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  1. Yes, in PoE1 item bonuses don't stack at all - unless one item is a weapon or shield (then it stacks with everything). That's the reason why a shield with Preservation (+50 to all defenses when prone or stunned) stacks with an armor with the same enchantment. But the armor won't stack with a similarly enchanted helmet. Same with retaliation enchantments: they will only stack if one is a weapon/shield (Aura's Supper Plate) and then the other is something else (Hiro's Mantle). And so on. If you want to stack the same attribute bonuses from more than one item you need a weapon with tha
  2. Dex has no diminishing returns. More DEX is always useful. DEX increase is a multiplicative dmg increase. MIG increase is only an additive dmg increase. BUT higher MIG helps overcoming DR. So it depends on the enemy what is the better "dps stat". But more DEX is never bad. Note that apart from DEX there's nothing that enhances attack/casting speed. All "action speed" buffs in the game only affect recovery (the phase after attacking/casting). DEX lowers both action time AND recovery time. So the wizard spell Deleterious Alacrity of Motion gives you very fast recovery, but it doesn't
  3. Usually there's somebody waiting in the Spaling who might give you a quest which depends on the outcome of an Act-I quest (has to do with Lord Raedric). I don't know if that may cause problems - but it sounds as if it could. There are also some dudes that are part of a quest that gets initiated on the way to Twin Elms (after Stormwall Gorge). I again don't know how the game behaves - most likely the dudes are just not there until you initiate the first part of the quest. Safer: you can simply level up a soulbound item via console instead of jumping to the taverns. Check out the "LevelUpSou
  4. At the beginning: the thickest armor. Priests have bad starting defenses, endurance and health and this is very obvious in the early game. Never engage in melee first but send forth the really sturdy guys (if you have). Play him like a Rogue basically: let somebody else engage first and then flank. Priests should start combat with casting buffs anyway. Later with all the buffs and with more levels under the belt it's not that bad anymore. Like with all per-rest casters (who all have bad starting values): early game is harder but at some point they overtake everyone else.
  5. I wrote that some days ago already but I guess it doesn't hurt to repeat it: Brutal Takedown's bonus damage only has to overcome 1/4 of enemies' DR iirc (or was it 1/2? don't remember.. all fixed damage abilities do this for whatever reason). Anyway this is cool against high DR foes like many constructs, beetles and so on. If Itumaak uses a Brutal Takedown with bonuses from Vicious/Merciless Companion and Predator's Sense things get brutal indeed.
  6. No problem with a Wizard though because you will find a ton of grimoires with all kind of spells in it. So just bring one with some alternative elemental damage for frost/whatever immune foes.
  7. Sure. Sagani with Persistence and then Vicious/Merciless Companion, Predator's Sense as well as Brutal Takedown on Itumaak is one of my favorite companion builds.
  8. The belt (or better: Firebrand) works for every priest. All Priests can use summoned weapons (mainly Firebrand) and all soulbound weapons to full effect with their deity's special weapon talent. Meaning they get +10 accuracy with them no matter what type of weapon it is. Soulbound and summoned weapons work with all weapon focuses and all of the different Priests' weapon talents. So you can use a Priest of Eothas with Firebrand (Great Swords) and a Priest of Skaen with the Grey Sleeper (Estoc) and a Priest of Magran could use Abydon's Hammer (War Hammer) - or whatever combo you like. That
  9. Funnily enough a high-might Wizard with Persistence (and later also Caedebald's Blackbow) using Deletrious Alacrity & Citzal's Martial Power is also a very good ranged single target dealer. Ranger starts stronger but the high attacks speed of the Wizard + bow is quite strong later on. And you'll always have plenty of spells on top.
  10. I played a melee Priest of Berath with Tidefall and it was pretty fun: You need Weapon focus Soldier, the Berathian weapon talent, maxed Might (generally a focus on maxing out Might via Aggrandizing Radiance + Champion's Boon or Minor Avatar and an item bonus etc.). Key is that Tidefall's wounding damage scales with Might - and Priests can have the highest Might score in the game. Tidefall also has life draining which heals you when you damage enemies. More details behind the link above (use that arrow button in the top right to jump right to my post).
  11. That depends on your progression in the game. In the early game front-loaded classes are usually best (see Fighter for example) - while later on the per-rest casters are usually the most potent option. A good mix of low micromanagement and good impact is the Chanter. But they demand a slow playstyle imo. A late-ish game combo that is unmatched imo is Priest + Chanter + Cipher + Darcozzi Paladin + whatever (best would be Wizard + Druid I guess, but that's not low micro). Cipher casts Defensive Mindweb, Priest casts Withdraw on a Chanter who has two stacked Preservation items (Lit
  12. After the early game heavy armor has rel. low impact. But in the early game it's very helpful. And since Kana's chanter mechanics are slow anyway it doesn't hinder him too much, especially once he relies on damaging chants like Dragon Thrashed mostly (because those are not affected by action speed or recovery at all). Fun fact: normally, when wielding a single one handed weapon, you'll get +12 accuracy - but only for attacks with that weapon, nothing else. Except offensive chants (like The Dragon Thrashed) will also get +12 accuracy as soon as you are wielding a single one handed weapon.
  13. Iirc it's 5 in-game years between PoE1 and Deadfire - so I guess doing something else between both games is totally okay.
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