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  1. Ah my bad read stacking and i thought you meant the hunters claw mechanic. How is this for level progression? Ghost Heart/no subclass elf. 1- Eye Strike/Marked Prey 2- whispers of treason 3- Iron Will 4- Biting Whip/2 handed Style 5- recall agony 6- phantom foes 7- hammering thoughts/ marked for the hunt 8- protective companion 9- take-down 10- take-down combo/penetrating vision 11- stalkers link 12- concussive shot 13- Driving Flight/ Detonate 14- Borrowed instinct 15- ringleader or puppet master depending on focus issues (30/50) 16- disintegrate/concussive tranq 17- 18- 19- 20- Any glaring mistakes?
  2. How hard is it to gain brilliance? What method do you use? I've never played a tactician but it seems (in TB anyway) you don't actually interrupt enemies that often.
  3. Opting out of beta did it, ty, someone else told me I needed to keep it on but that makes sense.
  4. For some reason my game is still in ver 4. something, https://gyazo.com/7daf4a8a1705e2e7267898dc421c859a any idea how to force an update? Already verified files in steam and made sure im opted into beta patches, nothing.
  5. Opted into beta patches (https://gyazo.com/33af14951ab5a970b8120e4cb9312507), verified all files on steam, game says this; https://gyazo.com/7daf4a8a1705e2e7267898dc421c859a still.
  6. I'm kinda shocked that this is happening and wondering if its just me, cause if it's not this bug completely kills MANY if not most martial builds in TB. When I use greatsword in turned based against pierce resistant monsters it still calculates damage of pierce not slash. This happened with the great maul or whatever its called too. I want to know if this is just me or not as I am less interested in RTwP and now cant play TB at all. Super frustrating.
  7. I'm also slightly triggered that theres no cool animation for the attack dmg just shows up. Found this very off putting.
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