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  1. The post he was referring to said about weapon choice: 0-recovery variant: Blade of the Endless Paths (comes late) Hulk Smash variant: Abydon's Hammer (comes even later) Lord of the Crits variant: The Hours of St. Rumbalt (early) The original weapon choice of the LoP was Tidefall (early). Andrea didn't know that the wounding lash on that great sword scales with Might - and since the LoP build has very high Might it may actually be the highest dps variant overall, despite the Blade of the Endless Paths having higher speed. I personally would settle for Tidefall or the Hours of St. Rumbalt because you can get them rel. early which means you can play with your preferred weapon for a much longer time. It doesn't really matter because he only picked Aumaua because of the Might bonus. So either will do. What you like better. You could also go Dwarf - I think Andrea didn't pick that because it also gets -1 DEX which means a little bit less potential dps. But then again Boreal Dwarfs get +15 ACC against Primordial and Wilder which can be a huge dps raise in certain fights, for example against Lagufaeth in the White March, Xaurips in the early game and so on.
  2. Wasn't today but the last weekend, but I made a dead(wood) hedge. I had to get rid of all the cut-off branches and stuff we removed from the neglected and overgrown neighboring property (which is now ours since new year) and thought that this might be a nice way of dealing with it:
  3. No DoT (Plague of Insects, Insect Plague, Infestation of Maggots and similar) makes attack rolls after the initial roll. But pulsating spells like Wicked Briars, Venombloom or Tanglefoot do. They reroll attacks every few seconds. Those spells work very well with Energized/interrupts indeed. For a Berserker/FF Rooting Pain would also work (best if not confused): it interrupts by itself already, but Energized would add another interrupt - which can be nice against enemies with (refreshing) layers of concentration.
  4. Or - if you plan to use Clarity of Agony anyways I would try to upgrade to Enlightened Agony and cast that right after Frenzy before Rooting Pain even has a chance to proc. You will not become smart because it cancels the confusion - but you will get +1 wound. And the rest of Clarity will work as usual (helping to reduce the curse duration and the duration of Hylea's Talons should you have picked those). If you go with INT resistance/immunity instead (Devil of Caroc, food etc.) you will not get a wound from frenzy's confusion and not trigger Crucible of Suffering - and that's a bit of synergy not happening... which makes me sad. Of course any other source of INT inspiration on the char (like a Priest Pryer for the Mind or so) could also be used. But since a FF might want to pick Clarity of Agony anyways... And Rooting Pain + Blood Storm or Spirit Frenzy is quite convenient to have for sure.
  5. A Berserker/FF with high RES isn't confused for long (confusion duration and frenzy duration are not tied) and gets +1 wounds once the confusion ends. You can also use Hylea's Talons in order to give yourself the DoT. Again the self damage won't give you wounds - but the duration will be rather short with high RES (and Clarity of Agony) and once it ends you get +1 wound. Both times you also get a little health back. Also Crucible of Suffering will kick in both times. So you'll have two sources of hostile effects in addition to the FF curse. So Berserker/FF isn't that bad wit wound generation as it appears at first glance. Rooting Pain will hit yourself while you are confused. The confusion won't last very long with high RES etc. - but it's still incredibly annoying when you interrupt yourself (and party members) with your own Rooting Pain (and won't even get a wound from the damage it causes). You can circumvent that with Enlightened Agony (cancel the confusion with smart right away after casting Frenzy). Or you use Modwyr in the second weapon slot to remove the confusion. Both ways you'll still get the wound and Crucible I believe. If you use Devil of Caroc's Breastplate with resistance you will prevent the confusion from coming over you alltogether - but you won't get a wound and the crucible bonus either. Hm wait a sec... could it be that the debuff from Engoliero do Espirs (-2/-3 to some stats) is listed as hostile effect and could you generate wounds by switching to and from the weapon? Never tried.
  6. hello, 

    what are the strongest  2 handed melee build in pillard of eternity 1 (magic or not ) i'm new and a little lost 

    same for pillard of eternity 2

  7. Yes, applying elemental lashes to attacks doesn't give them any keyword. Turning Wheel, Lighting Strikes, Shared Flames, Wildstrike etc. don't work like that. They don't alter the keywords of the underlying attack but only add an additional layer of elemental damage. Mith Fyr's lash also doesn't do this. So even if a confused Chanter could apply Mith Fyr to enemies their attack would still not be keyworded with fire. Instead, Mith Fyr acts as "benefical effect" on the enemy and that effect has the keyword. And because the enemy would carry that keyword and gets hit by a water or frost attack (properly keyworded) they won't get harmed (as it happened with your skeletons vs. Grave Calling). But the nature of their attacks against you won't have changed at all. I don't know any way how you could put a blanket keyword over all enemies' attacks in order to achieve what you described above. You cannot do it with your party's attacks either. There's no way to alter the keywords of your party's attacks during an encounter. At least I cannot see one. You are right that with some of the elementally themed weapons such as Dragon's Dowry, Essence Interrupter, Frostseeker and so on the attacks themselves are keyworded "manually" (no matter which damagve type is actually used). Some abilities are also keyworded explicitly with an element (or more than one). Spells are most obvious, but also stuff like Flames of Devotion (fire - Bleak Walkers' version also get the addititonal corrode keyword because of Black Flames). In case of fire those will get countered by stuff like Moonwell. Fun fact: Tekehu is immune to fire - that also means that if he gets buffed with Mith Fyr his immunity will remove that buff. So: no Mith Fyr lash for Tekehu.
  8. Yes, Skald/Soulblade might be a nice combination with WotEP/Offensive Parry. I did Shattered Pillar/Soulblade once because of those reasons. If you feel you cannot gain enough deflection to get enough parries you can always use Nomad's Brigandine or Gipon Prudensco with their immunity to disengagement attacks. That will turn all disengagement atacks against you into misses which will get parried then. That way you can be a very mobile melee character (no fear of disengagment attacks, always best position for cone AoEs and so on) and profit from the parries on top.
  9. Two priests can be very benefical - especially early in the game - because their Inspiring Radiance (+10 accuracy in an AoE) will stack with everything, even with each other. That's either "free" and stackable +20 ACC for a shorter time or 2 times +10 ACC (twice the duration). Also a problem of a priests can be the time it takes to put out multiple buffs at the start of an encounter. Two priests speed up that process immensely (for example one is casting Blessing while the other casts Devotions for the Faithful). And of course after a certain level priests also become offensive powerhouses.
  10. That is always the case with the Skald's phrase generation from crits: he gets +1 phrase maximum for an action (spellcast, ability activation etc.), NOT attack rolls. Offensive Parries from Whispers of the Endless Paths do generate phrases on crit iirc. I think it doesn't generate focus but I might remember that incorrectly. It's been a while since I used the weapon on a Skald or Cipher.
  11. You can test the bounces and the damage mechanics of bounces (afaik bounce dmg malus gets displayed in the combat log) with the help of enemies of the type "CRE_Dummy". They cannot move and so you can put them where you like (use "SpawnPrefabAtMouse CRE_Dummy") and try chain lightning on them for maximum bounces. Keep in mind the double inversion of dmg maluses.
  12. PL bonuses get applied to the base damage roll (that's a multiplicative dmg increase), unfortunately you cannot see them in the combat log. There you will only see the additive damage bonuses. The roll of 61.6 damage is well within the bounds of 54-91 which the tooltip suggested - so everything seems to be in order with this roll.
  13. I haven't tested the summons from Dragon Pendant - I think some summons from items "die" properly like with leaving a corpse and all - and some just disappear like the summons you call with your abilities. Iirc the summons from Essence Interrupter also leave corpses. I tested and wrote about items that work for a Corpse Eater in the past but unfortunately I already forgot which ones I tested successfully. If Dragon Pendant worked that would be great.
  14. There are some items that summon creatures that are beast or wilder - and when those die they won't disappear but you can consume their bodies as a Corpse Eater. For example the wurms from Dire Talon (chance to summon wurms on crit). That way you can bring your own food to any Flesh Communion.
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