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  1. For me it's only grounded that doesn't load. 4k works on everything else no problem aside from a ram issue on rdr every now and then it won't close properly until I restart console grounded does this too more often than not. It's also not a listed problem what I can see it says steam pc error no word of console pc biast crap again
  2. If we can't get near it due to hard crashing killing is not an option and it has been this way since around the 3rd day of release when I first submitted a ticket
  3. How long do we (Xbox users) have to wait for you to fix the over spawns glitched crowds of ants stuck in tunnels causing major stability issues this has been a problem since before the very 1st patch and it still isn't fixed not very good is it obsidian one of the biggest problems being unheeded
  4. I have found the cause of my issue it's the solder ants are built up in a section of the tunnels presumbly it's under where the stink bugs are I managed to kill them all after like 3 hours of lag ING down the tunnels hoping not to crash but prevailed need to go back down with help to clear the rest out but I the manged to kill the stink bugs too and I can now for now mostly get through the area without crashing or too much lag. Hope this helps rectify it in future update. There is videos of it under gtag Xbox RoidRaginRaptor thank s
  5. Apologies I sent you a pm as don't really know what I'm doing lol. Update for my problem is I now can't play the game. I can't get to the character select screen on any save and have waited an hour on one attempt. I tried to thinking it might be influx of bugs being my problem go and kill everything near and eventually all being well under and on the problem area. Instead I hard crashes to dash board and now when I try loading even on an early save it won't get to the charecter screen. Have tried resets and reinstalled cache clear etc etc. I'm stuck now can't do or think of anything I can do.
  6. Having same issue of it won't let me get to charecter select screen on any of my saves tried reinstall resets etc etc. As I choose my save no matter which save it goes to black load screen have waited just over an hour on one of my attempts to play
  7. I have a video of the problem under my gtag too if its any help I don't know how or if I can share it here as it says 1mb only max size it's named broken area of map and I can always record again if need be. Appreciate the response I know you guys are busy. So thanks again I really don't want to start a new session.
  8. Hey cdiaz yes that is the correct gamer tag for Xbox and thank you.
  9. There is one near the juice box nearest to the abandoned ant hill I can't remember the name of the juice sorry but it swaps between the apple core and hotdog daily rotations and there are the ones near where you get the rotten blade from although I can't remember where they are situated I think it's going towards the hedge but don't quote me on that one.
  10. Have you tried recycle Have you tried recycle I read a bug of stuff like armour etc being invisible and will drop show if recycle the dummy /rack I've not had a problem in that area so dunno how much truth in it. Worth a try.
  11. It's not how I want it to be played its how we also I'm not the only one in my sessions problems with limted capacity stop from picking up after you as you say and in some circumstances isn't possible due to glitching or other means. A simple reset on logout or when they update would solve any issues of non spawning bugs and resources and I said previously there isn't any point in pallets etc when there not needed and are only wasting the resources in building them. Until a consequence of something like loose gear will be reset removed gives people the incentive to use them as obsidian means t
  12. You cannot get to the planks fallen into the map rocks or ground as there isn't anything to highlight too pick up and my base is impossible to be attack were I'm situated until we maybe get bees or mosquitos that can reach inturn making it so nothing can be disturbed and after a while the map will be soo cluttered itl break the game so yes it f oes need maybe a monthly empty with each update as well as bug respawns. And pallets are pointless might as well remove them if that's the way you think. If loose stuff was deleted it would make the player build the proper containers and play the game h
  13. Hey can you sort out the lost materials by having them auto delete if the session ends and it's not stored in the relevant storage containers/pallets Have sooo many grass planks and other materials stuck falling through the world in rocks in the ground there are a few bottomless pits in the world at the moment I'm sure it would help with stability and loading times if non properly stored item were deleted on logout. If you want to keep the cut grass have it on the pallets etc etc at the min there is no need for pallets as can just build a 3 length platform wall either side and store hundr
  14. Yeah my apple and hotdog are spawning fine too. I've recorded a video if any from obsidian is reading it titled broken area of map to show what happens each time I try visit the area. Xbox profile RoidRaginRaptor I've tried emptying the ants nest killed a fair few but dunno how many there are or the respawns of them cleared area around the stink bugs but still as I try to go get the 5 stink bugs it laggs then crashes without fail.
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