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  1. I completely agree, I like being able to keep my favorite equipment and upgrade it as needed to keep it relevant. Hopefully one of the devs will stumble upon this post....
  2. I would prefer a female voiced weapon that will morph to fit your character. In PoE1 i was a gun slinging cypher.... any other weapon wouldnt fit but not everyone plays my way so it should be able to shift weapon type.
  3. Still an ongoing issue. I have tried turning off cloud saves and making sure the saves were not read only..... what does it take to get some help with this issue...?
  4. I have tried several of the various fixes that can be found on these forums and the steam forums and this does not seem to work. I have attached my comp specs and my temp save data but my last save is too big to attach. I have deleated the files and ran the game as admin. I have restarted steam and my computer. The game will occationally recognize 2 or 3 old saves but most of the time the "continue" and "load" buttons are greyed out. I have played this game approximately 130 hrs and am in WM2 and really want to finish this game. I have never had a problem until last week when this occ
  5. Vordigon, I tried that but now the buttons for "Load" and "Continue" are always greyed out... every time I start up the game. I have tried reloading steam and restarting my computer but nothing works. It is like the game isn't even checking to see if there are saves. The saves are there, they just aren't being detected. I have played this game almost 130 hrs and the problem only began last week.
  6. This nightmare has only started occuring in the last 2 days and wont seem to go away. I loaded an old save game from March 2016 (where i was near the end of WM1) and completed the first DLC... I exited the game and later went to play more and only a hand full of old saves were showing up. I exited and restarted and a different set of saves were showing up.... I exited steam, restarted my pc and it worked to get the latest saves... then I exited the game and went to play it again and the same thing happens except occationally it wont recognize any saves. I verified the integrity of f
  7. I am having the same issue. I have put over 100 hrs into this game and had no issues aside from long loading times but I started playing again from an old save in WM with the intent of finishing the game and it now grays out the continue and load boxes at start and will not recognize my saves. For a while it was random which saves would show up and so I deleted all but about 8 saves and now it stays grayed out. I have verified the files on steam, tried running it as admin, and deleted the tempsavedata and loaded save files but nothing seems to work.
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