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  1. The nostalgia is strong in this one,].
  2. Every time I take a break from this thread, it just goes back to @Gromnir vs @Guard Dog like a 1980's air hockey match Allow me to raise the discomfort level by talking about a growing China China's Army Day: 94th anniversary of PLA founding - CGTN China is now obsessed with hitting centennial goals left and right, they've achieved a "moderately prosperous society in all respects" in 2021, exactly 100 years after the founding of the CPC, and virtually eliminated extreme poverty. When I was a boy, my step dad would always use the "starving people in China" card every time I complained about what was for dinner. This is no longer a fact, the average Chinese citizen makes a decent living now. Their next centennial goal is to achieve a "moderately modernized military" by 2027, exactly 100 years after the creation of the PLA. Their ultimate goal is to achieve absolute modernization and be a leading power in all respects buy 2049, and that includes being the foremost innovator in technology and other things. "Made in China" will be a thing of world class quality rather than the be the gold standard of cheap goods.
  3. Bought the REmake on Steam not long ago and already I'm at 75% achievements unlocked xD What annoys me most are Youtube speedrunners who kill the magic of the series by laser focusing on exploiting glitches and mechanics to hit that World Record that only dweebs care about. Speedrunners: douches. Though to be fair RE7's design is riddled with stupid "trigger" moments where you can exploit monster spawns just by doing a specific thing. Capcom should have thought things through better.
  4. Game is quite underrated imo, the class building and world is actually quite well made. When it was released I kinda dismissed it as a single player MMO but time works wonders.
  5. As an 'Murican I'm witnessing a strange phenomenon at the moment: people are so used getting government checks at this point that businesses are getting very desperate and jacking up wages and employment bonuses to fill the ranks. Looking like UBI is the new "Unions" insofar as forcing businesses to comply with workers rights. Thanks Covid-19, I always kind of knew that good policies happen by accident and not design, at least in the U.S., where man made miracles are scoffed at. Now if only we could accidently find a way for living costs to decrease xD
  6. I have no idea where this came from but I'm thinking some people, especially from Europe and the snobby sectors of North America, probably need some "Russian Fistcuffs", as it seems to be some kind of illusory psychological stigma that has no basis on reality. Based off of my life experience and interactions with the world, Russians and Chinese appear to be far more civilized and wise than the violent and angry people from North America and perhaps some European countries who seem to resort to "fistcuffing" far more easily and readily than that of other non-aligned countries. Projection is a wonderful thing is it not? This is perhaps the most weirdest and most random thing I have ever encountered in the modern world.
  7. More proof that California is not some kind of egalitarian progressive example but some kind of dystopian corporate controlled overly regulated hellhole. Obsidian why do you still reside in that state? What was once a beacon virtue is now completely bought out and paid for by s--tbags.
  8. • United States: life expectancy 1860-2020 | Statista The things we take for granted...
  9. Soy is such middle class liberal garbage anyway. I got a feeling both rich people and Joe peasant snort coke and drink canola fried cattle milk like the best of them.
  10. Yeah until they try to rehabilitate them a few terms later ala GWBush. I guess people have the attention span of a half stunned gnat if it takes a du jour villain to make them forget about the atrocities committed. Obama as well, I can almost imagine Fox News trying to rehabilitate him if a true and proper progressive champion wins the presidency xD.
  11. I don't think anyone agrees that it's bad, the U.S. is just as unhealthily obsessed with its planes the way the British were unhealthily obsessed with its ships in the 19th century. It's just as U.S. starts to wane in global influence, it becomes more subjected to criticism in all aspects, which is arguably the strength of the U.S. in general: self criticism. As long as a significant portion of the population bitches about how sh---y we are as a country, intelligent and well paid brains construct that criticism into national strength xD The Chinese may have stolen F-35 data and used it to construct the FC-31, but honestly if that's true it is nothing new. Apple, the worlds largest corporation, is both subject to numerous lawsuits and is filing numerous lawsuits for data theft, and the Chinese are operating as a meritocracy, which is virtually identical to a corporation so lax security is to blame here.
  12. Yeah what's holding Russia back the most is their crappy oligarch "Mafia" economy that governs the entire country, ensuring reforms will never happen, as they should be looking towards China's near perfect "mixed" (60% POE's, 40% SOE's) economy for inspiration. USSR and Nazi Germany had roughly equal economies at the time of clash in 1941. Russia doesn't come anywhere near China or the U.S. these days so they are a secondary power at best. Still, their military should not be underestimated, as neutral sources are claiming that the Russian army could beat the U.S. Army on flat field with no naval or air support. The Checkmate reportedly is 1/3 the cost of the F-35 and far cheaper to maintain and better on fuel consumption, if these are bought en masse I mean what can 30 F-35's do against 130 Checkmates?
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