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  1. Lucca, Moon Godlike Darcozzi Paladini: Deadfire Introduction Game Version: LAX123ABCDEFGHI[TB] (All DLC enabled) Difficulty: Veteran Settings: Real Time With Pause; Expert Mode: Off; Trial of Iron: On; Berath's Blessings: None; Level Scaling: All, Only Upwards Mods: Community Patch: Basic, Extras, Keywords, Typos; Balance Polishing Mod: Buffs, Nerfs, Summon Rebalance (Minus Blunderbuss nerf, Chain Heal rework, Strike the Bell rework, Brilliant nerf); Carnage & Powder Burns Indicator; Enhanced User Interface Main Character Description: Lucca, Darcozzi Paladini and Wat
  2. Lucca Act IV I brave the Adra dragon and make it through the conversation without mistakes. We do the amulet trick and come back to loot the hoard. Totally unnecessary, but feels good to finish it out. Everyone is now level 14. I don't have the energy to clear all the bounties and any remaining side quests to get to 16. I planned to get Ryona's Vambraces for Pallegina to complete her Missile Commander build, but I don't need the extra firepower with everything on Standard, and I don't want to take the risk of a misclick at this point in the run. We clear through Sun and Shadow faste
  3. Lucca Act III, White March II Things go fast in Act III, and again I do not scale up the difficulty to keep it quick. I like to do all of the god quests. This time we let the elves go through the frost hewn breach and convince Rymrgand that he's cool with it. The Sky Dragon goes down very quickly to our level 12 party. We clear down to the bottom level of the Endless Paths, including a peaceful resolution with Od Nua, but I decide to wait to talk with the dragon until I have an actual chance at beating it if I click the wrong dialogue options. I'm not sure I need the loot from her,
  4. Let's leave both as disease, and do some smaller polish here. I think Boeroer and Thelee have a good point that the ability as it exists now is pretty strong, even with the disease KW on both the base and upgrade. There are only 2 other disease abilities in the game, so it's a cool flavor/niche. Making it auto-hit fixes most of the problems with it. Keeping both disease removes the upgrade being inferior, as Boeroer pointed out.
  5. If we can't separate the debuff from the damage in terms of disease flagging (as it seems based on this latest test), I think we should buff the upgrade slightly or it will be a case of the original ability being stronger than the upgrade. Corrode DoT (9 per 3.0 for 10 seconds) or dual debuff (Distracted or Hobbled) is my vote.
  6. Lucca Act II & WMI We head to defiance bay at level 4 and quickly build up to level 6 doing as many nonviolent/low level quests. We are going to ally with the Crucible Knights, though we complete Osric's Breastplate to get access to the Dozens shop. At level 6 we go back to kill Raedric. A bit easy, as expected, but that's my plan with this run. No level scaling, stay a few levels ahead of the content to reduce the risk and speed up the playthrough. I have done enough PoE1 runs now to not miss the challenge. Back in Defiance we do Catacombs, Brakenbury (including Aloth's
  7. What if you remove the disease flag from the initial ability, but keep it on the upgrade and add something to strengthen the upgrade. Maybe increase the duration, add a corrode DoT, or add a second affliction (Hobbled or Shaken)?
  8. @Elric Galad What if you set the cast time to .5, leave the raw DMG what it is, but increase the corrode explosion to 50-60 corrode?
  9. I like that approach - buff the on-death effect to make it worth casting for 1 instakill. If you get more than 1, you are getting much better than average results.
  10. 14 is the magic number, I think. With +1 from gear and any INT inspiration, you can hit 20. That's very achievable. You are probably getting INT from Duality, as well.
  11. That's fair. Maybe a more modest damage increase along with a phrase reduction and cast time reduction would be better to prevent power creep?
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