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  1. I miss more pets, I wish some "neutral" insects were tameable. Like bees, ladybugs and many others. Not to mention that it would be great to be able to move around the garden more, in addition to teleports and rappels. We need mounts, it would make pets more interesting. Not to mention that as they are neutral insects, they could help us in battles, when another insect attacks us, they will get angry too, just like the mechanics of neutral insects.
  2. I think it would be a great addition if we could have a way to glide/fly. Like get the wasp Queen wings and make a gliding suit. Or have a pet bee we could ride. That would mean awesome new bases as well. I also think having a way to tame the black ox beetle, or wolf spider, be able to tow around a mobile home would be awesome. So you could put like 4 foundations on wheels to make a cart, then have the essentials. Like the truck in subnautica below zero. I think it would make exploring and grinding resources be a ton easier and less tedious.
  3. I have been playing the game since day one and been loving it but I have never seen the mints respawn since I first harvested them. There are a few others I've noticed like certain weed stems, clay and food doesn't appear in some spots.
  4. As of now, there is currently no option to relocate ziplines, which took treacherous hours to gather materials and create, to different locations. Instead there is only the option to recycle the ziplines. This is not ideal as my zipline stretches from the Oak tree across the pond to the upper garden, meaning if i were to recycle the zipline, most of the string would end up inside of the pond, making it highly difficult to gather the materials again. I hope this thread reaches any dev that can have a say for the next patch or update to alleviate this issue, since I have seen another fellow grounded enjoyer post about this same exact issue back in 2022. Thank you.
  5. I've played grounded and I love it and love where it's going for new players just starting or those looking for a safe place to build I go over some great places to call home in my Gamers Decide article [Top 10] Grounded Best Base Locations And Why They're Great I'd appreciate the feedback.
  6. So the only thing I could find on this issue was a bug report/fix in 2021. No matter what I do I can't get my map markers to reappear. In playing on PC. I was just walking around and noticed I was very lost because I suddenly had no markers. Does anyone know of a quick fix? Or am I going blind for the rest of my game? I thiiiink it happened right after the purple fire in the base of the Maple tree scene finished.
  7. The instant I saw the banner, I knew what I am going to spend the next week on. I am so excited!! what are some of your ideas for this contest?
  8. I wanted to know who has the most days in Grounded, I am about to hit Day 900 and I started playing on day 1. I am curious to see where other players are as well. It would be cool if Obsidian did a contest of sorts on how many in game days players have under their belts. Just a thought...... MY TRUE SKY BASE BUILT WAY UP IN THE SKY IS A WORK IN PROGRESS.....CHECK IT OUT!
  9. I was thinking to myself how cool it would be if the developers were to add some new content involving a Rain cycle of once a week/month(in game time). I can think of some really cool flash flooding ideas throughout the yard damaging and possibly killing everything in its path but easier said than done. Lets get this idea snowballing so we can possibly see it happen. I have not had a chance to read through all the different ideas so I am not sure if this is a hot topic already or if it has even been talked about. The game brings me back to my childhood days and of course the good ol "Honey I SHrunk The Kids" flick. Love it!!
  10. You guys(and gals) have done a really rad job on the game called grounded! It looks stunning and plays really well. No doubt about it. This sweet little game is rad. So when I heard about the possibility of a tv series coming soon, I practically peed my pants in excitement! (not really tho) but…. it has been a year since the announcement, and I wonder why no new information has been released about it. The game is great, don’t get me wrong, but it has little to no replay ability, so adding more to the experience like a tv show would bring more people to the game, wouldn’t it? Anyway, the idea of a tv series is wicked awesome, and I hope to hear more about it, even if it remains a fantasy. love y’all’s work, keep on making very fine games
  11. So I was playing with my friends and we got this idea and this idea is for some who haven't liked or sticked with the grounded character styles, so me and my friends want a custom character creator, with animations, nicknames, and more customizable items!
  12. Come see the story of an Empire being born in the backyard of Grounded! Take a tour of multiple bases, all connected to the giant Capital of SkyBridge. Meet the Commander, the Chef, the wizards, and see where the head of the scouts and warriors factions reside. It's all here:
  13. Just having an issue with the skeleton in the sandbox on xbox one version of grounded. Every time I dig up the skeleton in the footprint it appears for a second then dissapears completely leaving me with no loot or badge that I need to 100% the game. Anybody help me?
  14. Grounded offers a plethora of craft able items and weapons, including hammers, blades, axes, spears, and more. Although there are many options to choose from when deciding your loadout, it doesn’t feel as though there is much diversity between them. I find most weapons feel repetitive and often just feel like reskins with small variations in stats, so I would like to suggest an entirely new category of weapon. My suggestion for a weapon is a flexible weapon such as a real life meteor hammer, rope dart, or chain blade, there are possibilities for new movesets and combos as well as unique customization options for players, this weapon could be obtained as a boss item and there can be varying styles with different functions, these functions could be a defense based weapon where you can spin the weapon and absorb incoming damage but it has a lower damage output and takes time to spin up, as well as a crowd control variation that can bind enemies so your coop partner can deal damage with low risk (the binding effect would have a cooldown much like the stun effect and the user wouldn’t be able to attack while binding). Flexible weapons could also inflict different damage types based on what is attached at the end, the bladed version could be crafted with mandibles or something similar to the mantis claw and inflict slashing damage. This would also fit the assassin style of the mantis due to chain blades historical use by assassins in feudal Japan. There would also be a version crafted with a blunt object such as the black ox horn that would inflict busting damage and serve as a meteor hammer, as well as a rope dart variation crafted with a fang or needle that would inflict stabbing damage. I think this would be an exciting way to make gameplay and combat more complex and interesting for players and diversify the available play styles. Below I have attached photos of the real life counterparts these weapons can be modeled after. rope dart: Chain blade: Meteor hammer: Please consider my request as there are many possible implications and balances to make this a viable weapon choice.
  15. In-game already have coziness at max (level 5), but achievement and other stuff like mutations have not been unlocked for me, and my friend with whom I share the "backyard / save file" (I'm the owner of the file) got the achievement, the mutation and recipes, therefore, I have access only for the recipes thanks that he got the max coziness stuff, but only that, no mutations nor achievement for me. What is required for me to get this working? (this is my last missing achievement/mutation of the game so far ).
  16. So you know how when you recycle something when building it just kinda goes all over the place? I had the idea of having a setting where you could have it either directly go back into your inventory, available storage with hot deposit on, or have it drop all the materials in a bag. (If your inventory is full it would tell you in the bottom or something like that) I just think a new recycling system would be cool! Thanks for reading :)
  17. The game grounded is Closing alone every 1 hour of gameplay on the xbox one s console, this is the 4th time this has happened to me, I downloaded the Fix patch 1.2.1 and still the game keeps closing on its own, hope it fixes soon I'm excited about the game and this bug is making me discouraged. :)
  18. Idk but I have a lot of friends who want to play with me and join my game but the player limit is only 4. It be cool if they added more characters and increase the player limit. That’s it. Game is very enjoyable and my friends and I are having lots of fun.
  19. Hello Devs and Survivors. I am well aware this has been spoken about in the past but it cannot hurt to push more awareness for a feature. As the title above suggests I'm addressing thrown weapons and how incredibly difficult they are to locate once they leave your hand. Honestly this goes for anytime a weapon leaves your hand wether it's Gnats or wether youve chosen to huck your spear for a high damage finishing move. My suggestion is to drastically increase the range of the waypoint leading you to said weapon. I'm talking like seeing a weapon marker in the pond from the picnic table. Now what if you can't get a weapon and the icon just sits there forever taunting you. Automatically picking up lost items outside of combat that came from your hotbar is my next humble suggestion with a small active radius around the player to help obtain weapons and tools that have found themselves in...less that accessible places due to phyics. For example I just lost my Spear outside of a Boss arena because I speared an enemy and when the bug was harvested my spear skittered behind the mesh in the wall. If I had auto pick up with like a 5ft radius I could have obtained the spear from behind the wall and faired better in the fight. Thank you for your time and consideration.
  20. So my thoughts are what if we had a shower using the the acorn water container and something else so we could have the healing properties of the upper water steam bath at home. But of course we'd have to refill it from time to time.
  21. This game is by far one of the cleanest games I've played but there is one small issue I've came across and that is the inventory. others and myself strongly believe that your hotkeys/toolbar should be a separate inventory and not take up space in your backpack. The way it is now is just messy because you pull out your sword then pick something up and now when your put your sword away it'll be in a random spot. Other issue on inventory is that armour should stay on your character when it breaks but just loses all the effects until repaired, myself and others hate being in a fight with a full inventory and not realising that our armour broke and dropped on the ground. I also think there should be two accessory slots because you can't use badges without giving up a glider or wasting even more inventory space
  22. So there is Sour weapons in the game But what if there was upgrades beyond tough and mighty. What if there was oranges that barley spawn But you can use rinds or fresh bits to upgrade to citrius... citrus can be like a secret type of element tht does not show till you get a citrus weapon. And, you could do others like upgraded mints(like spearmint),Spicy upgrade[Hot cha cha's xtreme(diffrent color theme)] ect. Note: could not think of any spicy upgrade versions Note: another way these upgrades can be used as are combos of elements like spicy and sour or mint and sour or even spicy mint some way could way for these upgrades to work. I don't think this idea is good though and could be OP Or you can use citrus rinds as A defense tactic But... It actracts some bug and repel others. For instance, Lady bugs do not like the scent of citrus So you can us it to get lady bird (including larvaes) or ladybugs (also including larvae).
  23. I accidentally deleted the wrong save file on my Xbox One S. Any way to get it back? If I have re-do the whole save I might as well uninstall the game. I feel like such n knob.
  24. So I've unlocked the mutations and have even gotten to phase 3 with some of them. But I've noticed there is no difference when I have them on vs off. So I tested it with another person in my game with the stamina mutation, he started sprinting at the same time as I did, he did not have the mutation on and I had phase 3 of the mutation. We both ran out of stamina at the same time and recovered at the same rate. So basically the mutations don't work. Really disappointing to have a mechanic of the game that just doesn't work. This game was in early access for so long, you would think they would have patched these issues by now.
  25. I am trying to run the game both the microsoft store version and before it opens it gives me that error, any solution?
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