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  1. Exactly. There I was, happy doing some quests and suddenly a bunch of enemies that spank and I couldn’t even blink. I will load a previous game and avoid this for now In some encounters where I have time to plan it was doing ok, but in this case where I don’t have nowhere to run and plan, I am terrible beaten
  2. I am hating this game now. I am stuck in Dunnage, I can’t complete one quest because I am attacked everything, and I can’t do nothing . I am killed before I can take a breath. It’s impossible. I tried every class, tested every build, and I can’t reach Neketaka.
  3. The biggest problem for me was that the chanter summons takes too long, and in this meantime I was killed.
  4. I abandoned this one. I couldn’t make it work right, and wasn’t going like I planned. Then I made a Stalker/Lifegiver, and he is good. But like always happens, I am with another idea. Actually is and old idea but now I will try it again, that is a Stalker/Paladin. The first idea is a Kind Wayfarer with dual pistols (I like pistols) And my other idea is a Goldpact tank, and the pet more DPS oriented
  5. Thanks for the replies guys. I will think a little more, and decide if it’s a good idea try solo or go with a party. All the builds I tried solo, I reached lvl 10 and stopped (in veteran), and when I played with the party, I stop in Deadlight, I don’t know why but I feel boring to go with a party. One of the builds that I liked most was a Stalker/Lifegiver in a solo run, and when I used in a party, it felt so boring, when I finish buffing everyone, the fight was almost over. In a party I probably would go with Fury instead Lifegiver, or Ancient. Another thing that bothers me in a party is that all works, even if isn’t a good build the party provides ways to strengthen your weakness. I know this is the big advantage of the party, but for me I like to know if something that I planned is really working.
  6. That’s a good question, and tbh I don’t know I always try to fit some theme, for example I don’t feel right a Druid that uses Heavy armor and sword, a rogue with greatswords, and things like this… My idea is to use Berath Prieat, and I don’t think he combines with a barbarian, a rogue or even a stalker. The two melee options I considered was Fighter or Paladin, but I was afraid to be a little boring, or overpowered. I have in mind a Berath/Beckoner too, with the summons and debuffs looks a good combo.
  7. I got the Berath blessing of +2 atributes, and will start a new game with this. I got interested in doing a Wizard/Priest but focused on melee, and no intention to abuse WoD/BDD. What priest do you think will be better for this? I am between Berath ( love the summoned great sword), Magran (More fire spells) or Eothas (some support spells that can be useful) The idea is try to go solo, but like I said I won’t abuse the WoD/BDD mechanics.
  8. True, I forgot about the chanter invocations. I was relying on paralyze, but I will do a respec and try the skeletons.
  9. I started a solo run with this Skald/stalker. Finished the digsite easily, starting the fights with some archebuss shots, then sound of his voice to paralyse and switching to pistol. But now I can’t complete anything else. I tried to do some islands before go to Neketaka, with the spellblade I could do Amira’s Passage and Cavern of Xaur Tuk Tuk for example, and now I am having serious issues to do it. I am around lvl 7 or 8, too early to do this places?
  10. I am planning run a Skald this week, and my first thought was to MC with trickster. But I also want to try another class, played too much with rogues this days. But I can’t see the advantage of use a Stalker. I like the idea of the class, but I don’t know why I should choose him instead the rogue. What advantage a stalker could bring to me? Other idea was to go with a Skald/Berserker. Fighter, Monk and Paladin are out of the question.
  11. Thanks, My intention is a critical focused build , using dual daggers. The attack speed with trickster is good enough? I was using a streetfighter, but taking so much damage sometimes.
  12. In some fights the combat ended with the pet dead and he keeps ressurecting in the middle of the enemies, so I just keep moving him. The problem is that in some scenarios there’s no much space to use smoke veil and hide the pet, and he gets in the way. lets go back to character creation. Maybe trickster/GH or streetfighter/GH now
  13. New build, I am trying a Sniper Scout (Assassin/stalker) build. Max MIG, DEX and PER, INT around 12~15, dumped CON and RES. The idea is using archebus from stealth, send the pet to tank and finish with pistols/blunderbuss. If pet dies, Smoke bomb and retry. I heard that one handed pistol reload faster than two handed?
  14. Is there any way to get Hand Mortar and Fire in the Hole without recruit Serafen? I am trying go solo, and dismissed him already.
  15. I started with a streetfighter/wizard. This is the atributes: 10/10/15/19/14/10 I think it’s ok, I could not dump any stats, and the wizard will provide buffs enough.
  16. And about a Furyshaper/Streetfigther? Fury shapers will have better survivability than berserker right?
  17. Hello guys I was remembering the good old times when I played Ragnarok Online, and I had a rogue (later was an assassin), and I wanted to simulate him now. If possible in a solo run. He was based on high dodge skills, fast attack speed and critical hits. So I came into these options: SC rogue trickster Streetfighter/wizard Trickster/Troubador
  18. I promise is the last time I come here to ask. I am between this bulids: Templar, Cleric and Sheperd. I still dont know what priest subclass I take. Woedica looks interesting, the debuffs are useful in a solo run? Or Berath is better because of the offensive spells?
  19. My idea now is that I will be the tank, and the pet focused more in dps. Priest of Wael is the better choice? Or Goldpact Paladin, with the AR bonus from the Stalker and the Goldpact Will be better? And the atributes, I am considering maximize DEX and PER and leave the rest in 10, would be fine?
  20. But the bonus armor from the stalker wouldn’t be better in a solo try? I dont know how the Arcane arche works, how can I make 3 attacks? And what priest subclass should I pick? Wael for the defensive buffs, or I can be more aggressive because the pet will be tanking most of times?
  21. Let me do another question Is it possible to go solo with a ranged weapon (no assassin sniper)? Maybe a ranger multi with priest/paladin/fighter? Is the ranger pet strong enough to tank all the game?
  22. Just finished the digsite with the warden, was able to do most encounters without much trouble. Some fights I have more difficult to get the brilliant inspiration, but I am getting the way. One good thing I am doing, is stormshift and teleport to the ranged enemies, and then cast sunbeam when the melee comes closer. I don’t know if Lifegiver would be better , but until now the fighters defensive skills are keeping me alive. Now what’s the best way to go? Right to Neketaka or is there some good/easy places before?
  23. I started with the Fury Tactician. This is my atributes 15/10/15/16/16/6 OMG I got a Fire Sword
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