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  1. I feel you, homie. I'm considering selling my plasma so I can afford a new GPU for TOW...hehehe.
  2. It's going to be a looooong time before I can play TOW and restartitis is killing my ability to finish Deus Ex so I've been going through the Bioshock series in order of release. I finished the original (remastered) last weekend with a fire-based build and completed a full savior run. It's aged well, and it was nice to finally play it at a high frame rate (on release my narmy HP usually hit a buttery smooth 27 fps). As for right now right now, I'm about 3/4 through Bioshock 2 Remasterd and have been enjoying the hell out of it. The story isn't as strong or memorable as the first, and certain elements like Sofia Lamb's character and the Eleanor communiques feel ham-fisted, but holy crow is the gameplay phenomenal. Compared to the original, it feels smoother and more responsive, and it cuts out a lot of the fat that stifled the original's pacing (namely pipe hacking and swapping between weapons and plasmids). There's such a wide variety of builds and playstyles to choose from, and plenty of tricks to keep a build junkie like me entertained for future playthroughs. Currently I'm playing a "Big Frosty" build that runs around freezing and bashing/drilling everything to gory, slushy pieces. I'm using a gene tonic that disables ranged weaponry but significantly lowers EVE usage - not a big deal when I can summon three security bots. My favorite aspect is setting up traps and combining different effects into sequences, and I adore the Cyclone Trap plasmid - forming a lattice of tripwires and/or trap rivets and propelling a foe into them is good fun. At level 2, you can charge it with other plasmids (and their upgrades) for some sick combos like Electrobolt in water, Incinerate! near oil slicks, or hive grenades via Insect Swarm (that also turn enemy corpses into proxy mines). Add the Scout plasmid that lets you hack and use plasmids as an invisible, astral form, and you can cause capital chaos in short order. With all this freedom and flexibility, I'm not looking forward to Infinite.
  3. Wishing Obsidian the best on this release. As others have expressed, they've made some of my favorite titles and they deserve every amount of praise that goes their way. Unfortunately I doubt I'll ever be able to afford a machine that can run it well so it will be some time, if ever, before I can experience it.
  4. Work's been nuts lately so I've gone into casual mode with The Sims 3 and an assortment of expansions and mods. Frame jerks aside, it still holds up well with solid gameplay and plenty to keep your imagination satisfied. Right now my game revolves around two brothers/roommates, loosely based on our real life parallels: one is a quiet, bookish type that works from home as a writer (Gerald) and the other is an outgoing, more mechanically-minded doctor that sculpts in his spare time (Paul). I'm planning on the brothers starting lineages that are devoted to improving the town: right now they're working toward purchasing the library, and from there, I'll have Paul gussy up the property with custom sculptures and topiaries. At some point, they'll both do the marriage and kids thing, and their descendants will build community gardens, art studios, parks, hostels, museums, and other venues.
  5. Figured it was the D&D equivalent to "abominations": the weird motley of enemies that doesn't fit into other categories.
  6. After recovering from crippling restartitis, I went back to Deus Ex and committed to a stealthy build (pistol and crossbow with high Computers and Lockpicking) . I'm at the helipad mission - thinking it's 1/4 of the way through - and have finally starting hitting the right stride (stealth takedowns are wildly different in other games). This is simply a masterpiece.
  7. A while back a poster mentioned that Chanter Living Illusions can summon as well. A whole armory of enchanted weaponry would be fun.
  8. Sup, fam. I'm gonna be streaming Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines on Twitch this Friday (9/6) at 8pm EST. I don't do this in any professional capacity (it's just a way for my distant friends and I to hang out while I introduce them to RPGs) so kids' gloves.


  9. Most of my IRL friends from adolescence are RPG virgins so I've been slowly introducing them to my favorites - we're getting too old to play twitchy clown fiesta games so they've finally developed an interest. Lately I've been streaming VTM: Bloodlines on Twitch to show them a worms and all experience: that a game can still be meaningful and fun while overtly threadbare. I'm running a stealth and melee Malkavian and am nearing the game's final chapter... fearing the Griffith Park encounter. It's been a fun ride showcasing a game I've played through an embarrassing amount of times, and I've often gone into detail on some of its more esoteric lore hooks, along with its production history and cult status.
  10. I like the initial damage as well. Should probably mention I have mods that add +Decay stuff. Also wanted to add the Cloak of the Phantasm summons: I've had a blast using it on a ranged character with Frostseeker, preferably a Cipher for foe-only Powers en masse. It was super spicy when paired with Combusting Wounds.
  11. Kinda surprised Autumn's Decay doesn't get brought up much. It scales wonderfully with PL, and with enough INT and MIG, you can spray a group, load up on defensive effects and healing, and just watch everything melt.
  12. Probably a more boring example but Secret Horrors is my favorite ability in the game, especially on a Beguiler: it packs in so much value within half a second and is available early on. Concussive Tranquilizer is up there too. I'm a sucker for disables and interrupts.
  13. I was just about to ask this...haha. Seems there's some anti-synergy with Warden: Claws aren't considered weapons so they wouldn't benefit from Devoted, Confident Aim, and the specializations; Unbroken is out due to shield focus; Black Jacket can't swap, obviously. Tactician could be an interesting choice though the Brilliant seems less impressive on DoTs and HoTs since they would simply get overwritten. Rapid Recovery and Robust stack, yes?
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