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  1. This thread linked is one of those ones I had mentioned where I feel like it was a disconnect. Ill change that this is not fixed (and worse) in latest, and get it bugged with high priority. Thanks for bringing this up all! Best, -Caleb
  2. Hi sohki, I do think we have this in to get bugged, but I will double check and enter it if not. Thank you for your post! Best, -Caleb
  3. Just wanted to touch bases, I'll mention it to the devs in my weekly update so we can keep this idea rolling around Best, -Caleb
  4. Oh ok wonderful news! Let me know if anything else crops up. Best, -Caleb
  5. Thanks for the screenshot! Ill get this added in
  6. Here's what I got back from the devs: "Josh wanted to reward players with a passive talent if the didnt sacrifice anyone to the blood pool. For one reason or another, later on that passive was never awarded to the player in dialogue, and was cut as a resolution to a bug on Josh." Thats all the info they'd impart with me
  7. I'm really curious what the story is with gift of hope. There were also a couple other not available abilities I was curious about but I've forgotten the names. It doesn't super matter to me if the answer was, "it got cut," I'm more interested in the story behind why it was thought up and then cut or if it not showing up is just a bug. Yeah I checked on this yesterday to see it got cut, but lemme probe a bit more as to why it did, I'd also like to know whats the story there
  8. Hey all, I wanna go over this with a fine tooth comb but honestly I just cant with the time I got. Any big hitters you guys want me to ask the devs if its in game or on a loot list?
  9. Can you Try: SetGlobalValue b_Arkemyr_Alarmed_Sounded 0 SetGlobalValue b_Arkeymr_Hostilities_Fix 1
  10. Hello all! We have a fix for the Guan's Pledge DLC for our Steam Depot. If you guys could please retry the DLC and see if its working, I would greatly appreciate it Note: You may need to restart steam in order for the change to appear.
  11. Excellent, thanks! Looks like I came up with a tough one here. No worries, as an update it looks like it was an issue with the coding, so great find I do know work has been done and looks like it has been resolved, so we'll do some testing and roll this one out with the next patch we have coming up. It should fix this retroactively, but it may need an earlier save, and as always please let us know if this isnt the case. Thanks!
  12. Hello all! Thank you for coming to the Technical Support forums! Id like to address some issues that I have noticed occur on the forums here. When Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire launched we had limited support on these forums and tried to get the sea of bugs, crashes, and requests in from all of you players. Because of the way the forums are set up to work, we were not as well equipped to address these issues as we thought, and I think we dropped the ball a bit on some posts. We worked our best to get at least every issue answered, but after some investigation I see that there are cases where simply answering a post doesn't mean it is getting resolved, or worse, being told an issue is fixed when this isn't the case. I'd like to sincerely apologize for these instances if they have affected you. The purpose of this site isn't so you can post a problem and go unheard with an automated-feeling reply. It's that you get heard, and if we have the physical labor pool and hours to do so, fix your issues. After some careful planning, I've set in motion better steps to make sure this is not the case moving forward. Hopefully, this helps our players get the experience they deserve when there are issues with the game. It may take some time and experimentation as I have steam, reddit, and twitter to account for as well, so any patience and/or feedback while I get it all under control would be really appreciated. Please note that while I am working to make this medium more efficient to get the issues logged and in front of the right people, the issue in question may not be looked into depending on its severity. It realistically comes down to all the problems we have and organizing the things that must be fixed, to what it would be nice to fix. However, do not let this deter you from posting, or asking for an update on your issue If you feel like your issues in the past may have fallen into the realm of the forgotten, feel free to post again on it to bump it back to the first page of the forums, or just create a new post. What we want to aim for is seeing my gross sweaty bear icon take up the bulk of the pages from here on out As always, you can PM me, which is the best way for me to get notifications on anything related to our forums. If you have any suggestions, concerns, or if you just need a place to vent your frustrations to, feel free to comment here. I'll do my best to stay vigilant on this post! You may also reach me via twitter @The_Darxide or on Obsidian's Official Discord channel Thank you all! Stay cool and all those other neat sign offs. -Caleb
  13. Hi Willem, You stated that they are resting, so they are in the bottom slots yes? Could you send me a screenshot? And a save if you genuinely think its a bug. Thanks! -Caleb
  14. Hey handsomenat, Thanks for the post! Ill get the Seafol doppelganger in as an issue with the above steps. Best, -Caleb
  15. kmbogd you hero. Long post me up, but only if its not too much trouble for ya! I have enough information to go off of to get it in front of QA to bug and they can look into that stuff, but any help is appreciated! Thanks! -Caleb
  16. Hi kmbogd, Thanks for this report! Ill get this in for fixing. Best, -Caleb
  17. Actually, mind letting me know if this happens only on her hat or any tricorn hat? (Ok if not, we have testers that finding this stuff is their job )
  18. Do you have any of the crash files? Id like to get issues that are happening on 1.1.1 added to older bugs as well.
  19. tried right now and seems work as intented.. the only thing that i don't understand is why in combat log is showed ' 0 raw damage' and right clicking on the ability give another value inside the description (in my case 9), maybe this decrease the overall damage? Weird. Does it show 0 Raw damage and tick for 0?
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