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  1. I got sidetracked into other games (SMT remaster and Tangledeep) and now I found this awesome pic after googling Skadi. Anyone wanna help me out with the watercolouring?
  2. So, yeah, I am completely hooked on my Priestess of Berath from the White That Wends (Death Godlike on top) and finally stopped contemplating over different classes in the Dyrwood. My main team will consist of Aloth and Pallegina, with a certain focus on Vailian related quests and NPCs (I only know of Ydwin and Fassina by accidentally spoiling them - they seem cool). But lo and behold, Deadfire is on the distant horizon. Last time I asked about Cipher MC I think, so yeah, that is thrown out of the window for the most part. Single Class Priest of Berath vs /Druid vs /Wizard vs /Cipher vs /Chanter I am mostly uncertain if i would lose a lot of singleclass power of the Priest if I went for a MC? As far as I understand it, I not only lose the last 2 spell levels of both classes (or however it is calculated with the Chanter), but also the Power Level of each class' spells is missing out on 2 levels, which would mean weaker damage/heal spells? And also I would get my spells at a much slower rate, like ~5 levels later for my 'last' tier of MC spells? Seems like a lot of wasted potential, unless I am missing something, as I look at it all from a rather uneducated perspective? Like, looking at the unique Berath spells, the final 2 tiers seem like a huge boost in damage dealer potential, especially as Berath's spells add a lot of non-fire spells, which would be pretty cool. But on the other hand, my POE1-stats are more focused on talking (12/6/15/15/15/15), so I wonder if I would even be a worthy addition to DPS anyway. Though I am doing a lot of damage in POE1... don't know how much changes in Deadfire. But then with a MC I would have a lot of versatility added. Wizard would get me both potent self-buffs and aoe debuffs (which could be subbed for with Aloth/Fassina), Druid would get me massive AOE damage spells (storms and such - the only Universalist build on the build page lists DoT as a main selling point), Cipher (Psion for passive Focus or Ascendant for powerful spells?) again with the debuffs and self-sufficient resource, Chanter with passive resource replenishment and passive buffs/debuffs. I am slightly more inclined to go for singleclass, but as usual, I am VERY unsure... Any advice is always much appreciated
  3. I helped out and tested Aloth as a tank, mixing existing builds (Bilestomper, Frozen Lance) as guidelines. Now I use Aloth as a tank too... xD
  4. I just realized I still have the early bounties from Caed Nua to do. Should I do them first or after WM? Do they give a huge chunk of XP (I vaguely remember you saying something along those lines?) to bloat my level too much for unscaled WM or are they fine to do before? I don't want to be bored like I was in Od Nua level 5 yesterday, far too easy xD
  5. So, yeah. I have like 2 more side quests to do in Act 2 (finally that far into the game) and am wondering in which order to tackle the next parts. I would prefer not to roflstomp one part or the other... Then, the new companions. I am really content with my death squad right now (Eder/Pallegina/Hiravias/Aloth/GM). Would I miss out on a lot of banter using this team for most of the DLC instead of the 3 new ones? Or are these 5 also adding to the flavour of the DLC? DoC seems really interesting, but I wouldn't know whom to kick for her from a flair perspective.
  6. Charge sounds neat. I guess I will set him up more aggressively instead of the Disengagement attacker I have now.
  7. I am relatively confident in Pallegina's build, and there are many guides as to which spells are good for priest/wizard/druid/chanter/cipher. But Edér... man, I have no idea how to set him up effectively (without either changing his class or his stats). I originally thought just to copy one of the Lady of Pain builds, but they don't seem to work that well for some reason. I would think that a build around Defender would work well with a not-so-tanky party. Taking Defender, Rapid Recovery, Confident Aim, and... that is where I stop having any ideas... Currently, I switch around his weapon setup like they are socks. twohanded, dualwield, SnS-style. The latter seems a bit obsolete, as I already have both Kana and Pallegina with SnS, and of course my whole backline as a backup weapon set. Also for disengagement attacks, I think 2handed stuff would work best?
  8. I think I am blind. I thought there was a watercoloured version of this one already but I can't find it...
  9. For anyone interested, I changed the colours of this already perfect Aumaua picture (couldn't find the artist rn - found the pic in portraits IV thread) to fit to different Aumaua aesthetics. Originally only wanted to do a Coastal one, but on the way there, only changing the blue marks to red ones was already really lovely, so yeah, here you go
  10. Oh yeah, I see that the stats are very minmaxed... Considering that as a monk I would want to get hit, wouldn't be higher Resolve be counterintuitive? Never played much of a monk outside of Act 1 in poe1... Also, would multiple Chanters (with different MC and subclasses) still be viable like in poe1 or not so much anymore?
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