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  1. I have completed THE ULTIMATE...readthrough of the Ultimate rules and decided I can't quite manage it
  2. Having the stat and reputation checks on feels like an inbuilt spoiler. I can definitely see how that could take away from the experience. I have always had them off, never even considered having them on. To the extent that playing like this has a downside, it's that you may well miss the fact that a certain dialogue could lead elsewhere, if you had the skills/stats/whatever. But I'm fine with that. agreed except where the 'clever' and 'cruel', etc options in responses are sometimes necessary to tell you the tone in which you're saying something. Although mostly clear, there were a fe
  3. It helps alot to rob people, especially at the beginning of game. Some people say you can have unique items by stealing. Anyway it seems 8 sleight of hand is enough, but with about 18 mechanics and 20 stealth, this is damn impossible. P.S. By the way I performed some experiment and probably have an answer. In short: it does not do a sh... anything. First I chose some path with guards and measured how long my character can walk without detection. Then I added 1 point to stealth and measured it again. It added about 2 meters. Then I added 1 stealth points to rest of my party and guess wh
  4. The shapeshifting showed up in the inventory screen for me in an earlier build - but the weapons didn't disappear so my Cat-form had an axe in his knee (poor thing). It was cool to have but not a game-breaker to miss. Perhaps it could be modded in (axe-in-the-knee notwithstanding)?
  5. I finished it with my first character imported from PoE1 pre-expansions. I started another but didn't finish it yet (life got in the way). I'm going to go back once all the expansions are out and finish with that first character before doing a whole playthrough with the 2nd. Best: Improved graphics, better combat, less trashmob encounters, sub-classes Worst: too many companions tied too closely to the factions (so my chosen party didn't work with my chosen faction and won't on my 2nd playthrough either), 5-person party (for combat it's okay but there's no redundancy if someone gets knock
  6. the Watcher's story DID end, at the final ending slide I'd be remiss if I didn't think Obsidian will do one final game with The Watcher. I base this one the fact that humans have an obsession with the number three. I can think of three reasons why that is incorre...Doh!
  7. FTFY. Konstanten gets no love in these sorts of threads. :( Apparenly he's getting more love in the Seeker Slayer Survivor DLC (along the lines of Ydwin in BoW increased wordiness) (Can't seem to find where I read that, but it came from Obs) Edit: It was from one of Josh's posts on SA
  8. If you don't have a web link you can upload it using the attachment option. Which is available by clicking "More Reply Options" next to the "Post" button (I know because I had to ask the same thing when I first wanted to attach something )
  9. Ah, you see the 1st DLC is on the 2nd and 1+2=3 so you'll actually get it on the 3rd. If the 2nd DLC is scheduled for the 30th or 31st, we'll need to enter an alternate realm ... but that's part of the 1st DLC so we can subtract and play it on the 28th or 29th...unless it's February, in which case you need to divide by the 2nd and multiply by the 1st...and then have a nice relaxing cup of tea. It's all down to bistromathics.
  10. Honestly? I think they figured it would've been too much work to write twice the dialogue for her. In-game, I figure she was treated badly but she still loves her country (which is part of why she disobeyed the ducs - she figured it was better for VR to not screw over the Dyrwood and maintain good relations - she figured they'd understand...they didn't). She still believes in the VR and wants them to succeed and she'll happily go along with their plans.
  11. I was just in the Dark Cupboard, playing as a Dwarf Rogue. I talked to Ifren (the ex-thief who's been transformed into a fortune telling machine). One of my options was "I wish I was big." (Pre-req was 'Dwarf'). Surely this is a reference to the Tom Hanks movie where he says the same thing to the fortune telling machine. I chuckled. (I thought Obs said they didn't go in for pop-culture references? This one snuck in (though it's pretty subtle)). Anyone else seen any other references? (apologies if there's a topic already - I did try a search)
  12. During the development stage, they teased NPC reactions such as cowering in fear and running away. If these aren't working for enemy attacks, they should be able to be added. I can't remember getting into many fights near civilians in my last playthrough (my watcher was too diplomatic and nice) but I will in my current. So I'll look out for this.
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