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  1. In my last play through I had Konstenten with the Frenzy upgrade that Frightens and the amount of disengagement attacks went up by a lot. The game does not always correctly remove engagement when an enemy is feared. This could give an Unbroken some good opportunities for forcing disengagement attacks. Remember that a lot of the time frighten does remove engagement , but sometimes it does not!
  2. Update: Finished the game on PoTD Ironman and I was surprised at the effectiveness of my single class party member especially the Paladin. Sacred Immolation with Divine Immolation is great, my SC Paladin went from 4th in damage to second only to Red Hand Scout Maia. Divine Immolation gives +1 Pen and 4 ACC to the ability and heals the front line really really well. Stacked with Exalted Endurance and LoH for emergencies, and multiple exhortations I was surprised at the effectiveness of the SC Paladin that gets dumped on so much. Light of Pure Zeal was good, but made a bit moot due to having Xoti SC with Dismissal, that said it was a great AOE emergency heal, and it did single handedly beat the undead dragon and the Fampyrs in the Splintered Reef. Divine Retribution: Great with a chanter, THE reason to go SC Paladin imo. Single Classes: I liked that you get abilities early and often, and due to having so many abilities in one class you can have niche spells that trivialize encounters like Dismissal and Light of Pure Zeal. I fee that muticlasses have to be more generalists, they are super effective but imo you have to take abilities that work on all enemies, not just one shot pony abilities like Dismissal.
  3. Ya true, I guess it just hurts a lot early. All good ideas, some levels and smart counters like that definitely make it manageable.
  4. I love the look of Tower Shields but I find that PotD makes them kind of crap, so what’s the answer? I feel that any fighter multi with disc barrage and high PER can make them work and you will still be able to hit things. Any suggestions? I know it’s kind of the point of a large shield you get a huge increase in defense for less offense, but I wanted to see if we could retain the large shield and have respectable offense.
  5. That stinks. They aren’t patching the game either so it won’t get fixed. How’d it a modder one day. Is it me or was POE 2 left in a worst state than the first one? Still a good game.
  6. Have any of you guys seen this? Towards the end of my playthrough my helm Death’s Maw lost its Death Runes enchant.
  7. Finished Seeker, Slayer, Survivor, and I did not have the checks to completely talk the slayer into not fighting me, I had no choice but to fight. Throughout the trials I gave the souls to the island to strengthen it, trying to make good with Galawain, even gaining the permanent buff Galawain’s Favor! At the start of the expansion he did not want me on the island because I did Beraths quest in POE 1 to destroy the Ethnik Nol’s Leaders. At the end of SSS he doesn’t acknowledge the fact that I tried to help his island at all, and even though I was diplomatic with him he still forced me to Kill his Lizards. PS I also fixed the islands soul clog issue and now the souls flow Properly.
  8. I’m at 20 and can’t decide on prestige or DI lol. I’m on Rymrgands realms to so I better hurry before my souls desolves! Lol
  9. Hmmm well It’s a party! So The DPS increase of Glorious beacon is for my scout and mindstalker. High triple digit shots against bosses has been the result. Even it’s a few shots, those really hurt. It’s been really good, but I hear you it’s only a few attacks.Light of Pure Zeal has been excellent so far, trivializes vessel and spirit fights and it’s a great emergency heal.
  10. That it is....let’s break it down if you guys have time! DI-Would help me hit harder and more accurately with my most consistent dps ability. The Paladins main job isn’t DPS BUT it’s becoming more so the case that he and Xoti do lots of AOE damage and and a bit less support. It would also consistently heal my Howler Frontliner and Ishiza (Maia has so much ACC that bonded grief doesn’t affect her much or at all due to the Arquebus modal and Marked Prey even on PoTD,but she loses a little dps if Ishiza is down to the bird being fully upgraded) Prestige: Would increase FoD (not a main dps talent but it can be, I have to respec Eternal Devotion since it improves SI and shared flames doesn’t go as well with the group comp due to the evolving nature of my original concept of the group). Light of Pure Zeal? Improve Glorious Beacon with its upgrade for increased damage taken to enemy. My Exhortations? Reinforcing, Hastening it’s upgrade, and Liberating. The rest of my build is right side of the tree passives.
  11. Ya it’s between Prestige and Divine Immolation. My front line is really just my Paladin Support tank/secondary dps now that he has SI and Light of Pure Zeal he’s really catching up, Constantine as a Howler (not an efficient summoner but it works, Pallegina would of been better but I made her a Crusader, I hadn’t planned for Divine Ret at the time, i saw it later) he’s actually turned into a Duel Wield tank who does good damage and Ishiza, Xoti sometimes upfront but she’s in the middle of the group buffing. Back line is OP Maia Scout with red hand (has the double the damage of anyone) and Mindstalker Ydwin. Those 2 won’t profit from Divine Immolation.
  12. Ya I do have room for it, I’ve already got Divine Retribution and Light of Pure Zeal at 19 (Light of Pure Zeal single handedly annihilated the undead dragon). So I’m deciding for my level 20 ability. You said PL level doesn’t affect AOE Pen? Like Sacred Immolation?
  13. Ya I know that’s why I prefer them. Enough defense on a Paladin no need to take an ACC hit, if you want to use weapon and shield style.
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