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  1. Hi all! We do have the issues with dandelions being worked on and hope to get a fix soon as we can get it stable.
  2. Hey zariok, Sorry youre having this (understandably interesting) issue! We are working on this problem now and hope to have a resolution soon!
  3. Hey all, We do have this logged by many players and are actively working toward a fix! Stay tuned for future updates and patches for potential fixes.
  4. Hey Colt4u, Glad you were able to get this solved! Let me know if its still giving you any issues, or you want to make any suggestions
  5. Hey dvsnathan, Thanks for the info! We are letting others know that this is a potential fix for players if they are experiencing frame rate issues, so a post is a perfect addition to help get the word out! We appreciate it a ton
  6. Hey Jason, Thanks for reporting this crash. Would you be able to send the save closest or one one that crashes? You can send that to Support.obsidian.net for us to investigate. Otherwise I'll get this added with the info and PC specs you've provided
  7. Yep! We do have this mentioned by a bunch of players, and have screenshots in our system! We always welcome any more media if it ever comes
  8. Hey all, As mentioned above this is a known issue, which currently has a workaround by recycling the armor. If that doesnt end up working, please reach out to us at support@obsidian.net
  9. Hey all, Yeah AMD cards have been an issue, and the suggestion provided above have been noted as fixes for some other players. Let us know if this works, or feel free to get a ticket in @ support.obsidian.net. I will get your rig info logged now!
  10. Hello all! We do have this issue logged and have it in investigation for a fix. This video helps a lot so Ill get it added to our database! Thanks
  11. We do have this issue currently logged and investigating. We don't have a firm answer yet, but we hope to have the cause soon!
  12. Hi Danielthereaper, Can you let us know what your gamertag for xbox is? And is the multiplayer hosting also console to console? That info will help us investigate the problem.
  13. Hello Chuchan, Interesting, Ill get it added that the xcloud versions are the root of the problem. You may also want to make sure you have less than 10 saves as thats been reported as an issue to some other players.
  14. Some good suggestions! But we will try to get these resolved as soon as we can. If you could toss me your sweet gamer tag, I can get your info added!
  15. Hey Fletch Dude, Did this solve your issue for you? I can get the suggestion for personal locks as a request to be an option
  16. Hey Steve, just wanted to confirm that your gamertag is RoidRaginRaptor? Ill get your info added to our support tickets as this problem with this lag and stink bugs we currently have open
  17. Hey all, Hopefully these work! It should be known that these sort of saves when in bulk appear to sometimes lead to crashes and/or long load times, so if you notice some of those issues occurring that may be another workaround to check.
  18. Yeah that is a good idea to test out! But we are looking into these long load times for xbox particularly.
  19. Hey all, Yeah we do have this logged as a big issue for our xbox players. We are trying to look for fixes now, but in the meantime would you be able to let us know your gamer tags, and if you havent which Xbox series you are playing on? This info is helpful for us to look into this problem. Thanks!
  20. Hi all, We do have this issue logged and are currently investigating the issue. Thanks for reporting that it operates this way with them still trying to do something, Ill add your info to our database.
  21. Hey Thomas, Have you verified the integrity of your files? It sounds like it may be a problem with how the game was installed, so you may find some success in reinstalling. If that doesnt work, please email us at support@obsidian.net with any saves or info you can provide so we can investigate the issue.
  22. Hey WonerMand, As mentioned above, Support@obsidian.net is the best place to getting your email verified, as we'll need to ensure it is your email!
  23. Hey PhilKill2, Did the autosaves suggestion work for you? If not can you get us a ticket at support@obsidian.net? We're glad you love the game! But do want you to get in and playing! Thanks for being patient w us during early access
  24. Hey all, This issue as a big issue that is afffecting our players and it is one of our priorities to investigation. That being said it is a very in depth one that may require some time to figure out and make stable for future updates! Sorry for this inconvenience.
  25. Hey all! That is indeed the best place to provide us with a save! any other info you can, such as a dxdiag or gamer tag is also very helpful for us in investigations.
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