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  1. Deathblows simply adds its 50% additive dmg bonus to Sneak Attack's (which scales with Power Level).
  2. Same - except I finished Tyranny (but cancelled the second playthrough).
  3. Dropping stats below 10 - let's say from 10 to 5 - has actually more impact in Deadfire than dropping them from 15 to 10 (in some/most cases). It's both 5 points, but as soon as you drop below 10 and create actual maluses they will go through double inversion which means the actual malus is a lot higher. MIG is a good example. DEX, too.
  4. Haha right. :oops: Oh man... Like those trick questions in school a looong time ago. Common mistake I guess when you just use the numbers without noticing that the one is kilometers and the other one is meters. At least I added 4 meters and not 2. So 40,000,012.57 meters it is.
  5. Last time I checked Aloth's Amor with mortars' AoE it did increase it. But different from PoE it's not an increase in radius (!) but actual area (area = radius * radius * Pi). Meaning it can be a bit difficult to see - especially if you already have good AoE bonuses (through INT for example). Let's assume you have a base radius of 2.5 meters then your actual area is 2.5*2.5*3.144=19.65 m². Add 15% to that and you have 22.6 m². Which translates to a radius of sqroot(22.6/3.144) = 2.68. So the radius is only 0.18 meters bigger. And that's without any other AoE bonus which will make it even harder to see. Because the bigger the circle already is the less visible the radius increase will be. So: I guess it still works but you just expected a bigger "visual" increase. But I can't say for sure since I didn't test lately.
  6. I just kept Xoti and used Vatnir as Rogue/Priest with focus on his spiritual Battle Axes whose lashes and raw dmg Bleeding Cuts work superbly with the Rogue's dmg bonuses, making him a very good melee dmg dealer with spells. Also in certain parts of BoW you will have totally different "biomes" like Ukaizo, the Bridge (lots of burn resistance) and "Inquisition-place".
  7. And Fassina --> more interaction in Forgotten Sanctum as well as Konstanten --> more interaction in Seeker, Slayer, Survivor Edit: oops, that was already said. Apologies.
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