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  1. How about another "lottery" solution? Every cent the government makes off of lottery ticket sales should go to public works projects like Infrastructure and Covid vaccinations. I'm really shocked people don't see the value in state/government gambling initiatives, especially since Americans are biggest whiners and complainers about paying taxes.
  2. Biden Open to Infrastructure Compromise as Talks With GOP Begin (msn.com) I really really really want Team Red to all have their private parts removed. Even the Chinese government and business community all seem to be willing to push forward on state infrastructure projects, despite their grotesque fascist culture. Not the GOP! Business leaders should call the shots and everyone should go back to the slave pits and make scraps.
  3. The Witcher 3 Trying to get all Grandmaster gear and to level 50 so I can NG+ Forgive me for being mildly racist but the Potato Slaviness of this games narrative is the only thing I don't like about it. Everything else is Excelente.
  4. Watching The Witcher on Netflix. It's pretty good, it has boobs. I don't think the story arch is bad but I kinda wished they had focused more on monster hunting, because it's way too much like GoT, which isn't a bad thing but a little variety is better.
  5. No (wo)man, no problem! Lose one life to save many more lives by creating a Covid 19 ward. Mathematics.
  6. Outdated now, Dugin originally envisioned a Russian reconciliation with...Japan and Germany, whilst knocking out China and the U.S. and creating some kind of bizarre Eurasian hegemony. He's apparently now in the China/Russia pact pretty candidly. https://demokratizatsiya.pub/archives/Geopolitics.pdf Again it's crazy fascist stuff that I don't really understand, but I do agree with him that ideologies constantly shift over time as reality shapes itself.
  7. Sorry to double post BUT I think this needs to be addressed... https://asiatimes.com/2021/05/chinese-drones-a-killer-eye-in-the-sky-in-myanmar/ Now granted it's technically "Myanmar" (whatever happed to Burma?) government doing this, but Chinese drones are certainly a thing. I'll bet on "stay tuned" The US has made countless mistakes in the near past but do you really think the Chinese will be better if they had peer power of the U.S.? Honestly at this point I just wish their were no such thing as superpowers, they don't solve anything and they cause more problems than the
  8. And to make matters worse, Russian "Eurasianists" (Russian fascists) are now influencing Chinese minds as some of their press are now openly publishing their work. Many Westerners see Putin as some kind of right wing despot, but by Russian standards, he's quite moderate and almost liberal, it's certainly possible a right wing coup could happen in Russia and cement a nasty Russia-China alliance against the West. https://asiatimes.com/author/spengler/
  9. Do people not have the ability to think ahead. They may have made bank on their latest release but how do you think gamers and investors are going to look at them going forward? Don't be dumb, use your brains for once. Random News: Greedfall getting slayed on Steam reviews, about as much as....Cyberpunk 2077. Hmmmm..
  10. Same. Forgive me for being political here but I've noticed that Nier fans have an affinity to to alt right viewpoints, along with many Japophiles. I'm on my guard here. xD
  11. God to see such a company crash so quickly after such a meteoric rise in such a short time period. *insert grim reaper CDPR door scything pic* There's only one man left who hasn't crashed yet. Will he survive the era of carnage among overconfident and egotistical developers and gracefully march to eternal glory? We shall see.
  12. Unfortunately democracies can't change jack ****. It takes a war or some big event to shape the political landscape in any meaningful way. Look at 1783-1865, nothing really changed (except continued expansionism and genocide amongst the natives), and then look at 1865-1945, same deal, and so on and so forth, general policies remained remained the same until the guns came out.
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