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  1. - and here I am literally trying to plan a build around a Rogue that uses White Crest Armor and things of that ilk. Not saying this is gonna stop me, but it sure is discouraging.
  2. Huh. That's a neat idea. I was actually wondering the opposite though: what about skipping the Interdiction Talents (or greatly delaying them), to take weapon/tanking Talents, wear appropriate armor for being on the frontline/off-tank position, and trade Iconic Projection spam for a cast of Consecrated Ground before fighting on the front line?
  3. Slightly different take on the topic, but here goes: With Cloak of Minor Missiles (+5 Burn/Shock DR), Wyrwood Ring (+5 Freeze/Corrode DR), Blunting Belt (+5 Slash/Pierce DR), and Crush-Proofed Armor, you can have +5 DR to all damage types but Crush, which is +3 (there is not +5 Crush in the game) for maximum DR with minimal slots allocated. Deckhand's Uniform (+9 Deflection/Reflexes), Munacra Arret (+12 Will), and Father's Teeth (+18 Fortitude) for insane defenses. Little Savior can bring these up by 5. Noteworthy for not requiring ring slots (of keen interest to Wizards). Cloak of C
  4. Love everything you said there, Boeroer. That said, most newer players who need these kinds of guides aren't going to know to do a lot of the things you've listed. Also, while Outworn Buckler/Little Savior stacking is really strong (unless you're doing the kind of things you're suggesting), I find it can be hard to find builds that actually want to use a shield (and specifically Little Savior over things like Badgradr's Barricade) rather than the alternatives. Since Dragon Thrashed tanks don't really need to worry about weapon damage as much, they're objectively good candidates for it. I
  5. Playing a Priest MC now. Typically I'm far enough back from the action that I don't get CC'ed if I'm allowed to initiate the engagement (and most of the time I am, in my experience). Could see the appeal of putting the Cap on a Priest, but I'm planning to just use less-desired items like Hermit's Hat to cover as many resistances as I can on my priest. With Kana's low initial DEX, and less than stellar PER, I needed S&S just to get his Reflex up for this version of him (ended up his highest defense). If you've got a big enough front line to have Kana be a second-row unit, then that could
  6. From Reddit to Steam to the Obsidian forums, I've seen people asking for companion builds for as long as the game has come out. There are a lot of threads with helpful guidance, and a few Youtube videos that are... alright. There are awesome builds, presented by the community, that, while not built for companions, that companions can do a good job of running themselves. That said, all of the above takes a lot more effort for a player than just having a guide for said character, so I'm going to do my best to slowly work towards making them. A few things about these builds: If a contender for
  7. Undead Raedric will give me shiny armor... That I have no actual plan on using long-term in this party. It's weird, I somehow planned a party that doesn't intend to use that, or the Firebrand Items. I keep seeing items that normally are major game-changers in my run, get excited, then remember I'm not planning on using them.
  8. I realize that's probably an oxymoron, but are there any low-micro Monk builds? The whole reason I've never touched the class is because I hear they're high-micro. Do they have any lower micro options, or are they designed more like Ciphers where they're just mechanically that way?
  9. So, if you kill Kolsc for Raedric, he'll give you Justice. If you follow that up by having Pallegina (or whomever it is for you) shoot him in the face, and proceed to murder him and his whole squad, then he drops it again. Wasn't actually trying to do that, but I guess Eder and Sagani just got big gear upgrades. *shrug*
  10. Is it possible to have One-Eyed Molina's... added to the PoE1 Speed Calculator?

  11. *nods* Thank you very much for the detailed reply. I probably should have just asked about Iconic Projection though, as that's mostly where my mind is focused (I'll definitely be using Shining Beacon, and already planned for it to be my mastery. I was mainly asking to make sure I wasn't losing anything valuable to my plans by skipping Scion of Flame). I mainly wanted to see how hard we could scale it. So, for ol' Durance, assuming level 7 (I try to theorycraft at lower levels) with his starting 14 MIG, +4 from Devotion, +2 from Agg. Rad., +2 from gear (easily attainable) is +36%, Secrets
  12. Hmm... Penetrating Shot synergy sounds pretty good... might be able to work with that. Thanks for the info'. Might come up with something.
  13. Realize it's not that important on a build this old, but assuming no major changes to this build, Company Captain's Cap would be an upgrade to Tempered Health if you're just there for the defenses and don't care about Bloodthirst. EDIT: Also, if for some reason you can't spare Shod-in-Faith for the Ranger, you can run Boots of Stability which greatly opens up your options for chest pieces (maybe we get to wear Vengiatta Rugia after all?).
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