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  1. Confirming problems with DELTRO'S CAGE Put it on Tekehu, game crashed. I gave it to Rekke but game still crashes. 100% of the time. If You need more data, please let me know!
  2. Same here. I noticed couple old achievements missing and new ones not adding properly. No cheats on this playthrough, finished game originally when it was 1.5ish. Uploaded latest save as well as "gamecomplete" and "noreturn" (if it can help). And screens of missing achievements. EDIT: I double checked and made some enchanting and cooking and a) CHEF worked! Maybe I didn't really meet the prerequisites before? I'm not sure anymore b) It seems along with Chef another achievement got unlocked SOULBINDER, so something works... c) enchanter and trappy still won't work (ench
  3. Upped finally So let me introduce myself as the Mad Brrrain behind the Obsidian Order!!!
  4. Nothing really meanigfull to add (like "horns too loud at 440Hz freq" ) just gotta say music and Justin's attitude brings real joy to my heart ;]
  5. 402 is very good age for an elf I heard especially if he likes chillaxing. Happy B-day!
  6. It's Wayne Reynolds. I actually like his style remeber him from when he made some black and white works for Rolemaster . And it's a proof he can draw some good armour. Well guess DnD art direction sucks
  7. That's what i call believable. It pretty much ends the subject for me.
  8. Brian Snoddy FTW. IMHO this is the perfect example of good fantasy armour. EDIT: THIS really makes him the best armour artist evah
  9. I just hope there will be some complex critical hit system and enemies won't die from loss of hit points over vast periods of time ;]
  10. slashing swords video facepalm.jpg Can't say if you're ignorant or trolling.
  11. Again it's not about being historically accurate but BELIEVABLE. Ok then prepare to fight Komodo Dragons since they're the only believable species of dragons available. Strawman ;] @"I'm saying we should be open to fantastic or even outlandish designs IF it supports the fantasy setting." Been said in this topic couple of times. Agreed. @In addition to that, none of that realistic armor and arms posted above are obtained through legendary quests or anything. They are simple forged stuff. So was the legendary stuff you obtained through your quest, I mean nobody gave birt
  12. Oh You. Yes. me;] Most of weapons you posted was used with shield and fighting style didn't require blade binds hence lack of bigger crossguard. see http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dkhpqAGdZPc But this is MASSIVE off topic ;]
  13. Again it's not about being historically accurate but BELIEVABLE.
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