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  1. Maybe if you never ever help them and come back in late game you get this interaction - which would explain why no one usually gets this variant? Or it could be cut content? Funny how random things still get uncovered in the game at this point . On a similar but unrelated note, I've noticed that the Amira's Blessing buff that you can get during the Arsonist event in Neketaka is not really referenced in builds/posts playing No-Rest, but it's a sweet +2 DEX that you can receive only if you get in the house, investigate but don't pursue the arsonists. I guess most players (like me most of
  2. Yeah, the peaceful resolution is nice because after that all the shrooms in FS and their infested pals will be peaceful. Usually when I'm at this point of the game, trash mob fights are getting a bit old, so I welcome the opportunity to bypass those fights and get to the end of FS a little faster!
  3. There is also the option of a Diplomacy check but it's high, in the 20's. You can also get lower checks in this discussion if you accept the symbiote (at the condition that it will respect your boundaries ) which has zero impact on anything else in the game as far as I know. Possibly in this case you get a "simple" Survival 15 check or even a RES check of 12 if I recall correctly. Bottom line is, there are multiple options to solve this peacefully if you've visited the enclosures first and/or if you have found and read the annals of Llengrath up to this point.
  4. @Boeroer I think it's a cool idea and a fair compensation for casters (for group play at least but solo has many other ways to become OP). Of note, I think this will make Bloodmage even more OP vs. the other classes in SC and MC configurations. Of note #2 I agree with all of @Exanos's points... maybe then Brilliant for casters could have more PL increase (RP fit)? Of note #3 and to your last point @Exanos, do you know that under certain conditions, Tactician could circumvent the nerf of having Brilliant renew resources only once? It's a well-known fact that you can trigger Bri
  5. Sorry @dgray62 I saw your earlier post with a delay . I'm really not sure what's going on, I use volatile runelock as well and the self damage has never broken my stealth from the Slippers nor Smoke Veil. The log should hopefully explain what's going on. I'm very confident this is something identifiable and fixable easily Not a big deal but Dragon's Dowry is your Medieval .50 Cal. sniper rifle, you want to use it to its fullest extent!
  6. @Boeroer to the rescue! Thanks Totally right on the Slippers, they work like Smoke Veil. No problem with Deep Wounds or other DoTs (unlike of course Pulse attacks like Greater Maelstrom. That still break stealth because it throws an attack roll for each pulse). Anyways... your point about going out of combat could be the thing, but in my pretty extensive experience playing this build I never ever saw this issue on an opening kill. Maybe later on when you've downed several enemies and the combat is underway, and you use Smoke Veil to take a breather because things are getting a bit too h
  7. Hi @dgray62 glad you're still having fun with this build. I never had this issue and I just tested my build now against Ikorno. I can maintain stealth with Slippers of the Assassin after a kill from Dragon's Dowry (one shot or two shot). So thinking about things that could interfere... I am playing with community patch, are you? Did you take any passive that could do something funky to invisibility (e.g. my point about Echoing Horror)? EDIT: There must be either an item or ability or game version effect that is running interference. I have extensively used this weapon with both Kaylon's G
  8. That's completely true. For what it's worth, from my experience as a player who doesn't usually like mods too much, you can really consider this mod as the final polishing Patch to the game that didn't happen, rather than a typical Mod that tweaks the experience in a certain direction or messes up the balance. It's not the case.
  9. Impressive chain reaction! Interesting that Deltro's Lash triggers Deathblows from a Minoletta PPB. I was hoping for the same kind of effect from Blightheart's corrosive lash but sadly it doesn't work.
  10. @Haplok That screen shot is brutal I will definitely try this combination. Add Combusting Wounds and Avenging Storm and say goodbye to your GPU .
  11. @Vesimas if you're going with Aloth as a Battlemage I would much rather spec him as a melee Hybrid to make use of Citzal Spirit Lance. If you want him as a ranged DPS then Pure Wizard is better, but you need more solidity on your front line then. From your roster, the ideal front line is really Aloth Battlemage and Xoti Monk, they will swing the fight in your favor quickly almost every time. Here is what I would consider if I were you (I try to keep the item spoilers to a minimum). Aloth (equipped with a certain early game Llengrath Grimoire) focus on martial/melee buffs in both tre
  12. Unless there is a weird balance change between RTwP and TB, Assassinate gives you +25ACC and indeed +4PEN and +50%Crit DMG. It's a huge boon for a Wizard that can always benefit from extra ACC, PEN and DMG to get the job done (and doesn't have a ton of other ways to increase those besides, oh well, all his buffs/debuffs and Combusting Wounds). It is super fun, but not very party friendly in my opinion at least in RTwP and relies upon a somewhat niche playstyle. You might want to go with something a little more standard - not in a bad way. A SC Wizard is my favorite toon (in RTwP) but if I
  13. It's a great point and one that I forgot to mention in another post where the OP was really into a build where Slayer's Claw was one of the cornerstones of his planned playstyle. On one hand, OK late game gear gives you something to look forward to. But on the other hand, getting your build complete at the end of SSS when you are playing Party or Solo PotD is looooong. I personally favor builds that will come to fruition and be somewhat complete earlier. Like if a build is amazing with all the Weyc gear from FS. Some of those items are powerful and potentially transformational to certain build
  14. Yep very true in late DLC fights, but you can hide and play around with your targets in so many ways. With max Arcana and Deep Pockets, you could for instance use Withdraw 30 times, each time completely removing you from the fight for 30+ sec. Of course it's not a fun way to play and Withdraw has a dangerous recovery time, but I'm just making the point - knowing that you are the king of DoT, it's potentially OP to be able to wait around for the DoT to do its job. It is also a unique way to force stealth after casting a ticking spell like Greater Maelstrom or Meteor Shower that would break
  15. Hi @dgray62 I'm so glad you're enjoying this build! I know you've played your fair share of optimized toons in Deadfire so it's great to hear . It sounds like you've had the same kind of jaw-dropping moments that I had when a stealth attack perfectly falls into place. As far as skills, for most of the game I think it's nice to reach (all permanent bonuses included): 13 Mechanics, so with Burglar's Gloves and occasionally Thief's Putty you can open everything in the game, including the Mechanics 18 lock in Splintered Reef that doesn't have a key. Maybe you won't open everything in For
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