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  1. Thank you for bringing this to our attention! Ill get this added with the information we have that grimoires are the root of the cause
  2. Greetings Kolath, Thanks very much for reporting this. I will get this bug entered. This is on a freshly created game yes? It may not show rep changes for already existing older saves Kind Regards, -Caleb
  3. Thank you for this post. I have this issue entered seeing it reported by others, but this helps greatly while we look for a fix in a future patch. Best Regards, -Caleb
  4. Hello Aranduin, Thank you very much for bringing this to our attention. So this presented itself in patch 1.1 and continued on through to our latest patch 1.2? Ill get this logged so we can look into it in the meantime Best, -Caleb
  5. Hi xamitxx, I am assuming you mean Patch 1.2.0 yes? We are not seeing this issue presented in house, so would you mind sending me a save and a video of the issue in question? Best, -Caleb
  6. Hey all, I will get this evaluated, but please keep this in mind: I understand the thought process and read all the replies to this point, and while I get their validity for this being a bug, it does require a fair knowledge of location, item use, and research while still using pretty 'meta' mechanics. Does it mean it will remain in it's current state? Maybe, that is ultimately to the devs. But we do have a fair amount of things on our plate to get our game in the state we'd like it to be with only so much work labor. That said, I will be moving this to the discussion forums. Best, -Caleb
  7. Hello hekiller, Thank you very much for posting! We have this issue logged currently as a high priority issue to fix in an upcoming patch. In the meantime, would you mind getting me a video of the issue if possible? I do have the matter entered myself, I just want to be sure I have every instance of this bugged to support you guys. Best, -Caleb
  8. Hey all, would you mind please giving us a save from both PoE 2 with the issue, and your .savegamecomplete from PoE 1 that it references? It would help us investigate the matter a lot! You can link to a dropbox or shared drive or send the information to support.obsidian.net. Cheers, -Caleb
  9. Hello all! It is a known issue that higher end Nvidia graphics are having many problems with the game, with huge frame drops, memory leaks, and crashes. We are actively working with Nvidia to get the problem resolved, and with the help of our Producer David Benefield we have been able to get Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire on the Nvidia list of optimized games. This will allow for testing on our end to be better in line with what our community is running and we're working with Nvidia to get a fix for their graphics cards to work as best as possible with our game, but it may take a bit more time. In the meantime you can attempt to adjust your settings with an article on our support site here. This was made thanks to the awesome help of the community, with a huge thank you to Postenago for making the post. Thank you all for taking the time to read this post! As always if you do experience crashes feel free to send the information to us, and be sure to add all the files we'd need to get it logged for fixing correctly! Kindest Regards, -Caleb
  10. Just got this in and bugged for the Programmers. Thank you for sending this file! EDIT: Actually, This file is missing an output.log and dxdiag, and both would be very necessary in getting this bugged. Would any of you happen to have this information with the crashes? You can find the file paths to those files here: https://support.obsidian.net/article/20-how-do-i-report-a-bug Ill get it entered in the meantime, but any of those from any of you would be great.
  11. Hi all, sorry for the late reply on this! Ill get the save provided above from dreadguacamole so it gets entered into our system. Thank you for the info! If any of you have saves with the issue, please feel free to PM me with the issue and save so I can get the best visibilty on it. Best, -Caleb
  12. Hey AeonsLegend, Thanks for the post! Ill get this bugged so we can get it fixed for a future patch. Best, -Caleb
  13. i tried that too, did not help. Good idea though, I know it can fix other problems for people sometimes. I believe this issue to be fixed now (A problem with our steam depot) so let me know if its still a problem for you, a PM is also fine. Best, -Caleb
  14. Thanks a ton for the link yourang. Is this working for everyone now? Anyone else experiencing issues with this? Best, -Caleb
  15. Hello Phenomenum, Thanks for the post, Ill get this request for the strings in so the devs can look into Also, I'm probably gonna need a link to wherever you got your forum image from Best, -Caleb
  16. Hello Archaven, Thanks for posting! Are you able to send us any crash files? You can visit Support.obsidian.net with any help on getting the files we'd need (Namely .savegame, output.log, and dxdiag.) Best, -Caleb
  17. I know some of you are showing that you lost Trial of Iron saves (which blows Im super sorry) But if you can PM me some saves and link to this forum post thatd be great. Thanks! -Caleb
  18. Hi MageAndProud, Thank you very much for providing these crash files! Ill get these logged so the programmers can look into a fix. Best, -Caleb
  19. Hi Spleenless_Extortionist, Do you happen to have a video with the issue occurring? Ill get this in with our QA but Im sure they tried this and were getting the correct amount of Focus as this was reported before. I will double check with them. Best, -Caleb
  20. Haha I just replied to the other, Ive changed this to fail the fix and re enter in the future. Thanks a ton for your patience and assistance! Best, -Caleb
  21. Simply playin catch up that day, and I'm already behind! But yes, same with RK unfortunately, the VFX did look neat on the models
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