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  1. I don't know actually but I don't think so. Doesn't seem to be considered a melee or even weapon effect because it doesn't generate focus, right? Shared Nightmare is very nice with Watershaper's Focus (in combination with Time Parasite to counter the +50% recovery time from Blast) and mortars (obviously). Whispers otEP does apply Soul Annihilalation in the whole cone AoE. The bigger the better. And since it's a cone its length grows quite a bit with Shared Nightmare. It's also very good with Current's Rush. That scepter's AoE proc can trigger itself so the bigger the AoE the more
  2. Ascended + Frenzy + Bloodlust + Blood Thirst is a great combo imo. Speeding up casting times + recovery as well as removing recovery on kill is nice while ascended in order to squeeze a lot of spells into that time window. If you pick spells with short casting time and long recovery (Mind Blades, Amplified Thrust and Mind Lance for example) it can be so much fun because you can squeeze a lot of them into the ascended time eventually. Mind Blades works quite well with Bloody Slaughter by the way because it can hit the same enemy multiple times. Edit: I would either pick Furyshaper (even fas
  3. I did a solo SC Furyshaper and it went pretty well (Blood Ward draining life from all sources of dmg is just great). SSS and FS gave me trouble though and I didn't even try megabosses. Blame my unwilingness to use resting bonuses and consumables. SC Furyshaper in a party is even better imo. Just because of the Blood Ward.
  4. Hi! Unfortunately PoE has no refined system for AI settings. Just what you can see there. It's very basic. The only way to reduce micromanagement is to choose builds that work more reliably with those basic AI settings. For example a Monk with Torment's Reach needs a ton of micromanagement because of the optimal positioning of the cone - but one who uses Force of Anguish as main attack skill works relatively well if left alone. Same with a tanky sword & board Kana who mainly uses Dragon Thrased vs. a ranged Kana who uses support chants. The sequel Deadfire has a build-in tool for crea
  5. Everybody seems to play Soulblade as Soul Annihilation spammer - and of course that can be pretty boring. But a Soulblade also gets more max focus for a melee kill and (more importantly imo) has a discount for shred spells. You don't need to use Soul Annihilation all the time. For example you can play a shred caster with a ranged weapon in one had and a melee weapon or bashing shield in the other, shooting/casting at range and only using Soul Annihilation as soon as he is engaged in melee to get rid of enemies. By the way: you can extend the duration of the Soul Blade's +10 max focus buff
  6. If you export characters with items you can later (in another playthrough) decide at which level you want to import those characters and also if they should come with items or without. It becomes (a lot) more expensive then. So basically it's like buying that item from a shop - only that the shop is a hireling. And yes - that way you will have duplicated those items. You will still be able to get the original one in the current game. I sometimes use this method to get some items earlier for a special kind of build I want to play - which otherwise would only be possible to experience very
  7. You can also see the dmg bonus in the console if you open the entry of the charmed enemy hitting somebody. It's a cool bonus. It's just a bit of a shame that the charm doesn't last very long. I once tried some "recruiter" builds who charmed/dominated all but one enemy and calls lots of summons ("all against one") - and Troubadour/Forbidden Fist (enfeeble + INT + charm) was among the test subjects. Another was Kind Wayfarer/Troubadour bc. of the combo of Shared Flames + Inspired Beacon + Mith Fyr + the 30% dmg bonus. Edit: I discovered on that occasion that Shared Flames doesn't
  8. Ring of Reset is very good if you have two. You'd have to export/import it though since there is no way to get two during a normal playthrough. Obviously figurines, too. The ones (with per-rest or charged uses) you can get multiple times during a normal playthrough are (afair): Missile Gloves, Necklace of Fireballs, Stone of Power, Bounding Boots and Dragon Pendant. I think Stone of Power and Dragon Pendant are decent as amulets. The first also gives +1 INT and the latter has +slash AR and a summon.
  9. The item you clone with the Helwax Mold will be an exact copy of the one you put in. If you put in a legendary Little Savior into it you will have two legendary Little Saviors. So it's best to enchant your stuff as much as possible before cloning it. There is no easy way to calculate/view the attack in the game but you can use this tool (it works very well): https://naijaro.github.io/poe-speed-calculator/
  10. @freddfrancais not playing solo PotD as far as I know but party based on Veteran. I usually sail to Neketaka, grab some quests/bounties and then make a tour to Fort Deadlight, then Dunnage (but beware of Eamund the Fox, he will ambush you if you give Harker money for the dancer - that encounter can be brutal if you are underleveled) and back to Neketaka. On the way to Fort Deadlight I will do the Meryl the Mad bounty (quite easy) and on the way back Oathbinder's Sanctum (not that easy but doable because you'll have gained a level during your tour - most likely). But since the game w
  11. Everything. It's universal. It also stacks with all other speed buffs which makes those gauntlets very desirable/valuable.
  12. You can either use a Paladin and give him spellbinding and spellstriking (maybe even spellholding) gear to emulate spellcasting (or use scrolls) and then pick "cross class" talents like Prestidigitator's Missiles and Nature's Mark. You can get a lot of spells from spellbinding gear: Sun-Touched Mail of Hyan Rath, Amulett of Summer Solstice, Ring of Searing Flames, Flames of Faîr Rhian, Thaluntain's Staff, Animancer's Boots, the White Spire and so on). Or you use a Wizard and give him the cross class talents "Gallant's Focus" and maybe even Veteran's Recovery. Then gear up with paladin-esq
  13. Definitions of blurry made-up terms aside: I think most players who don't want to use some tactics that make the game too easy will say that it "feels cheesy" for them - even if it's intended behavior. Or they will say "it feels like cheating" even if they are not actually using cheats. Imo players can call it whatever they like - as long as they don't judge people for using it in their single player game.
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