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  1. Oh I forgot the prostitute bonus and the pet lol. Btw, how does the +/- duration count? like i got +30% from int and -20%from res, and -35% from solitary wanderer, then the final time for FF debuff would be?
  2. Ya I do realize that Thunderous Report hits like a truck. Actually I've read your post before and successfully soloed PotD using your build, it was great. I'm just curious about numbers you can get from something spammable :3
  3. Was wondering how much damage can be done against mob with full hit points, with self buffs only. I mean, not including heartbeat drumming or dots proc from attack, just what is the highest number from a single line of combat log (which means all those lash damages are counted, but of course, no deltro since it's just broken). Tested Assassin/Bleak Walker with Dragon's Dowry, using Eternal Devotion while sneaking, and Assassin/Helwalker with Voidwheel using crippling strike. They all hit 300ish but I won't assuming that would be the limit. Any suggestions?
  4. Thanks :3 ya fireball necklace would be good Exactly the first thing comes into my mind was Ring of Reset lol, what does export/import do? cuz i never tried any of them lol, u mean if you do that all the item the character carries will be duplicated?
  5. Umm I'm trying to understand it, you mean trigger reforge, extend it and then find something else to knock you out? Does that mean you cannot do it while soloing?
  6. how do you utilize reforge the flesh? Thought that paralyze time will be prolonged by re-equipping the necklace?
  7. Just want to thank you all for the guides, you guys are the best! I just have completed the ultimate challenge with death godlike/ ascendent cipher/ skaen priest. In case if anyone is interested, the link is below: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLWnrH6Lq2whImLWhcIfFYbsqaV5JnzSZY
  8. was curious that if monk is the only class that can deal melee damage to proc weapon features like grave calling without breaking weapons through Forbidden fist/Stunning Surge/WotW ? Can't find useful information on wiki :< by the way, is there much fire resistant/immune mobs for ultimate? i know constructs are fire immune, one megaboss also. wonder if pure fire damage build is viable for the challenge
  9. Thanks :3 Thanks, was just wanted to do something new. So there are already tactician/skaen, bm/skaen, SC wizard, SC monk that has already completed the ultimate challenge right?
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