash, inventory, spell-list, etc. and right-click to show an item description (in my case, I right-clicked on a Tanglefoot Scroll). Close out of the item description window. 2. Open the Crafting menu and choose any food recipe. 3. Right-click on one of the ingredients for the recipe. 4. Notice the item description (for Tanglefoot Scroll) listed is for the item you chose previously and the graphic for the ingredient is missing (see screen shot in .zip). LINK TO DROPBOX .ZIP: https://www.dropbox.com/s/wlsmzl6c3x3mt37/BugReport.zip?dl=0
  11. Does the food buff timer keep ticking during dialogue conversation? (in case someone says, "why not just test it yourself?" I want the answer to get indexed, SEO baby!)
  12. I don't see our What's For Dinner thread from before, at least not on the first 2 pages, so I'm starting a new one. Over the weekend I made cheesesteaks for watching playoff football and rasslin' (Wrestle Kingdom 9). I sauteed some mushrooms and peppers in a deep covered pan for a few minutes on low heat along with the sauce, a combination of worcestershire, ketchup, and a dash of hot sauce. Then I tossed in sliced roast beef. Over time I turned up the heat, eventually to medium at the end. I pan fried the goods until the peppers just started to break down, the edges of the roast beef started to get crispy, and the sauce was carmelizing. In the meantime I toasted up bread with entirely too much cheese (provolone, because that's how I roll). While that's by no means an "official" cheesesteak recipe (anyone reading this from Philadelphia is probably giving me a scornful look right now), it was oh so delicious.
  13. Food, glorious food! Start of old thread End of old thread You guys eat too much... No, seriously, made some "pasta bake" over the weekend (served with some nice white wine from the fridge). Delicious. It's just that it made me feel like I gained 20kg overnight Corn Chowder, huh? One of those things I need to google I suppose As for German cuisine, I always associated that with schnitzel, wurst and sauerkraut (all of which is delicious).
  14. I've been on the fence for a while about how I feel about consumables in games. There's been some debate about potions which I mostly agreed with: Either you have an overpowered effect and the consumables become game breaking, or they fulfil a use which you can otherwise get using abilities of your characters, in which case they get unused. Consumables tend to be wasted if the intended effect is either useless, underpowered, or not applicable; or if combat is likely to resolve successfully without the use of consumables. Many consumables will either be too specific in application to be used broadly, or the intended effect is not certain to be worthwhile using a one-off. So here's an idea (but feel free to post your own): How about the consumables in this game, rather than having their own effects, boost the effects of specific abilities you have. Soul abilities affected by food or potions for instance, while class tools affect (class)skills. And I'm not talking about just buffing the effect, but possibly changing it. For example: say a "Day potion" will have different effect if you consume it for your defensive fighter, who's engagement ability now also deals damage over time to undead, your offensive fighter whose attack target can no longer use stealth, or your rogue whose attack temporarily blinds his target, if his target was in the dark. A player would be able to tell which abilities could be affected by the consumable using a colour scheme for skills/abilities and potions. For instance a purple coloured potion can affect any ability which has a purple icon. There'd be broader use for consumables and they'd be tactically interesting because of the different effects on different class builds. Consumables which boost or alter abilities which you already possess rather than give you something completely new and separate. Something which has nothing to do with your playstyle. (Currently consumables will always have only one type of use) thoughts?
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