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  1. Video game companies turn many of their games into real "gruyere cheese", because of the holes they leave, I mean Do you have a complete gameplay of your video with your character "I like cheese"? I like to watch gameplays, to see how people play, you also learn Every time I see the video of MaxQ with cipher, naked against the alpine dragon... you have to see it to believe it, personally I find it a feat
  2. Omg, now I understand why in 3 or 4 occasions I could cast 2 invocations of that type in a row, I thought "I did something that allowed me to use it 2 times, I don't know what it is but it was good for me" Well, we'll see how it goes without those few points of deviation, as a preference I prefer not to use it, but it's good to know how it works hehe, out of curiosity, why do you call these little bugs "cheese"?
  3. Ooook, understand, well, I don't usually do respec, so the attributes I put at the beginning, will be the definitive ones, I think I'll do another run with chanter leaving resolve out, DEX and RES to the minimum, everything else to MIG, CON, PER and INT, maybe I won't throw away all RES, but at least 4 or 5 points to give them to CON. Thanks for the advice, I think this game will be more interesting, the lack of fortitude defense and the lack of life in some long fights (like Brynlod especially) made some fights complicated, not many, but I had a few attempts in those few fights that were complicated, the lack of life was a handicap in the longest ones, those extra points in CON will come in handy for that and for the fortitude defense. I'm definitely not ready for the Triple Crown challenge yet, but I will be when I get a solo and no deaths
  4. But resolve brings to increase the deflection, I thought that the deflection was something vital for this type of chanter in which you play alone and you want to avoid as many hits as possible no? If it is not so vital, then it is worth taking some points away from resolve to give them to CON and leave the PER maximized, which is what I consider ideal, maybe 6 or 7 points less of resolve are not so relevant, it would be like 6 or 7 points less of deflection, I think I could live without that, even though I also lose more defense at will.
  5. And as for my doubt about perception and accuracy? if with 24/5 perception (counting equipment and buffs) my hit chance on some enemies is less than 15% even (in advanced game), is it feasible to put 14 or 15 perception instead of 18 base? as I see it, it would lower more my chance to hit the enemies, it would be as not recommended to lower perception. Using Blacsonn is an option, but I don't like the negative part of using it, my biggest problem with enemies in the advanced game is that my hit probability to hit enemies is very low having 24 or 25 perception and using potion and parchment to increase precision, something doesn't work for me (This is in the case of chanter, although with wizard it was quite similar).
  6. What really bothers me, in this case I'm talking about the chanter, is that in the advanced game, you find enemies that even using potion and/or scrolls to increase your accuracy, you find that some enemies you have a 9, 12, 15% chance of hitting them, even after having used potion and scroll to boost your accuracy... In my run with only chanter in POTD that I did recently, I had a really hard time with some fights, actually there were 2 fights that for me, were the 2 hardest fights of the whole game (base game and DLCs), it was the fight against Llegranth and the Brynlod bounty hunter fight, specially the Brynlod fight, that fight was the real green hell of Rambo for me hahaha The problem was that despite having 18 base perception, plus equipment and bonus, which put me with 24 or 25 perception, and taking potion and parchment to enhance my accuracy, and without being flanked, I could still see how my probability of success was less than 10%, rarely above 10%, I missed too much, the fight was too long in time and my life bar decreased to limits incompatible with life, basically xD (I had to make 4 or 5 attempts, maybe 6, until I managed to defeat the whole Brynlod group.) I had thought about doing another build for chanter that would consist of lowering perception more and increasing CON, something like this: As preference - Pale elf - Old vailia MIG 18 CON 14 DEX 4 (the minimum for Pale Elf) PER 14 INT 18 RES 10 Basically, take 4 points off PER (in my other game it was PER 18 and CON 10) to give it to CON and have a little more survival(Essentially to increase fortitude, but also to increase stamina and life for long fights), but here is where I see the problem, if with 18 PER I had such a low % chance to hit, with 14 this is impossible then? am I missing something? the chants and summons (like Seven Nights) of a chanter also depend on your accuracy no? if 18 of perception already meant me to see a 15% or less chance to hit some enemies, I don't see feasible to lower the perception to 14, however there are people who do it playing SOLO, there is something that escapes me here hehe
  7. Not necessarily, I restrict the breaks as much as I can, and with the wizard for example I have learned to make the most of the uses of the magics and the health bar, I have gotten into combats having the health bar in red, if I have run out of uses to use Infuse With Vital Essence, I have used its equivalent in potions, this has made me dispense with abusing the breaks and use a potion instead of its equivalent in magic, and give that use to another magic to cause damage, and if I had to attack melee I have done it and I have endured as I could, taking the wizard to the limit. I give you an example, the map where are the mercenaries that have besieged Concelhaut, in that map there are many groups of mercenaries, any of those groups, only one of them, is able to make you spend all your magic uses if you go early (with level too fair), I have gone there with level 12 with my wizard (SOLO, POTD of course), and I have cleaned the entire map with only 3 rests, the 2 that I had and another one that was in the area, all that map, clean with 3 rests, I have seen gameplays of people even going to buy more rests and use many more xD Everything is a matter of efficiency, to squeeze the most out of what each class offers, with Chanter I have done exactly the same, no more than 3 breaks on that map, or 2 breaks to clean the map of Caed Nua, exterior and interior, then have to go for another break to face Maerwal, but all the exterior and interior map, I have cleaned them with only 2 breaks, with chanter, with the wizard I needed 1 or 2 more breaks in that example hehe
  8. You can spare 1 chanter, 2 paladins, 1 mage and a priest, a chanter can solo in POTD easily, I did it recently and it is the most fun, I thought it would be boring, but no, the fun was to see how the enemies fell "with the look of my chanter"
  9. Perfect, i have doubts whether to start with POE2 directly, or to get into Pathfinder Kingmaker, but well, that's my decision to make hehe Thanks!
  10. Ok, game finished, at last, after... about 1000 hours playing this game, I finished it in SOLO and POTD, who was going to tell me xD it was a real challenge, I chose Declamator at the end, and it's my new favorite class, in case I didn't say it hehe. My ending I think it's been pretty good, there have been a couple of things that I think have ended "half right" due to a couple of decisions I made, in the texts of the end, of what happens in the cities, but in general I liked how it all ended. A masterpiece this game, one of the best purchases I've made hehe now, I have 2 games in the recamara, POE2 or Pathfinder Kingmaker, this last one looks at me and gives me eyes I appreciate the help that some of you have given me, I'm a bit heavy, and I have a pretty bad English, so thanks for your patience too Sorry for the triple post, I hope the occasion will forgive me hehe PS: One question, is it necessary to have POE1 installed for POE2 to use your saved game? or is it enough to have the save files where it leaves them by default?
  11. I like the chanter a lot more than the wizard, ok, the chanter depends a bit on potions and scrolls, the advantage of the wizard is that it has magics that you can only get through consumables, so the chanter is dependent on those consumables, but you don't need to abuse it either. There is a potion that I have used especially a lot, the vital essential, thanks to that potion I have used very few breaks so far in the game, I'm close to finish the DLC2 and I'm missing the last act of the base game, I have died very few times, with overconfidence or some mistake of mine, but very few times, with the wizard, I died many more xD The alpine dragon fell very fast (with the wizard I couldn't kill it, it would have fallen after more attempts, that's for sure xD), Concelhaut was very very easy, that combat didn't last me more than 1 minute, and I only used 1 Scroll of Maelstrom and 1 moonwell scroll, nothing else, I'm very surprised with the chanter, it's my new favorite class in POE hahaha
  12. | It's a lot of text for a very basic English, I hope you understand what I mean hehe | In the end what I did was to separate the 3, with the 3 at the same time was impossible, I managed to separate 1 of the group, and I did the battle with 2, "wall of color" helped, as it does all types of damage in the time it lasts, I threw everything I had, when I had one left I had very few magics to use and a summoning, I won the fight by very little, without using magics and just died the last one hehe The problem is that it has given me one of my rare points, that is, at that point, with level 16 already, I did not have much left to finish the game, I've played with him about 1000 hours and I still have not finished, just when I was so advanced, I have entered a lot of desire to play with Chanter, I could not help it, the wizards just boring me, but I expected to finish the game with him, in the end no xD I got really into Chanter, I thought he would bore me, that you just have to stand there and hold on while you kill passively, but Chanter is terribly fun, the fact of seeing how the enemies around you die is quite funny to me, and a character that I enjoy is a safe bet to finish the game The wizard is very very good, very strong, I have little experience with SOLOs in POTD (I've been doing them for a short time, I always played in group and on hard difficulty), but I've had some hard fights evidently, especially because I choose upscaling in the difficulty when it gives me the option, I tried several builds first to see which one I liked (invest hours to test builds) and I was very happy with the result of my final build. But I felt like changing, I have never tried a chanter as a main character, and honestly, I have had no problems, I kill everything that comes my way, there are a couple of monsters (trolls, the big brown ones) that I have left for later because they are too hard, but apart from those, I have killed everything, a chanter tanke saves everything, I love it. I feel very comfortable with him, so this will be the character with which I will finish the game, I have no doubt, besides now I know almost all the game in POTD, so I won't have the previous problems, at least, I will have less problems
  13. Eyeless hammers -> The ambush with 3 of these was complicated, if it was in a group it wouldn't be so much of a problem, but only with Wizard it cost me a lot, ok they only killed me once, I was able to dispel 1 and I fought with 2, for the last one I barely had any magic left, I had to use Concelhault's summon and he used a hammer while I threw some fire rays at him, he is supposed to be immune to fire, but he did "a little" damage. These enemies are really brutal to play solo, tips? surely there will be more of these enemies later xD
  14. I just killed the Alpine Dragon, I had never killed it (until now I had never finished the game, I used to play on hard difficulty and in group, now I'm soloing on POTD with wizard). He killed me... I don't know, 8 or 10 times xD there is a problem, there are few decent fire magics to fight this dragon, however you have very strong ice magics, a bit unbalanced. I managed to petrify it a couple of times and it helped a lot to lower its life, being petrified it eats everything you put in it hehe the truth is that this dragon has been a challenge even at level 16, it's also true that as I didn't know it I didn't know how to act with it, I needed several attempts. This time I'm going to finish the game, I've played with it about 1000 hours, but I've never finished it, I like to try builds in search of maximum efficiency, it's my drug hahaha
  15. Yes, it would be very easy to take companions and leave them in the fortress, taking missions hehe but if I want to make a solo "legal" those items can not get them, it is a pity that there is such a limitation, is to complicate a little more the challenge of the solo xD I'm still soloing, I've been trying several builds, I don't like to reset stats in the taverns, so each build requires a new game, and it takes a long time, because at least it goes up to level 11 with each build I try, minimum. So I'm still trying to finish it, I think I've managed to make a build with which I feel comfortable, level 11 currently and already in act 3 (mage), with each restart I've had trying builds, I've been getting better than in the previous game, right now I'm able to clear any map until act 3 with 2 or 3 rests, at most 3, for me is already an achievement (POTD, of course).
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