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  1. Hmm yeah I don't know why I didn't think of Barbarian. That allows for some fun multiclass possibilities when importing into 2 as well since Barb is a great multiclass candidate in Poe2.
  2. I was thinking a bit about stuff I haven't tried and despite having beaten Poe1 probably ten times or so (and many more half abandoned runs besides) I've never done a build that used the Unlabored Blade. In fact I generally never bother with it at all since you get it in WM2 which struck me as late. But then I wondered, what if I built a character to use that? What would that look like? Has anyone tried building a character with the goal of using this weapon? Rogue seems like an obvious choice. Fighter or Monk would also excel at it I'm sure. I imagine going for dual wielding it plus maybe Drawn in Spring would be the way to go.
  3. Just wanna say I've been playing this build and I'm I think level 12 now. It's pretty fun. With the high per, might, and dex plus swift flurry plus myriad of Ranger accuracy bonuses, it's just a blender. And the daze effect plus the Bear's inherent tankiness makes this a build where your pet isn't just dying 24/7 which is the usual complaint people have with Rangers. The Ranger itself actually isn't horribly fragile either. I altered the stat spread a little bit. I did dump Res like you did, but I went with 10 con rather than dumped con. That did mean my Int took a little bit of a hit compared to what you run with, so I'm probably not quite as optimal at maintaining dps. Still, I like the increased survivability. Currently using Griffin's and Modwyr. This character has felt like one of the stronger ones I've played and I haven't even hit peak gear or levels yet. Running Eder as a Swashbuckler with a shield and the club that gives more engagement slots so between him and the bear it's relatively easy to maneuver this character onto the squishy targets and chunk them in short order since those two can generally screen my movements. I always make sure to stay close enough to the bear to not take the Stalker malus though. In all a fun character so far.
  4. Think I'm going to try this out since I always wanted to try a melee ranger. I'm a crazy person and running it through Poe1 too of course, though in that I'm going to use Tidefall instead as it's the best melee Ranger wep in poe1. Looking forward to seeing how this plays. Looks like a lot of fun.
  5. Cool build. Scordeo's Edge comes pretty late in the game though. What would you use before then? The Griffin Blade is the lynch pin for the build and that at least is easy to acquire.
  6. Boeroer's suggestion of a Stalker is cool. Couple of considerations here. You multi it with Fighter(Devoted) for extra Spear penetration since you know you're using Spears. You could also do Paladin and pick something like Kindwayfarer or Bleakwalker so that your Flames of Devotions give more utility. You could also do Rogue and choose Trickster (for extra tankiness) or Streetfighter (for extra dps). Single Class Stalker is strong too because Rangers get a great PL 8 ability called Whirling Strikes which will let you wade into big groups of enemies and blender them with your Ranger. Character is straightforward to play you just flank enemies with your pet and make sure you and the pet are always fighting as a team. Not sure what I'd do for Race. There isn't an obvious one that sticks out to me. Dwarf, Aumau or Human I'd guess for the Might bonuses.
  7. Well that's kind of broad. Do you want to be a damage dealer? Would you rather be a tank and use a shield? If I were to do a Spear build I think I'd strongly consider doing at least one of the classes as Rogue. One of the best Spears in the game has a flank damage ability which scales based off of your stealth skill. I could see a Paladin (Bleakwalker if evil, Kind Wayfarer if good)/ Rogue (Streetfighter) being a fun combo. Let the enemy flank you so that you get the bonus Streetfighter damage and then have your Druid or Wizards cast Chill Fog which should apply flanked status to the enemy. You will hit like a truck. Downside is this character might be semi fragile compared to a true tank so you will need to be careful to not let too many enemies flank you. However you would hit very hard. If you want something more tanky maybe a classic Paladin (shieldbearer) and then either Chanter for your other class (Troubadour) or pick Fighter (Unbroken or Devoted). With this character it's straightforward: wear a shield, use a spear, and then either summon monsters to help you tank if Chanter (also use the +heal chant) or if Fighter just tank away and take talents that boost your defenses.
  8. Ah got it thought it was just me. I guess I'll have to remember to turn off AI while I drink the pot and then turn it back on. I mostly only use consumables for tougher fights so not the biggest deal in the world I guess.
  9. Actually here is one thing I've found annoying about having Ai enabled: How do you make sure your guy drinks a potion? I swear every time I tell them to do it, they stop doing it. It only seems to work if I turn AI off and then have them drink the potion. Otherwise they start the action to drink the pot and even if they're not being attacked/interrupted they decide to avoid the action to do something else. Kinda annoying.
  10. I have experimented with different ways and the best/most fun AI setup for me is the following: 1) For any melee/ranged dps classes, I have them setup to auto cast their self buffs. Eg, Fighter disciplined strikes, Monk Swift strikes, Barb Rages, etc. I also let them auto cast self heal stuff like Second Wind and Savage Defiance. Then I'll pick one melee ability for them to spam and set the AI to do that. And if it's a Ranger or Paladin I let them do Sworn Enemy/Mark Enemy too. This leaves them not necessarily using their full range of abilities but enough so that I don't have to baby them. I still step in manually if I want to use an ability that requires more care like say Heart of Fury or Charge. 2) For casters, I set them up to use Second Wind, and that's all. I fully micromanage all of their spells. The only exception to this is Wizards. I set all my Wizards to self cast their buffs at the start of combat because I'm not having Aloth click 10 different spells every time when I can have the AI do it. What this leads to is an experience similar to the Infinity Engine games like Baldur's Gate et al which I love and am used to. In those games melees don't have a lot of buttons to click, so it's mostly point them in the right direction and let them fight and it's the casters that require the attention. With my AI setups that's what I do here which means I spend most of the combats carefully targeting my spells while being mostly hands off with my melees beyond pointing them in the right direction. I do still step in and micro as needed (eg casting lay on hands on the right targets, etc). This takes some of the burden off of me of having to click the same buffs all the time while still leaving the important decisions to me. If my PC is a melee or ranged dps char and not a caster I don't usually use AI for them as I prefer to micro my own character. So there you have it. I've tried different setups where the AI controls more decisions and where the AI controls none and this is my preferred way to go about it. It leaves most decisions to me but takes out some of the more burdensome ones like constantly clicking Disciplined Strikes and all that. Why leave that to myself when I know that I just want those abilities up all the time? But with my casters what I want to cast can often change fight to fight (aside from Wiz buffs) so I leave that to me.
  11. That'd be a hell of a lockdown character. Not much on the dps probably, but who needs that when you can lock down 5-6 enemies while the rest of your party kills at their leisure. Meanwhile with the Dire Talon you have zeal for days to cast lay on hands and exhortations constantly on party members.
  12. True. I guess they're more like an off tank due to the limited engages. They would be providing a lot of aoe healing with White Flames spam and all the zeal you'd get from the summons though so even if enemies weren't engaging the Paladin they'd be providing value that way. Maybe the best setup would be that and some type of Fighter with Guardian Stance tying up all the enemies while the Paladin heals them with lay on hands and white flames and the rest of the party provides the dps.
  13. That would make for a pretty tanky character as well. Just grabbing engagements all the time and proccing summons while being virtually unkillable thanks to Paladin defenses, shield, and white flames. Sounds like a fun char.
  14. Is there a max Zeal number you can reach or can you go over what you start combat with? I'd think a SC Kind Wayfarer dual wielding Dire Talon and whatever else would be pretty nice. Steel Garrotte or Bleak Walker doing the same would also work but Kind Wayfarer maybe gets the most benefit for dual wielding since their heal procs twice.
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