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  1. Personally and after trying several builds of cipher melee and ranged, I'm left with ranged, the build number 4 that I mentioned in my previous post works very well. You have too much focus that you accumulate at low levels, I'm just in love with the cipher ranged, I like the melee a lot, it's very fun, with two hands and heavy armor, if you know how to handle it you can do anything, even though at low levels it's quite weak, it starts to shine from level 8 I think I remember, but as the cipher ranged none, for me hehe Also it is very versatile, CC and very harmful attacks while you
  2. Here's some MaxQ builds on cipher -> https://gist.github.com/v1ld/fd89b6092ec840e1cce87900fb0aaa85 I have tried 2 builds, based on my experience and on those builds I made my own builds, more to my taste, but from those, very similar in the end. I have tried cipher with a 2 hand weapon, this one has to use plate armor, the heavier ones, which makes you slower, but it is necessary because you are soft melee xD the slowness of slow attacks with heavy armor is counteracted with the good damage of two hand weapons, two hand swords. Use two-handed swords that you find until you ca
  3. It almost hurts to use it, it hurts for the bosses , when I came to adra dragon with this talent, which is the first time I use it, I was speechless, literally the whole fight was stuned, I did not get to throw any breath and I think it did not even arrive to attack, he might attack once or twice with his head, but that's it, it was very easy to beat her, this talent is a lot of talent xD
  4. Aa ok, thanks, then I can use it without fear, if it were the case that it is broken/bug, I would not use it hehe
  5. https://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/Psychic_Backlash (Psychic Backlash) This talent is broken? says one per encounter, but I kept Adra Dragon constantly stunned, it was quite funny because he didn't give it time or to take a breath, he was stunned all the time, I just had to deal with the mob while 2 other characters were dedicated to giving the Dragona, it fell quite quickly, in less than 1 minute xD (I have broken my own record, with a lot of haha)
  6. Yes, sorry for the confusion, my doubts are directed at talents, not skills hehe If two-handed talent does not affect the bows, does it not affect other weapons at a distance? Arquebuses, etc.
  7. I want to recycle this thread, since the title really encompasses the cipher, even if the initial question is for melee hehe My doubts come with cipher but this time for ranged, the build is basically one of MaxQ (https://gist.github.com/v1ld/fd89b6092ec840e1cce87900fb0aaa85 ) 4. ranged cc/dps - robe/hide/padded armor (early game), durganized robe (late game), Borresaine/Sabra Marie Warbow; wood elf; 15/7/18/18/17/3 (ok I only make one change, 1 point less than MIG to give 1 more point to INT, just that.). My doubts come in that I am not sure what skills to put to this cipher, I
  8. Yes, I suppose that the price is very fat on the console, the BGs is another case, it is disproportionate, even more those, which have more years yet, many xD that does not help sales of course, and this genre is not for Everybody, there is a very specific public, if you make it difficult (with high prices) they don't even bother watching the game. And it is a shame, I would like it to have good sales, because that means more possibilities to see a POE3, I hope that at least they have enough sales so that this idea continues around their heads xD
  9. 60€ the console game version? (Euro zone) is too much for a game that is 2 years old, it will not benefit sales, it will not improve the sales it had on PC, for that price it will not improve at all. 10€ make a difference, you can read forums that are willing to pay 50€, but not 60€, to me particularly this is indifferent, I have it on PC, but as a user who used to play console, it seems an excessive price, good luck. I understand that there are some expenses to cover, I also understand that in some countries of Europe we pay an over price, it is the fault of taxes, but the end user
  10. The first time I came to it with level 11, without having played the expansions, only with the equipment that you can cope with in the base game, my main was a cipher (cipher and druid are now my favorite classes) melee two-handed (complicated to wear, but once you get used to it, it's amazing). Eder, Pallegina, Durador, Kana, Aloth and my cipher. I do not exaggerate anything when I say that I was hours and hours, many hours, many attempts and always dying, in fact I created a thread here asking how I could kill this dragon xD For me the key is in the buffs for the group and the
  11. Hi Boeroer, I didn't want to make a new thread for this question. Do you see this build viable today? MIG 10 CON 10 DEX 8 PER 16 INT 18 RES 16 This would be for "difficult" difficulty with game party: Eder - tank Pallegina - offtank @ buffer Aloth - debuffer / AOE damage Durance - buffer @ debuffer Kana - damage / buffer Another variant of the build I had in mind are: MIG 14 CON 12 DEX 4 PER 14 INT 18 RES 16 DEX to the minimum, I had thought that this construction endures a lot and that I would have time to throw my things without too
  12. Any help would be appreciated, I can not find that address in the archives, I have 2 days with this xD (yes, 2 days, I am not very fluent with these things hehe)
  13. I'm looking for a folder that seems to be compressed in some file of the game, but I can't find it, the folder is in this address: Assets/Data/Prefabs/Characters/Character_TEMPLATES/ I don't understand much, but as I think, that folder should be in some file of the "assetbundles" folder, or not? I am using the UABE program to look at each file, but I can't find that folder, could someone tell me?
  14. One question, is this applicable to PoE 1? And another question xD is it possible with the programs in this tutorial to "disable" the NPC backers of PoE?
  15. Omg, I have a lot to learn, but I'm slowly seeing how this goes Ok, I'm going to try the things you tell me, Aloth I like a lot, and Pallegina too, I usually take them in my group, but I think it would be interesting to put Hiravias as you have said instead of Aloth, and for that last position, or Grieving Mother or Pallegina. Eder I like, in general I see good tanke, I see that meets and endures quite well, with Pallegina supporting him makes good team I think. Well, I'm going to try based on the things you've told me and have such, at the moment my challenge is to kill the Adra Dra
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