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  1. I suspect a significant factor in the US is the influence of the internet. This can be used to amplify the voice of small, anonymous groups and to create echo chambers that become self-reinforcing. Prior to the internet, when a typical person espoused a crackpot conspiracy theory, their buddies could be on hand to keep them well-grounded. That is often no longer the case, since people will head to the internet to anonymously spout rubbish. It doesn't help that foreign adversaries can help promote this behavior, to an unknown extent. We're more likely to be targeted by these malicious agents du
  2. Fun fact: January 6th is National Bean Day. It is closely followed by National Pass Gas Day on January 7th.
  3. Note that I'm not saying it's bad; I had the moderna vaccine myself. It's just that some people are very risk adverse and prefer older technological solutions until the new-fangled toys have proved themselves.
  4. I look at it that Juneteenth is Thanksgiving day for slavery descendants. The symbolism is more important than the accuracy. Then again, we're all descended from slaves and kings, so maybe it should be celebrated everywhere?
  5. Thanks. Yes it's funny what will trigger some people. I just thought it was an interesting curiosity.
  6. Some people choose astra-zeneca specifically because it uses existing well-tested vaccine technology and isn't an experimental mRNA vaccine. I don't think they'll be happy about it.
  7. They don't call him the Great Divider for nothing. His disagreeableness and falsehoods had a very strong polarizing effect. It's a similar effect to what you see with the Climate Change discussion, where the politicizing of the science has made it very difficult to stay neutral and unbiased.
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