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Just want to say THANKS!


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As many of us (gamers) more or less recently experienced with past releases of so called AAA+ titles (Cyberpunk 2077 v1.5 which is finally well playable one and a half years after release, Dying Light 2 which has to be a joke. Battlefield 2042 which is a joke and so on) there are not many developers left which take care of their players and listen to the community so well.

This should be mentioned and revarded in my opinion.


BTW i loved the trailer wich was regarding to Cyberpunk 2077 as the greates game of the year XD

Keep it going!

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On 3/24/2022 at 10:23 AM, Wormerine said:

I don't know what trailer you are refering to, but I think it is rather amusing that you post that at Obsidian's forum - a company that has a long history of releasing unfinished games. 

The only one I can think of here is KOTOR 2, the rest just weren't as optimized as they should have been, but I always saw that as part of the charm.  You also have some flawless, albeit smaller scale games like PoE, Tyranny, South Park, and my personal favorite, TOW.

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13 hours ago, ComradeYellow said:

The only one I can think of here is KOTOR 2

Most of Obsidian games launched in a rather poor state - their recent releases suffered from it as well, PoE1&2 became what they are months after release.

They have been doing well in the very recent history. The smoothest launch Obsidian had were Outer Worlds. Hopefully this trend will continue, though I would welcome a bit more junk if it results in a more memorable title. 

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