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  1. That's true. Unfortunately I already solved that quest peacefully so that solution is out :p. I can't rationalize going in and murdering her now. It's OK. Not having that +2 PL won't kill me.
  2. Thanks, sounds like I should give it to Tekehu then. Sadly I can't get Deltro's Cage as I'm playing a Benevolent character and didn't want to kill the Valeras but should still be useful to have that +3 PL.
  3. I do have Tekehu. He's a single Druid. I could have him use it I guess? Is the +3 PL for Stormspells worth it?
  4. Who should I give this to? I've got Serafen and I'm going to have him use Morningstars for the Fort debuffs. My PC is a Ranger/Paladin (Arcane Archer/Kind Wayfarer). Kinda struggling to decide who to give it to if not Serafen. Maybe Rekke depending on how I spec him? I haven't picked him up yet. I don't have Konstanen setup as a Barb in this one. He's a single class Chanter.
  5. One of the God Challenges makes everything per rest though, right? Or just some stuff? I'm guessing some variant of Paladin/Cipher/Chanter would be what is required to do this challenge. Maybe Wizard if you have a way to get spells back (Bloodmage?).
  6. Do we have detailed notes on what the Turn Based balance changes are? Curious what was done there. Super excited to try the new patch though!
  7. Well one problem I could see is actually getting the staff. Nemnok's area is pretty tough and I dunno what the earliest level is you could comfortably do it. Level 12-15ish maybe?
  8. My usual tactic is to finish the conversation and then run as far to the left of the cave as I can. The Dragon will try his breath attack initially but it will miss because you won't be there. Then, when you're in the corner, immediately start buffing. Have Durance cast Crowns for the Faithful, Devotions of the Faithful, and Prayer Against Fear. Let Aloth buff himself with Deletrius Alacrity of Motion, Spirit shield, Llengrath's Displaced Image, Iron Skin, etc. Have a few characters summon monsters (with figurines, which you should have plenty of at this point) in front of you to buy you some more time to buff. Have those monsters engage the Dragon. Then, once buffed, you can start engaging the dragon. With your accuracy buffed that high from Durance's spells you should be able to hit it. Even better, what you can do now is have Aloth try to throw a Ninagauth's Shadow Flame at the Dragon. It is not immune to Paralyze, so if you can land it on him, the Dragon will be disabled and you can then kill it. It will go down fast once paralyzed. Of course, you might not have Ninagauth's Shadow Flame. To get that, you would have had to beat White March 1 and find the Spellbook, which maybe not everyone does. That's OK. If you don't have that, try crafting some scrolls of Paralyze. I'm assuming Aloth or Durance or someone in your party has high lore. Let them cast that on the Dragon once you have finished buffing, and eventually it will land and you can kill it. As a Cipher you also have the paralyze ability which should work. The key really is buffing your accuracy up high enough that you can land the spell on the Adra Dragon. Crowns for the Faithful and Devotions of the Faithful should get you to have sky high accuracy. Prayer Against Fear should prevent your accuracy from taking a huge hit from the Dragon's fear aura. After that it's a matter of getting lucky enough to hit the dragon with paralyze. Keep spamming it at him and it will eventually land. Once it does, it's game over for him as you can then focus fire the Dragon with all you got. I killed it very quickly recently on a run (PC Ranger), using the tactics above. Once Aloth hit him with the Paralyze I was able to shoot him with Persistence, then land a Cleansing Flame with Durance, and also everyone else was hitting him too. He went down in seconds. Of course his defenses are high and you might not always hit him with the spells even when buffed. But eventually you will, and once you do, he should go down quick. Paralyze is a devastating debuff in Poe1.
  9. If you're playing turn based you should usually be able to interrupt the enemy before they hit you with it. Another tactic you can do that works tb or rtwp is spread out party members so that if they do get off an arcane dampener it only hits one or two of your party rather than everyone.
  10. Only problem is only having two slots and I like having the Watershape focus for my 2nd wep for when I fire imbues. Maybe I should use that ring or whichever item it is that gives +1 weapon slot. I forget which item that is or if it would take up a valuable slot though. I remember seeing it in my previous run though.
  11. Definitely true. I imagine the only time it might suffer is vs enemies with super high pierce/slash armor but I guess on those I could switch to Essence Interrupter as my 2nd weapon instead of the Watershaper Focus. Or maybe even just stick with Spearcaster since the accuracy is so high that the build crits a lot which can make up somewhat for enemies with high armor. But I haven't noticed pen issues yet. But haven't fought many constructs, so we'll see how that goes.
  12. About level 9 now and this character is wrecking faces. My god does it hit hard with the Spearcaster. Anything that I can penetrate reliably on gets destroyed. 12 base pen on Arbalest and then +3 from Superb quality on Spearcaster. Soon enough it will be Mythic as I took that Berath blessing. Just need to get it to Legendary first. I have the Devil's armor on too so even though I'm only level 8 I think I have something like 8 Bond and 8 Zeal which means tons of spammable dps abilities. I switch to the Watershaper Rod sometimes when I wanna hit a group with imbues. I did have to spend most of my cash from blessings + quests I've done so far to get Spearcaster/Devil's Armor but it was so worth it. The dps on this is gonna be scary once I have takedown combo. The accuracy is sky high so far too thanks to Ring Of Focused flame + Devotions + Spearcaster. So there's lots of crits, and even when I don't, I reliably hit. Took the wolf pet which seems to do reliable damage with Sworn Enemy on what I'm attacking. Anyways all that is to say thanks for the tips. Character is a lot of fun. The single target dps on this is so high that it reminds me of how strong Rangers were in Poe1. There's even a little bit of utility with lay on hands/imbue web although most often so far I prefer to use my bond/zeal for imbue missiles or devotions of flame respectively. But sometimes I like to pin enemies in place with an imbue web and let Tekehu/Aloth go to town with aoe nukes. But I'm rambling now. Character is fun and I'd definitely recommend the class for anyone who enjoys high single target dps.
  13. Did you dump Resolve? Enemies prioritize your party members with low deflection and armour. No, I didn't. I don't think I even have the lowest deflection in the party usually thanks to the Paladin defense bonuses. Only thing I can think of is maybe they prioritize the Arcane Archer because of the penalty to health that class gets?
  14. Got through the prologue easily enough so far. Character hits pretty hard so far even with just basic gear. Just got to Neketaka so will be buying Spearcaster soon enough. I have noticed that enemies seem to be making a bee line for me though. Not sure why that is. They'll ignore Aloth, Xoti, and anyone else I use just to rush towards and beat on my Ranger/Bleak Walker. That can be a problem if a lot of enemies have high initiative but if I can live past that first round I'm usually fine. Actually the enemies have wanted a piece of my Ranger so badly that they've even been willing to take disengagement hits from Eder to rush past him and try to beat on me like a rented mule. Given the frequency of that happening so far I think I'm gonna invest in Eder having the upgraded engagement fighter stance which prones enemies that disengage. Also might be worth using a little bit of con/protective gear on myself. But aside from enemies hating my guts the dps has been really good so far.
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