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  1. Ok, reached lvl 11, and returned to the Old City. I still can’t pass through the skeletons after get the cornet in the pool, but I killed the Giant Cave Grub. And finally I will leave Neketaka
  2. Solo or party? If solo, lvl 6 is low for this areas, try to get some more lvls doing no fight quests in Neketaka. My monk struggled to complete the old city in lvl 8, some fights I had to skip.
  3. I thought about restart as a Wanderer, but I am at lvl 10 and much as I like rangers, I don’t want to do all the Maje stuff again. So I did a little respec and start using Hand Mortar to get my wounds quickly. I don’t know if I am right, but looks like if I used Hand Mortar with Tuotillos Palm in melee distance, I was only attacking with the shield. I still have Force of Anguish (there’s no other to pick in this lvl, arms bearer looks useless). But this time I picked Enlightened Agony and Blade Turning (is a life saver sometimes)
  4. I will give a try, my SC Monk is having some difficulties in some parts, and I always liked rangers anyway Edit: another question, why not Stalker instead GH?
  5. Sorry, but I guess I didn’t get it… What’s the point in use powder burns with ghostheart instead a SC Monk? I am trying solo with a SC FF by the way
  6. I am trying a solo run, so I want to complete the maximum quests I can before leave. I was fruto get Duskfall, but is impossible clear the Bardatto Estate now.
  7. I am dual wielding . One slot is gladiator sword + tuotillo palm, another is Myr Fortune + Rannigs Wrath. I still have resounding call, Tarns Respite, Hand Mortar and Watcher Blade, now I am about to pick Duskfall. I abandoned Tornent’s Reach, I barely used it. One of my big issues is being to stack wounds as FF, I always use them to keep using Thunderous Blows…
  8. After a few days away, I returned to my monk. And I need some opinion here. I reached lvl 9 but I am not sure about some abilities again. Is Blade Turning a good choice? I like it, but I think 3 wounds for a 3 sec abilitie isn’t a good deal. In the PL5 tier, what should I pick? Stunning Surge with the upgrade?
  9. Is there any guide to optimize the time to do the quests in Neketaka? I always end up running from one side to other and lose so much time in there…
  10. I cleared the Oathbinder Sanctum and returned to Neketaka. Now I am trying get out of the Old City. This is my gear now: Deaths Maw Protective Eothasian Charm Ring of Minor Deflection Ring of Minor Protection Cloak of Deflection Swordsman Bracers Ngatis Girdle or Troll Hidr Belt Caroc Breastplate Tuotilos Palm Myr’s Fortune Gladiator Sword Abilities: Swift Strikes Force of Anguish Clarity of Agony Sword and Shield Two Weapon Style Lightning Strikes Tornents Reach Soul Mirror Duality of Mortal Presence Thunderous Blow Rooting Pain I am thinking in change Torments Reach and Rooting Pain, I feeling that these abilities are useless for now.
  11. Hello guys,I need some more opinions and ideas . First, about my abilities. I think that Clarify Agony and Dance of Death doesn’t worth for now. I am with 21 RES , so the afflictions won’t last longer. And about Dance of Death, in a solo run I always be hit and will break the effect early. So I prefer spent my tier 2 points in passives, like sword and shield, two weapons and long stride. And about the weapons, I just want to use weapons that combines with monks. Sabres, Quarterstaffs, Flails ( I think dual wield flais looks like a pair of nunchucks )… what else do you suggest? I thought about a warbow to start fights from range. And of course, my powerful fists
  12. One question: when I got Tuotilo Palm, I can have the bonus from weapon and shield style and the bonus from two weapon style?
  13. I am going with this atributes (with Beraths Blessings and background) Pale Elf (I don’t know if it’s worthy to sacrifice the head slot to pick a godlike) MIG . 12 CON. 12 DEX. 15 PER. 20 INT. 10 RES.21
  14. Thanks everyone, you convinced me to do - SC Monk. Do you think I should have high CON too?
  15. Thanks guys, but to be honest I’m not a big fan of chanter. But I want to try solo with a monk, and don’t want to go with the FF/Garrote or any Bloodmage combination. But then, Monks can’t heal, and can’t increase defenses, so I don’t know what to do. I saw a helwalker/devoted build that I found interesting, but I don’t know if is solo viable. Maybe a contemplative can work?
  16. Hello guys, here I am asking for ideas. Is this build viable for solo? What subclasses would be better? For monk I am thinking about Helwalker (the bonus might would be useful, and since the chanter resources are renewable I don’t think FF is a need). For the chanter side, I don’t know if I go Skald to use more invocations, or Troubadour focused in chants to buff myself/Debuff enemies The only summons I plan to use will be the Dragons (the little one and the big one). Before I forget: Dichotomous Soul and chanter summons can be used at the same time?
  17. Thanks for the vast explanation. I was thinking in use a Cleric for tank/support, maybe Unbroken/Wael or Unbroken/Eothas. Wael would be good to do the terrifie trick, what do you think?
  18. @Torm51let me ask you, since you looks like a crusader fan. I always used to play as main tank , but in Deadfire I didn’t this yet, because I saw some people telling that is boring. I am planning a custom group run, and still hadn’t decided what I will choose. My question about the crusader is: is he capable to do damage, help the group in another way or he is just a wall? I would appreciate any advices to build one tank but with some utilities tongue group
  19. Magran Templar only allows Bleak Walker or Steel Garrote. The Unbroken would be my choice anyway.
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