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  1. This is a cool idea, but actually not needed. The conjurer's familiar bonus remains even if you summon other things after it. It lasts for all of combat, and you can summon as many other things as you like.
  2. Echoing what @Boeroersaid. Bloody Links > Magnera’s Chain works great for him. Both have pirate flavor, and he starts in mail, so it fits thematically. Daze is also a huge survivability boost for him, so Mind Plague or leap can help. (Or have another party member lay it down).
  3. Agia, Deadfire, Act II: Neketaka to Hasongo, Part 1 The strategy for me at this stage was the gain experience, gold, and unique items without much combat. In Queens Berth, we picked up the quest from Zamar, turned in the bounty for Meryl and picked up the next, recruited Konstanten for ship battles, and picked up the quest from Kahn. We subbed out Eder for Xoti and take her to do her quest in The Sacred Stair. I have her give the souls to the animancers (which is currently bugged, so the quest finishes, but does not actually complete). Back in Queens Berth, we sort out the contract
  4. Do you know how many injuries you had? Some boss abilities add an injury without knocking you out. If you had 3 already and it hit with one more - poof.
  5. It does seem a little overtuned to me, and it feels off when the strongest choice for a melee martial class is to spam a mobility ability to deal the best damage. That said, AT9 shouts have always been very high damage dealing, arguable higher than Heart of Fury, certainly in terms of resource cost ratio. Dragon Leap Community Patch added "Fire" keyword to Dragon Leap. (opened up +5 PL w/ items) - This feels like a bug fix in terms of designer intent, so much so that the Community Patch changed it. These abilities deal fire DMG so they should scale w/ + Fire PL. I would rather tune
  6. Here's the game data for CHA_CRE_Dragon_Magma abilities: "Passive (EASY): Starting Concentration 1", "Passive (NORMAL, HARD, PATH): Starting Concentration 3", "Passive (NORMAL, HARD, PATH): Deathblows", "Passive (HARD, PATH): Deep Wounds", "Passive (NORMAL, HARD, PATH): Persistent Distraction", "Passive (NOT STORY): Survival of the Fittest", "Passive (HARD, PATH): Engagement Strike", "Passive (NOT STORY): Concentration Buffer - used to prevent Battle Roar from being used immediately after Concentration", "Fiery Breath (ALL)", "Tail Swipe (ALL)", "Sulfur Stone (NOT STORY)", "Battle Roar (N
  7. Sawyer gave a talk about reputation systems that's on Youtube where he distinguishes between games with simulationist design w/r/t reputation and games that aren't that way. He specifically mentions the "no one got away" issue. It's a conscious choice to have a system here that is less simulationist, from what I gather from that talk.
  8. I found this out by accident using the ItemDebug console command while testing builds, as it gave me each version of the ring. FYI, that command gives you every item in the game all at once, so very handy for testing (some wierdness will happen with quest items, so beware). I was trying to create a build that used all of the BoW items. I think there's one for every slot, including trinket.
  9. While Maelstrom is being discussed, im wondering if folks know that Tekehu or someone wearing the oilskin cloak is immune to the freeze/crush half, which makes it fun for Builds that want to be hit by shock or burn damage. The cloak is weird, b/c it’s not listed as such.
  10. It's tough to think of something that can replace such a simple intended functionality as increased duration of effects. What if you go about it through another mechanical means - +10 second beneficial effect duration on friendly targets (if it can include the current ability), +25% Hostile Effect duration on enemy targets. It's a broader application since it affects every other buff/debuff involved, so you could tune it in accordance with that, but it achieves similar effect and would be worth picking up.
  11. Agia, Deadfire, Act I: Port Maje I thought I'd talk a little bit more about Port Maje, and how I like to do it. Agia will be a new experience, because of the Skaen dispositions I'm avoiding and seeking. I let Chitupec die this time and get the Killer's Gloves in the supplies cache on the beach. More valuable in it is a Thief's Putty and Oil of Allure. I remember to make Eder a Swashbuckler so someone has mechanics before I bring on the hired adventurers. Disarming the traps around Beodul gives more XP, and will be our main source of cash to purchase our 2 hired adventurers. I immediately
  12. Ahh - fair point that the action speed still helps martial recovery - was incorrectly thinking casting speed. I like the zero recovery & action speed - maybe folks with more experience finding degenerate combos can weigh in on balance.
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