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  1. New Features Ship Combat UI update - A new UI has been added that pops up when you encounter a ship, allowing for some immediate options. This bestows the ability to interact with ship combat for players that continue to enjoy it, while allowing a way to quickly choose a different options to avoid them such as boarding or parley. Turn-based mode leaving Beta - Thank you to our players that have tested turn-based mode! This will now be set to live with the 5.0.0 patch. The Book Of Woedica: Unfortunately, The Book of Woedica contains a bug that doesn't allow for Woedica's VO to be heard unless the player opens the book on the World Map due to technical limitations. We apologize for this inconvenience! A Note from Narrative Designer Paul Kirsch: After Deadfire's launch and public reception, leadership and the writing team closely scrutinized some of the narrative issues which could have presented better or required some clarification. We distilled the most prevalent issues down to a couple of core factors: a lack of clarity regarding the metaphysics of Eora, and missing connectivity between Deadfire's "god plot" and "faction plot," for lack of a better term. Shortly before launching The Forgotten Sanctum, those of us still attached to the project had some availability to address these concerns. A handful of developers pooled their efforts to execute on a plan that seeks to address these story problems through modestly-scoped, unobtrusive changes to the core game experience. What follows behind the Spoiler gate is a broad outline of the solutions we pursued. We hope you enjoy them. Thanks for reading, and thanks for playing! Expanded Eothas Dialogue - The end game with Eothas has had many new voiced lines added to address some pressing questions from the players. The Ultimate Challenge - The Ultimate Challenge is now available for those adventurers that dare try to brave it. Those that manage to best the challenge may even find themselves with physical rewards! The Ultimate Challenge requires the following to be enabled/completed: Triple Crown - Expert Mode, Trial of Iron, Path of the Damned Level Scaling (Only scale upwards) Solo All 11 God Challenges - Wael, Woedica, Hylea, Rymrgand, Ondra, Skaen, Abydon, Magran, Berath, Galawain, and Eothas. All DLCs - Beast of Winter/ Seeker, Slayer Survivor/ Forgotten Sanctum. All major enemies and boss battles completed. The Ultimate Challenge requires the following to be disabled: Console Command Cheats Mods Beraths Blessings Anarchist Path - Changes have been added to the Anarchist path to allow for more of the game to be experienced before the player can attempt to finish the game. Resolved Issues Afflictions now work as expected for immunities, resistance, and suppression. Players should no longer be experiencing low frame rates due to multiple NPC's being on screen at once. Terrified party members who cannot move will now pass their turn correctly. Effect durations in breakdown tooltips are now displayed in Rounds when turn-based mode is enabled. Caltrops traps will no longer cause the turn-based combat to become stuck in certain cases. Pulsing spells are now displayed throughout their entire duration in the turn-based mode. Resisted Afflictions will no longer progress in real time in turn-based mode. Turn-based Combat Start banner behaves properly on ultra-widescreen resolutions. Party AI can no longer continue to use quick items with no charges left. Firearms users that act last in a round will no longer be incorrectly placed first in the next round. Creature summoned with Berath's Throwing Bones is now correctly queued in turn order in turn-based mode. Attack abilities will now apply their effects to child attacks such as AOEs in addition to the character's primary weapon attack. Characters with unused engagements will now engage enemies that move in range even if they are not the primary target. The description of Berath's Challenge now describes the effects in turn-based mode. Berath's Challenge will now show an effect icon and timer on unconscious party members. Wall spells now apply their effects on the turns of the characters affected by them. Imp Tricksters will no longer become stuck when attempting to use certain abilities in turn-based mode. Characters using Whispers of the Wind in turn-based mode will no longer remaining invisible until their next turn. Beam spells now deal the same damage per second in turn-based mode as they do in Real-Time with Pause. Turn-based movement indicator will correctly show the unreachable segments when targeting an enemy. Turn-based movement indicator will show a better estimate of the character's final position when using ranged attacks. Turn-based movement indicator will now be more accurate when attempting to move through a narrow space between multiple enemies. Invisible characters will no longer block movement. The player can no longer briefly switch weapon sets after hitting with an attack in turn-based mode. Cancelling the animation during a full attack no longer prevents Initiative from being set in turn-based mode. Creatures summoned with Figurines now appear for the correct number of turns. Priest's "Symbol of Eothas" has been adjusted to turn-based mode. Ability tooltips will clearly show "Not Your Turn" when it isn't the selected character's turn. Modal abilities cannot be toggled unless it's the caster's turn. With Berath's Challenge enabled in turn-based mode, enemies will never exit the turn order. Consuming drugs properly sets the character's initiative in turn-based mode. Priest's "Blessing of Wael" has been adjusted to turn-based mode. Camera in turn-based mode no longer moves to dead enemies between turns. Blade Turning now ends early if the monk moves. Monk's "Whispers of the Wind" ability now correctly uses an action point in turn-based mode. Characters that are naturally neutral to the player will no longer drop out of turn-based combat when they are all charmed. Brilliant Tactician's effects will work correctly when there are multiple Tacticians in the party. Fixed the flanked condition rarely persisting after combat ends. The Miss glossary entry now has the correct threshold value in turn-based mode. The End Game Slides "Continue" button will no longer permanently disappear. In turn-based mode, pulsing AoEs no longer pulse in real-time when the caster dies. Cost numbers on the ability bar will no longer occasionally show when the ability bar is hidden. Combats in turn-based mode will more reliably pull nearby enemies. Resurrection's "Cannot Die" effect is now applied for correct amount of turns in turn-based mode. Enemies will no longer lock up when attempting to target destructibles with certain attacks in turn-based mode. Auras are now updated in real time in turn-based mode. Passive abilities will no longer show "Action Type: Free" in the ability tree. Immobile creatures will now switch to ranged weapons if necessary in turn-based combat. Barks of the enemy ships' captains are properly assigned to them instead of to the Watcher. Camera in turn-based mode with Hylea's Challenge enabled no longer moves away from party. Option to disable camera centering on active character in turn-based mode has been added to the game. Characters will play a visual-only flinch animation when they are bumped by allies. Relentless Storm in turn-based mode will now Daze by default, and its Daze attacks that critically hit will upgrade to Stuns. Gaze of Adragan has had it second redundant defense roll removed. "Llengrath's Safeguard" no longer can be cast out of combat. Combat Attack Results tutorial has been updated to reflect new Graze range. Mortification of the Soul is a free action in turn-based mode.
  2. Hello Watchers! This patch will go live on Steam, GOG, MacPlay, and Origin OSX at 10:00 am PDT! Origin Windows was slightly delayed, and we hope to have it up soon! Patch notes for v4.1.2.0047 Resolved Issues The Combat Start is no longer visible before starting combat in certain situations. Terrified party members who cannot move will now pass their turn correctly. Casts interrupted by "Mage Slayer" are now correctly removed from the turn queue in turn-based mode. In deck-to-deck combat, loot can no longer be lost if there is too much. Characters are now able to jump between ships' decks during combats in turn-based mode. Characters automatically finish reloading when their turn starts. The combat speed slider will now update correctly when using the hotkeys to change it. The Combat Start autopause event will now trigger properly when combat starts with a cutscene (e.g. deck-to-deck combat). Vela's level now matches the player's level in Hylea's Challenge, granting her bonus defenses. Summoned creatures are now set to the caster's level. Turn order UI will not appear in trap-triggered combat with no enemies. Characters will no longer get stuck in their walk speed after leaving a cutscene. Characters are no longer walking after leaving a Slog Zone. In turn-based mode, Berath's Challenge kills unconscious characters after they have been unconscious for 3 consecutive rounds rather than 3 total rounds. Character's Initiative no longer displays in the Inventory while playing in Real-Time with Pause mode. Balance Changes Light, one-handed weapon's damage has been slightly increased in turn-based mode. In turn-based mode, dexterity now adds 4% to Stride per point. In turn-based mode, characters receive -10 Deflection while Knocked Down.
  3. Apologies everyone, I had missed one change that was implemented and adding them to Patch Notes as the following: Combat is correctly started in Turn-Based Mode after kills made from stealth. Best, -Caleb
  4. Below are the Patch notes for the v4.1.1 update, now live on Steam, GOG, and Origin. Linux GOG may not be immediately available at launch. Thank you all for your feedback and reports during this beta of Turn-Based mode. As always, for any issues please feel free to utilize the forums or support site here. Patch Notes for Known Issues Jump points are not usable in Turn-Based combat: We are aware of this issue and are currently looking for a solution to address this problem. Resolved Issues The storm cutscene will now always trigger properly after the introductory fight. The grimoire UI will now correctly display grimoires that are in stores and containers. The Infamous Captain passive no longer causes ship deck fights to start during the introductory cutscene. Additionally, the fear effect now only triggers in ship combats. In turn-based combat, all present enemies will now properly act in the first round instead of waiting until the second. The following trinkets will no longer prevent the player from losing their turn in turn-based mode: Characters will no longer become stuck when trying to move near enemies in turn-based combat. The game will no longer pause when opening a tutorial during turn-based combat. Certain spells no longer consume Action Point from the character's next turn. Party members now move at the correct speed when in stealth. Characters with unused engagements will now engage enemies that move in range even if they are not the primary target. Characters will no longer say "Can't Do" barks when hovering enemies in turn-based mode. Many enemies with Might or Constitution affliction resistances will now defend against the correct effects. Combat is correctly started in Turn-Based Mode after kills made from stealth. Balance Changes Characters will Graze on attack rolls of 1-49 in Turn-Based mode instead of 25-49. Adjusted Forbidden Fist ability: Reduced initial damage, but increased the damage bonus per curse to +50% (from +25%). Reduced the duration of the curse to 6s (from 10s). Reduced the added duration per use to 6s (from 10s). Added duration from subsequent curses will no longer increase the duration of the initial curse. Hid unnecessary self-application information from the combat log.
  5. Hello ABearIsHere, Thank you for posting on our Obsidian Forums with this issue with very specific steps, it makes it very easy for me to assign this to our QA team to investigate and get in front of a dev to look into . -Best, -Caleb
  6. Hello kinkuma, Thanks for posting and sorry you're having issue with Llengrath still. Would you mind sending a save game to support.obsidian.net so we may look into the issue you are experiencing? Best, -Caleb
  7. Hello sam_ihsan, Thank you for posting this issue, Ill get it examined by QA to reproduce. If you could provide us with a save file to support.obsidian.net it would help in this endeavor. Best, -Caleb
  8. Hello wbc889, Thanks for the post and posting your save game as well . I'll get this logged into our system. Best, -Caleb
  9. Hello all, This issue has been logged and is resolved, to be implemented in an upcoming patch. Thank you for bringing this up and for your patience! Best, -Caleb
  10. Hello Verde, Thanks for posting in Obsidian Support forums. We'll get this investigated by QA and see if we can get a solid reproduction to present to the devs. Best, -Caleb
  11. Hello michael.montenegro, Thanks for reporting this. Ill get this bugged into our system. Best, -Caleb
  12. Hello PensivePenguin, Thanks for bringing this up, I'll get this handed over to QA and see if it can be reproduced and if so get a bug in. In the meantime, if you could get a save file sent to support.obsidian.net we may be able to help in our investigations. Best, -Caleb
  13. Hello all, Apologies for the lapse in response! Thank you all for posting this issue, we were able to get it resolved and will be implementing in a future patch. Please stay tuned, and thank you for your patience. Best, -Caleb
  14. Greetings all! Thanks for posting! We have this bug resolved to be implemented in a future patch. Best Regards, -Caleb
  15. Greetings Bastbog, Thanks for the post! We have this issue resolved and currently pending a future update. Best, -Caleb
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