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  1. I am almost done with my Psion/Troubadour playthrough and it's a fun multiclass. The bread and butter for me early on was spamming the Killers Froze Stiff and then hitting enemies with Soul Shock. A lot of enemies are vulnerable to lightning damage it feels like so the combo of crowd control + damage felt very nice early on. Later I also took the Ogre Summon and some charm spells and got good mileage out of those as well. Recently now that I am higher level I still spam the paralyze invocation a lot but now after doing so my go-to tends to be to either cast Ancestor's Memory on my casters
  2. I can't really speak to solo play to be honest with you. I've never tried it in this series. Lifegiver is certainly very strong in a party. Strong Aoe heals, aoe damage. It's great.
  3. Yeah I try to avoid total gamebreaking stuff. Salvation of time + BDD is something I no longer do really. I used it on occasion to beat megabosses but it felt cheesy so I don't even do that any more, and generally just avoid mega bosses unless I really feel like grinding it out or have a build that is especially suited for them.
  4. I do think it is important to realize that a Lifegiver can still dish out respectable damage with Druid spells like you said. People might see the name and assume healbot. Yes it can heal exceptionally well but the offense is surprisingly good too. Druids are just a really strong class. One of the best.
  5. That makes sense. Yeah I've been using the weaken/interrupt chants a lot. I also have a song setup to blitz through all the resistance chants. That one is nice on fights where afflictions are irritating as I can quickly clear out (or at least reduce) all negative effects. I haven't quite gotten to the level to do Many Lives yet but I'm looking forward to trying it out. I have been using summons more than I thought I might. The Ogre summon is just so good sometimes. However my go-to is still killers froze stiff/soul shock. If the enemy is resistant to dex afflictions I'll use summons or c
  6. I've been playing a Troubadour/Psion. It's pretty fun! Summons, charms, and the old reliable killers/soul shock spam. One thing I'm still kinda struggling with is when to use Brisk Recitation versus when not to. To be honest I've been using it almost all the time. When I have afflictions it lets me clear those faster if I play those songs and if I just want an all purpose chant it lets me build invocations quickly. But with how quickly the chants elapse I wonder if certain ones are even worth it if using brisk recitation. For example something like the fire lash chant...that elapses so qu
  7. If I'm using the medium shield modal on a caster, is that basically just free defense? The tooltip says that it gives 25% increased recovery with weapons. So if I used it on say my Psion/Troubadour (who casts 99% of the time) is there any drawback? I would still cast as fast as normal, right?
  8. So I have the medium shield modal on my Psion/Troubadour. This character rarely goes into melee and is almost always casting something. The modal says "25% increased recovery with weapons". Does this mean if I'm only casting spells that I will incur no penalty for having it up all the time?
  9. I can't speak to Vatnir but I was messing around with Tekehu as a single class chanter last playthrough and it was not bad. Some of the class only invocations he got were pretty nice and you can make a somewhat funny build of having Tekehu use dual mortars and use the free level 8 avenging storm invocation he gets to dish out pretty good dps. It's a really bizarre build for Tekehu to use thematically but it does work lol.
  10. Thanks, that's a lot of really good info to consider. Interesting that you favor the resistance chants so much. I actually hadn't thought to pick them up before since they seemed so situational but you make a compelling argument for them. I'll definitely give them a try this go-around. I wonder...does one dozen stack with a wild orlan's racial? My guy is a wild orlan and it'd be hilarious if having that chant + the racial made him really hard to fear.
  11. Yeah I've had so many playthroughs where I get pretty far and then reroll to something else. It's so hard to get myself to finish because there's always another fun build to try on the horizon lol.
  12. Currently working through Poe1 on a Cipher that I want to go Psion/Troubadour with in Deadfire (thanks Boeroer for that idea). What I'm curious about is what chants should I go for? I know for invocations the basic workable idea is killers + soul shock as a combo, but what chants do you guys like to focus on? Do you do a certain order with them? How many do you take? There's a lot of really good ones but I'm always at a loss with my chanters of how many chants to take and what order is good to put them in. There's just so many pretty useful ones!
  13. I think it's like he said: because the PL bonus applies to decay spells too, whereas Spine of Thicket Green only applies to plant/beast spells. I actually didn't know the Lance worked that way. The +pl to decay would be handy for touch of rot and maggots. I do agree with you that the crush damage is nice on the staff. I've actually been surprised how hard I can smack enemies with that thing, though meleeing is rare for me to need to do with all the aoe spells I can dish out.
  14. That Troubadour/Psion build sounds kind of fun. Might go for that next play. I'm torn between that and some kind of Paladin. How do you handle the Troubadour/Psion, Boeroer? Do you wear a shield with Sasha's Scimitar? I suppose that + the Blood Armor would probably make a decently tanky caster that can just spam invocations and cipher spells all day? Right now I'm playing a SC Ancient and it's really strong. With Spine of Thicket Green the dots are really powerful, and the summons are really useful too. It can also heal and dish out decent melee damage when needed with Spiritshift. It's
  15. I did at one point do a run with a Bleak Walker with Spearcaster and it was definitely pretty good. The Blackjacket idea is interesting and definitely one I will consider. It's going to take me a bit of time to finish Poe1 so I'll have some time to consider whether I want to go with that or the Ascendant. Both ideas sound pretty fun. I can definitely see the appeal of having multiple weapon types so that I can be effective depending on the enemy I face. Also I absolutely love using scrolls. I suppose that's a holdover from the many times I've played poe1 but I've always loved using
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