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  1. I actually may have asked that already some loooong time ago, but can't find it... How would I build a melee Cipher? Doesnt feel like I can drop any stat very low... High mig/int/per, middling dex/res, lower con?
  2. Hello! I will soon be returning to pillars and hopefully finally finish it (or at least get past Maerwald) before December when POE2 releases for PS4. I want to do a talkative build that works well in a team (and solo? I dunno if there are many fights you HAVE to do solo) on POTD. Also, havin POE2 in mind, are there some creation choices from POE1 that highly affect conversations in part 2? Stats and build dont matter to me much, as I like pretty much all playstyles in these types of games Races I find the most interesting: Orlan, Aumaua, Godlike Classe
  3. Yay, so now I will buy it and hope it runs on my laptop ^^
  4. Sorry, I think I don't understand. Can I use the same copy on multiple computers?
  5. If you look at Poe's ancestor BG2, you can easily see how a romance in a story and character driven game can be annoying. To actually see the majority of the content of one character, you HAVE to romance her/him (in BG2 Anomen is the worst in this regard). You could, of course, put all the content out for everyone (romancing or not), and just alter/add/remove certain lines depending on the kind of relationship. Bioware did a vaguely similar thing with Mass Effect, and imo even did it quite well... IMO, romances are great in traditional JRPGs, where you can't customise your character's
  6. So the GOTY (which would be my hardcopy choice) updates from 3.0 to 3.03 via steam? Sorry for the stupid question, I am just getting used to pc-gaming again xD (stopped 2005, lot has changed since then)
  7. I hope this is the right subforum to ask this? I am unsure which is the best platform to take PoE from... Would prefer the hardcopy version, but apparently producers/developers and modders alike don't like DVDs that much anymore (my BG:EE dvd can't get an update past 1.xx for example, and some mods for Planescape have a hard time working with the DVD version). So I wonder whether the hardcopy version has some kind of disadvantage over Steam or GoG and vice versa. Like updates or version-unique bugs etc. Thank you for upcoming info ^^
  8. One more thing... In terms of lore, I start to like the Pale Elves and Coastal Aumaua a tad more than the Orlan. Do I gimp my offensive potential a lot by picking a race with a defensive passive? On the other hand I can increase might by up to 3 more points ^^
  9. Thank you ^^ Well, I still have some time till I can build my PC, and thus still have time till I can build my PC :'D Most likely I will just try both squishy melee and ranged (just realised my stat distribution is the same for both) and see which strikes my fancy ^^ When should I specialise in one or the other? I like the Ruffian weapons quite a lot, so, unless they suck for melee Cipher, lvl2/4 shouldn't be the breaking point for that ^^ Edit: Are war bows good for ranged ciphers?
  10. How would you play such a super-squishy cipher in melee? Getting enemies to not target you seems quite difficult in melee o.o
  11. Thank you I think I will go for ranged to min/max a bit more and get more 'high-level' conversation choices ^^ Any other recommendations regarding my build and party?
  12. Thanks, you two ^^ So, for melee I thought (I dont mind being squishy at the frontline) might - 17 con - 3 dex - 18 per - 12 or 18 int - 18 res - 10 or 4 or, after seeing the blunderbusses, I start to like ranged as well xD m - 17 c - 3 d - 18 p - 12 or 18 i - 18 r - 10 or 4 The characters I will probably take along (because they sound the most interesting/nice as far as I tried to learn about them without spoiling - I don't even know how/when/why they accompany me) are Eder, Durance, Hiravias and Grieving Mother. Pagani sounds nice too, but I already have many offensiv
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