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  1. Tomorrow is yesterday: 100-year-old predictions about 2023
  2. Successful hypothermia in nonhuman primate paves the way for future application in human torpor during spaceflight
  3. Okay now my posts are vanishing. I feel like I'm being covertly censored here.
  4. I got in a weird state on this forum so that I couldn't even like a post or use the contact tool. It either told me I was blocked or the system was in a bad state. The only fix was to clear out my cookies for the last month.
  5. Here it's another winter snow adventure. My exit is an uphill sheet of ice that's about to get even worse with overnight freezing rain. That could knock out the power here, and it may not thaw until after Christmas. Just great.
  6. Happy holidays everybody! (Says the guy who's retired and doesn't need any stinkin' holidays...)
  7. I suppose they could just do alternating set plays rather than extra time. That would at least involve the full teams.
  8. Well that was a fun match, and a good tourney all around. I look forward to 2026.
  9. Yep. They didn't include a bed in the B-2 design so the crew had to lug along a lightweight deck chair for those long missions to Iraq.
  10. Good match. Too bad it didn't go to extra time.
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