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Found 56 results

  1. I just started to play grounded today and I decided to try creative mode out and I realized that there are no insects in creative mode. I eventually built my base and after that I got incredibly bored because I had no insects to interact with it's really depressing.
  2. I can not save my games on single or multiplayer, my friends world vanishes and has to reload the game about 5 times before it pops back up, but for me no saves at all, i do love the game, but this bug/glitch makes it so uninjoyable if i cant save
  3. How awesome would it be if Obsidian tool a page from Zelda BOTW? Hear me out. In BOTW, you are able to use Sheikah Slate to take photos of weapon's, ingredients etc. It's then put into your codex. So let's say you need more of a specific ingredient for a recipe, well you can set your Sheikah Slate to ping anytime those items are nearby. So, I'm having a hard time finding gnat fuzz in grounded so I can craft a specific item. I've spent a lot of wasted time looking for this object. So it'd be cool to see Obsidian let us set our SCA.B to find this specific item. The thing is the item has had to have been analyzed and entered into your database in order for you to set this specific item at one time or another.
  4. On the XBox live PC version of the game, updates to the game require an entire download and reinstall of the 3+GB game files. This occurred with the update to and also occurred with 0.2.1. Launching the game multiple times does not force an update, and there are no manual update options in the Xbox client on PC, nor on xbox.com. Do I have to uninstall and reinstall for every update?
  5. Hey so my game files are gone on my xbox one version of the game ik it say it may have some problems cuz it still in development but I just got it and spent hrs trying to build a base and only just got to oks lab and now it's all gone what do I do
  6. So from playing the game on release on the Xbox, I feel these things need to be added: 1. When you place a 3 beam Weed Stem Scaffold attached to stairs, the Triangle floor plate actually stops you from walking smoothly off the stairs onto it. You have to jump. Frustrating! 2. The mint Tub is not accessible at all, yet you can break the odd mint but not claim any of what breaks off if its too far in. 3. Could it be possible to craft lights that can attach to the walls of an Ants Nest. You can add them to a certain point but i'm guessing you cant build below a certain point of the ground level. Love using torches but think it would be a really nice feature. This game is however fantastic and I am seriously enjoying the hours i'm putting into it. These are just some minor things that I feel need addressing but would benefit the game.
  7. My save file won't load whenever attempting to load it normally or converting it to a multiplayer world. I currently have a large build going on inside of it and i assume that is the problem, but none the less irritating my hard work was put to waste. I'm on the Xbox one so i can't say the same for pc, however this is an issue on the current patch of the game. Please fix so i can get my progress back.
  8. Recently I’ve thought up of a new weapon type and it’s like a mini tazer staff. I noticed how the extension cord doesn’t do anything but there is a small part in the ground near the house if there was a small cut in the wire maybe you could harvest it for small wire filings! And at the hidden bases throughout the map u can find small batteries to switch out it’s a two hand held staff Any other ideas ?!? If y’all are seeing this I think it would be a pretty cool addition!!
  9. I was thinking you could add some military gear like the ones seen in the pictures and maybe the 5th child could be a custom child the player can customize (sorry if I already sent this I didn't know if my feedback was sent)
  10. I had already discovered all the juice boxes before the patch and the mutation Juicy wont unlock for me. Have tried to revisit em all but nothing happens
  11. Grounded keeps crashing in multiplayer mode. Host has to completely log out of game to allow other players back in.
  12. I don’t know if this has been mentioned but this would be great for those of us builders who like the structure of a build to look supported without having to scaffold all the way to the ground from an elevated build. Vertical Triangle Scaffold (triangular sides) would be nice to cap off a horizontal support made of boxed scaffold (normal scaffold with a border on bottom instead of just legs).
  13. I’m having a problem recycling and destroying log pallets while playing on Xbox One. Every time I’m about to finish recycling a log pallet or destroying It with a hammer, my game crashes. This has happened to me every time I have tried to do either of these things, to the point where I’m not going to try destroying this log pallet again. Contemplating just starting a new save altogether with this in mind. I saw this a couple of times on the forums but not on the known bug list so I’m putting it here. I hope this is an easy fix
  14. pessoal estou com uma série de Grounded então caso alguém tenha alguma duvida sobre o jogo pode olhar la que tenho bastante conteúdo. So peço que deixe o Like e se inscreva no canal. http://bit.ly/juni0rs
  15. Hi im rather stuck now on what to do. Im having trouble with lady bugs not spawning on my game. Im on day 50 now and ive not seen one since day 13. I really have no idea what to do ive put time into the game and I really don't want to start over. The reason im looking for the bugs is to get the level 2 axe and armour. I went on a purge to see if thining the population of animals on the map helped but it never. Does anyone have any idea what i can do.
  16. Bonjour depuis 2 jours impossible de charger une sauvegarde sois elle reste en chargement infini sois le jeu crash et retourne a l'accueil de la xbox. Jeu grounded Avez-vous une solution au problème
  17. You should add lily pads in the pond along with frogs, maybe tad poles, all types of fish, fishing rods, possibly a snake, ****roach, wasp, bees, bee hives, mice if you put a hole to go under the deck then that’s a whole different world which would be amazing. Also a couple of bugs the arrow aims sideways then shots straight and if you shot a blueberry with a arrow it disappears. Maybe add a turn friendly fire on/off add worms like earth worms you could also ride them idk theirs a lot you could do with this game sooo much potential
  18. Some suggestions for the gameplay... * For the Backpack: It would be much better if the armor and the weapons didn't get included into the backpack. It gets crowed very fast since there aren't a lot of slots free. Maybe we can craft different sizes of backpacks. * Googles/Armor It would be great if there is a function or armor that makes it possible to see the animals/the shape at least when they are close by. Maybe some special googles that can be updated to increase the distance where you can see the form. * A portable log pallet That we can pull or shove along the garden. With a lot of stacks for different stuff for crafting. It would make crafting bigger stuff easier. * a pallet lift To built higher up in the trees. I know in creators mode it's possible to built in trees.
  19. Anyone else having problems finding them? I've went to northern ant Hill, Explored the whole thing, and found nothing. Killed all the ant soilders, Waiting a day, and still nothing. Waited two days and still nothing (Except ants respawning.) Btw thats game days not real life days.
  20. I was having a great time playing Grounded but this new update has come with a few bugs (I'm playing on a Xbox One S) the the biggest one is it deleting my save files! I was pretty far into the game had 2 decent bases, some nice weapons and armour then it dissapeared. Not sure if this been happening to other players but a fair warning if you're playing on xbox one also I'm noy sure if its cloud save servers fault but either way I have to start all over again please can this be fixed I really like the game but if its deleting my saves idk if theres anypoint playing it till its sorted it was legit like
  21. My suggestion is adding a sandbox zone. There could be new insects like earwigs, sand fleas, maybe even a centipede boss. The boss could be harvested for its exoskeleton and you could make centipede armor from it. The armor could have a set bonus that when something attacks you even if your blocking, it would poison them. There could also be a new spider that hides in the sand and ambushes you when you get close enough. A way to tell where the spiders are could be, there eyes aren't covered and they could make a noise if your getting close enough for them to strike. Maybe even adding new landmarks in the sand box like a toy soilder, maybe a toy shovel and bucket. There could even be a half destroyed sand castle that's infested with the zone type insects. It's just an idea but I think it could be a good area for the game. All feedback on this is appreciated.
  22. Hello everyone, Don't know of it's been suggested yet but what's everyone think about critical points on the larger enemies? I'm not suggesting weakening them but I am suggestion points on creatures that, when hit, cause extra damage. I think this would allow for a more tactical way of approaching the larger, more dangerous creatures as well as making players in Multiplayer plan their attacks. I'm open to suggestions and criticism as always. Thank you in advance and be safe out there!
  23. Dont know if its possible but it would be nice, really enjoy the game, just omg I cant seem to help but always freeze cuz I'm terrified of insects, the ants and ladybugs not so much. But if I start to look at them for too long I start to get a panicky skin-crawling feeling, but its not as bad as the other hostile bugs, I really enjoyed the base building and the map itself is just gorgeous I just wish I wasnt such a wimp when it comes to fighting these things. I just panic XD hoping to get more of my friends into it cuz I feel I'll be a lot less scared if I have other people there to experience the fear with me lmfao XD hope this game goes far, it has so much potential !!!!!
  24. Hi, I installed grounded from microsoft store and when i want to play then i have error. Can i get help? Error is here: https://imgur.com/a/IRR7T48
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