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  1. Half my leg was covered in blood while i was removing 6 fishing hooks in my cats mouth and front leg. The power and agility packed into those little bodies are astonishing.
  2. This is happy news! I think obsidian are fantastic and I want them to get the credit they deserve. Hopefully obsidian getting bought by Microsoft won't affect their production of good classic RPGs if they are successful enough. Although I must say that Outer world's does look very interesting!
  3. I always used cosumeables when I played this too. I've never played this with a party tho and I am sure I wouldn't be using consumables on all in a party because it would be too tedious.
  4. You want to keep your wounds for the +10int. This build should be less good now then when I played it, atleast on solo after the nerf on whiteleaf. Bosses and multiple ranged enemies would be a problem. Also Stunning Blow can no longer regen more mortification then u spent on the attack. The concept still work tho ofc but I wouldn't play him solo any longer
  5. A good distraction from reality is a great thing at times but I really think you should see someone about your problems and I really mean this, depression took my brother and I didn't even know he was depressed so please talk to people about it so u can get the proper support u need.
  6. Now now settle down folks. Brilliance is a very OP buff considering that the only other way to regen resources is to spend empower points. Nerfing brilliance because of BDD, salvation and Ascended is wrong tho, also nerfing BDD because of brilliance is equally wrong. Make brilliance regen only PL1 and PL2 abilities? Not that I really care but I'd honestly be suprised if devs don't nerf an immortality combo while they do things like nerfing every proc in the game down into lottery RNG lvls. It's just a question of how severe it will be and what they will target.
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