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  1. Thanks so much for your work on this! Is it too late to make a request for the keyword fixes? The following abilities are coded as poison but lack the keyword. This means they can’t affect poison immune targets, but don’t benefit from +pl items. Vile Thorns Plague of Insects Wall of Thorns (also missing counter: antidote) Curiously, Venombloom does benefit from +poison pl items, but lacks the keyword.
  2. Even better, some benefit from the higher ability level when calculating AL bonuses, even though they scale power level based on the original. E.g. Sacred Immolation upgrades give +4 Accuracy and +1 Penetration without lowering PL scaling.
  3. 1. I think they mean flagging these summoned weapons to have a weapon type. IIRC Minor Blights was tagged as a wand in PoE 1.
  4. @thelee - w/r/t Woedica's challenge and lack of regen between fights, I believe trollskin belt and similar equipment still regens outside of combat, which sort of trivializes this aspect. You can just equip regen gear right after a fight and quickly heal up.
  5. The loss of Evocation and Illusion spells significantly reduces the power and versatility of the class, but it can be played around if you're looking to work within constraints for fun or RP. The familiar is a nice buff (+3 to a stat, +1 PL, +random bonus), but the randomness means the PL is really all you can count on. If you summon another creature after the Familiar, the Familiar goes away, but the buff remains, allowing you to take advantage of other summons and prevent a loss of the buff from the familiar dying. That said, you're giving up a spell slot and cast time to summon it (Eldritch Aim, Chill Fog, Spirit Shield, etc.). Summons and summoned weapons do not benefit much from Power Level (They both scale based on Character Level, I believe), so being a conjurer doesn't help them much (+5% duration over other Wizard Sub-classes), but the upshot is they don't scale well with Power Level, so being a multi-class Conjurer doesn't hurt the much either. There are lots of mutli-class options that are fun. Access to summoned weapons means you can multi reasonably well with one of the martial classes (but loss of illusion means you don't have access to most of the major deflection buffs that make MC Wizards so powerful). A suggestion from other threads I've seen is multi into Priest of Wael to gain back the missing illusion spells, as well as some other priest uniques. I'm working on an RP flavored build for Fassina that is trying to crack this nut, since she is forced into Conjurer for all of her class choices. There's definitely some fun options there that I'm almost done testing in a playthrough.
  6. You also get a .5 Pen per Ability Level -1 of the spell. Fireball should have +1 Pen just from Ability level (Ability Level 3-1=2*.5 pen=1 pen) From Thelee's PL Compilation Thread: Here's an example of the baked in bonuses to Pen you get before you ever add bonus PL (this doesn't include prestige, buffs, etc.). Ability Level AL Pen Bonus MC PL Pen Bonus at 20 SC PL Pen Bonus at 20 MC Total Base Pen Bonus SC total Base Pen Bonus 1 0 1.5 2 1.5 2 2 0.5 1.25 1.75 1.75 2.25 3 1 1 1.5 2 2.5 4 1.5 0.75 1.25 2.25 2.75 5 2 0.5 1 2.5 3 6 2.5 0.25 0.75 2.75 3.25 7 3 0 0.5 3 3.5 8 3.5 0.25 3.75 9 4 0 4 So for a MC Wizard at level 20, that 7 pen Fireball is actually 9 pen before adding any bonus PL or other pen Buffs. Scion takes it to 10. Add 4 PL for 11. Add food or Tenacious for 13. The AL bonus is why higher level spells are better than the low level ones, even with PL scaling. Meteor Shower actually has a base pen of 11 (as well as +16 bonus Accuracy from Ability Level).
  7. I confirmed that it's stacking with Paladin's Zealous Focus (+5 Accuracy). It's either the mod, or a specific issue with Devotions for the Faithful.
  8. Congrats Serg! What an accomplishment! Glad to see you already moving forward with Deadfire. If you want to talk mechanics at all, I'm game. I've been collecting various tidbits from the forums, wiki, etc.
  9. Congrats! Great accomplishment! I’m curious what class choices you will make in Deadfire with your chanter. It pairs so well with just about every other class for multi-classing, and has several sub-class options that are all cool when built around.
  10. Jan, Wild Orlan Fighter: Act III & IV Act III Arriving in Twin Elms, we set to work doing chores for the gods. We complete all of the tasks, but pledge ourselves to Berath. Balance seems like the best move here, when dealing with thousands of souls and their futures. For Galawain, we side with the lion. Clever beats strong most days. We fight the Sky Dragon and it almost goes poorly when the dragon bugs out in the air via paralyze scroll. We can't target it with any attacks, but it's back on the ground stomping us. I figure out that AoE attacks will still hit it, even though no direct targeted attacks will. Before we make the leap down into Sun and Shadow, we head back to Caed Nua to finish the endless paths. I remember that it's possible to talk Od Nua into letting you through without a fight. I figured I could get there without reading up on how to do that. I couldn't. We still prevailed. I'm not willing to risk this run on an optional and challenging boss like the Adra dragon. I still really want the treasure, though, so we make friends and I trick that poor dragon hunter. I specifically chose to not install any of the expansion content so that the weapons and armor from the base game would still feel meaningful. It feels great to get these and equip most of them. Onward to Sun and Shadow. You might notice that I did not go back to defeat undead Raedric. Let's just say I forgot about that, and I'm sorry Gilded Vale. Act IV We have all hit level 12 by this point, and it feels satisfying for this core game content. Here's the team at 12. Sun and Shadow poses little threat to the team, but I take it slow and enjoy each fight leading up to Thaos. For Thaos we prepare some scrolls of Maelstrom along with Prayer Against Confusion. We eat all of our expensive food, and leap in. Jan grabs the Judge and Eder, the Executioner, while our DPS whittles brings Thaos down, jumping to the Judge. We switch and kill the Executioner first. We spread out as much as we can and bang on Thaos for a bit. Snowcaps keep us frosty. Finally we break through and he drops quickly. We send him and the souls to the wheel. Our next adventure awaits in the Deadfire!
  11. In TB, terrified doesn’t always break engagement, or at least something else happens to re-engage before the enemies flee. I’ve seen disengagement attacks from it several times.
  12. Echoing what others are saying about the difficulty spike here, I’m also curious if the enemies have a buff called Berath’s Wrath. I completed Overgrowth after killing the druids near Sayuka, and all of the enemies inside the Engwithan “reactor” had a buff called Galawain’s Wrath or something like that, giving them all bonus inspirations - tenacious and hardy if I am remembering correctly. Is that what’s happening here, too?
  13. I'm also in my second run, doing TB and PotD Upscaled. I didn't have a priest for most of the beginning and realized how much that was slowing me down to not have Devotions for the Faithful and Aware on demand via Dire Blessing for my whole party (especially my Serafen Barbarian). I've already committed to a Lifegiver Druid as my healer, so I created an Accuracy Buffbot Tactician/Magran with all of the Fire DMG spells. Right now, I've replaced that character with Vatnir filling essentially the same role (with a little more diverse spell selection). Looking at your party 1, it looks like it would need a priest the least with the Fighter Multis and Ranger buffs. I believe the accuracy weapon modals don't stack with Devotions, so depending on weapon selection, you might not miss it on the paladin.
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