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  1. Update 3 Finished game on PotD and did nearly all quests + splintered Reef and all DLC's. Later i used Xefa's and Kitchen Stove more than the Hand Mortars becaus they shred everything in seconds. I had so much fun with Resonant Touch and WotW!
  2. Update 2 So far the build doing great ! Thanks at @Boeroer and @Scrapulous. Your advices were helpfull I am lvl 9 right now because i had not much time. The SC Monk took a few levels + the Hand Mortar to came to working. Accuracy and Penetration against the PotD Defences are still tough but i am looking foward to it. I hired a Herald with 1 summon and i am still not sure in which way it will go but its functional
  3. Soooo I decided too play a SC Monk and are lvl 7 right now i think. (I haven't mucht time cause of maaaany Nightshifts) The Monk is quite ok and i got the Hand Mortar with the smoke entchant. I also get my self the Marksman Ring for more PEN. PotD is really tough and the ememys have absurd Armorpen and i have to play really carefully. But its challenging and thats what i like and want. Thank you guys for the build advice Are there other ways to increase Penetration for me and my team that i am missing ? I struggle with my team setup because i feel that i lack a bit dmg. My Setup is: - Eder (swashbuckler) as tank - Serafen (witch) as dps/cc/charm - Main Char (Monk helwalker) as ranged aoe dps with mortars And here are the companions i struggle with: - marshmellow xoti (priest) as healer/buffer - aloth (battlemage) as bad dps/cc with dual scepter I think that a Herald or Theurge would be a nice fit because -armorpen + summons and druid have ok spells with dot heals and paladin have an aura and is tankier. What i am struggle with is is xoti as healer (not very durable and if am enemys is on her rear she die so fast if she is casting spells) and aloth is a noodle. I have the feeling if i have xoti and a Herald or Thuerge that i lack in dmg. Can i prevent this in a way that the herald or theurge doing some dmg while supporting and debuffing? Or should i do something else entirely ?
  4. I will try this evening maybe a SC monk or Rogue/something out with either dual mortars or pistols. I am a bit scared about PotD difficulty and will figure out if I will play TB or RTwP. I am eager to try out Turn-baded because i play dungeons & dragons and it gives this little feeling for pen and paper gameplay. But IMO TB in PoE2 feels a bit "unfinished". I will give an update later how it went. Thank you guys
  5. Wow, that was some amazing infos ! Much appreciated I said in my first comment that i didn't like Monk for a Firearms Build. I already searched the Forum a dozen times and read threads over and over and decided maybe to not be so picky about a Monk as Multiclass option because they are quite strong indeed. I like your Idea with the Rogue/Ranger combi with Blunderbusses and will definitely try this out! I have not yet decided but i am really interested in Turn-Based and understand that many mechanics and build combinations play out differently... The Votary Build (the howitzer) in this thread looks powerfull but i dont know about turn based and PotD difficulty in general. I want a build with the 2 Serafen Mortars or with those nice unique Pistols (like thundercrack and eccea's or what its name is) and are there ways to play it Turn-Based? It would be nice if you can give me some further advices and tipps. You are really helpfull! Thank you
  6. I dislike Monk for an Pistol/ Firearm Build, unfortunatly. Are there other cool Pistol/Blunderbuss/Arquebuse Builds around ? If dual-wield or not ist not that important to me. I want a satisfying Firearms Build for my Maincharacter for PotD. My personal preferences are: Barbarian, Paladin, Ranger, Fighter, Cipher and Rogue ( a bit.. somehow) I would really appreciate sone advices and Tipps for nice Firearm Builds to lvl from 1 to end
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