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  1. Does the same chant stack with itself if you overlap/spam the same one, ie dragon thrashed? Is there a smart way to have Kana run it and say, the gun reload one as well instead? any tips on timing chants for phrases and max buff coverage would be lovely please and ty.
  2. Any reason "Belt of the Royal Deadfire Cannoneer" is not giving me firebrand when I click it? Reloaded a few times, tried using it when barehanded, cd gets used but no weapon and I continue fighting with whatever.
  3. Eh? Hotkeys are already a thing. But you can't shift click them to add them to sequence. I want that. Badly.
  4. Obvious subjectivity warning. Also I couldn't see a mod sub forum but it might be a mobile issue so pre apologies. I'd like the ability to shift hotkey an ability into the buffered sequence instead of only being able to shift mouse click. If that makes sense. Would save on apm (actions per minute) and allow me to play with more smoothness and much less pausing. Is it possible to mod this however?
  5. Yeah, i tend to have a beefy front line and dont use summons much as even though my pc is a beast i get a large lag spike on summons and it annoys me. Also im not playing on potd, I tihnk my next playthrough will be deadly deadfired slightly altered potd.
  6. sounds like a good mix but I dont have ex with them. IIRC both don't need or want might. Street fighter has the most bonuses to dmg as is, and iirc blood mage would further hurt himself with too high might
  7. Just now accidentally stumbled on this guy, wtf so if you don't have renewable resources is he even possible?
  8. I couldnt get into the streetfighter subclass, it looked so damn good on paper but I hated the micro. I did absolutely love most of Tee Sinners builds. Esp the Gun monk. Top right corner shows all 17? builds. Written guides in descriptions.
  9. So, I am only playing on veteran and I have been using Tee Sinner's builds for Xoti/Eder/Tekehu Aloth and my MC the Gun monk hel-bleak-walker. At lvl 14+ with the right gear and AI settings I've been mostly on auto mode for combat even through the first two dlcs. I like that I do not have to micro every little thing but it feels weird to be sitting back and watching the action unfold mostly. Did you also have the same experience? How did you feel about it? Just curious.
  10. Tbh this is just me being picky but its lack of actual animation made me hate it, same with the free action attack/move ability from rogue. Even in TB where its arguably OP af.
  11. Always liked Stardusks Mod's, he seems to concentrate on underpowered subclasses and he doesnt go overboard "fixing" them. https://www.nexusmods.com/pillarsofeternity2/mods/345 is the mod, basically; "15% Action Speed with Melee Weapons, +3 Accuracy with Melee Weapons and 10% chance to convert hits to crits with Melee Weapons. The new range for companion bonuses is 8 m instead of 4 m and Bonded Grief also takes hold at 12 m or more. Additionally as a close combat specialist the Stalker suffers a -10 Accuracy Penalty to ranged weapons." Stalkers seem like the would benifit from high might and int for longer bigger dots, tempted to go Amra Battle axe Aumaua and bear. How would you build around this mod (single class prefered but multi could be interesting too).
  12. tbh I think I recall the author removing the cost mod to his re-balancing and you have an older version that's not on the nexus, do you think that's possible? Edit: So I had to DL the Vanilla folder from the steam workshop, as its not on the nexus, or I was too dumb to see it anyway. Then go into the folder where steam puts subscribed DLs from the workshop, remove the ability file, and paste it into my override folder. Lets see if that worked. Yup, worked, what a pain.
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