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  1. Any help would be appreciated, I can not find that address in the archives, I have 2 days with this xD (yes, 2 days, I am not very fluent with these things hehe)
  2. I'm looking for a folder that seems to be compressed in some file of the game, but I can't find it, the folder is in this address: Assets/Data/Prefabs/Characters/Character_TEMPLATES/ I don't understand much, but as I think, that folder should be in some file of the "assetbundles" folder, or not? I am using the UABE program to look at each file, but I can't find that folder, could someone tell me?
  3. One question, is this applicable to PoE 1? And another question xD is it possible with the programs in this tutorial to "disable" the NPC backers of PoE?
  4. Omg, I have a lot to learn, but I'm slowly seeing how this goes Ok, I'm going to try the things you tell me, Aloth I like a lot, and Pallegina too, I usually take them in my group, but I think it would be interesting to put Hiravias as you have said instead of Aloth, and for that last position, or Grieving Mother or Pallegina. Eder I like, in general I see good tanke, I see that meets and endures quite well, with Pallegina supporting him makes good team I think. Well, I'm going to try based on the things you've told me and have such, at the moment my challenge is to kill the Adra Dragon, I have not managed to kill him xD after another challenge, I do not know which haha Thanks guys!
  5. Ok, thanks guys, I've been traveling and I have not been able to play either, so I'm going back to the game hehe One question for you MaxQuest, in the video that you put, you use 2 ciphers, one is frontline melee CC, the stats that you use, maximize dex, per and int? is that I see in the video that you have little MIG, little CON and RES seems that you have lowered it a lot. I suppose the potions, the meals, the armor, etc. have changed your stats, but I guess you've left MIG at 10? RES in in 5 or 6, CON in 8 or 10 and everything else you have raised DEX to the maximum, INT to the maximum and the rest to PER? Edit: Definitely I will try this build of a guide of yours, it is frontline CC with BotEP, but in your guide you say Dwarf with 9/9/18/17/17/8, I will use Pale Elf with 10-8-18-18-16 - 8, so far my build has always been 17-8-19-10-16-8, but even on "difficult" difficulty, which is where I play, I find little perception, in other games I have varied to 16-8-18 -12-16-8, with similar results. The team could be: Eder Aloth Durador Kana My cipher ??? (Grieving Mother for ranged and additional support? Mm)
  6. My God, I am not capable of killing the Adra Dragon, I have asked for the count of the hours I have tried, I have tried all kinds of tactics, different approaches, as soon as he sends me his dragon breath, he leaves almost the whole group dead ¬¬ My group is: My cipher, you are right up there, I'm beginning to think that maybe I should change my stats, instead of 17-8-19-10-16-8, put 10-8-18-18-16- 8, melee equal with BotEP and plate senguine, Eder as tanke, Pallegina as off and buffs, Durance with buffs and debuffs, Aloth for damage and other aids and Sagani, which equal the change for Kana?. I realize that with my cipher I fail with stronger enemies, maybe I'm not using enough my paralysis spells and others, because with that I would not fail, but I miss having more perception, they interrupt me a lot too, that's why I had thought about changing the stats, I play on "difficult" difficulty, the one before PoTD. I do not know, I do something wrong, but I've tried many hours, I've come to leave the dragon with 2 points of life, it's the maximum I've achieved, but it always kills me, it's frustrating, I never had anything like this in any game hahaha
  7. Wow, thank you, I add your credits ^^ PS: The forum has changed, it will seem silly but I do not see how to edit my post above, this post yes, I have edited it, but my previous post does not give me an option, very rare xD But hey, the author's credits are what you put, so no problem, very the art of that author, I did not know him and I like him a lot.
  8. Thanks, I have those 3 swords that you mention, even though I have Justice with Pallegina, for Tidefall I had 8 of mechanics, I had to sleep in an inn to increase to 10 of mechanics, because without 10 the sword did not come out xD I'm currently at level "almost" 10, with sanguine plate, gloves Forgemaster, the belt that you have said I do not have it, so I'm going to buy it xD I put the ability to increase accuracy with Estoc, for the BEP when I have it, that's why I was using the Drake's Bell sword, because it's a Estoc type, but I've been using Tidefall, I guess until I have BotEP I could alternate between those 2 or 3 swords (if we count Justice) according to the need. For neck accessory, what do you recommend? I do not have much right now, they just gave me a Caed Nua mission "Cloak of Comfort", I think it would be a good option to have something better, right? PS: By the way, I am now progressing in Caed Nua, I still have not started Act 3, I still need to go to the last map, Clîaban rilag, but I wanted to advance in the dungeons of Caed Nua a little more, and do the secondary of Caed Nua that the I have not done, the batlla by Caed Nua xD Only in a game (several xD) I got to act 3, but this is the final, the stats at the end were the ones that I liked the most of those I tried, and they go well, I like how my character unfolds, at the end were the ones that I said: 17-8-19-10-16-8 Edit: I already have the sword BotEP , some advice to enchant it? corrosion? fire? What secondary damage do I use?
  9. This comes very late, but better late than never xD I do not know who is the author of the image, if anyone knows he would give credits with pleasure hehe
  10. A faceless version of this portrait From here -> https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/91743-portraits/page-33?do=findComment&comment=1993529 Without paint Everything is improvable xD hehe
  11. For Hard difficulty that will do fine.And so will 17/8/19/10/16/8. The second is a bit more damage oriented. And you will hardly feel the lower accuracy because enemies don't have +15 def bonus as on PotD. Plus you have a paladin and priest in party for the extra acc. Well yes. But keep in mind that it is a general direction. And each better can be further tailored to better fit in a specific party composition or even playstyle. So, one lazy way to do it is:- frontline: Eder, Pallegina, Aloth (plate, 1h+shield) - secondline: Durance (with pike or quarterstaff), YourCipher - backline: Sagani And on lvl 9, switch Sagani for Kana (plate, 1h+shield, Dragon Trashed). And either put: - frontline: Eder, Kana, Aloth (plate, 1h+shield) - secondline: Durance (with pike or quarterstaff), YourCipher - backline: Pallegina (with reloading weapons) or - frontline: Eder, Pallegina, Kana - secondline: YourCipher, Aloth (plate, 1h+shield) - backline: Durance (leather armor) In either case: - Aloth is build for crowd-control and offtanking - Pallegina is build as support offtank with possible alpha-strike - Kana is your second damage dealer (via Dragon Trashed), and since he deals his damage passively, he is built as offtank - Durance is a support that starts with Painfull Interdiction, increases your party accuracy, provides buffs. But who can also assist with damage dealing during boss fights (with the help of Minor Avatar, DAoM potion and +MIG/INT items) And your MC is a versatile damage dealer, who starts the fight with Mental Binding and builds focus by attacking the paralyzed target. And after that spends that focus on Amplified Waves mostly (and if he didn't learn it yet: on Echo, Soul Shock and Silent Scream). Thanks @MaxQuest for the advice, my cipher with those latest stats (17/8/19/10/16/8) the truth is that it works very well and I'm quite happy with the result, for PODT I would have to fine tune more, but in High difficulty goes very well as you say (Although I miss having more PER, by the answers in the dialogues, I do not know if it would be feasible these stats instead of those that I use 14/8/18/14/16/8, taking into account that I use weapon at 2 hands, Mig 14 should be enough, and DEX 18 instead of 19, is only 1 point, with those 4 points earned I raise from 10 to 14 of PER, and so at least I have better answers in the dialogues, and also improved the precision and interruption xD) But I'm carrying it differently, that is: - Frontline - Plate Armor (Sanguine, any better alternative? later?) + Shod in Faith + BotEP (when you have it, some other Estoc as an alternative until you have BotEP?) - And as a weapon, I started with 2 weapons of 1 hand, I have not used a shield, but at level 4 or 5 I changed (to test) with a two-handed weapon, tipi estoc, for the extra penetration of armor, and works much better, with the rest bonus, some talent and some accessory I raise the perception a bit (for better precision), and I have not had many problems of failures when attacking, so it works in two hands of wonder. At the beginning even, when you go alone, which also was still with 2 weapons of 1 hand, I had to use some cure (from the accessory that you start with the pig mascot xD) with the wolf pack of the first map, but removing that I did not have major problems (well, the 2 Lurkers in Black Meadow are pretty bastards for level 3 xD). At level 5/6 you start to get scared xD even if it is in the front line, it is not a problem, I have Eder and Pallegina in front of me, my first line is them 2 and my cipher, but as I start with spells, that being I can stay behind while I'm casting, I'm not the first one to attack, so once I use Whispers of Treason and paralyze another, I attack the paralyzed and genre focus. I have not had many problems, at least not many, groups of very numerous enemies can make me go bad, there I use Whispers of Treason generously xD also there is a rod that you give in a mission of Caed Nua that once you acquire your maximum power (or before), their attacks have a% (quite high the truth) of putting an enemy in our favor, and that helps a lot hehe The thing is that it works very well with two-handed weapon, better than I could have expected, the mix of plate + estoc is ideal, Whispers of Treason + Mental Binding and to put cane xD Do you advise on some level to put another spell like Whispers of Treason? the equivalent that there is but improved in superior levels, or with Whispers of Treason is enough?
  12. Ok, I've tried for hours (exactly 20 and 21 hours each build xD) 2 builds of dps melee (frontline): 16/10/14/12/16/10 -> Pale Elf - Old Vailia - Colonist 18/8/16/12/16/8 -> Pale Elf - Old Vailia - Colonist And I realized that I focus more on CC, I like to have my cipher in frontline, but in the end my attacks are CC style, harmful attacks that affect several enemies, and attacks that paralyze, etc etc. At this point, I think these builds you recommend here -> https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/90890-help-designing-a-melee-cipher-build/?do=findComment&comment=1870266 or here https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/93254-cipher-question/page-1?do=findComment&comment=1925317 They would adjust more what I look for. Do you still recommend those builds or would you make any changes to them for a cipher dps melee cc at present? PS: I had thought about this build, to see what you think: 16/8/14/16/16/8 -> Pale Elf - Old Vailia - Colonist (The alternative would be to lower Mig to 12 or 10 and upload dex and int) 1H + Shield at the beginning, a little later with 2 weapons of a hand, all this taking into account that: - I will not use another cipher, mine will be the only one. - I will use the characters of the game, Eder as tank, Pallegina as off-tank and melee, Aloth, Durador, and the last one is not clear, Kana or maybe another later... - Oriented to CC but also do damage with their spells. - Which game on "Difficult" difficulty, the one before POTD. I've already tried it, and I have to say that the beginning, the first map where you are already alone, that there are wolves, a group of thieves, a group of xaurips, it did not cost me a lot to kill them using this build, with a weapon (rapier ) and shield, but I think that if there is something missing from dex, attack a little faster, perhaps Mig 14 and leave DEx at 16? I wanted to know your opinion about this build. Edit: In the end I opted for this build: Pale Elf - Old Vailia - Colonist Mig - 17 CON - 8 DEX - 19 PER - 10 INT - 16 RES - 8 I have left the perception as standard, I really like to upload it for the precision and interruption (and for the options of dialogue, that you lose many options), but I wanted to give more speed of action for both the dps and the cast. I have not had problems even at level 3 doing everything except Caed Nua, which I have not yet arrived, and I am in the middle of the Eothas temple, it is also true that I play in "dificil" and not in POTD, but my experience with this genre of games is small and I'm still learning, it's costing me a lot to do some battles, especially in areas near the Pass of Dyr hehe (I'm talking about other games of course, I've already tried at least 10 build with different classes xD)
  13. Ok. That will do too. Cipher can't really become a main tank. But, he can become tanky enough for non-boss fights. The idea is to have armor with highest DR (usually plate armor, pierce-proofed) and just enough deflection in order to not get crit. This will allow to shrug the majority of incoming damage from low-hitting enemies (which usually are the majority of encounter). At the same time, spot the hard-hitting enemies (like ogres) and use hard crowd-control abilities vs them. This way, you don't really care for damage coming from 'weaklings', and keep the real threats unable to do harm. A good idea would be recruit Grieving Mother, and together start the combat with charming main threats from enemy backline, and paralyzing from their frontline. Hammer and anvil of some sort. A cipher with a shield will indeed have lower focus generation. Unless you durganize your weapon, armor and shield; get gauntlets of swift action and use time parasite / potion of deleterious motion; and use a weapon with 'fast' enchant (e.g: Sword of Daenysis, Rimecutter or Unforgiven). Speaking of spell damage: the most of it comes from:- Amplified Wave - Disintegration - and in the early game: Echo and Soul Shock A glass cannon cipher has enough focus generation to compete with the strongest total damage dealers, these being: dps-barbarian and dragon-trashed-chanter. A more tanky cipher, especially the one with shield will be doing ~25% less damage in the late game; or ~33% damage in the early game. While being tankier by a somewhat similar amount. So just think what you want more. Out of those listed builds, I have full-playthroughs with v1,3,4,5,6.They feel different and I liked all of them. But melee ciphers definitely required more cover from their teammates. And by cover I mean, that if some hard-hitter jumps on your cipher, let your other debilitator disable that enemy asap. And for the role of such debilitator the best is a second cipher. P.S. But in the end, I would say: which ciphers to choose depends mostly on your party composition and preferred style of play. So just do what you like^^ Ok, I'm pretty clear about the subject, I can also do tests by resetting the stats, in case you have to "tune" a little bit Thank you very much for your help and patience, especially with my painful English!
  14. I understand, the stats that I put were: 16/10/14/12/16/10 (Pale elf) As I told you, I removed 2 from mig to put it in int, because I want magics to be a priority, without decuding the dps. Nor do I want a build that does not stand out in anything, the damage could be less in exchange for being a little more tanke, and focus the damage on the magic? I mean, how could I change my current build to focus on something more specific, specialize more in dealing with the damage it receives and having a decent magic damage? Would it be possible to get it and generate enough focus by having less damage from dps melee? something like cipher off-tank with damage focused on magic. It's just an idea, I'm still looking for a build that convinces me, I do not care if the damage (dps melee) is less if in return the magic is good, generates enough focus and the cipher decently endures the blows they give, same is ask a lot, the hybrids that do everything in the end are not good at anything hehe I am open to different builds, what you put in the 2 threads above are recommended? Are there more variants worthwhile? I the only requirement that I have is that I like to do dps melee, not rank dps, it does not have to be a very large DPS while generating enough focus, because I would be more focused on its magic. Thank you very much for your help!
  15. In the end I did this, taken from your link with several builds, but I modified it only a little: 2. frontline (a bit tankier) dps - plate (sanguine), sabre + shield; pale elf or boreal dwarf; ~ 18/10/14/12/14/10 It has 16 of mig instead of 18, and 16 of int instead of 14, sacrificing 2 of mig for more int, do you think it's okay? At the moment I see it well and climbed well to the character, playing on "high" difficulty, the one before POTD. Regarding your question, I like to "control" the enemies and cause them some status as "stopped" or "confused", but also hurt with their magic, not just melee, I like the melee style more than rank and that's why I want it to be decent like melee dps, but the finiteness is to have good focus for your magic, which is what matters most to me and what better has to work, but combined with dps melee for it hehe That would be what I want for my cipher. PS: Excuse my English, I hope you understand :S the delay in answering is because I am new and moderation has to check my messages xD
  16. Hi, I've been with the game for a short time, but I have tried several classes, ranger, wizard and paladin, the one I liked most is the paladin, which I used as an off-tank, Eder was my main tanke (yes, Eder hehe) I got to the point of the game where you know the "grieving mother", who is Cipher, I have taken her with me and I liked her a lot, and I have really wanted to become a Cipher, and finish the game with him, I've already started, but my build does not know if it's good and I'm not sure what weapons to use and how to do things. Wood Elf MIG 18 CON 8 DEX 15 PER 15 INT 18+1 old vailia RES 3 I'm not sure what weapons to use at the start, I go with shield and dagger (of quality) until I find a decent weapon, as a second weapon I carry a crossbow to start the attack from afar. - Will firearms go well too? - Melee attack as main or secondary? (to generate focus), and if it were secondary, what weapon would you use for the main attack? bows? Firearms? - The stats build as you see it? all right? wrong? regular? I would like to take a decent build, I want a regular build hehe My preferences: - I would like the attacks of my cipher to be body to body (melee), those of rank to initiate combat, is it possible the melee with the cipher? 2 weapons of a hand? of 2 hands? weapon and shield? (Is it advisable a lot of deviation if I'm going to go body to body?) - I always use game characters (Eder as tanke, Pellagina as off-tank, etc), so the build of my cipher should fit well with them. I think I do not have any more questions hehe, I have not played this genre for more than 20 years, so I'm a bit lost, but the hroas that I tried out classes have helped me to have some base, and I've looked at builds here and for youtube, but there are always doubts xD I have another stats build in mind, but I do not know how it will work, it would be (MIN/MAX): MIG - MAX CON - MIN DEX - MAX PER - MIN INT - MAX RES - 15 (the rest of points) Opinions? PS: I play in high difficulty, POTD I think it's a lot for me, I'm very "green" with the genre hehe Thanks!
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