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  1. Goop Gun was amazing for the final boss. I don't think any of them are really meant to be amazing to the point of being overpowered (aside from hammer which needs a nerf); they're mostly about flavor.
  2. So many parts to this game simply scream attention to detail. From the intelligent dialogue branching & reactivity, to the meticulous crafting of so many art assets. Thank you for a quality RPG.
  3. Just finished the game at a slow pace, clocking in at 50 hours. I was definitely happy with the length of the game - no sense in padding an RPG with an exhaustingly unnecessary length. It also demands at least one replay, if not more.
  4. Still no fix for AoE afflictions. Time to play another game.
  5. Hurray, thank you for confirmation that this is indeed a bug. Eagerly awaiting patch to continue playthrough with my rogue multiclass.
  6. Hopefully this is a bug; having just reached level 20 on my rogue/monk, this change diminishes my interest for finishing the game and DLC.
  7. My game has been getting progressively laggier (level 16 now) but it's usually been limited to the save/load menu. WIth 4.1, my blunderbuss user is causing incredibly choppy gameplay during combat - to the point that I'm secondguessing myself at times as to whether the game is autopausing off of some condition. Could this be related to the new floating combat damage numbers? Is there some way to turn this feature off to troubleshoot?
  8. Did some more casual testing regarding alchemy and crafted poisons. The above confusion happened due to leaving a fighter's accuracy stance on (oops). Poison accuracy starts at 20 and only scales off of character power level at a rate of +3/level, alchemy skill at a rate of 0.5acc/point and, seemingly, buffs that explicitly modify accuracy such as cleaving stance, exalted focus, deadeye, etc. +5% damage / point +2.5% duration / point So, at character level 20, with an average 10 point alchemy skill, that would be: 82 accuracy, +50% damage, +25% duration. Not terrible really, especially paired with blunderbuss.
  9. Sorry for the necro, but I felt this question belonged here: does alchemy currently affect [crafted] poisons in any way? edit: I tested it with two characters whose alchemy was 1 and 5 (impressive, I know!) The results are confusing... the accuracy for the higher alchemy went down? edit: I had the the accuracy fighting stance on for the first. woops.
  10. Right, I was curious about the actual attack roll for the weapon itself, since it would be using Fortitude. Sounds reasonable that it's just for afflictions. Darn.
  11. Rymrgand's Influence: +10 Accuracy with Body Affliction/Mind Affliction attacks ...does the above give standard melee attacks against Fortitude (Body) an additional 10 accuracy? Or only spells that inflict body afflictions?
  12. It seems MaxQuest indirectly answered this in his last post in the Attack Speed mechanics thread. Short answer: yes, the item effect stacks in this case. I think.
  13. Say, for instance, the action speed boosts on Frenzy (or Swift Strikes) and the modifier on the Chromoprismatic staff ? Or are they both considered active buffs, with only the highest taking precedence?
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