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  1. (PC/Single Player/Mild: Same problem: killing ants will spawn, at the most, one or two eggs in the ant hill . Tried traps. Tried hunting and killing groups of ants wherever I located them. Even cleared the entire ant hill.....still the same: one ant egg, maybe two. Then....nothing. And with the increased spawn rate of orb weavers lately, I really could use a few more bombs to clear certain areas out. Especially when they are now attacking in packs. Like wolves. With extra legs.
  2. Would love to see glass windows! Curtains from flower petals.....each in different colors. And a greenhouse that would protect our garden from critters and increase production and reduce growing time. Great idea!
  3. Also, a hook and line to retrieve those pesky grass and weed stems when you just didn't quite make that 'not so spectacular' jumping maneuver. Or walked confidently over that last 'not so completely finished' blueprint grass walkway and.....like Wiley Coyote.....realized too late that there was nothing between you and the pond but empty air. (Splash!) Ah, me.....the joys of building!
  4. Every time I walk by a leaf that looks like a canoe (the ones near the bird bath) I've wished we would harvest them, drop them in the pond and sail away. All you would need to craft is a paddle (boatman flippers?). Maybe craft a sail for an upgrade version. Rafts would be fun as well.
  5. Yes......and not just pets. I often have to rescue a stray aphid or weevil stuck beneath stairs/supports etc. Would be nice to just pick them up and set them down elsewhere before an ant comes along and starts wrecking the place trying to get at them. Instead, I've had to dismantle and rebuild after setting them free. (I know.....I'm a softie when it comes to cute, chirpy, critters. )
  6. Yes.....please, please, please change the agro and chase distance for the mosquitos. I've had one mosquito chase me across the backyard from the grill all the way to the rose bush. And the damage it did to the door and window of the house where I finally took refuge.......not even a wolf spider would have been that persistent or aggressive. Agro three together! There's no escape! I think I'd rather face down the brood mother!
  7. Yes.....I agree with you wholeheartedly! Both have a somewhat jarring, unnatural look to them. And completely out of proportion to the rest of the environment. The clay foundation appears flatter, which I am slowly beginning to appreciate. But the slick, smooth surface lacks texture and definition, appearing more like a slab of wet bubble gum than dry, hardened clay. And the size is huge. As for the pebblet foundation, the texture is still true to the original, but again, overly large and out of proportion with the actual size of a normal pebblet. Just drop a pebblet on the new foundation and you will realize why the new change is uncomfortable and strange. Suggestions: Keep the flat clay surface, but add more natural texture and definition. Break up the slab into smaller section or layers, especially on the sides. They can be irregular and interesting, but not one, flat chunk. Return the old pebblet foundation. It was perfect just the way it was. (It wasn't broken, so no need to fix it.)
  8. Oh....I sincerely hope so, SnickerSnack. Otherwise, we will be praying for black rain and performing the sacred crow dance just to make a single rooftop.
  9. Ah....yes! Crow feathers! Or the lack there of. Once upon a time they were abundant, raining down upon us in glorious, black velvet rain. Alas, we took them for granted. And now, since the last update, they have become the rarest and most elusive of treasures. Oh....they still exist. I've watched. And waited. Ran wherever the crow landed, only to be disappointed, again and again. Then, after two weeks of game play.....finally! Found one! Nearly passed it by on the trail because I had all but given up ever finding one. You will find them, rarely, at the birdbath. up in the branches, down in the pool or along the ground into the hedge. They also appear along the trail leading to the mint box or the other trail just left of the strange machine. Unless the wind is blowing northward, then may land on the wooded post across from the laser. Haven't found them anywhere else.... though it is rumored that the crow may leave feathers under the picnic table or near it. From what I have heard, the crow only drops a feather 25% of the time now. One in four or five landings. They may also have reduce the time it's on the ground as well, but I'm not completely sure about that. Though I have seen a feather fall only to disappear before reaching the ground or touching down on a branch. Just melted away. Sure hope they fix this glitch. Especially since I'm running out of feathered arrows. (I usually loose at least two/three after every combat). And the thorn arrows are just too weak. The new update may solve some of the problem by increasing the number of feather bits you harvest from one crow feather. But that won't help very much if that pesky bird doesn't start doing his job and drop more than one feather a week or letting it melt away before a player can harvest it. Hope this information helps. I'm sure Obsidian is mindful of all the glitches and will resolve them eventually. Good luck. And....Have fun.
  10. Some suggestions for new building options and mechanics: -diagonal doors (glad to hear someone else mention them ) -turning snap off and on (great idea) -arches and arch doors (like the stem windows, but modified as entrances. ) -half stairs: when you just need a little boost between the porch and the ground. -half stem floors....like the half grass floors -curtains made from the different colored flower petals -bathtubs, sinks, toilet, swimming pools.....I know. Off subject. But.....wouldn't it be nice. -clipping into terrain has been improved somewhat, but still needs work. Nothing is more frustrating than getting everything placed just so, only to find one last bit of stone block can't be placed. Occupied? Not supported? Whatever. One block on the left snapped just fine. The block on the right, no problem. This middle one, however? No way, no how. (sigh) -blueprints should not become entangled with the dreaded "not supported" system. They are blueprints. A plan. They don't need support. Work from top to bottom or in reverse.....it shouldn't matter. Once they are finished, you can start building from the ground up. Every level will support the next structure by default. This should make building and planning a little easier. -Spiral stairs: would like a new mechanic where you place the first blueprint section with one click, then the next section snaps automatically with the next click, etc. No more trying to match up the main post with the first, then rotating the stairs around so they continue in the proper direction. By the third level, I'm blurry-eyed and squinting and unable to see which way is up or down or sideways. (some of us have left 20/20 vision appreciation day a long time ago, even with glasses). Just a few things to add to our wish list. Have fun
  11. LadyBug for the win!!! They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Yep. Those were great shots! Now you can go zipline crazy and still have web to spare. Great story. Have fun!
  12. Bless you.....three! All in one place! Now there's a nightmare I hope to never encounter. Though I have been attacked by orb weavers five at one time. Not sure how they all appeared at once. Just strolling along, bumped into one spider all by his lonesome, then zap.......one turned into three and then two more joined in the game. Of course, this was along the pond side of the wooden posts. And we all know about "Spider Alley" on the other side, but how they all appeared on the pond side....? I was too deep in spider parts, goo and legs to see clearly anyway. Then just as I was finished with the last leggy critter....BONG....I was unceremoniously flung between a gap in the wooden wall and dumped into the clutches of two more orb weavers on the other side. Oh.....how I despise those web slingers! Whew! And I survived the encounter! Still can't believe it. Ladybug Armor and a mint hammer. Oh...and a few smoothies. However, even one Wolf Spider if one too many. Give me my bow and all the arrows I can carry. With a high perch, of course. Eyeball to eyeball....no way! Are we having fun yet?
  13. Yes....first person view is awful in the haze. Not only fogged over, but the dizzy special effects...wavy spirals and floating flecks of debris.... makes it so hard to focus that I'm easily lost and quickly nauseated. Very immersive. Extremely effective. But, not pleasant. Feeling a little sick. Claustrophobic. I don't need a health bar in real life to take the hint. "Get me outta here!" Should a gas mask make the visuals less daunting? I would suggest, at the very least, reduce the wavy psychedelic yellow queasiness. Foggy....sure. It is the Haze, after all. But many of us get dizzy just climbing the spiral stairs too fast, let alone getting tipsy on yellow fumes. A gas mask upgrade would help.
  14. I agree wholeheartedly......Mosquitos will target you through solid walls, destroy anything that stands between you and them, and chase you across half the yard before turning back. They also attack in packs of three, if you are not careful. Way too overpowered, in my opinion. Especially if you are playing on mild/single player mode. Some players love the near-death-experience, the challenge and thrill of battle. Don't want to spoil their fun. Glad they have that option. But it would be nice for a more thoughtful, balanced approach to the game when playing on Mild. Or better yet, implement other options like stealth mode, flytraps, decoys, and...........(Oh, please!)..........BUG SPRAY! -Lure traps are nice, but how about a keep-out-of-my-base deterrent trap made of mint, lavender or lemon grass....all natural mosquito repellent. Even ants will turn away from these plants. Maybe some lotion to apply to your character. Use nature to balance nature. -Rebalance the chase distance as well as the aggro trigger. That would be very nice. - Return us to the "I'm safe behind solid walls" part of the game as well. I've watched two spiders spawn in, one on each side of a fenced wall, only to blink and they were suddenly both on the same side instead. The Fenced wall was useless. Glitches happen. Some are even humorous. Some can even work in a player's benefit. I've a wolf spider trapped in a rock. As far as I'm concerned, he can just stay there till the end of time. Not gonna debug him outa the rock. No sir, no way. Last time he was free, he waltzed right up to my front door and rang the doorbell.... (aphid under the stairs) Anyway, just a few suggestions. Love the game. Still having fun.
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