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  1. I don't know how much experience with solo PotD you have - but every build is difficult in the early game. Port Maje (Gorecci Street) and the Digsite are very hard. You simply lack good abilites and items that would give you an edge. Most solo builds become easier once you reached Neketaka and leveled a bit without fighting too much. Some key components get unlocked (for example Borrowed Insticts which is important for this build) and suddenly it's way easier. Also you have more freedom in picking your fights. Something which is more easy than most builds in the early game is Arcane Knight if you pick some self buffs and Chillfog. Fighter is also a bit easier because of the good starting values. I also find Cipher quite good if you start right with a club + proficiency because -25 Will is enormous if you can then reliably land a Whisper of Treason. Mind Control usually takes away one enemy which then functions as throw-away-tank for you. Also Ranger feels easier because you'll have an additional body + high accuracy. That doesn't mean that those builds that feel easier early on will shine later though.
  2. There are no problems when using the original addability command with the Deadfire console. Also the icons were added according the tutorial of BMac (afaik). So maybe it's a fault of Unity Console? It messes around with the game a lot more than the Community Patch. Just a guess though. A warning on the mod page would be fair of course. Did you try to fix the issue by changing the load order of mods? E.g. load CP as last mod or try UC as last mod?
  3. Also some items have changed (Cloak of Greater Deflection now stacks with Bracers of Greater Deflection) or are new (patches, DLCs). One Ring (Entonia Signet) gives you +2 to all defenses for every enemy who engages you (NOT whom you engage). This is very useful on PotD solo (as long as the enemies can engage - many beasts cannot even if they are going into melee). It is useless if you become immune to engagement. And so on. Maybe check the wiki to see if there are new items that fit the idea even better.
  4. The mechanics of Soul Annihilation + Whispers of the Endless Paths have changed. It no longer dumps its focus on first target and regains focus with the AoE hits. Instead it applies raw damage in an obscure way to all AoE hits. All in all it is more damage per Soul Annihilation but you will be at 0 focus after using it. But with WotEP against several enemies your regain focus very quickly (Draining Whip) - So all in all still a good combo. Offensive Parry hasn't changed.
  5. Its description resembles that of Durian. Its shape is the same as Durian's. Koīki is valuable for Huana (see Plucked Fruit quest) and also has some positive cultural annotations to it. It's to the Huana what potatoes were for the Prussians ;). So it might be a huge compliment to call somebody a Koīki. Also being plump can be good thing in certain cultures. Most likely being plump is a desirable thing in Huana culture because it shows wealth. Roparu are not plump...
  6. The Fighter subclass in general doesn't really matter since none of them makes a difference when it comes to crit chance. But I used Black Jacket for following reasons: With 0 switching recovery I can switch weapon after every Clear Out without slowdown. That allows me (for example) to do a Clear Out with a Morning Star (+modal), then a Club and then a Flail. And all enemies in range suffer from -25 Fortitude, Reflex and Will. The other synergy with Fighter/Skald and Clear Out I specifically used was that Body Blows from Morning Star (-25 Fortitude) applies to all enemies that get hit with Clear Out. I can then switch to Whispers otEP immediately and profit from +25 accuracy (so to speak) since Clear Out targets Fortitude, not Deflection. Add Ben Fidel's Neck and other debuffs and you will do a ton of crits. Another ability that targets Fortitude and even has +10 Accuracy is Knockdown/Mule Kick. You can use that right from the beginning in combo with a Morning Star to generate more crits. You don't have to wait for Clear Out. That is what makes this combo so nice in my opinion. Another option is a Berserker/Skald, also with Morning Star. Not in an AoE but still very good: hit an enemy with Body Blows and then use Barbaric Smash (has high crit conversion especially if the Berserker is frenzied and also against near death enemies if he has Bloody Slaughter). Barbaric Smash does target Deflection - but with Brute Force it targets Fortitude if that's lower. And it's often lower with Body Blows applied.
  7. No too long ago I was able to generate more phrases with Clear Out and Sun and Moon on a Black Jacket/Skald than I could spend. I didn't try Whispers otEP since they changed the AoE mechanic. The cone transports on-hit effects and afflictions and now also triggers a cone on every Clear Out hit roll and generates a ton of crits that way if enough enemies can be hit. Maye the cone now works as well for the Skald's mechanic? Did they really cap the phrase gain per attack execution? @Kaylon's suggestion works very well, too. I also tried this some time ago. If you focus on the low deflection targets and use Enduring Dance and Stunning Surge (drops deflection) and manage to cast Ben Fidel's Neck (stacks with all afflictions) first you can not only produce lots of crits an phrases but also often kill an enemy with one attack (because it produces so many follow-ups with Swift Flurry). Scordeo's Edge is really OP. Adaptive and Blade Cascade are two of the best enchantments in the game - and they are on one single weapon...
  8. Right. It's an obscure mechanic and good to know. That's by the way thr reason why Driving Roar (Barbarian) is so good as well: it counts as PL 1 ability since its just an upgrade of the Yell - but it has the highest ability level at the same time. But maybe Divine Immolation is not worth 1 ability point if you don't actually heal anything. Although depends... 4 ACC and 1 PEN are hard to get with just 1 PL from Prestige. Even if you don't heal anybody. On the other hand the PL from Prestige works on all of your abilities, not just SI. Difficult decision...
  9. Sorry, I meant PL doesn't affect the AoE size. It does always influence PEN (if there is any to begin with). There are some exceptions like Arcane Archer's Imbue spells - but iirc no exceptions for Paladins' abilities. No Divine Immolation for you? It's pretty good if your Paladin is not alone in the front line. If he is it's pretty useless though...
  10. Generally speaking: with somebody who doesn't get attacked a lot (characters with ranged weapon, ranged casters etc.) you can drop Resolve and Constitution. All other stats do have an offensive component in one way or another. I will write down the stats and what they do and then you can easily see what you can safely dump and what not. MIG: influences all damage done (additive). influences all healing done (except draining) in the same way. influences your Fortitude defense. CON: influences your health pool. influences your fortitude defense DEX: influences your action speed and recovery time. influences your Reflex defense PER: influences your accuracy (for all offensive actions). influencens your Reflex defense. Influences your ability to find secrets (traps, hidden stuff) INT: influences the size of all Area of Effect stuff (spells, special attacks etc.), influences the duration of your applied effects (CC, damage over time, summons etc.). Influences your Will defense RES: influences the duration of harmful effects (the higher the shorter the effect), influences your Will defense, influences your Deflection defense. As you can see, only CON and RES have effects that are non-offensive. So - for offensive characters it is best to drop those. Of course: a dead character can't be offensive, so one might not want to overdo it. Getting one-shotted by an arquebus or arbalest is very possible if you are too shquishy and it's difficult to prevent that at the start of the fight. So... it's a balance act. The most important dps stat is DEX for most glass cannons, followed by PER in the early game (when you miss often). For MIG and INT it depends: for example for a fasdt melee Rogue who can stack a lot of other additive dmg modifiers MIG isn't very important. But for a Wizard who can only raise his spell damage with MIG it's often the only dmg boost - so he wants it. Also a Rogue who does mostly single target damage (no AoE abilites picked) INT might not be that important. It's nice to apply long lasting afflictions - but usually enemies don't last that long against a Rogue so a mediocre score is often sufficient. For a Wizard with Fireballs: he wants a huge AoE and thus needs INT. Tanky characters usually want to do it the other way round. If it's a pure tank he might want to drop DEX and PER since they are mostly offensive stats. Their only defensive capabilities are for Reflex - but for that there are large shields: they not only raise Reflex back up (and drop accuracy) but also have a modal that helps a lot against AoE effects - and those often target Reflex. MIG can be important because your self healing will be a lot better with high MIG. Also Fortitude is an important defense which protects against the most nasty afflictions. Same with CON: bigger health pool and higher Fortitude. Although as soon as your defenses are really high you don't need that much of a health pool if the healing is good. But for the earlygame it can be importent in order to not get one-shotted. Your defenses only develop over time. However: this is just generally speaking. There are enough special cases and subclasses or items and abilites where this might not apply. For example: A Forbidden Fist Monk has this awesome ability "Forbidden Fist". It's a great offensive tool but if you use it too often too quickly you get a curse that drains your health rapidly. However, the duration of that curse can be shortened with Resolve. So this guy wants to max Resolve in order to keep the curse very short so he can use his "oompf" more often which raises his damage output. Or: a Rogue who specializes in Damage over Time effects, applied to multiple enemies, wants to max INT and MIG. Not only can he reach more enemies with an AoE weapon (there are some like hand mortars, rods with a blast and so on) but also the overall damage of a DoT effect raises with MIG (every tick does more damage) and INT (longer duration so more ticks). Stuff like this you can find in many forms. But the general approach I described above is a good point to start I guess.
  11. It gives you +1 Power Level. It is def. worth it if there is not a really good alternative at PL 9. For example with monks it can lift your fists to the next scaling level (fists scale ever 2 PLs). And that's without the effect that PL raises the base damage of all offensive abilites by 5% multiplicatively (very potent with lots of additive dmg bonuses in the mix), raises projectile count (Minor Missiles etc.), amount of jumps (Mind Blades, Eld Nary's Curse etc.), accuracy, duration and PEN. Not AoE size[edit] though. This is especially good with DoTs which then get a dmg bonus from the direct dmg boost AND the longer duration - both multiplicative. Of course, if you have to decide between really awesome stuff like Whispers of the Wind/Devine Retribution/Barbaric Retaliation on one side and Prestige on the other I would go for the first one. But you can have 3 PL 9 abilites by lvl 20 and thus there's often room for Prestige.
  12. A bit of that as well, but I guess the somewhat lighter tone wasn't that much of a repellent. I suspect that the lighter tone (not goofy, but lighter than PoE) was established because of feedback from PoE and because the D:OS games have it and they were/are a big success. Again, no quote on or proof for that. Anyway - I presume what @kanisatha meant - and what I mean - is that many "hardcore" CRPG players prefer a "Lord of the Rings" setting over a "Pirates of the Carribean" setting. I use those books/movies because they show a much bigger picture than I could paint just with a few words. In PoE we also had a post-medieval, renaissance-ish world in the background, but it wasn't very obvious because the game took place in the Dyrwood... which is, culturally speaking, very different and fairly "behind" compared to some of the more advanced nations (Old Vaillia, Rauatai and so on). Basically in PoE it's just the guns that remind you of it. That and some rare Vaillian haute couture... The rest is gritty, quite dark, kind of backwards and medieval: the architecture, the common people, the items - even the tone is dark like the dark times (besides Edér, Hiravias, Zahua and Aloth sometimes). I mean Durance alone puts the whole setting back for at least a hundred years for the player. In Deadfire all that stuff (overall presentation, architecture, clothing, even the weather) is obviously fitting the more "modern" and light setting of Pirates! (Arrrr!). There are some cool things mixed in to loosen it up, but you can't know that by simply looking at screenies and stuff at the storefront. So - if you are not into that then you might be put off even before purchasing it. You can immediately see from screenshots and videos about the game what the setting is. This may influence your decision to give it a try. Lots of gamers really have to think about on what they want to spend their money. Lots of them are young and don't earn their own money - and if they do then it's probably not enough that they just can spend 40-50 bucks just to see if the game is nice despite that non-preferred setting. I would argue that if there are second thougths about the overall setting then that's bad for such game (which is not cheap compared to many others you might want to try). That's just my highly subjective and speculative theory though.
  13. Josh said in his post mortem that adding TB mode was like nothing compared to the ship combat system and full voice over. Maybe also because some efforts were already made to introduce turn based mode since PoE1. Maybe because it was easier (technically) than we think it was. Iirc ship combat wasn't explicitly mentioned in the original fig campaign nor was a stretch goal. No idea why somebody would be so adamant and insist on its implementation then.
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