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  1. Realistic Hybrid Animals Made From Digitally Manipulated Photos
  2. Been binging Cloak & Dagger. On the one hand, I really enjoy the characters in the series. On the other, the writing seems a bit daft at times.
  3. Here I'm thinking, "Well good, now we have a useful metric to predict University graduation failure rate".
  4. My thought was to have a "Master" Vault; the final vault scheduled to open, and make it better equipped for survival or to master the emerging PA civilization. Are you from this supervault? No such luck -- you're from a vault that just got invaded by the bots of the new masters, and barely escaped.
  5. How much are we betting that English fans are about to provide us yet another sublime example of how truly civilized people ought to behave?
  6. Looks potentially very exciting for big chunks of the world: Radical desalination approach may disrupt the water industry
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