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  1. You can give yourself Durgan refined ingots with "giveitem". This should unlock the options I guess.
  2. Sorry - when speaking about Mind Blades I mixed up Hammering Thoughts and Penetrating Visions. The names are really shyte.
  3. Oh... very interesting. Thanks for the intensified testing. So the problem seems to be Spirit Tornado. Thinking about this more I come to the conclusion that because I often didn't pick Spirit Tornado but kept Spirit Frenzy (because as non-melee char I didn't think the AoE was worth the ability point) this problem may have been there for a longer time without me noticing it... Is the same happening maybe happening with Blood Frenzy/Blood Storm?
  4. Sorry, I meant the general feedback on sidekicks, not your single comment. And of course "hate" was hyperbolic. I don't actually think anybody really hates some virtual and optional buddies in a computer game. Well... I hope so at least...
  5. I think it even starts before FS. They just started flirting (weirdly but cute) once they were together in the party for some time.
  6. If you grab Watershaper's Focus from Tekehu you can skip Spiritual Weapon I guess. Since it jumps it will most likely generate more focus per shot. I would def. pick both of the Cipher's PEN passives (Hammering Thoughts and Penetrating Visions). Of course you only need Hammering Thoughts if you pick non-raw damage spells like Mind Blades and beams and so on. I would favor Pain Block over Mind Lance. Iron Will and Psychic Backlash wouldn't be my pick when it's about powergaming. Thematically they make sense of course. Despondent Blows is actually pretty good, but I don't know if it's necessary with all the Beguiler's debuffs. Maybe not. Shining Beacon is strong. I would nearly always pick it as priest. I would not use Prayer for the Body. Iconic Projection is nice though in my opinion. I would favour Blessing over Holy Meditation, but if I can I would pick both. Party-wide anti-fear spell can be invaluable at times. I personally am not a big fan of mind blades. No particular reason really. It works with Hammering Thoughts. Maybe others can chime in since I didn't use it a lot and have not much experience. With high Power Level it might be cool. Further spells/abilities I would consider up to PL 4: Puppet Master (can be great against INT resistant enemies), Lingering Echoes (works great with rising Power Level), Greater Focus, Silent Scream (or Mind Lance - both target Will which is nice for some of the later Cipher passives which alter will-based spells). Note that you can cast Disintegrate on charmed/dominated enemies even without flipping them back. This can be a very strong combo. Whisper of Treason almost costs nothing for a Beguiler and following up with Disintegrate means having a "quasi-summon" which disposes itself. When using Disintegrate: against bosses with high Resolve (which lowers Disintegrate's duration) it is helpful to cast Psychovampiric Shield first Which removes 10 Points of RES which means a lot longer duration of harmful effects on the enemy. So maybe you want to pick that as well. It's rather circumstancial though since you might not need the buff for yourself because you're mostly in the backkine but only want the RES debuff. If you have a Wizard with Miasma you don't need it.
  7. Besides doing non-violent quests and exploration ship fights are one of the easiest and quickest way to gain XP and good loot early on - because your char level doesn't matter in ship fights. But you have to know what you are doing. One big step is to either hire Berath-Blessing master sailors or hiring potential 4-star cannoneers otherwise. Potential 4-star means they have no star in anything else than cannoneer. After a few ship fights they will have 4 and you can take on the fat ships.
  8. Hm... I would maybe try again. This always worked before. Don't know about Fireball specifically - but most spells I used with it did stagger the enemies. I played Warlocks, Witches, Tempests and Howlers with Spirit Frenzy (and a Morning Star) only for that reason. Maybe the enemies were resistant to might afflictions? I mean this might have changed with some late patch - but this is the first time I read about it. Or maybe it's just Fireball - that would be weird.
  9. Vatnir is a sidekick and he's pretty great in BoW. Fassina is nice in FS, too. Fassina and Konstanten can even have a romance. Sidekicks are like companions in PoE without quest (so it's mostly about banter). I don't get the hate. They are totally fine for what they cost and they are certainly more entertaining than hirelings.
  10. Avenging Storm is absolute mayhem with high ACC and Frostseeker: the freeze-AoE on crit also procs Avenging Storms. You can also use Heavens Cacophony for Avenging Storm if you don't want to use scrolls. By the way: another good reason for Cipher/Ranger is that Takedown Combo doubles the damage of Soul Ignition or Disintegrate ticks without getting removed. That's a +100% dmg increase for your DoT(s).
  11. 1. Beguilers are powerful. They still don't need weapon damage to generate a lot of focus as long as they can target several afflicted enemies with a deception spell. 2. Since you can prolong Ascension with Salvation of Time maybe Ascendant/Priest is the more "synergistic" combo. But I would prefer Beguiler/Priest of Wael for sure for thematic reasons. And Beguilers are plenty strong as I said. 3.+4. As Beguiler I would take Whisper of Treason, Phantom Foes, Secret Horrors. Those are great for CC and generate lots of focus. Eyestrike would also work but it targets fortitude and that's often a challenge early in the game. The spiritual rod (+modal) does some great damage and generates lots of focus for the times you can't get focus from casting deception spells. I would take Blessing over Holy Power. I'd also agree that Cipher should do the debuffs part and priest the buffs, but for damage they both have awesome options. Never skip Devotions for the Faithful... 5. You can absolutely play this on PotD effectively.
  12. I think last status is that Blood Frenzy and Spirit Frenzy both work with spells - but it may be that Blood Frenzy is more "picky"? I can't remember which spells of my last Barb/Druid I used for this but I got Blood Frenzy with some damaging spells (I guess Relentless Storm). And it triggered Blood Thirst, too. Since Carnage can't crit Blood Frenzy doesn't work with it. Afair Blood Frenzy didn't use to work with spells - but nowadays it does. Spirit Frenzy always worked as long as I can remember. I really seem to start forgetting details since I haven't played Deadfire for some time. So maybe test it first before committing.
  13. Aw man. Sorry. Thanks for testing. Do I misremember so badly or was it a melee-only bonus at some point? Or was I confusing it with hatchets in my mind? Yet another case that shows that weapon modals should have been classified as passive, not active effects. Now after the first "damn" I just thought about using the Gladiator's Sword (+5 stackable deflection with Skrim) as a somewhat decent compromise between offense and defense when it comes to Riposte...? Skrim only works with a shield though - but maybe... maybe Skrim also works with weapons that can only be put in the shield slot? Like St. Drogga's Skull? Never tried... guess not, but worth a try? Other alternatives for the offhand are Kapana Taga and Squid's Grasp (both can grant immunity to flanked), hatchets (+3 against melee and modal reduces enemies' ACC), Duskfall (+10 stackable deflection at the start of combat for 8 seconds). Maybe something else?
  14. There are some ice beetles in the White March maps. They are pretty tough (lots of endurance) so I'd say they will be sufficient for leveling up the staff.
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