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  1. My wife had an Indian colleague when she studied in France - he was completely unaware that he shouldn't show the Swastika or else get in trouble. At first he didn't even want to comply because he only new the symbol as one for rising sun/hope etc. After a short history lesson he understood. Since he was/is a well educated lad I guess India in general doesn't really bother. Japan even removing mirrored swastikas is understandable because they were (kind of) allied with the Nazis.
  2. If you mean the Swastika, that's mostly from India. To be more precise: it's mostly used in Hinduism but also Jainism and Buddhism. It's still widely used in India today. The symbol that the Japanese use(d) on maps to mark positions of temples is not a Swastika - because it's mirrored. Of course here in Germany wanna-be Nazis even get that wrong so...
  3. We had the same discussion with Google in Germany/Europe which lead to the "Leistungsschutzrecht" - basically a law that's supposed to protect the effort that was put into researching and, writing and publishing articles and such. It got canceled by the EU in its current form but the discussion is not over yet. Something will come out of it. Afaik Google never threatened to leave Germany or the EU - would be like shooting oneself in the foot I guess.
  4. "Zykon B was used as a delousing agent - thus it can't be deadly unless you get it all over yourself". Perfect reasoning. Maybe somebody should put that weak excuse for a human being into a chamber with Zyklon B and check if what he said is true - just to demonstrate how "harmless" it is of course. Along with the Hawaiian GOP member who share the evil nonsense of such scumbags. For science! By the way: concentration camp prisoners were also mass murdered with engine exhaust gas. Which - as we all know - is used as a demousing agent and is mostly harmless unless you get it all over y
  5. RFID injections are possible. They just don't make sense. Like most conspiracy theories. So that fits guess. Yeah 5G... what about chemtrails? Poor things - all alone and forgotten...
  6. I once worked on a RFID project for navigating in big gas-fired power plants. You need big coils to induce enough power into the passive chip in order for it so send its number (and that's all an RFID does) with enough range. That range was about 1 meter. You can use active RFIDs which have a longer range - but those would require a battery. The range is also determined by the size of the RFID antenna. If you look at cheap RFID stickers in shops you'll see that "printed" spiral. That's quite visible and yet the range is very short. The coils you sometimes see at both sides of shop doo
  7. A bit? According to my brother-in-law who holds a PhD in nanotechnology (and works at Robert Bosch GmbH) we are still far, far away from that - at least the monitoring and repairing part.
  8. It also depends on your PoE story. It only occurs if you did some special things with Durgan's Battery I believe.
  9. Bilestomper was ultimately designed to be able to shower himself (and the enemy of course) with poison/disease/corrosion spells. The Mountain Dwarf passive helped a lot - but in Deadfire the Mountain Dwarf gets a completely different racial ability. In Deadfire a similar approach would be to use Rekvu's Scorched Cloak and shower yourself with fire spells I guess. Addendum: Neckless of Fireballs has the keywords Fire and Evocation. It scales with universal Power Level but also fire Power Levels but NOT Evocation Power Levels (for whatever reason). So a Helwalker with Sun & Moon + Magra
  10. Most powerful or effective would be spamming summons from figurines or some of the DLC trinkets maybe? Didn't really analyze that. I never used that export/import "trick" for an actual playthrough - except for a partial one with a Barbarian I build around Vengeful Defeat (with items such as Effort and other items that trigger AoE stuff on knockout). In PoE you could turn off kockout injuries so such a suicidal Barb could be fun enough to play. In Deadfire you can't opt out of injuries - it would be possible to use Vengeful Defeat up to three times per encounter - but you'd want to rest af
  11. The microchip will travel to your brain and make your gray matter microsoft?
  12. By the way: before initiating dialogue you can pause the game (unfortunately there's no auto-pause setting for this). That way no time will pass while talking. You cannot pause during dialogue. But enemies can't find you in stealth mode nor can they initiate combat during that time.
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