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  1. I've done that, it works but tedious as hell with Deep Pockets and max Arcana you can have over 10 minutes of withdraw per fight. If you can stack permanent DoTs and sometimes land additional ones (Toxic Strike, Disintegration...) in between Withdraw casts you can become the most annoying Rogue on the face of Eora. But if you want to exploit Arcana, you're better off using high end damage + cc scrolls.
  2. I totally agree that Arcane Knight is one of the safest/easiest pick for a first time around soloing. It is more frontloaded and you can consistently outpace enemy ACC with your different defenses if you build appropriately. The Thundercat is more explosive and fun IMO and still pretty good defensively because it has "active" defenses (i.e. offense ) but it is definitely more exposed. I haven't played Arcane Knight in a while but I was thinking about giving it another go in some time with the simple goal of achieving the highest possible mix of defenses. If I end up doing it and if I get
  3. Nice! I don't think I even bothered with the digsite on this playthrough to be honest but indeed the Moon's Well is amazing throughout. The build has a consistent but steep power curve because every level/PL adds more healing/offense/defense that you can then add to your high speed casting routines. As you can imagine, Relentless Storm is a huge spike in power, followed by Freezing Pillar and of course WoD which brings you on a whole different level. The relative weakness of this build is enemy casters (Arcane Dampener and sometimes Form of Helpless Beast ). But you have so many tools t
  4. As an alternative if you're not into Chanter summoning gameplay, I would say also potentially an Arcane Knight (Bleak Walker / Blood Mage) Sword and Medium Shield. With the right abilities, equipment and strategies you can be very tanky very early and still have decent offensive potential to win fights. But on upscaled, I'd find lvl 8-9 to be quite low for most encounters, resources will be an issue (health/spells).
  5. Thanks @dgray62 ! The melee part of this build is 90% flavor honestly but it still has its uses, mostly to avoid using Blood Sacrifice at the end of certain fights. For example when you have a few remaining tough enemies like Steelclads, you can use Expose Vulnerabilities or Nature's Mark and go Melee for a fun and economical way to dispose of them. Key fight that comes to mind is Katrenn for instance, because it's also difficult to use overwhelming AoE in this fight without killing half of Neketaka. It's also just nice to know that you can go melee if you want, even though most figh
  6. THE THUNDERCAT 2.0 Class: Lifegiver / Blood Mage Concept: Fast, sturdy and fun Caster/Melee hybrid that relies upon strong synergies between classes to keep spiritshift, buffs and healing up forever, unleashing devastating combos of CC/Damage spells before optionally finishing up foes with claws. Optimized for a No-Rest run. Game Version: RTwP. Works with latest updates and DLCs as of v5.0.00040. I recommend the Full Community Patch and the No Forced Rests mod (otherwise just metagame around them, it’s fully viable but just a bit annoying). Upscaled PotD Solo Viable:
  7. It is the king of ending fights before they begin, if you're into this kind of gameplay. Max MIG/PER/INT/DEX, dump CON/RES. Hoard +PL items for Fire/Freeze spells and items that boost ACC, DMG, Crit DMG. Start fight with a Delayed Fireball and maybe toss another one on top, continue with Shadowflames when combat start. Maybe Smoke Veil, get close to survivors and finish them with Precisely Piercing Burst from invisibility. Rince and repeat. It is extremely powerful. But depending on your beliefs regarding honor and combat, you might be bringing shame upon your dojo .
  8. That is all fair, and truly my experience and love for Assassin gameplay mostly comes from Solo. Thanks for pointing this out. In a party, an Assassin multiclass can still be very helpful because it can momentarily reach very high ACC to land powerful abilities that target Fortitude. Maneuvering from invisibility to land a high accuracy Clear Out with an Assassin/Devoted wielding for instance WotEP on a group of enemy packed against your tank can be very fun . Same of course for Caster/Assassin combos. But indeed to cruise along with a balanced party and minimal micromanagement a Str
  9. An SC Assassin will not only have Gambit, but Vanishing Strike which is outstanding even if you don't abuse it with duration extension shenanigans. It will be best taken advantage of with a very fast attacking dual-wielder. Considering you're going to do a combination of full attacks and fast auto-attacks, it could be more optimal to have pukestabber or rust's poignard in your off-hand and something like a sabre (Scordeo's Edge as @Haplok mentioned in your mainhand). Combine with high stealth to close in on your enemy for alpha strike and all the rogue goodies and Assassin's Slippers for a fre
  10. Yes ok that makes sense, thanks. Not typically how I play Chanter anyway . With a high INT character you can get 30+ sec of invisibility per cast of Brilliant Departure which can be further prolonged by WoD. So indeed if the Chanter's chanting and debuff/CC invocations don't break the invisibility you could get a meaningful usage of that combo for a more fun and dynamic summon-focused playstyle.
  11. I don't want to assume anything anymore about what does/doesn't break Brilliant Departure but you are most likely right. You could maybe even go invisible, summon animated weapons to keep the enemy busy on one side of the map, run to the other side while invisible to avoid enemy line of sight/aggro and continue sending hordes of animated weapons to battle while not being bothered?
  12. It is definitely viable but you can't alpha strike with your Invocations from Stealth right? Since you're out of combat you're not chanting? IMO this is what limits the potential of Chanter/Assassin and to a lower extent Monk/Assassin for solo, unless you want to start combat then use Smoke Veil to use your class resources and abilities. But you're missing out on the "free" Stealth strike and its lovely -85% recovery before re-attacking/using Smoke Veil.
  13. Just tested - it doesn't break with DAoM. So it's not as much the damage part that comes into play as it might be the fact that you directly apply it (kind of attack yourself even if there is no attack roll or anything). Or maybe I'm totally mistaken which is extremely possible.
  14. Well, technically it's applying direct damage... maybe that's it. But I'm also surprised that it's breaking Brilliant Departure specifically. As far as invisibility effects go and what they allow you to do without breaking, my understanding is: Shadowing Beyond < Smoke Veil / Potion < Brilliant Departure < Vanishing Strike (Withdraw doesn't really count here because it's absolute but you can't do anything. I don't know much about the Ranger ability Shadowed Hunter.) So I would understand that Blood Sacrifice breaks with Shadowing Beyond, but Brilliant Departure... <
  15. But then you could also go Assassin/Druid for the +25ACC and +50% Crit DMG bonus. With Inspired Beacon + Takedown combo that's a one shot spell probably on par with Thunderous Report from Mythic Kitchen Stove. It's single target, but you have two casts. A Shadow Druid casting Sun spells, how ironic.
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