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  1. Funny how you could probably find an exact quote like this from some low grade dime-a-dozen Euro Nazi supporting dip**** in 1941 The good news though is that Russia has a solid industrial capacity and are producing ordinance at warp speed that the West cannot keep pace with, so it's only a matter of time before they finally start seeing some slow but steady breakthroughs by the Russians in Ukraine. The best we can honestly hope for is some kind of frozen conflict like North Korea and South Korea, Russia annexes 4 oblasts in Ukraine and the new tense border is established for many years to come. It's the best we can hope for.
  2. https://www.france24.com/en/middle-east/20231105-we-are-failing-again-un-us-resignations-highlight-splits-over-israel-s-gaza-assault Whelp, one "good" thing about this ****show, it is exposing deep fissures and contradictions within the West. If the Russo-Ukraine conflict exposed fissures between The West and the Global South, this one is far more internally hemorrhaging unlike Ukraine. I wonder where the next tragedy will strike, and we yet see more contradictions manifest. I mean it's not altogether bad, it takes these things to inch closer to the eldrich truth, but it's just sad that it takes war and death to achieve it.
  3. Resident Evil: Ebola Village DEMO Because when Russians rip off create survival horror games, they do it based! I don't know about you, but I like scantly clad protagonists! Gruesome! This may, in fact, come in handy. Shoot, this door just flung open, what could be behind it?! Shocker! A zombie/Crimson Head/Ganado type beast. What's behind this door?? I found a knife, an herb, some shotgun shells, and more .45 ammo, lots useful stuff in one little entryway. Also there's some aggressive moaning behind this door and notice the bloody footprints. I shot him in the mouth and face and look what happens, gruesome! I took him down and found some clothes! She looks awfully familiar doesn't she? Also found this shotgun, and here is a save phone and an inventory box, very fitting. Now let's go back outside... I become surrounded and have to fight them all off! After taking damage I prevail. You should have seen what their faces looked like when I blasted them! I've never seen such graphic gore before. That's it, the demo ends here, short but promising.
  4. Boy one unintended side effect of my new diet: very high testosterone levels! I did not anticipate this 3 months ago when I changed my eating habits, it just happened. It's a variation of dairy products, whole grains, nuts, seeds, fruits L-Carnitine and omega 3 supplements, along with dark chocolate and iodine. Very "ballsy" diet in the long run. I didn't base my diet plan on any traditional sentiments, that's the European way which is not appealing to me, nor did I base it on any "shop local" sentiments which admittedly is rather popular here in US. It's purely a "by the numbers" diet, I wanted to make sure I got all the vitamins and minerals I needed within reason w\o long or complicated cooking processes. It was perhaps TOO successful, I have lost 40 lbs and now may be dangerously high in testosterone and mental clarity which could lead to unnecessary conflicts if I am not careful. My blood pressure, glucose, cholesterol levels are spit shining, no c-reactive protein (inflammation) levels to speak of triglyceride levels dropping fast. Oxidative stress levels are fine however much higher testosterone levels can offset stress relief. Just like women should try not to be estrogen dominant for various health reasons, too high testosterone levels in men can also be dangerous.
  5. US has not been on Israel's side since around 1987. Since then US has become increasingly partisan on the side of Israel, which is going causing long term problems to US role in world. First Ukraine now Israel, US just blindly chooses a side w/o adequate tact. China, meanwhile is playing the adult here in BOTH conflicts and is actually considering both sides POV in conflicts and wants peace and both sides to achieve a peaceful 2 state solution and has never reflexively took a side as the case with recent US impulses. US is very insecure nation for the past few decades and doesn't know how to use their wealth and power to achieve proper peace in global conflicts. It's sad really, US really comes off as bad news in today's world when it did not have to happen. The Global South is continuously being alienated by US.
  6. https://youtu.be/awoFZaSuko4 Love this song, reminds me of the Soviet collapse, which comes with its own love/hate emotions!
  7. No need to "cope", at this point it's Stop Everyone Outside of Our Rules At All Costs Also been strangely following RFK Jr lately despite not endorsing him, he's now running as an Independent, which is tons better than a D and he should get enough % to get into the debates. I won't vote because I don't care anymore, but I have been advocating for a 3rd party for YEARS now so this is an improvement. Literally everywhere I go, especially at work, I see 2 camps, the more conservative "Trumpy" side and the liberal SJW minority side and their is definitely lots of toxicity and tension between the two which is unhealthy for a cohesive society, it's really hard for moderates to stand out these days and trying to avoid getting sucked into a specific side, it feels like you're walking on eggshells. Not that I care, I'd sooner just let The Other Side Of The World win and let the US evolve into humble status, which may curve some of the brooding tension and polarization that is definitely manifesting into violent feelings towards each other, which is kind of a reflection of US aggression abroad. Reap/sow.
  8. Breakfast: Take 2 cups of Kefir (plain), mix in a chopped banana, 1 avocado (messy but worth it), one chopped apple, 1/2 cup of walnuts, a handful of crushed shredded wheat, and toss in a small bit of organic kelp powdered seaweed (Go easy on the kelp powder! The iodine content in that is intense and too much can trigger an autoimmune response where your body attacks your thyroid, which in turn causes hypothyroidism). Mix it all in a bottle and shake the Hell out of it. You really want a breakfast morning rush w/o drugs/pharmacautical aid? I dare you to give this a shot, take an acetyl l carnitine supplement for a bonus.
  9. So....if RFK Jr. somehow wins the Dem primaries and becomes Prez, where will the neoliberal aggressive militant wing of the Democratic Party go? I mean RFK Jr. is very different than the likes of Obama, Clinton, Biden, and even Sanders! American politics will be very different if Kennedy comes out on top and I can imagine the hard-line pro U.S. military aggression wing of the Democratic party being quite upset if this happens. You know who you are. Personally, there's quite a few things I don't like about RFK, some things I do, but there's no denying that some could consider his viewpoints in direct conflict with the tradional party orthodoxy.
  10. What bothers me about BG and party based games is that I literally feel like I'm playing work! I'm a manager in charge of a department in a grocery store and I have 7 "party members" that I have to keep track of and make sure I don't p*ss them off to much or they'll "quit the party" and leave and each one has their own unique set of personalities and back stories and their own set of skills and some are higher level then others and I have to constantly keep track of their movements and actions and heal them if they get injured. I mean jeez I just want to shed all of that and be a lone wolf on my free time! Can anyone sympathize with me here? xD
  11. Hopefully back to the good old days! https://www.newsweek.com/russian-communists-moscow-oust-putin-war-1776752 The Communists represent a reasonable balance between Putinism and Navalnyism. The problem in Russia is the same problem as in the USA, with strong state security measures influencing elections in the direction they want at the ballot box. Also Putin remains incredibly popular and trying to get rural people to support the CPRF is like trying to get rural Americans to support anyone who isn't a Trump-Republican. Rural people can be just as bad as urban people in they can't seem to pry themselves away from their simplistic one dimensional etched in stone worldview.
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