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  1. PS: Still would prefer to send an entire stack down the zip line instead of one plank/stem at a time. And a new animation. Perhaps bundled with rope and hanging on the handles. Could require rope in your inventory to bundle and send. "Zip" could change to "zip stack" if all the requirements are met. Just a suggestion. It would look amazing, follow a certain amount of required logic, and still be convenient.
  2. Very good idea. Adding new icons would be great as well. Not only for the zip lines, but for more items as well. A web, acorn, etc.
  3. Ah......that is apparently a thing. Never knew. Strange animation though; floating on top without any connection to the line. (Not that carrying a whole stack without even holding on was a great visual either---But it worked. It was quick, intuitive and fun). Still, this works as well, so......I'm gratefully relieved. Thanks for the tip, TinyMalemort! I really appreciate the help. Now....if I can find a way to make a mosquito repellant, maybe.......just maybe...... I'll be able to survive this update with a little bit more enthusiasm.
  4. Well, the new update added fun flying critters, but canceled another useful feature as well. Each update we seem to loose something along with all the other great content. First it was the repair hammer that no longer works; then the mint mallet that can no longer crack a simple acorn; now the zip line can no longer be used to transport grass or weed stems. Who thought this was a necessary improvement? Now all my zip lines are useless. Building and transporting materials will be more time consuming than fun. And I still can't use the repair tool. Please, please......pleas
  5. A wish for more "useable" furniture......great idea! I would love to see more furniture as well. Like a berry Leather Couch to go with the chair. (Too comfy to look at without the luxury to sit down and take a rest. ) A lamp to set on the round clover table. More side tables, dressers, and stackable containers....etc. Just a few more wishes to add on.
  6. Glad someone else noticed this as well. (Single Player, PC) I usually use the foundation block to fill in cracks between paving stones and to even out terrain where I'm building. Worked fine until pond update. Hope they find a solution soon.
  7. Not sure how much of a spoiler this is , but I will try to give you a few hints to help out. If you have the underwater lantern, use it. There is a way in, but it is difficult to spot. Now, the spoiler/hint: face the barrier in front of the button, back away from the glass until you can see the structure that houses it and can follow it's shape with your eyes. Watch and see where it goes, to the left and upward. You will no doubt run out of air, so save first and reload until you spot the way in. Good luck.
  8. I agree completely. If I can demolish a spider with a couple of satisfying hits, surely the same mallet can break an acorn open with a single tap. Not sure what their logic was behind this change, but if it was to make acorns available early on in the game, then just make the stone hammer have to hit it a few more times (four maybe, like the shovel?) instead. Also, we have limited space in our backpacks as it is. Carrying around one extra, unnecessary, item makes gathering anything in bulk difficult at best. Kill two pesky nats and......Inventory Full! This is a no braine
  9. Would like to see ants behaving like......well, ants. Plenty of single scouts out and about, but where are the trails of ants marching along, single file, touting their ill gotten gains back to the ant hill? Just throw a sugar cube out in the yard and see how quickly that happens. Or any food item, for that matter. Let alone, a crumb left out on the kitchen counter. Perhaps when they update the picnic table (red checkered table cloth, please) that will be an amazing bit of fun. And I would advise not breaking their line until they pass by. I would imagine that wou
  10. An excellent idea! Also, I would suggest that arrows that hit solidly should also be returned instantly when you retrieve the body parts. If you miss, then search and retrieval is a reasonable outcome; if you hit your mark, arrows should not bounce off magically and skitter-scatter around, let alone disappear into the terrain. (Sigh) Loose so many arrows that way.
  11. Problem solved......way to go Obsidian! Thanks for the patch.
  12. Most games that have a single and multi player option start the game at the Start Menu, not a sign in screen. It would be nice to have a choice in options for players to choose which screen comes first. Just a suggestion for players who prefer playing in single player mode. Thanks.
  13. Same issue here on PC, single player, after the pond update. Blueprint appears normally until you place it (left mouse button for pc). Results in a slight shift in the angle for each placement. Been experimenting today. This is what I found: placement of lean-to reverses completely around/front to back; sprig/acorn fences do not join to each other in a line, each are slanted slightly off from each other; grass floors do not snap together, each one slanted same direction but not joining; spinning wheel slants in another position; stem gates seemed to snap ok with each other
  14. You are not alone. After the new pond update, I noticed the same thing. Sprig and Acorn fence blueprints no longer join (snap) together in a straight line; platforms shift at a slant and do not snap correctly to existing platforms, etc. Laid a blueprint of the gate and larger weed stem borders yesterday (Friday) and they seemed to have worked. Some single items like containers don't shift, while the spinning wheel does. Love the new update, but this glitch makes building anything impossible. Hope Obsidian notices this problem soon and sends us a fix. Until then, I'll
  15. The new Update is lovely, but this glitch makes building next to impossible. Relieved to see other's have noticed this as well and hope we have a solution soon. Having too much fun to stop now......guess I'll go challenge a Wolf Spider at his front door until then
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