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  1. It is already planned ;-) https://grounded.obsidian.net/feature-board
  2. Update: I saw one feather drop right after the crow landed on one of the lasers. You have to look from where it came and search the incoming path
  3. Just found four (!!!) feathers near the bird bath Some where hardly reachable up in the hedge or on branches. Haven't seen the Crow because I was hunting spiders in the hedge so i don't know if it just sit there and dropped some. Good luck!
  4. Do you really wake up in the morning with hunger and thirst fully restored? I don't Only Health Regarding the grass seeds: It could be an additional use for the shovel digging small holes to put seeds in. Otherwise they won't grow ^^ Oh, and of course only few of the grass has seeds. Another very helpful item could be a binocular or something
  5. Good Idea to put all wishes and suggestions in one place I got some thoughts and maybe they are worth implementing: a Smoothie for Night-vision and one for enemy highlighting in a certain distance Weed-seeds would be nice for cooking, crafting, growing some on your own and of course animal food the possibility to stack the storage for weed stems and plates decaying of not used plant parts which are not in a proper storage a (expensive) mutation to draw more than one arrow with one shot I will add more as soon as the ideas find me Edit: I disc
  6. I just wanted to leave some suggestion and feedback but then i read your post :-D Because I encounter the same issue and know how annoying it can be. After the Update it seems that the fireflies are stuck in the corner of the hedge far above the ground. Even if you were able to hit them with arrows they can't reach you. Hope this helps :-)
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