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  1. Yeah it's a lot of fun. Versatile too. Sure you have your damaging spells and scrolls but you can also do things like charm enemies, paralyze them, etc. Godansthunyr + Badgradr's is definitely an awesome combo. You could go for that with this build if you wanted to have like a core set of weapons that you would use when you don't feel like casting spells. I opted to go slightly more spellheavy and setup my weapon sets such that I always had something with spellbindings on it but if you wanted to balance more towards melee then Godansthunyr + Badgradrs is awesome and you would still have p
  2. Not sure if anyone is still playing Poe1, but whenever I get the itch to play this series I tend to do full runs. It just doesn't feel right for me starting in Poe2. I gotta get the whole experience. And so, one of the builds that caught my eye when replaying Poe1 recently was Boeroer's Sorcerer's Apprentice. Using scrolls plus deathblows is indeed a fun concept. but I thought...what if I took that concept, and applied it to making a Rogue focused not just on scrolls but on spellbinding items as well? The end result was a build that looks actually pretty similar to what he did, but altere
  3. Finished a playthrough of something else recently and wanted to give this a shot. Started an Aumaua with quick switch 12/10/16/16/16/10 might/dex/con/per/int/res. Gonna amass every last spellbinding item I can and greedily hoard them and blast enemies with them. Tossing enough points into lore to cast a few scrolls too. Should be fun! I'm actually questioning right now whether I even should put weapon focus into anything since I'll be carrying like four different weapons and relying mostly on spellbindings. I'd guess I will melee (or ranged attack) sometimes, but should eventually ha
  4. Doing pretty well with this build. Some fights are more challenging because of the slowness. Lagafueth are a bit of a pain because they like to sit at range so I can't easily get them into range to melt them and even with high armor you can take a beating from them quick if you don't get some CC off. I tend to mix it up a bit versus them and throw more insta cast spells like Shadowflame etc. And Durgan's Battery in general was not quite optimal for this guy since all those enemies are immune to poisons and such. But Wizards have other spells that are strong too so in there I just focused more
  5. So I've been playing this and enjoying it so far. One thing that is tricky is getting the hang of party positioning. While my Dwarf is quite resistant to his acid baths, Eder is not, so it's taking some practice positioning him properly :). I've focused a lot of my party members on being more ranged focus. Pallegina for example is using a Blunderbuss and is basically there to defend my backline. Eder I try to position just behind my Dwarf to get some hits on while not getting hit himself. Maybe a reach weapon would have been a better idea for him, but right now I have him dual wielding ha
  6. Well, gonna start with Bilestomper and I'll have to think about which of your class combos to pick when I get to poe2. But should be fun for now :). The marking Paladin will be next up after that but I'll have to give some more thought on how I want to build out that character given that style isn't possible in Poe2.
  7. That's a good point. I suppose the stats are a lot more forgiving in Poe2 if you have that blessing on. I usually do have it enabled on my runs.
  8. Thanks. Yeah I'll have to keep thinking about which of the two I wanna try first. I suppose the Marking Pally even if it doesn't exist in poe2 could still become a Paladin/Rogue or something similar and be still effective, but it would have to be more of a single target dps rather than specifically a marker. I know Darcozzi is weak in Poe2, but the +10 accuracy on Liberating is kinda nice in poe1, and it is a different type of Pally than I have played in the past. But I've also not really played Goldpact so maybe I ought to do that. Both of those Wizard options sound intriguing. Wizards a
  9. Hey yall. Hope everyone is staying safe. I've been debating on a couple of different characters for a new run. Maybe I'll make it easy on myself and just do two separate playthroughs of both. The two I had in mind are a Marking Darcozzi Paladin (since this concept sounds really fun), and Boeroer's Bilestomper. Thing is, I have no idea how these guys transfer to Poe2, and I'd like to continue them there. Is it possible to play those types of characters in Poe2 and have them be still fun? I know Marking isn't a thing any more in Poe2, and I'm not sure if the items exist in Poe2 to supp
  10. Hmm yeah I don't know why I didn't think of Barbarian. That allows for some fun multiclass possibilities when importing into 2 as well since Barb is a great multiclass candidate in Poe2.
  11. I was thinking a bit about stuff I haven't tried and despite having beaten Poe1 probably ten times or so (and many more half abandoned runs besides) I've never done a build that used the Unlabored Blade. In fact I generally never bother with it at all since you get it in WM2 which struck me as late. But then I wondered, what if I built a character to use that? What would that look like? Has anyone tried building a character with the goal of using this weapon? Rogue seems like an obvious choice. Fighter or Monk would also excel at it I'm sure. I imagine going for dual wielding it plus
  12. Just wanna say I've been playing this build and I'm I think level 12 now. It's pretty fun. With the high per, might, and dex plus swift flurry plus myriad of Ranger accuracy bonuses, it's just a blender. And the daze effect plus the Bear's inherent tankiness makes this a build where your pet isn't just dying 24/7 which is the usual complaint people have with Rangers. The Ranger itself actually isn't horribly fragile either. I altered the stat spread a little bit. I did dump Res like you did, but I went with 10 con rather than dumped con. That did mean my Int took a little bit of a hit co
  13. Think I'm going to try this out since I always wanted to try a melee ranger. I'm a crazy person and running it through Poe1 too of course, though in that I'm going to use Tidefall instead as it's the best melee Ranger wep in poe1. Looking forward to seeing how this plays. Looks like a lot of fun.
  14. Cool build. Scordeo's Edge comes pretty late in the game though. What would you use before then? The Griffin Blade is the lynch pin for the build and that at least is easy to acquire.
  15. Boeroer's suggestion of a Stalker is cool. Couple of considerations here. You multi it with Fighter(Devoted) for extra Spear penetration since you know you're using Spears. You could also do Paladin and pick something like Kindwayfarer or Bleakwalker so that your Flames of Devotions give more utility. You could also do Rogue and choose Trickster (for extra tankiness) or Streetfighter (for extra dps). Single Class Stalker is strong too because Rangers get a great PL 8 ability called Whirling Strikes which will let you wade into big groups of enemies and blender them with your Ranger.
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