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  1. Just want to thank you all for the guides, you guys are the best! I just have completed the ultimate challenge with death godlike/ ascendent cipher/ skaen priest. In case if anyone is interested, the link is below: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLWnrH6Lq2whImLWhcIfFYbsqaV5JnzSZY
  2. was curious that if monk is the only class that can deal melee damage to proc weapon features like grave calling without breaking weapons through Forbidden fist/Stunning Surge/WotW ? Can't find useful information on wiki :< by the way, is there much fire resistant/immune mobs for ultimate? i know constructs are fire immune, one megaboss also. wonder if pure fire damage build is viable for the challenge
  3. Thanks :3 Thanks, was just wanted to do something new. So there are already tactician/skaen, bm/skaen, SC wizard, SC monk that has already completed the ultimate challenge right?
  4. is there any possibility that monk/skaen priest works? as monk doesnt really require weapons
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