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  1. Platform: PC - Steam S or M?: Multiplayer Issues: Game is crashing when it tries to display Saves available to host. Shared saves will not display. Shared save will be missing our player constructed items. Description: The game may lead to crashes when trying to load saves to host. After restarting, the game may not show shared saves. After restarting, the game may crash when trying to load saves. After restarting, the shared save may disappear. After restarting, the shared save will lack all in-game progress forcing us to restart and try again. When functional, game will load save and all will be normal. Began: Issue began after Homestretch update went live. It might be placebo but there was no noticeable issue during the public beta. Troubleshooting - No updates or changes to Windows. Already attempted to both verify and reinstall the game with no improvement. Attempted to log out of Live and log back in. Created New Shared Save post-update. This has been occurring for two days consecutively for both my friend and I on the Steam copy. If we are lucky, the game will load available saves and we can host without it crashing. This means multiple attempts to load and play the game hoping it does not crash prior to selecting and loading a save. If the save is missing our constructed assets, we will attempt to load the save again to solve it. Video of the Crash (30 sec - Uploaded via Windows tool): https://clipchamp.com/watch/GOzY5d11lIL System Details (Dxdiag.txt): Windows 11 Pro 64-bit (10.0, Build 22000) MS-7D32 MSI 1.70 BIOS Intel Core i9-12900k, ~3.2GHz 131072 RAM - (Page File) 16952MB used, 133392MB available DirectX 12 - RTX 3090 Ti - 89780 MB - Driver Version DxDiag.txt
  2. Is there a way to send a saved game file to a friend? If not then they should allow the friend or friends to save the game play when doing co-op .... It sucks when you and a friend put a lot of time into a game and can only enjoy all that hard work unless the person that has the saved game gets online to play ... also C:\Users\Your username\Saved Games\Grounded did not work!
  3. So from about 3 months ago, the game save folder located in "C:\Users\"username"\Saved Games\Grounded Windows 10" went missing. Even though this happened I was still somehow able to use my game save file with no problems. Recently however I exported my main save then proceeded to delete all the saves, from clogging up my system, if they were there, and re installed the game hoping it would solve the issue. I created a new folder which was labelled "Grounded Windows 10" hoping that would work, however it did not. When starting the game and clicking load...there is nothing there. So at the moment it is impossible to import game saves. I tried creating a new save file with no internet connection too, this also showed another bug. If you create a game, then save it with no connection there is no way you can reload that save. Even reconnecting to the internet didn't help, and the game created with no internet connection is lost. Is there a location in the PC where it could be? I have done a complete system search with the name of the folder and/or the save, for example "7519152C0..." or "ID-FB48369..." and still nothing so it is a mystery! XD. On a second note, not sure if this is known or fixable but the key for export 'S' is also the key for showing backup saves. Hope there is an easy fix for this or I am just being stupid! love the game so far...thanks!!
  4. Hi Guys. I was thinking of a way to manage the save games and address what the people are suggesting, and I remember something. Have a look of how games like Satisfactory handles this, When you start a game, it asks you for a gameplay name so it can just create a folder with its own autosaves and manual saves files, there is no actual distinction of "single player" or "multiplayer", its just folders, that way we could have even several different "worlds" for each mode depending on who we are playing with or whatever. What do you think?
  5. This PS4 port is a joke. I paid 50£ price for the game which constantly crashes for no reason. I still wanted to play it really much so i continued anyway but yesterday something happened to ALL 6 of my save files and i can't load them anymore. I lost over 40 hours of progress. I can start a new game but god knows if it won't happen again. I dont want anyway because all that crashing every hour (especially in enchanting menu) and crazy long loading times drives you insane. I think people who bought this game should get a refund because it is unplayable the way it is now. I play on PS4 Pro and error i get is always (CE-34878-0).
  6. I'm using Epic Games launcher, saves disapeared after they asked me wether i wanted to use cloud saves or machine saves (i choosed the "bring everything into machine" option)
  7. Hi, I have seen this question all over the forums but no answer. I am no longer able to load any recent saves from the main menu on PS4. I have one manual save for the mission ”At Central” and one autosave for “Cupid of that Laboratory” but (Ver 1.00) just froze the main menu with the music still playing. The only save I could open and play is called “[System Save - Leaving Emerald Valley] at level 8, 20 hours prior to my most recent save. After updating to version 1.01 attempts to load the aforementioned saves would result in the following error E-B51D0002. Now after uninstalling the game and reinstalling leaving it at version 1.00 the saves will just be ignored and return to the main menu as if selecting them did nothing at all and when selecting the system save crashes the application. Updating to version 1.01 once again just gave me to same error. I’ve updated the PS4 software, shut down/ restarted the PS4 Several times and have deleted and installed the game three times. But the saves will still not load. Any help will be appreciated that you very much.
  8. Most of my save games are missing. I'm 13 hours in but the save games are all from when I was only 4 hours in. There are a mix of manual and auto saves. The game says I saved on 10/27/2019 but Windows says all the save game files were created today. Also all of my game settings disappeared today. Please help.
  9. I am getting a save file bug since yesterday, last save which will work is on Byzantium, The City and The Stars quest. All saves since then just crash when I load. I restarted from this save yesterday, playing it all again (2+ hrs) and saving at 20 min intervals but today all of these are also broken. I just loaded the Byzantium one & saved again, when I reload this new one it's fine, so it doesn't seem like it's all new saves or something. Also the new saves I did yesterday were all on different missions so I don't think it can be that one mission is broken either. Can anyone help, it's driving me nuts!? I am enjoying the game but not enough to play the same bit 4 times!! Edit: i started from the last save that does work, played a bit, kept saving and loading to check but saves stopped working again. Loaded into Stellar Bay but as soon as I load out of the town it stops. Tried going to Edgewater because the mission & landing pad are outside the town, worked ok for a bit then just stopped again. This is really disappointing because I basically can't finish the game - unless I don't die XD
  10. To whom it may concern: I have an active saved game on my MacBook Pro and would like to resume playing on my Windows 10 PC. Both OSs and the Steam game installs are fully up-to-date. I purchased and installed both expansions to the base game. The saves transfer properly between my Mac computers via Steam Cloud Saves. I attempted to transfer the saves to my PC via a thumb drive, but the game crashed upon the first attempted loading and no longer sees the saves, despite their presence in the save folder ("user"/Saved Games/Pillars of Eternity). I tried the "start a new game, autosave, exit, replace autosave with old save, and continue" method, but it did not work, resulting in another crash of the Windows game application. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  11. Today when I tried to start the game and clicked 'continue' it loaded my latest manual save instead of the latest autosave. When I investigated, my autosaves or even quicksaves didn't show at all. I quit and restarted the game and when I tried again it showed me all the saves, but when I clicked 'load' it only took me back to the main menu. I play the game on Steam and this has never happened to me before. Any suggestions?
  12. Every time i relaunch the game I cannot access my saved game. Files are still in the saved folder and i can access the created history and combat behaviors. I've tried turning off steam overlay and cloud saves and still not working. I have seen a couple post about this but nothing about a possible fix. Any ideas?
  13. Heya all, is there any way to restore some kind of cloud save? I just lost all of my progress, thousands of gold and some pretty damn good cards. =( It's like the Steam and iOS versions didn't play nice and I've lost everything. Help please?
  14. I can't load any of my saved games. I know there have been similar issues that have been resolved already, but I've tried everything posted here and still no solution. Here's a summary of what I've tried: turning off cloud syncing in steam deleting all but my latest savegame deleting loadedsaves.zip file deleting tempsave folder deleting currentsave file Running as administrator Uninstalling my Steam game and re-installing after buying from Good Old Games See attached for my output log. My savedgame file and loadedsave.zip files were too big to attach See below for my system specs. ------------------ System Information ------------------ Time of this report: 6/21/2017, 13:46:39 Machine name: DESKTOP-96B22QR Machine Id: {098995D2-827A-4DB4-982C-CCFA43379B27} Operating System: Windows 10 Home 64-bit (10.0, Build 15063) (15063.rs2_release.170317-1834) Language: English (Regional Setting: English) System Manufacturer: ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC. System Model: GL502VMZ BIOS: GL502VMZ.202 Processor: Intel® Core i7-7700HQ CPU @ 2.80GHz (8 CPUs), ~2.8GHz Memory: 16384MB RAM Available OS Memory: 16338MB RAM Page File: 9016MB used, 10264MB available Windows Dir: C:\WINDOWS DirectX Version: DirectX 12 DX Setup Parameters: Not found User DPI Setting: Using System DPI System DPI Setting: 120 DPI (125 percent) DWM DPI Scaling: UnKnown Miracast: Available, with HDCP Microsoft Graphics Hybrid: Not Supported DxDiag Version: 10.00.15063.0000 64bit Unicode ------------ DxDiag Notes ------------ Display Tab 1: No problems found. output_log.txt
  15. This nightmare has only started occuring in the last 2 days and wont seem to go away. I loaded an old save game from March 2016 (where i was near the end of WM1) and completed the first DLC... I exited the game and later went to play more and only a hand full of old saves were showing up. I exited and restarted and a different set of saves were showing up.... I exited steam, restarted my pc and it worked to get the latest saves... then I exited the game and went to play it again and the same thing happens except occationally it wont recognize any saves. I verified the integrity of files, ran as admit, deleted the "TempSaveData" and "loadedSave" files and even finally went in and delated all but about 8 saves to see if that would help. Now the "continue" and "load" buttons are grayed out at start every time. I have put over 100 hrs in the game and really want to finish it before the sequel comes out (yes I am a backer of PoE2). Please help!!! I have included my "TempSaveData" file zipped... I attempted to include the "loaded save" data but it is 567 kb unzipped and it will not let me. TempSaveData.zip
  16. So I have a DRM free version of Pillars from GoG, and when I went back to play my 3 hour save, it was gone. I'm planning on just restarting but is there a way to prevent this? or is there a way to get my saves back if this happens again??? I really do enjoy this game but the fact that we still have not gotten a patch that fixes this makes me personally livid.
  17. HI Everybody I recently purchased the game and its expansions and I have put about 4 hours into it so far, I always make 2 saved game files for any games I play and I have been noticing that when I go to load a save that only 1 save file shows up. Why is this happening and how can I fix it, its lucky that I only lose 1 save file so I can still continue on with the game but I wouldn't want to eventually start up the game and discover that both my saves are gone. Thanks
  18. So, Each time i load the game, i have no option to load saves. All my saves disapear, each time i start the game. No exeptions.
  19. Since the installation of the 3.01 patch, I've experienced fairly frequent CTDs when saving. For the most part, this has happened immediately after area load, but it's happened a few times when quicksaving as well. There appears to be no rhyme or reason to the crashes and no patterns in terms of area or the like. I've uploaded a .zip file containing the error folder's contents to this post. A link to my most recent successful save is here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/apdd5off9lgguv1/f6532dfa-965d-4d6c-9195-2facfa441cef%20autosave_1.savegame?dl=0 I'm running PoE from an SSD on Windows 10 x64, with an AMD FX-6100 processor and 16 gigs of RAM. GPU is an Nvidia GTX 960. 2016-02-23_200746.zip
  20. Hi all, So recently I just built a pc and I was moving some of my games save files. I tried moving the save files from Mac to my windows side of things. Below are steps that I took. Confirmed its the latest save files. Cloud enable / sync perfectly. Manually moving from mac to windows via thumbdrive. The load option is always disable. Is there any way around this? Many thanks! Is this something that is broken? I recall people saying prior to V2 which i assume just comes out, it was working fine you to move it manually.
  21. Hello everybody First off, awesome to get some patches to my favourite game! Now to the question, will the patches (stat changes, class changes u name it) come in effect even on my old saves? I hope so, im in the middle of my 2nd playthrough and i dont want to start over again hehe!! Thanks for any answers, im sure this has been asked before so bear with me if its annoying.
  22. Hi guys, I lost 3 saves. I used ShadowExplorer to go to the user/username/Saved Games/... folder and restore all the files. However, whenever I load the game it does not recognize the lost saves, only the current saves. I have verified the restored lost saves are not corrupt. Is there another folder I need to work w/ to restore saved games? It seems like PoE has some backup of that folder or something so that when PoE loads it reads from the backup, not from the current source? idk Any help appreciated. Thank you! Anthony
  23. So I've been playing Pillars on my home PC, but then decided to install it on my work PC. I made great progress at work, saved the game, but them when I got home and fired up Pillars on the home PC, my most recent save game from work did not come up. Frustrating.... Any ideas?
  24. When I load a saved game my companion bear is no longer there. He was there when I saved. A green x is where he should be when the save loads but then it moves off across the screen . When I double click the icon spot where his symbol should be it takes me to a random point on the map as if that's where my companion is.
  25. Hi all! For like 20 hours I played with little to no problems at all. But then I received two crashes, one right after another, during game's start up. http://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?file_id=03953899571812071570 They didn't happen again. Then I realized that game fails to read all save files. In game I have like 9 only plus quick and autosave. Sometimes number changes. In actual folder I have over 60 (yeah I do save a lot)! It might be just coincidence with those crashes but my bug with saves is very real. Normally I would be one, very sad, person but thankfully autosave and quicksave are registered every time so that allows me to progress with the story and enjoy that great game. Cheers! Hope to see some fixes soon
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