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  1. Nevermind. It's almost on the edge of the headless statute's base. I zoomed in to find it. Now there's the new problem: the archivist doesn't give me new tasks anymore, even though there are still two artifacts of the slayer to be found. I've done all the challenges of the crucible.
  2. I still have this problem after patch 3.1. Can't get the adra pearl and the titan's head. Save link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/roe9a3peyut601m/Max8dd7c5f4-70a8-4ccf-bc06-64f8dddd296b%20%28LAX-12ABCDEF%29784582990.savegame?dl=0
  3. So I'm doing the tasks given by Archivist of Kazuwari. Yet I can't find the hunter's head in Motare-O- Kozi. According to the guide: "When you arrive, turn left and up, you'll find a stelgaer's (I suppose it's stelgaer) statue without head. You can find head near statue, look to your right in water." I think I found the headless statute, but there's no item near it. Can someone post a screenshot?
  4. Same problem as Same problem here. No guardian, and the titans didn't attack me. Except that I sided with Aeldys. In earlier versions, there was indeed a way to avoid the guardian: don't release the dragon in Neketakka, and let the guardian attack your allies in the text sequence. This way the guardian seemed too busy for coming back. Yet once you landed on Ukaizo the two titans still attacked you on sight. The problem described in this thread looks like a bug.
  5. He wants to leave when you click him for dialogue, but you can persuade him to stay. On the other hand, if you assassinate the queen you never have this chance.
  6. I just finished Beast of Winter and immediately started my 2nd run with another character. However, the save I loaded already has all BoW quests completed. I can entered the village fine but when I spoke to Vatnir, the quest dialogue didn't initiate. I have multiple characters and they all have this problem.
  7. I was wondering the same problem. Apparently you have to generate a new key of the season pass, on the "My Products" page of the obsidian portal.
  8. I bought the season pass on Fig. Wondering if anything required to get it work on Steam.
  9. In my last playthrough I wanted to help the druids, yet somehow I don't have the Green Lady's bless, despite that I already helped her recover. Actually, I don't remember the Green Lady granting me anything, just a cold "thanks".
  10. So far the newest version is the most problematic one for me. In combats the frames occasionally dropped low, even crushed twice (both in a fight on Splintered Reef). My video card is GTX 1060, so it's probably because Nvidia, but the problem significantly worsened after the latest patch. During the sea combat before entering Ukaizo, after beating the enemies on board (hand to hand combat, not the description of text), the screen goes black with the combat music still going on. Tried several times, the result is all the same. Now the only way to proceed is to skip the combat, leaving the a
  11. I have the same problem, except that this happened on Serafen Since I tried selling him to the slavers he's been stuck in the sea.
  12. Before the 1.1 patch I had beat the game with two characters, with most side quests done, including the Poko Kohara one. Currently my game version is v1.1.10064. The problem is, my characters can't reenter the level one map of Poko Kohara now. The levels 2 and 3 are fine. But when loading the level 1 map, the game crashed to the main menu, telling me "There was an error loading the next map. Returned to Main Menu to prevent save corruption." This seems like a file corruption caused by the patch. Because I have another character who beat the game in the 1.1 version, and in his save the map
  13. If you don't talk to her she won't complain. But if you do she'll raise the issue. Strange design, I know. Hmm, I was on the ghost ship on my way to Ukaizo and talked to her on the deck, had a conversation where she was uncertain about her loyalties, but then finally said something like "oh what the heck, I'm sticking with you." I assume there was some kind of check that was performed and I passed. The watershaper godlike had a similar conversation. So Maia can be persuaded as well, at least with the Principi. Good to know.
  14. If you don't talk to her she won't complain. But if you do she'll raise the issue. Strange design, I know.
  15. After 1.1 patch Maia and Tekehu both has problem with the Watcher joining the pirates or Valians. They don't leave on the site, but when you click them for dialogues they raise the issue. As far as I can tell Maia leaves no matter what, but Tekehu can be persuaded to stay. Oddly enough, Pallegina doesn't complain about the pirates at all. You'd think she should be the most uncompromising one on this, well...
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