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  1. Hey guys! Im pretty sure you can kill readric at level 5 as solo wizard. Wouldnt recommend it in ultimate, but if you have ability to save that shouldnt be that hard. Tips i can drop: 1. When you first go to the readric tell him, you will kill kolsc. That will grant you access to the entire keep (except dungeon) and allow you to loot everything and grab some sweet items. 2. Use money to get yourself deadfire belt (dlc vendor) and figurine with animat (gilded vale smith) upgrade belt to full. 3. As you progress towards battle, grab other essential items from 'random' drop
  2. Hey! Firstly, sorry for my english, its not my first language so i will probably do a lot of mistakes! About your question, the composition is very good. Few things that i did on triple crown runs and make them cackewalk (and few general tips aswell): 1. outworn buckler + little saviour stacks. So if you have them on two different party members, and you stay in range you will have +10 to all defenses. Use helwax mod from keep mission and copy another little saviour, and all your party have +15 to all defenses. Absolutely incredible. 2. DR is important. Very important.
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