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  1. That makes sense. It's cool you're utilizing it with the party in mind. It sounds like you're getting full use out of the skills you have already. If you do respec, I'd be interested to hear how other combinations work.
  2. I'd dump Light of Pure Zeal and pick up Prestige and DI. Glorious Beacon doesn't combo well with SI or DI, imo, because of it's long recovery. By the time you've recovered, you only benefit from 1-2 ticks. The zeal would be better spent, I think, on another SI or DI.
  3. Note on Divine Immolation. Like many upgraded abilities, it will be considered t's original power level for the purposes of calculating bonuses from PL, (which is good, more room for bonuses), but it will be considered it's new, higher ability level for the purposes of calculating ability level bonuses, which will right off the bat increase it's PEN by 1 and ACC by 4.
  4. Tactician can also reliably trigger the affliction buffs. If you pick up RES affliction resistance in the Fighter passives, you will only be confused when you are flanked, which feels like the better option for a tanky build like this. I'm finishing a run with a Tactician/Beckoner, and there is tons of game time with the armor if you go to BoW at 15. Slap on a Morning Star or Club/Shield. Affliction resistance doesn't stack, as far as I understand.
  5. Alternatively, you can switch to RTWP mode for just those fights, and then switch back, using the console. The command does not require you to use the iroll20s command, so you will still be able to complete achievements.
  6. SI self-dmg is high, but the dmg to enemies on a SC paladin is significant, especially with high INT. One trick is using blood ward or Old Siec chant (or combination). You will heal to full easily over the self-dmg. With enough RES and hostile effect reduction, you can limit it to a few ticks. With Scion of Flame and Prestige at level 20, Divine Immolation it has 14.8 pen w/o other buffs and 32-48 dmg per tick at 21 MIG and infamous captain. You can cast it 3 times without empower, plus all of the zeal recovery methods already listed. If you stack up other fire PL gear (which there is a bounty), you can get those #s even higher. The healing from it is quite nice, as well.
  7. I've been working on a build for Fassina that does this. All three of her class options work well. You can't quite stack PL like you do for Fire, but you get a +1 from the familiar. Little known fact that Venombloom, though not labeled as such, does get boosted by +poison PLs.
  8. I believe there must be a mechanism for new souls to be created, because we know that there is one for souls to eventually be destroyed (White Void). If there is a finite number of souls, eventually the whole system would run out of them if there wasn't a way for new ones to be created. There's some law of entropy happening with souls, so it seems likely that there might also be Conservation of Soul Energy, too - soul energy can neither be created nor destroyed. If that's true, then the souls that go to the White Void to be "destroyed" are just being fragmented into pure essence devoid of organization, and that energy must eventually coalesce/organize into a new soul at some point. I do not believe there's any information about that.
  9. I just loaded up a new game. As a single class Priest and multi-class Contemplative there were no upgrade options for the Vestments.
  10. Aye - glad to have you aboard. I've been playing around in Deadfire quite a bit, but waiting for that thread to start on the other forums to begin my NR fun. I will also probably start over a new character(s) in PoE1 to go through with a full NR.
  11. Ranger nets you 20% reload speed for all firearms and a bunch of ACC, which is nice. I like Paladin with Blunderbuss. You can pick up 10 ACC with Flames of Devotion to balance out the -10 ACC that all Blunderbusses have. You can also pick PER resistance with a talent, which negates the negative effect of the Blunderbuss Modal. You will be spitting fire all over the battlefield. The Hand Mortars target REF, so if your'e already debuffing REF for your Fire AOE spells, the Blunderbusses will be even more successful. I think the only Paladin order that is compatible with Magran is Bleak Walker, so that may not be how you want to RP this character.
  12. Hi all - I'm loving playing with the community patch. It's creating new opportunities for build diversity and an overall more consistent and enjoyable play through. Thanks again! I've noticed missing strings quite a bit, especially in character creation (low priority), but a few continue on into the talent screen, or even when right clicking abilities tosee the details. For example, Arcane Archer has a passive that doesn't have any text in any window, only missing string note. Perhaps it's just a placeholder for something? Is there interest in compiling a list of these to fix, or are they fine as they are?
  13. When playing around with the debug menu (the itemdebug command gives you every item in the game - very handy for testing things), I've seen that each fragment is a new branching option for a mythic upgrade in the enchanting menu. I assume they can be used this way as soon as you get them.
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