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  1. I know my first idea was a priest, but @Raven Darkholmegave me something to think about, and now I am planning a Tactician/Fury. Would be the same idea, to use sunbeam to get brilliant inspiration.
  2. Thanks for the suggestions. I never considered Tactician before, but looks good. I don’t know how noob-friendlie will be, but and about I use chanter as second class? For what I saw, would be a good Berath-ish, with the summons and all.
  3. Thanks Let me ask you another thing, I saw some posts in reddit about the skaen/BM, but I cant imagine how does it play.
  4. For what I see, I liked Berath and Wael. What I have in mind is more a melee Priest. I like ranged weapons but I dont think they combine with the char. Spells could be ok too, if they look like “divine powers” by cheese I saw in some other topics people talking about exploit some aspects of the game, or its what I understood
  5. Hello guys, I am new here. And for my first run I’m planning to do a solo run. My first option is to go with a Priest, its my favorite class. Is it possible to do without need some cheese tactics, or rely in much itens? Another question, should I go single or multiclass? If multi, what do you suggest? I dont plan to play in PotD, I will do Veteran Upscaled. Thanks for your attenttion
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