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  1. My game performance has skyrocketed since this patch: there's a few microstutters here and there but edge scrolling is significantly smoother. Much obliged.
  2. IIRC, non-active party members only leave if you side with an opposing faction before the endgame.
  3. What do you think of helmet options for non-godlike characters, Boeroer? I've been having some good success with the Executioner's Hood.
  4. I'm nearing the end of Pillars 1 in my straight run through both games and I'm having a difficult time choosing which god to support at the end. Based on how I'm RPing the character, Galawain/Abydon/Magran would be the ideal choice but my main POE Watcher made that decision and I'd like to try something different. Wael seems appealing but I can't recall if there's any benefits - at least in base Deadfire - to picking it. As the title asks, what reactivity can I expect for choosing Wael? Are there any noteworthy hooks in Forgotten Sanctum?
  5. I'd say my most satisfying comp has been: 1. MC as a Berserker/Evoker 2. Eder an Unbroken/Trickster 3. Rekke as a Devoted/Shattered Pillar (modded with a Wound threshold of 8 ) 4. Vatnir (Single class Priest of Rymrgand) 5. Maia as a Sharpshooter/Blood Mage
  6. I fought The Messenger in BoW a few nights ago and even though she's resistant to Dex afflictions, the combat log kept saying she was immune to Gaze of the Adragan. Is this part of the bug? I could've sworn it worked in earlier builds.
  7. Another nice "bonus" to Evoker is that most Illusion and Enchantment buffs have very little or no recovery time.
  8. One of my top favorites is arriving in Hollywood for the first time in VTM: Bloodlines. The way the music and atmosphere blend together evokes all kinds of senses. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ff1DjBe3LOM
  9. To me that Frenzy and DAOM doesn't stack is sort of a strike against the Warlock (though a small one, it looks like there's a point in preserving HP for sacrifices). It means that I can still push my action speed quite a lot as the single class. Yeah, but that's true for the single class as well, the multi will still be at least 15 behind. But I get what you're saying, playing around the 15 point malus isn't a big obstacle. Thanks for the tip. I think I've decided on playing a pure class, mostly because I haven't really used high level pure Wizards a lot. I'm thinking about supplementing it with a Furyshaper/Lifegiver, any thoughts on that? Here's a few thoughts on Furyshaper/Lifegiver.
  10. There's also the new ship UI but I can't remember if we heard anything official about it. https://www.reddit.com/r/projecteternity/comments/a82h4r/new_ship_combat_ui/
  11. You can also stack Fleet Feet with Frenzy and Frenzy Ward for more speed - DAOM's raw action speed bonus won't stack with Frenzy but the health degen may be useful for pushing your health to Bloodied. The -15 Will penalty can be negated with the Bull's Will passive and Infuse with Vital Essence (or another INT inspiration like Brilliant) and/or gear with Will bonuses such Magnera's Chain. As for the Furyshaper wards, you incur a universal PL penalty of 1 whenever one is destroyed: this effect stacks so it's important to keep an eye on it. Note that you can safely replace an active ward with a fresh one to avoid the penalty. Enemies generally don't aim for the totem but its highly susceptible to splash damage; it can also be affected by healing and protective abilities.
  12. It's definitely one of the hardest areas of the game, especially when you arrive at Neketaka for the first time. It's also a fantastic place to get Exceptional quality gear early on, once you learn the ins and outs: pulling the Luminous Revenants and Risen Armsman from the right-central room; memorizing where the Risen Mages spawn; preparing for the Wraith's teleport ability.
  13. I picked up Deus Ex: GOTY Edition for eight bucks on Steam a few days ago.
  14. It might not be as weird as you think: Onekaza is a Cipher, after all. Focus generation is bleh early on but shines once you gain access to multi-hit stuff like the unique blunderbusses.
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