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  1. Magran Templar only allows Bleak Walker or Steel Garrote. The Unbroken would be my choice anyway.
  2. Interest idea, but then I will have to change the paladin. Maybe go Goldpact/Lifegiver and then use the Arcane Archer with Troubador…
  3. Hi everyone, I need help. I know this is something I have to decide on my own, but I just can’t do this I like to go solo, but at the same time I always end up trying another classes and restart over and over and never progress through the game. I am considering do a POTD party run, but with a custom party. Will I miss much content not using the companions? And I need help to fulfill the group. This is what I am thinking: The main character has to be THE MAIN. I want someone able to tank and deal some damage. The rest of the party I am planning this: Goldpact/Eothas (a classical paladin), or Unbroken/Troubador - Tank and support Arcane Archer/Lifegiver - damage and support Berserker/Fury (or Bloodmage) ranged dps Trickster/Beguiler - melee dps with some survivability and debuffs. Do you think is good enough? And suggestions for the main character please?
  4. If you want to go the “necromancer” in the black, I suggest Troubador/Druid (the shifter free spells fit the theme perfectly)
  5. @Boeroertalking about AA, do you think the Geomancer with AA could be good to solo, or should I keep the stalker? Edit: about the GH, for me he works good with beguiler. One cast of phantom foes and you are full of focus, and also the increased range for deception spells is really good in this combination
  6. Hello, after all I always come back to my ranger. Now I can’t decide between : Wildrhymer (Skald), Beastmaster (Lifegiver), Itinerant (not sure what priest yet) and Geomancer (BM). I also likes Shepherd, Hunter and Scout, but I miss more utility in those classes. Edit: the ranger class would be stalker or GH. Maybe AA/BM could be fun?
  7. I am with trouble using the berserker, even with the Wael priest abilities. Maybe I will try a Furyshaper.
  8. I am going with Berserker/Wael. Stats with blessing and background 10/ 17/ 15/ 22/ 17/ 10 For now I am using battleaxe and medium shield.
  9. Hello What would be the most fun priest to mane a Shaman? I am thinking about Wael because the defensive spells, but I like Magran too. And can someone explain me how does the Woedica writs works? How useful are they?
  10. That’s great, but I am trying solo and think would be hard to make this work. The illusionist streetfighter is working good so far. Chillfog, Arkemyr Dazzing Lights and Blunderbuss are doing a good job.
  11. Hello there I played with all variations of ranger, it’s my favorite class by far, but I wanted somenthing more versatile, and returned to the spellblade. Why not go trickster? One of the things that I miss on rangers and rogues are good aoe attacks, and the mage can provide this, along another advantages. And my favorite rogue class is the SF, I love how he can get fast and strong. And the Illusionist is because the idea is to be an untouchable killer, high deflection. I know that I will miss good spells, but I’m ok with that. I can mix spells, ranged attacks with Blunderbuss modal in one hand e pistol in another, and melee.
  12. Thanks, I will read this guide. And my idea was exactly this, use the cipher to control and debuffs, and blast with the wizard spells
  13. Hi everyone, does anyone has any ideas if this could work? I didn’t liked the chanter, but I want to try a cipher combined with Bloodmage. Would this be viable in a solo try?
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