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Found 16 results

  1. Hey guys, The idea of creating this topic is so that we can give suggestions that are grouped and easy to find. If we have a concentrated topic of information and supporting new ideas, it is easier to mobilize producers to add the ideas 1. New fruit trees for the backyard: With the new fruits, it will be possible to extract sugar, peels and food. Thus it will be possible to create bombs, traps and materials to change the colors of the base and model of the backpacks. It will also be possible to create new items of ornaments (furniture, pictures and clothes) 2. New plants and flowers in the yard The possibility of adding other types of flowers that can be useful for creating clothes, backpacks, paints and insect traps. In addition to being used in some armor. It would be interesting to have new types of grass and new plants that provide us with stems. 3. Chance of climate change The temperature was colder at night. There were rainy and hot periods. Thus, clothes and heating for each climate would be necessary. with rain it is necessary to be able to create new items for displacement and protection in the yard. In addition to strong winds that can topple the base or cause damage. 4. New insects and animals Predators that have their own location and times. Be common in hot or rainy weather, day or night. For example: Small frogs, common at night, next to the logo and which are more common when it rains. From it we can use leather to make armor, the tongue to make rope or a better bow, gladula to make bombs and arrows and food. Scorpion, common near stones and woods. Predator of insects such as flies, ****roaches, crickets, grasshoppers, rats and rival of the Spider Wolf and Mantis. We can take his armor bark from him, tweezers to make spears and daggers, legs to make chairs, tables and climbing hooks. Praying Mantis, strong and aggressive predator. Common on top of plants. In addition to flying for short spaces, he can climb the base and other places. Two more new types of ant camponotus and Solenopsis richteri. A common ant in trees and wood, ideal for expanding the scenery and another very good for creating new colonies. Sometimes the 03 species of ant in the game war with each other and with other animals in the game. Important candles collect grasses, petals and foods that fall in the garden. Crickets, great prey for spiders, scorpion and mantis. Also a challenge kills them since they can defend themselves with jumps. From it we can collect the legs, head and meat. With it we can create a new ax, helmet, climbing hook. Grasshoppers, great prey for predators. Flying and jumping insect like cricket. It is bigger and more aggressive. It is common to see him eating grass and leaves. The base is constantly attacked by him. ****roaches, release an odor that scares your predators (or not). It is aggressive and common around the house and woods. Night and day butterflies, Constantly flying in the yard. Food for predators. From it we can collect the Wings, legs, head and flesh. Dragonflies, common in puddles in the backyard. Food for predators. From it we collect wings, legs, head and meat. Earthworms and centipedes, common underground and present in rotten tree trunks. Termites, common in woods in the garden. Ants rival. Extremely aggressive 5. New fish and aquatic animals New species of large and small fish, possibility to find fish eggs in the lake. The lake becomes more difficult and hostile with frogs, fish and a more lively and aggressive biome. Water spiders and leech, present in other places in the garden that have water 6. New species of birds hummingbird, present in the place of flowers. Aggressive and fast. sparrow, flying through the yard and making nests. Their eggs, feathers and feces are easily found. Insect predator 7. New weapons and armor Possibility of creating new weapons such as ax, ropes, daggers, spear arrows, crossbows, swords, mallets, hammers, bombs and traps. Creation of armor such as cricket helmets, scorpion armor, fins with parts of fish, ****roach or bedbug perfume, ant perfume. Harpoon and rope, ideal to be used in the lake for hunting. 8. New clothes and models of backpacks. With new flowers and fruit trees, as well as other insects and birds, it will be possible to create clothes for the climate, in addition to just changing the look. Create backpacks with models of insects, fruits and feathers and with different colors. 9. New items Extract oil from nuts and petals. Extract sugar from fruits. Parts of new insects. New foods thrown in the garden. 10. New buildings Parachutes built from parts of butterflies and other insects. Hang Gliders, created from the wings of dragonflies and feathers, as well as other parts of insects. Scaffolding to be used in zip lines. Thus it will be possible to transport resources throughout the yard. Vertical scaffolding, to automatically climb ridges to the highest part of the building. Canoes, should be used on rainy days and move around the lake. Useful for hunting fish and other animals in the backyard that lives in the water. 11. Grounded fixes. The fish armor, being made of bone and scale, must be the toughest in the game. Insects and animals must have their exact location in the yard, however it must be common to walk elsewhere. Reason, make nests, own and hunt prey. Aggressive insects must attack other insects, as well as having their prey eaten. Be common insect fight in the yard.
  2. The issue happened to me and i fixed it in game. Go to the tree lab that burgle is in. For whatever reason there was 30+ weavels and some ants. (https://youtu.be/3Ys7GBUjOsk) After that the issue was solved, however i went back like 3 in game days later and there was 12+ ants; not in the lab but outside the spiders lair in a group. It looked like they were fighting over an acorn bit but im not 100% sure. Also weevils can get stuck in the lava lamp and you have to wait for them to clip through.
  3. I am in desperate need of help. I am about to completely boycott this company because of how much this game crashes. It is NOT a specs issue. I want to play the game I spent money on. I just purchased the DLC pass. i7 9700k@5GHz RTX2080ti (NO OVERCLOCK) 32gb DDR4 @3600MHz Windows 10 64 bit - Ver1909 (Literally reinstalled Windows to try and fix this) The game crashed on Ver2004 as well. Game is installed to an SSD. I've tried verifying the game through the store, I've tried reinstalling the game, I've restarting the game, disabling G-Sync, etc. I AM AT MY WITS END. I can play for about 10 minutes before it crashes to the desktop. No error in the event viewer is present. I've looked. If I limit the framerate to 60fps, I can play for about 30 minutes before it just closes to the desktop. IT'S UNPLAYABLE. Help me fix this please.
  4. Hey, Like a lot of people I've had a crash to desktop just as soon as I launch the game. It starts, goes black screen and closes just after it. I had this log coming out: Fatal error! Unhandled Exception: EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION reading address 0x00000008 0x00007ff7c30baf29 IndianaEpicGameStore-Win64-Shipping.exe!UnknownFunction [] 0x00007ff7c30b4945 IndianaEpicGameStore-Win64-Shipping.exe!UnknownFunction [] 0x00007ff7c4499f30 IndianaEpicGameStore-Win64-Shipping.exe!UnknownFunction [] 0x00007ff7c2f544d9 IndianaEpicGameStore-Win64-Shipping.exe!UnknownFunction [] 0x00007ff7c2f4f463 IndianaEpicGameStore-Win64-Shipping.exe!UnknownFunction [] 0x00007ff7c2f4f68a IndianaEpicGameStore-Win64-Shipping.exe!UnknownFunction [] 0x00007ff7c2f5802f IndianaEpicGameStore-Win64-Shipping.exe!UnknownFunction [] 0x00007ff7c52faed6 IndianaEpicGameStore-Win64-Shipping.exe!UnknownFunction [] 0x00007ffab1317034 KERNEL32.DLL!UnknownFunction [] 0x00007ffab309d241 ntdll.dll!UnknownFunction [] As you can imagine, not really useful. I got into a lot of topics/threads listing all kinds of generic solves which obviously didn't work. I got to this page : pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/The_Outer_Worlds The part saying how to remove the start up videos was enough for the game to finally start. So while it will not solve all crashes, this might help someone. And if not, just follow the rest of the page. My understanding is that I miss some codec that would be part of the Windows Media Pack (I have a Pro "N" version of windows 10 or something, which comes without it). But modyifing the config file at least got the game to start. Still I'm expecting I might have more crashes later.
  5. english is not my first language so sorry for that so my question is simple where is the fix for some gamebreaking issues any creature in this game can somehow go throug everything (buildings i build and every objekt in this game) this makes it mostly unplayeble the pathfinding is terrible too the conzept is great but bring an version that is not unfair ( larva too strong, going throug walls etc deal alot of damage and there are groups around ur bases up to 15 wtf ) ur game is and im sorry to say that but in this state not worth 2 bucks just fix it we payed alot of money for an alpha build
  6. My character has corrupted 4 times with my mint mallet I play on xbox and have 40 hours played so I dont want to reset my game because the mints will not respawn I got them in the first 20 hour so that means either it takes more than 20 hours or they don't repawn!!!! Please help
  7. That was a pain, but I made it Here is a fixes for the slight of hand bonus missing for all rogue classes with Berath's blessing bonus skills. https://www.nexusmods.com/pillarsofeternity2/mods/206 The bonus was applied to insight instead of slight of hand. This fix redirects it to slight of hand. Berath's blessing is only applied at character creation or for npcs when they join you. So one have to start a new game for the correct bonus on the avatar. It is incompatible with anything that modifies Berath's blessing bonus skills. Just extract into the override folder like all the other mods for PoE2. This are the class IDs for anyone, who wishes to change/make abilities for classes. The ForClassID is the main class.
  8. I got into the C&P Boarst factory with a key card but ended up having to fight everyone inside anyway. When I killed all the drones and workers it locked all the doors so I cant leave the building and my lock picking isn't high enough to get into clives office to finish the mission so I'm just stuck in the factory. This is possibly game breaking, I've spent a few hours combing threads for people with similar stories but no luck.
  9. I have a new iMac less than three months old. This game constantly has screen issues, half the screen is water half is land. Dialogue doesn't load properly on the screen, level up text doesn't load, voices cannot be heard. What is going on? I requested a refund and have been denied because I played for 5 hours. Half of that was spent trying to work around the bug issues, reloading the game. Waiting on the screen to load, hoping that it would work. I paid for the 59.99 package. This is insane. Ive attached a screenshot, I have more but they are more than 510kb.... I'm waiting on the second refund attempt and if that doesn't work I will post more until this is fixed.
  10. Not sure if this is the right place for it, but I feel like this is where people go when they have problems, so putting solutions here seems natural. Press ~ to open the console and type 'Iroll20s' to enable cheats. Press ~ again and type 'removestatuseffect <character> Fractured_Bullet_SE_ProjectileMultX3' Press ~ and type 'Iroll20s' to disable cheats. For <character>, the PC is 'Player_<YOURNAME>'. Not sure about companions. Try their name, or 'Companion_<NAME>'. So for Xoti, 'Companion_Xoti'. You might have to use Fractured_Bullet_SE_ProjectileMultX2 instead, but X3 is what did it for me. Fair warning, this will probably disable achievements for that save game..Anyways, that fix worked for me. A temporary fix until it's patched. Don't equip Eccea's (Cursed) Arcane Blaster again until it's fixed. If you accidentally do, you know how to fix it now.
  11. Description: Playing as a Drug addicted monk, but noticed that my buffs didn't stack as expected. While using Quick Strikes you gain the quick buff which in turn suppress my Taru Taru Chew dexterity bonus. Is this really working as intended? If so please reconsider or make a compromise. Steps to Reproduce the Issue: 1. Use any drug that boost a stat. 2. Now use any buff related to step 1 stat increase. 3. This drug effect is now suppressed if buff is higher than the drug effect. Compromise: For example Half drug bonus applies while suppressed. Or give Nalpazca subclass a special trait that allows drugs to stack with buffs. What I'd like to see if this is working as intended (If this is not a bug) Change it so that drugs stack but with half bonus for all classes. For Nalpazca allow full stack alternatively make us spend one passive point on it.
  12. Bought the game today, and installed. failed to even boot the game with screen dump of "oops, game crashed" Have tried checking integrity, have tried uninstalling and reinstalling, and all of the fixes i've found on official and non official sites/forums attached is the error file asked for. this forum wont let me attach a file either.... please help. not even sure who or how i can contact anyone about this, have wasted 8 hours trying to get this damn game working.
  13. I have posted This in regards to the current bow bug which is in pillars of eternity. This has been brought up before, but from what I can see Zero results from the DEVs on getting it fixed. This bug is not just limited to me but others as well - and not just on this site (steam for example). Here are the pictures: Information: Windows 7 professional 64 Bit Service pack 1 Installed Memory 8GB I5-6500 3.20 GHz Processor Geforce GTX 960 373.06 8GB Direct X version 6.01.7601.17514 From what I can tell this bug normally appears when switching weapons in combat (I pause to switch weapons). Reloading the game or restarting the game fixes this issue until it happens again. So I assume that the bug is not going to be part of the save game file but perhaps in the way the game is using the graphic assets. While this is not a game breaker - it is most annoying and breaks immersion. From what I can see from other post around the web - this bug has been here since the game was released.
  14. 3.03 Beta Update 'On Hit' weapon procs now function correctly. Fixed multiple issues with companions auto-level up (thanks Hamskii). Fixed an issue where characters would stay invisible when using Cape of the Master Mystic. Added a missing hatchet (thanks nem0).
  15. Hi all, reading all these topics and encountering gamebreaking bugs myself (I am stuck with an invisible companion) I am wondering if something went wrong with the final install package we received?! To be honest, I cannot see how the game got all these fantastic reviews with all these game breaking bugs. Also, as I am playing the German version, it is obvious there are A LOT of issues regarding translation, not only the general quality of the translation but also obvious data mapping errors (i.e. item names are filled with item attributes "stat +2"). I saw no German review mentioning these issues (not saying I read all of them ). What I really would like to see is some kind of reaction from Obsidian regarding all these major bugs... also: HOTFIX! Any opinions?
  16. Not sure what causes the game to occasionally get stuck on the loading screen. It happens on travel or leaving a building in Dryford Village. I did pick up a "Missing String" item and then trying to equip it as it had an attack. The "Missing String" item dropped from Medreth and his group. It was after that when the loading screens would get stuck. I have found that pressing the 'space bar' appears to remove the screen and you can continue playing normally.
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