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  1. Also playing German version with all these faulty translations. Also stuck with the invisible companion bug. Still no communication expect a useless thread regarding workarounds. Really disappointed right now. Also, I read the german Gamestar review today with a 92% score and "great overall quality". Really wondering if these issues are Steam and/or GOG related... as I am working for the Gamestar publisher in Munich, I will ask the tester on Monday if he encountered any of the issues that made it into the final v1 game client.
  2. I totally agree Ink Blot, as a passionate gamer I've seen worse. But the overall number of bugs wasn't my cocern, it is more related to total showstoppers (have to think hard to name games that were not playable at all at launch... besides D3 )... just curious how these went unnoticed. Let's just hope for a quick patch.
  3. I am sure they are working on it (thanks, Obsidian!), but I couldn't find attempts to explain all these really big bugs people are encountering. Would be great if they could respond in a blog post (if they did, please link it for me!). Anyways, it is obviously a great game... unfortunately I cannot play it :/
  4. Hi all, reading all these topics and encountering gamebreaking bugs myself (I am stuck with an invisible companion) I am wondering if something went wrong with the final install package we received?! To be honest, I cannot see how the game got all these fantastic reviews with all these game breaking bugs. Also, as I am playing the German version, it is obvious there are A LOT of issues regarding translation, not only the general quality of the translation but also obvious data mapping errors (i.e. item names are filled with item attributes "stat +2"). I saw no German review mentioning these issues (not saying I read all of them ). What I really would like to see is some kind of reaction from Obsidian regarding all these major bugs... also: HOTFIX! Any opinions?
  5. Ok, here is a screenshot of the bug. It just got weirder, i did another save and reload and got two new non-existing followers screenshot: http://i.imgur.com/DUrf9Ao.jpg
  6. Encountered the same bug, very bad because it's a game breaker. Loading a game does not fix this, also quit and restart game doesn't help. Stuck for now with my invisible bear
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